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"Carrier Oils"

Carrier oils are the base oils used to dilute essential oils (should never be used directly on the skin) before applying to the skin or being used in making soaps and toiletries. They are referred to as this because they "carry" the essential oil (or the product they are in) onto the skin.

There are many different carrier oils used in soap & toiletry manufacturing. Each one has it's own unique properties and each chosen depending on what theraputic effect is being sought. One may find several different carrier oils in a product, since each provide different properties. Most carrier oils are derived from vegetable (plant) sources using the cold-pressed method. Carrier oils do not evaporate nor have a strong smell. This list also contains other beneficial oils that are often used with carrier oils because of their excellent properties.

The list I provided here will help you in understanding why one or more different oils maybe used and what benefits each has.

Almond Oil (Sweet)-

Very popular, heavier oil. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6 and a tiny amount of E. Used as an emollient and is rich in protein. This skin nourishing oil is best used in massage oil, creams, salves, and balms. There is a slight scent.

Apricot Kernel Oil-

This medium to light oil is good for all skin types. Especially good for dry, inflammed skin. Contains vitamins & minerals. nourishes the skin and is great for massage, body oils, lotions.

Avocado Oil-

A medium to heavy oil that is wonderful in massage oils. Contains Vitamins A, B, D, E and is rich in Lecithin. Penetrates deeply into the skin and is well suited for dry skin conditions. Good for wrinkles and sun damaged skin. This oils is often used with other carrier oils to provide more skin nourishing benefits. Excellent for babies and people with sensitive skin as well as aged skin. This oil is also considered an antioxidant. Highly theraputic for skin and hair. Used creams, lotions and hair care products.

Borage Oil-

One of your more expensive oils. Helps maintain healthy skin. Helps repair mature skin as well as sun damaged skin. Used in conjunction with other carrier oils.

Calendula Oil-

Used in small quantities with other carrier oils to help heal dry, chapped, cracked skin. Found in creams, salves, balms, and lip preperations.

Canola Oil-

This oil is usually found in combination with other carrier oils. It is high in Vitamin E. Used in lotions, creams, massage oils.

Carrot Oil-

This oil is used in small quantities with other carrier oils. Contains Vitamins. This oil is good in massage oils.

Coconut Oil-

This is obtained from the dried coconut meat. Great for moisturizing. This is added to soap for increasing the lather and makes a hard bar of soap. It is an emollient that conditions and protects the skin.

Corn Oil-

Not used as extensively as other carrier oils, but can be used if needed. Best if used in conjuction with other oils. High in Vitamin E.

Emu Oil-

Emu oil is very penetrating, moisturizing and non comedogenic (non-pore clogging) oil. It is a natural emollient and emulsifier. Studies show that emu oil has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. Helps promote healing and helps restore fatty acids in the skin. It also helps prevent scarring when applied to newly received cuts or burns. Has anti-bacterial properties. Emu oil has been widely used in arthritic formulas, hand & body lotions and balms, burn creams, sunburn relief products and lip balms. This oil can be used alone or with other carrier oils for other uses, such as: age spots, bee stings,athlete's foot,muscle pain,bed sores,psoriasis,craked skin,joint pain,diaper rash,fever blisters.

Evening Primrose Oil-

Used in small amounts with other carrier oils. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, known as Vitamin F and nourishing to the skin. Very beneficial for scaly skin and dandruff.

Grapeseed Oil-

A light, odorless oil which contains vitamins, proteins and minerals. It does not work well in creams or lotions but is excellent in bath oils as it disperses readily in water. Used readily as a massage oil because it cleanses as well as tones the skin. Also used for hair products. It is a mild astringent and is useful in acne and oily skin products.

Hazelnut Oil-

This oil is a medium weight oil and is a very penetrating oil. It has a mild scent Excellent for massage because it gives a deep down nourishment while moisturizing the skin. It stimulates circulation an has astringent properties which are excellent for tightening pores on oily or combination skin. This oil contains oleic acid and a small amount of linoleic acid. Super for use in creams as it also contains high amounts of Vitamin E.

Hemp Oil-

A natural source for essential fatty acids vital in preventing cell loss. It regulates skin's moisture barrier and helps mantain it's elasticity. Absorbs directly into the skin, providing amino acids, linoleic acid, protein and Omega oils. Often used with other carrier oils in creams, lotions, balms, because of it's excellent properties.

Jojoba Oil-

This is actually a liquid wax not an oil. Emollient and similar to natural human oil secretions. It is non-toxic and edible. Often added to other carrier oils as a preservative. Good choice for acne because it contains myristic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. It actually feeds and moisturizes skin and nails. This is super in hair care products and is highly recommended as a base for hair oils. Found in many lotions and creams.

Macadamia Nut Oil-

This is a medium weight oil which is suitable for massage because it is highly emollient and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Excellent addition to creams.

Olive Oil-

Heavy weight oil that is an excellent moisturizer because it attracts and holds moisture close to the skin to prevent loss of internal moisture. Soothes inflammed skin. This oil is suitable for massage and excellent in salves, creams and soaps.

Sunflower Nut Oil-

Very light oil which is perfect for use in bath oils. Also used in lotions as it is readily absorbed into the skin. Not a good choice for massage because of its fast absorbtion rate.

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