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Wisconsin Nurses Rule!

Places I like to visit-My friends

suffy's place
Under the Texas skies


Hello friends! Welcome to my first website! I never put one together before but our friend (and we all know who we're talking Is a persistant little bugger!
She is putting this basic shell together for me and hopefully in time I will be able to flesh it out.
Besides...Who can learn all this html stuff anyway!!!???
I am a nurse in Wisconsin working at a trauma/ICU unit with an occasional surgery rotation. And yes I am a lesbian and it has been my lifestyle for as long as I can recall. I am I suppose of the lipstick variety but I still like camping, touch football in mud and both soccer and softball.

I love dancing and getting down with local friends when time permits!

My dream would be to find a big muddy field someplace and invite everyone I have ever met and play a huge game of touch football! The thought of this makes me smile most wickedly ***EG***

My Trailer park hair!

This is a picture of me and my brother Scott's daughter Jess. She's a pip and I love spending time with her.

I have recently become single again and still in the process of "working that out"-Seven years is a long time and it's not easy to pretend it never happened

With a lot of aprehension I decided to move back to wisconsin and try to put my life back together. Helping out on the women's message boards at has helped me immensely and I love the energies of people like Spike, Joe, Rural, jade and Merri and dmg to just mention a few.
I have made some good friends online although I am not on much. These friends are suffy and I love suffs!!! Leesa, Koole and anidomi and newer friends include

Dmg and Squigg, Twostep and moodie and faith and jennifer jet. In the talk cities area when I get a chance to chat online I chat usually with Blackotter, Riverpeace and Silenteyes.

A very recent picture of me

And someone that still after all these years means a lot to me...Jan. Here she is captured from a freeze frame in a small webcamera shot. It's been a while sweetie. And I added this bit all by myself as a surprize to you!!!

I am happily meeting new people all the time and glad to see that these new friends are beginning to sign my guestbook. It's great!

I do need to seriously redo my page here and try and bring it up to date asap-I have just basically broke us into the future tense but would like to explore a little about me and being single now that I have a chance.



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