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Welcome to the Florida Cracker Trail webring site! This ring was formed to link together websites about the State of Florida. You don't have to be a Florida Native to join, but your page must pertain to Florida in some way. Even if it is just about the town you live in, or your geneology research that has brought your roots to this state. You website must be family friendly, no adult links or material allowed.

If your site meets the above description and you would like to join us, please click on the submit button and enter your site information.


Once you have placed the proper html code on your website, please email me and I will add you to the index of the webring. It is VERY important that you keep your current email and website URL up to date with the webring! Should you need help on editing your site information, please let me know.

We do have some more webring graphics that you are free to choose from for you webring code. Should you decide to use one of them, you will need to change your code. Where it say's : Img Src=fctpan1.jpg you must change that to the proper image that you upload to your server. YOU MUST upload any graphic you use to your own file manager, you cannot link back to this site for it.

Other Images For the Webring

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Thank you for your interest in the Florida Cracker Trail Webring! Please do visit our sites often!

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