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Tampa Bay Highland Games


First Annual!!!!

Call Rob Hossack @813-651-0877 or Email him at for info

October 7th,2000

William Owens Pass Park

Brandon, Florida (near Tampa)


Pipe Bands Competing and Playing:


Grade Four Bands

  Lyons College (of Arkansas)

Dunedin High School Scottish Highlanders

Orlando City Police Band

Elliott Pipe Band of Dunedin


Grade Five Bands

  Dunedin Middle School Highlander Band

Tampa Bay Pipes and Drums (of Tampa)

University City Pipe Band (of Gainesville, Fl)

Dunedin High School Scottish Highlanders

Royal Stewart Highlanders (of Orlando)

Orlando City Police Band -Grade 5


Performing Bands

  City of Dunedin

Tampa bay Pipes and Drums

Royal Stewart Highlanders



Cash prizes for:

SUSPBA sanctioned Pipe Band Competitions:


Grade 3 Bands    First=$1,000      Second=$700    Third=$400

Grade 4 Bands    First=$800         Second=$500    Third=$300

Grade 5 Bands    First=$600         Second=$300    Third=$200

Open Band

(slow air/6/8)      First=$500         Second=$300    Third=$200


Open Soloist Piper


MSR                      First=$150     Second=$100      Third=$75

Piobaireachd          First=$175     Second=$125      Third=$75

6/8 Quick March     First=$50       Second=$30        Third=$20

HP & Jig                 First=$75       Second=$50        Third=$30


Open Soloist Drummer

MSR                        First=$150    Second=$100        Third=$75

HP & Jig                  First=$75      Second=$50          Third=$30


Drum Majors

                                First=$100    Second=$75        Third=$50


Bass and Tenors

                                First=$100    Second=$75        Third=$50


Tampa Bay Highland Games is a SUSPBA sanctioned competition and all results are respected and made final by our judges.

Piping Judges
Sandy Keith
Dave Martin
Al McMullin

Bruce Burt

Drumming Judge
Angus Longphee

Base and Tenor Judge
Steve McClure

Drum Majors Judge
Rob Kennedy

Travel Expenses will be determined by distance ranging from $100-$750.

Rob Hossack, President

Entry Form Key

Click Here For The Registration Form