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Hey everyone who comes to this site. This page is always being updated so come see what is new everyday!

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10/17/00-I got a new fanart that I think you should check out.

11/1/00-Due to the amazing craze for fanfics, I put another one up. I think it is pretty good. You should go see it. C Asteri made it and her site is on my links. Her site is The Hey Arnold Domain

11/10/00-I updated Camp Willow Whisp thanks to C Asteri so you should go read that.

11/26/00-I won't be working on this site much from now on but i will have a few updates now and then so you can still come back and check. Right now I have Chapter 6-8 in Camp Willow Whisp all thanks to C Asteri.

11/29/00-I fixed the thumbnails to the main pics on my second pic gallery thanks to a visitor who came to my site and noticed it so thanks. now you can see the full pics on my second pic gallery.

12/22/00-I want to say all this complimentary stuff for C ASTERI is now WINTERSKY005@HOTMAIL.COM(It is ok if you don't capitalize it, i just wanted to make it more noticable so that's why i capatalized it.).

1/2/01-Well HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and i want to say that thanks to Louis i have a great new drawing in my fanart section so yal should take a look at it.

1/21/01-I should have done this a long time ago, but if you want to go to my zelda site that i made with my friends...then just click on this link. Also...WE HAVE REACHED 2000 PEOPLE ON MY SITE so thanks everyone for coming and lets try to keep it up...just don't have to come to my site if you don't want to. Of course you would have already known that lol.

3/9/01-Sorry, the guestbook has been cancelled by the company. They told me to cancel it so sorry. Anyways...i got a new guestbook from htmlgear so you can start filling that one up. ok thanks.

6/5/01-I am sorry to say this but now i have quit working on this site and i won't answer any can still view my site though.

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