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CHAPTER 6: I Turn to You

"Hurry up!" Brian called impatiently. He had been ready for what seemed like hours and couldn't understand why women took so long. It was the next evening and after a day of separation from Taylor, Brian could hardly wait to see her again. He had spent the night although nothing happened because he fell asleep in Tommy's room, hurried out the apartment the next morning and spent hours in meetings with management. He didn't tell them about Tommy or Taylor and didn't plan on it for a long time. He could only imagine the look on the PR guys' face when he told them he had a three year old son. Infact, he hadn't told anybody about Tommy.

"I think I'm gonna change again.." Taylor called uncertainly from the next room.

"Why? I'm sure whatever you're wearing looks fine!"

"I don't want to look just fine! I'm meeting your friends tonight!"

"Taylor.. we are going to be late and that will not make a good impression anyways!" Brian was getting exasperated. "Just show me what you have on!"

"Ok.." her voice sounded weak as she opened the door. Brian's breath caught in his throat.

She looked gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated, and hot. Her hair was blowdried perfectly straight and hung long and shiny. Her makeup accented her bright blue eyes and tanned skin. She wore a tiger print backless halter top that hugged her full breasts and many curves. Leather pants clung to her long legs and she wore chunky black leather boots. Brian couldn't do anything but stare.

Taylor shifted around uncomfortably. "I told you it looked bad. I'll just wear jeans or something.."

"No!" He found his voice and pulled her close to him, kissing her hard. He couldn't keep his hands off of her as they traveled across her stomach, her breasts, her bottom.

She gently pulled away, breathless. No one had kissed her with that intensity since... since the first time she met Brian. "We're gonna be late..."

"Why don't we stay home?" he murmured, kissing her again.

Taylor smiled and ducked out of his grasp. "Oh no party boy... you're gonna wait till after." she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and sauntered out the door. Brian trailed behind her, his eyes on her backside.

All eyes were on Taylor as they made their way into the Ritz Carlton ballroom. It was her first "official date" with Brian and her first official Jive party. Everyone stared at Brian, wondering where he had found this hot new brunette and AJ being his typical self, let out a whistle. A local jazz band played on the stage, setting the mood for the bigger entertainment of the night.

"So Brian, whose this lovely lady you got here?" AJ smiled flirtatiously at Taylor.

"Taylor... AJ." Brian introduced them.

"So very nice to meet you." AJ kissed her hand.

"We've already met." Taylor tried not to laugh at the look of confusion on AJ's face. "I believe it was you who introduced me to Brian."

AJ stared at her, trying to place when he had met her. She did seem kind of familiar.

"Almost four years ago..." she helped him out. "At a Millennium concert."

Recognition flickered on his face. "You're the one with the sister in the wheel chair!"

Taylor nodded and Brian looked at her. It seemed AJ knew more about her than he did.

"Damn girl you got hot!"

"She was always hot." Brian cut in.

AJ reddened and started to stammer. "I know.. I just meant that... I mean she was hot back then.. and she is now..."

Taylor laughed. "It's okay."

AJ grinned at her and they continued to talk as Nick walked up and gave her the once over before looking to Brian. "Is this Taylor?"

"How'd you know her name?"

"I called last night and she answered your phone. Where'd ya find her?" He looked at her, trying to determine if she was a call girl Brian had run into. It wouldn't be the first time someone from the band had called upon their services. This had been Nick's first impression since he hadn't heard of her before.

"I met her a few years back and we started talking again.." Brian answered, patiently. He knew he was going to be drilled about Taylor. It wasn't often he brought in someone new.

"So whatís she do?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is she a dancer, model... what?"

Brian stiffened. He could clearly read the undertone remarks in Nick's question. "She's a teacher, Nick. She teaches kindergarten."

Nick was surprised, but pleased. It wasn't often that the Backstreet Boys mingled with "normal people".

Taylor scooted up to Brian and he casually draped an arm around her. "So whose playing tonight?"

"Umm I don't know? AJ?" he asked for assistance.

"Christina Agularia." he replied, distractedly. He was already scoping out a redhead across the room.

"Oh wow thatís too cool I love that girl!" Taylor gushed. "She has the prettiest voice."

"She has the prettiest ass too..." AJ murmured.


Brian helped out. "She has quite a reputation for uhhh... putting out..."

"I don't care. I've never seen anyone famous before!" Taylor said.

Brian, AJ, and Nick looked at her. "Umm except you guys."

"Come on Over." Christina let out the closing wails of her song and the audience whistled and clapped. The Backstreet Boys sat at their table, unimpressed.

"We all know she can sing so why the fuck does she emote so much?" AJ grumbled, commenting on Christina's vocal performance.

Amanda playfully slapped him in the arm. "You're just jealous."

Brian looked at Taylor and made a funny face. She smiled. "Lets dance."

Couples filled the floor as Christina began to sing "I Turn To You"

Brian felt an unexpected flood of emotions roll through him as the lights got low and he pulled Taylor closer. He felt a sudden urge to be as close as possible to her, as close as he could be in public.

<"When I'm lost... in the rain..."

Brian and Taylor were lost in their own world. All the people around them had disappeared. Christina was singing just about them. They were riding on cloud nine.

Taylor pulled her arms tighter around his neck and gave him a little kiss. Brian grinned and gave her a little kiss back. "Muah!"

She kissed him back twice. "Muah! Muah!"

He kissed her three times. "Muah! Muah! Muah!"

She giggled and Brian leaned down so their foreheads were touching and they were looking eye to eye.

She stared into his crystal blue eyes, not believing all the love she saw in them. It had to be a mistake...they had only been reacquainted for two days. He couldn't be in love with her... She had no idea her eyes were reflecting it all back to him.

Brian's friends sat watching the scene that was unfolding in front of their eyes, unable to believe it. Brian hadn't had anyone he was serious about since his divorce to Leighanne. He had the occasional lucky blonde on his arm at movie premieres and award shows, and if she was really lucky she could sometimes be seen coming out of his hotel room in the morning, but nothing ever lasted more than two dates. Brian, the Backstreet Boy who was the most mature and religious, was dabbing into things that shocked even those who didn't know him well. After his divorce, he had partied too hard, drank too much, and slept with a few too many women. They sensed it was his way of trying to prove to them and to himself his divorce wasn't hurting him. They all knew how it tore him up inside.

Taylor seemed like a good influence on him. She was down to earth, sweet, and not involved in this shady business. She seemed responsible. Brian could use a little responsibility in his life. If they only knew he had a son...

For a shield, from the storm, for a friend, for a love to keep me safe and warm..."

She leaned against his chest, feeling his heart beat. His eyes were closed and his arms were like a vise holding her close.

"I turn to you..."

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