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Tampa Bay Highland Games

October 7th,2000

October 20th, 2001 (Cancelled)

William Owens Pass Park

Brandon, Florida (near Tampa)

(9am until 5pm, Gates open 8:30 to public)

The 2001 Tampa Bay Games have been cancelled due to the dissolution of the board of directors. please direct any questions regarding local events to Mike Dunlap Clanmaster TBHG.

The 2000 Tampa Bay Highland Games Committee would like to THANK everyone for all of your support!!

The First Tampa Bay Games was a great success!
Over 7,000 attended and many first year Games records were broken!

From the pagentry of the unique Opening Ceremonies to the Entertainment Venue, the Athletics, the Dancing and the Piping, the Re-enactors and special displays and the unique Ceilidh...all were received very well.

President of the TBHG, Rob oversees his first Games! Yeah, Baby!

Haste ye Back!!

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Click Here for: Schedule of Events


See and Hear:

Sixty Highland Athletes!

Twelve Competition Pipe Bands!

Fifty Highland Dancers!

Over 70 Piping Solo Competitors!

Twenty Historical Re-enactors!

Thirty Irish Dancers!

Over Twenty Clans!

The Wild Highlanders!

And Much, Much More!!!




Come hear the Pipes of Olde Scotland!

No other instrument touches the soul like the Highland bagpipe!

Legend holds that the pipes can be heard on either side of Death's Veil,
which is why they are used on the Battlefield:
the pipe's wailing notes the last sound of earth the departing souls will hear.

Their unmistakeable din has also instilled terror into the Enemy,
with the Nazis calling them: "Ladies from Hell".

The Pipes have led men into fierce battle for hundreds of years without fear,
but will also stir those same hardiest of men to tears.

Listen to their sweet ancient mystical sound as
pipers from all over the Southeast compete
individually and in Band competitions!

Click Here for:SUSPBA sanctioned Pipe Band Competitions:

Cash prizes for:

Grades 3,4,5 and Open

Open soloist Piper

Open soloist Drummer

Drum Majors

Bass and tenors




Watch the Highland Dancers perform ancient traditional dances
as they compete in different levels from Novice to Professional.
Highland dancing is regarded as one of the most sophisticated forms of International dancing.
From the young elementary school Lasses to the polished professionals, all will entertain!.

They compete for prizes from as simple as:
a proud Mom's teary smile
bronze, silver,and gold medals
hard-earned cash bonuses!

Get a seat early for these Competitions!

Click Here for: SOBHD Highland Dancing Competitions:

Primary, Novice, Beginners, Intermediate, and Premier

 contact Dancing Coordinator Margaret Howard



Mike Dunlap, of Host Clan Dunlop, leads the Parade of tartans in the Opening Ceremonies

Click Here for: Clan Info:

Take a walk down Clan Row ....look for your name, or your grandmother's
....Most Clan tents have Surnames research books there
Every last one of them will help you find where ye belong
....and the Color of your Tartan
...and if you are not a Celt by blood, ye will be One today!!!!
all you need is some Haggis,
some Pipe music vibratin into yer bones,
and the company of Kilted men, and green-eyed Lasses

Contact Host Clan @Mike Dunlap of Clan Dunlop



Click Here for: Athletics

Directed by Herman Ibach 

Herman Ibach, on right, the Icon of Scottish Heavy Athletics in the Southeast USA

Highland Games Heavy Athletics are ancient games devised by Scottish Chieftains long ago.
When arms were not allowed by Invading English, these Games kept fighting men fit.
The Highland Games were also the model on which the Modern Olympics are based
with the Olympics Founder actually "borrowing" Highland Game events
from which many track and Field competitions owe their origin.
Today the Games allow modern expression of Olde Celt stirrings!
Watch as men from all over the country compete
for individual and all-around Championships!

Cheer for your Kilted Champion!
Watch the Sheafs fly!
and the Hammers spin!
the Weights soar!
and the Stones grow wings!
..but lads and lasses, donnae miss the most famous of all
the celebrated Caber Toss!



Ceilidh to be held after the Games at

Brandon Ale House
1817 Brandon Blvd/Highway 60
Brandon (10 minutes from Games site)

Tickets on sale at Games on Game Day
$10 a person.





Produced by Jim Burgess

ongoing throughout the day!


Hear these three Celtic Bands perform from the Entertainment Stage!

All three bands are recording artists.

Off Kilter is a Celt-Rock band straight from Epcot Center in Orlando

StoneRing is a Celt-Folk band from the Milwaukee area

Steel Bonnets is also a Celt-folk band from the Milwaukee area.

Lets show these bands a warm Tampa Bay Welcome!!

Visit their websites for more info!


OFF Kilter


Steel Bonnets

A unique blend of old world Irish folk songs combined with original material with the same influence,

Steel Bonnets have released 2 albums to date with a third scheduled to be released this summer.

Group members: Jon Young - Bodhran, Tamborine & Backup Vocals

Rickey Lashley - Guitar & Lead Vocals.

Albums: "Steel Bonnets" - "Ghosts Of Scotland, Live At Hanleys" -and out this summer "The Maiden Nymph"


Stone Ring


Contact Entertainment Coordinator @ Jim Burgess



Living Historians!

Coordinated by Collin King

Collin MacGregor King

Watch History come alive as these reEnactment groups reveal just what it was like
to work, dress, fight and live during these periods.
These groups are uniformed and armed as Scots during past wars
and have participated in many battle reenactments.

Hold your ears as musket fire will be heard during the day!

We are proud to present for your enjoyment (and ours!) the following Units:

42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot (Revolutionary War)

79th New York Cameron Highlanders (American Civil war)

Marquis of Huntley's Straphbogie Regiment of Foot(mid 17th century)

  Contact ReEnactment Coordinator @ Collin MacGregor King



Sheep Dog Demonstrations

Quinn and Sandy Tindall's "Sheepdogs"

Watch as master sheepherders Quinn and Sandy
demonstrate the use of highly trained sheepdogs to
not only keep the herd together
but to do so while moving , seperating, and reuniting individual stock,
all while using only whistle commands!

Always a crowd favorite!!




Alex Cameron's Wild Highlanders

See Alex's Wild group demonstrate the use of Ancient Highland weaponry and dress.
See actual Claymore Swords, and other wild weapons of that time!
Lads, hold on to your lasses round these guys,
and never admit to a drop of Sassenach heritage!

See Alex here



vendor tents among the Olde Oaks at The Tampa Bay Games. The venue was terrific and the Florida weather awesome!

Scottish Vendors

I can smell the Haggis from here!!

Purchase anything from classic British foods to tartans and accesories from the following vendors:


Dunedin Scottish

Scot's Corner

Tinker's Tartan

and many more!




Corporate Sponsorships Available

Call Rob Hossack @ 813 651 0877

Put your Company name in front of thousands of Tampa Bay residents!





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