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computer-generated image of Karl Heinrich Ulrichsby Lombardi-Nash '88 Urania Manuscripts

To Popularize the Name and Works by
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
(August 28, 1825 - July 14, 1895)
First Known Gay Activist
* Defender of Women's Rights

Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender, and Jewish Holocaust
Writings in Translation Dedicated to
Paul Jerome Nash

Patron and Intimate Friend

FORTHCOMING (2025): To celebrate the bicentenary of Ulrichs' birth: Larks (The Songbirds): An International Latin Journal Originally Titled Alaudae (1889-1895), rendered into English by more than 36 translators worldwide!
Available now from Palgrave Macmillan: The Correspondence of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs by Douglas Pretsell. This is a critical edition with 227 letters
Several Kindle Editions of Ulrichs' works are now available on Kindle Editions of Ulrichs' works

Ulrichs' Writings in English
Ulrichs' Writings in Spanish
Ulrichs' Writings in Italian
Ulrichs' Writings in French
Ulrichs' Writings in German
Memory Book 2000: A Festschrift Commemorating the 175th Birthday Anniversary of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
CELEBRATION 2024: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs: 199 Years of Pride [Spanish, French, partly in German]
Sex Classics in Translation Series: Ulrichs and Hirschfeld
Other Authors' Writings in English: Ulrichs (secondary literature), among others
Links: Acknowledgments, Books & Links
Ulrichsiana: A collection of facts and data having to do with Ulrichs' life and works
Ulrichs' Grave Saved!: Restoration Efforts Succeed
Anna Rüling: 100 Years of Lesbian Activism
What the Critics Say: About Urania Manuscripts

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

Select this link for Ulrichs' Writings in English

Ulrichs' literature in Italian, Spanish
and French translation; German originals:

  • Roberto Cruciani's 2005 Italian translation of Ulrichs by Hubert Kennedy.

  • Max Consoli's Italian translation of Raging Sword: Gladius Furens (Spada Furente). Roma: Fabio Croce Editore, 2002.

  • Other writings by or about Ulrichs in Italian by Massimo Consoli

  • Lyman Hardy's Spanish and French translations of Raging Sword

  • Vindex (the vindicator; 1864); in German; read it free on Professor Hubert Kennedy's homepage

  • Select this link to read the first coming-out letters (1862) by Ulrichs, in German

  • Select this link to read a storyline of the four haunting tales in Ulrichs' Sailor Stories

PB: publishers of Ulrichs' books in English

Translations of Ulrichs' Works
Several Excerpts from Ulrichs' Writings

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2004: 100 Years of Lesbian Activism!
What Interest does the Women's Movement have in Solving the Homosexual Problem? 2nd Edition. 27 pp. Index.

      A 1904 speech by Anna Rüling, the world's first known Lesbian activist

English translation of Anna's speech online!
What Interest Does the Women's Movement Have in Solving the Homosexual Problem?

Italian translation of Anna's speech online! Original German version of the speech


A website by Paul Nash on the occasion of the 199th birthday anniversary of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs in 2024

CELEBRATION 2024: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs: 199 Years of Pride
"Hot Web site" -- The Advocate * In Spanish, French and partly in German

Memory Book 2000
A Festschrift Commemorating Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

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Translations into English of Other Authors:

Select this link for: Anna Rüling (first known Lesbian activist); L.S.A.M. Römer, E. Valk (1730's Dutch pogrom); R. Lenz, R. Tielman (Nazi Holocaust); M. Hirschfeld, among others; Non-Gay Jewish Holocaust; 1980 Cuban Flotilla)

Selected by *CHOICE Magazine* as an Outstanding Academic Title in 2001

William A. Percy and John Lauritsen
"The Magnum Opus of Magnus Hirschfeld"
Review of The Homosexuality of Men and Women
The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide

...we owe a debt of gratitude for [this translation]...This volume also contains a new introduction by the venerable...Vern Bullough. Nothing in gay literature is quite like [it]...Hirschfeld makes [mistakes, but] the chapter on "Homosexuality in Classical Antiquity" is superb; "The Legal and Social Victimization, Persecution, and Prosecution of Homosexual Men and Women" is [an] excellent chapter; a chapter on the victimization of homosexuals by blackmailers and con artists is definitive. --November-December, 2002.


"This excellent translation ... brings Hirschfeld alive" -- R. W. Smith, Review in CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, Jan. '01.

Translations of Other Authors

Now Off Press!

Sodomites and Urnings: Homosexual Representations in
Classic German Journals

Translated and Edited by Michael Lombardi-Nash, Ph.D.
Foreword by Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D., D. Sci., R.N.

Includes items from Ulrichs (1862); Anna Rüling (1904); Hirschfeld (1909); Kertbeny (1869); Westphal (1869); Kurt Hiller (1946); Römer (1906); Meier on Hössli (1964)

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* Check out Karl on YouTube: Gay Pioneer Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

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