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Yup... still haven't done anything with this site. I actually just kind of keep it around now as a relic... my first site. I look at it every now and then to see how far I have really come. One of these days, I MAY do some work on it. At least fix up some links, clean up some code, redo a few things here and there, but again, I have said this before and haven't. So chances of that are probably low. Thanks for visiting though, the site does still have a good deal of stuff for Rm2k!

Also please check out my new site at the following link

Download RPG maker 2000 and the RTP by clicking the links below.

Rpg Maker 2000 1.07 4.49 mb
Run Time Package 11.4 mb

There is a new rtp, RTP 1.3! There a tons of more stuff you can add to your game. If you'd like to get the new RTP click here. RTP 1.3 7.15 mb

Your font in the game a little messed up? No problem click this link Font Patch 110 kb

Having trouble with installing RPG Maker 2000 and it's RTP? Read this Installation Faq

Need help understanding Rpg Maker 2000 and have tried to click the help button, but there is no help file, well click this Help File 1.82 mb

This is my demo game called Capture Game Demo. Its a demo where you're in a ranch and you capture monsters.
Capture Game Demo 946 kb

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