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CHAPTER 2: All Through The Night

Jenny and Hailey had cornered Nick. They had gotten autographs, pictures, and hugs. Jenny was now telling Nick her life story, the exact way she had planned while lying in bed every night, after praying that she would meet him. Taylor sat back and watched the Boys talk to all the girls. She wouldn't try and meet them. This was the fans' time.

"Hey pretty lady." a raspy voice said, as a very sweaty body sat down next to her.

She smiled warmly. "Hi."

"Name's AJ. Wanna cigarette?" He took a Marlboro from his pack and offered one to her.

"No thanks.." Taylor hated smokers. Her dad died of lung cancer.

"Well aren't you gonna tell me your name?" he lit the cigarette and took a long drag.


"What a beautiful name." he flirted.

"Umm thanks.."

"You know, I dated a girl named Taylor a while back, but you're prettier than she was."

She laughed, uncomfortably. "Thanks for getting me the tickets, my little sister really appreciated it."

He raised an eyebrow. "Little sister?"

"Yeah, she's over there... in the wheelchair."

"What happened to her?" He started to get interested. AJ had a soft spot in his heart for sick children.

"She has Spinosis Clara."


"A spinal cord disease. It's really rare so not alot of people know about it. Thatís why there can't be much done to help her. No one knows about it, so there's no charities going towards research."

"Poor little girl."

"She's actually really happy. Meeting Nick was her dream."

"Can't imagine why." AJ joked. "We all know I'm the cutest one."

"Don't lie to the girl." a voice said from behind.

Taylor turned around. It was Brian. It was Brian! Her breath caught in her throat and she grew dizzy. She was sure he could hear her heart pounding. He was less than five feet away and even more gorgeous close up. His eyes bore deep into hers.

"Aren't you gonna introduce us, J?" He eyed Taylor, looking her up and down.

AJ narrowed his eyes at Brian. It was obvious they both had the hots for each other. "Taylor. Brian."

Brian reached out his hand to shake hers. When they touched, she shivered.

AJ shook his head, not letting it get to him. There were plenty more girls for him. Besides, he wanted to get laid tonight. He silently wished his luck to Brian, fully aware of the fact he had a wife. Brian had never been the promiscuous type and AJ doubted Taylor would get more than an autograph.

Brian knew he shouldn't be doing what he was about to do. A beautiful woman sat on his bed, her sister and friend long ago dropped off at home. They had chatted for a half an hour at the meet and greet like best friends. He couldn't help but feel some sort of a bond.

He rubbed his forehead, trying to conjure up any loving feelings for Leighanne. He saw her smile the day they had first met, the look on her face when he proposed. He remembered the time he had lost his virginity to her, how she had insisted that waiting for marriage was silly. He remembered when the dogs were kidnapped, Leighanne running to him and crying on his shoulder. Even though he was sad about the dogs, he liked the fact that he was in charge. He remembered the look on his mother's face as he walked down the isle. Brian tried to feel something. All he felt was anticipation for what he was about to do, and that made him feel guilt.

When did his marriage stop being about love and start being about convenience? Why did he throw all his morals away for an aging, bleached blonde "struggling actress"? When did Leighanne stop loving him? When did he stop loving her? Did they ever love each other? Why was he scared to even think about this?

Brian squeezed his eyes shut, trying to stop the tears that were threatening to spill down his cheeks. He didn't want to use Taylor to temporarily escape his problems. It wasn't fair to her or himself. He needed to do the right thing and end a loveless marriage.

He was vaguely aware of Taylor crossing the room and wrapping her arms around him. She didn't say a word, almost like she was silently sharing his pain. His arms wrapped around her small waist and he buried his face in the nook of her neck as she stroked his hair.

"I don't know what you're going through..." she whispered. "But tonight just let me hold you."

He looked up, two tears snaking down his cheeks. He saw the sincerity in her eyes. He looked deep into her eyes, trying to gain permission. She gave a little nod. His hands slid up under the back of her shirt, feeling her smooth skin. The shirt slid off, revealing nothing underneath.

"You're beautiful." he said, softly.

Brian kissed her, his lips just brushing hers at first. The second kiss was deeper, more intense. She opened her mouth as his tongue gently explored. They were both lost in the moment. She didn't know she was the only woman he had ever slept with, besides his wife. She didn't know he had a wife. She didn't know that she made sex with Leighanne look like a pitiful excuse. Brian and Leighanne had sex. They were about to make love

Slowly, their clothes were removed. He held her tight in his arms and his gaze never left hers as he laid her on the bed. When he entered her, they both let out soft moans. He thrust slowly at first, building up speed. His brow furrowed in concentration like a child trying to get something right. She couldn't help it.. she let out a giggle.

Brian frowned at her. "What's so funny?" he panted, continuing

"You look like a little kid concentrating so hard." she kissed the tip of his nose. "It's cute." She passionately kissed him on the mouth.

He never knew it could be like this. Leighanne never talked to him during sex, just moaned and groaned and faked orgasms. She took it to the next level. She was perfect.

Their sweaty bodies were tangled together like a human pretzel. They were both so close, but wanted to hold out longer. Her hips were meeting his and he slammed deeper and deeper inside her. His tongue thrust into her mouth as they both came together.

They both lay there panting, soaking in the wonderful feeling. Brian kissed her again, this time a tender kiss, a thank you. What he had felt was amazing. He felt so much more than release. He felt a sense of tremendous relief. There was no guilt at all. This was meant to happen.

He looked at the warm body snuggled up next to him, the small hand tracing circles on his chest. He silently thanked God for this happening. Taylor had given him the greatest gift of all. She had given him hope. He saw a way out of the place he was trapped in. She had given him the strength he needed to undo what he should have never done in the first place: married Leighanne.

All through the night he whispered to her, made love to her. In the morning as she got dressed, he begged her to stay.

"Brian, baby, I can't..."

"Why not?" the hurt in his voice was evident.

She sensed what he was thinking. "You know I care about you. Last night was... amazing. I'm gonna remember it for the rest of my life."

"So why won't you stay with me?"

"We both know it would never work. Our life styles are too different. You're a famous musician. I'm a kindergarten teacher..."

"I always wanted to be a teacher.." Brian smiled, sadly. "Is there anything we can do to work this out?"

"I don't think so, baby."

Brian sighed. "I know... I just wish their was." he pulled her close and kissed the top of her head.

"I'll tell you what. My name is Taylor Kyndal. I live in Tampa. When things settle down a little look me up." she smiled.

Brian grinned and kissed her. "I'll come for you...."

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