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The W's Music

The W's CD's

Demo de Rhino

The Demo de Rhino was a demo on 5 minute walk, put out in 1998 before the release of 4th From the Last. It has the songs: "The Devil Song" (later called "Devil is Bad"), "J.P.", and "The King of Polyester." The versions of all 3 songs are different than on 4th From the Last. Someone sings background vocals and slightly different horn parts on "The Devil Song," there is some really cool harmonica playing in "J.P.," even a harmonica solo, and

Songs on the full length CDs

Fourth From the Last

1) Open Minded
2) The Devil is Bad
3) Frank
4) J.P.
5) Moses
6) Pup
7) King of Polyester
8) Jason E
9) Alarm Clock
10) Flower Tattoo
11) Dexter
12) Hui
*secret track- Val sings song about Five Iron Frenzy

Trouble With X

1) Rather Be Dead
2) Saturday
3) Bully Go Home
4) Country Roads
5) Hit 'Em Where It Hurts
6) Play the Game
7) Stupid
8) Tip From Me
9) Where Should I Go
10) Used Car Salesman
11) Nothing
12) 101
13) Chump
14) Two More Weeks
15) The Rumor Weed Song (only on first 60,000 copies of the CD)
*secret track- Brian singing "Play the Game"


Take Time To Listen Volume 4

This CD came out in 1998, on 5 Minute Walk Records. It has 2 songs by The W's on it: Moses and Pup. They are the same versions as on Fourth From the Last. Some of the other bands that have songs on this compilation include: The Electrics, Five Iron Frenzy, The Shekinatones, and Rivulets and Violets.

The Simply Xcellent $1.99 New Music Sampler

This CD came out in 1998. It has The W's song "The Devil is Bad" on it. It is slightly different than the one on Fourth From the Last, but not too different. Songs from bands such as: Seven Day Jesus, Bleach, The Dingees, Switchfoot, Skillet, and The Waiting are also on this CD.

7Ball Gas Collection 10

This came out in 1998. It came with the November/December 1998 issue #21 of 7Ball which featured The W's on the cover and had a very cool article on them in it. The W's song on the CD is "Moses". Other bands on the CD include: Five Iron Frenzy, Slick Shoes, Plankeye, Craig's Brother, and Crashdog. You can order a back issue with the CD at

Five Minute Walk Records Greatest Hits

This double-disc set came out in 1999. "The Devil is Bad" is on this CD. It has songs from all Five Minute Walk bands up to that time, including: Five Iron Frenzy, Mortal, Black Eyed Sceva, Seven Day Jesus, Dime Store Prophets, and some others.

7Ball Gas Collection 17

This came out in 2000 with the January/February issue #17 of 7Ball magazine. There is a cool article about the Holy Roller tour in the magazine. The W's song on the CD is "Saturday". Other bands on this CD include: EDL, Five Iron Frenzy, Skillet, Smiley Kids, 1Way, and American Made. The magazine and CD can be ordered at

Make It Count!

This is a CD that was for sale at DC/LA 2000. It has songs on it of bands who played at DC/LA, or were supposed to play there. "The Devil is Bad" is on it, even though The W's ended up not playing at DC/LA. The song is the same version as the one on Fourth From the Last. Other bands on this CD include Raze, Five Iron Frenzy (who also didn,t play at DC/LA), Supertones, SonicFlood, Steven Curtis Chapman, and some others.

Take Time To Listen Volume 5

This CD came out in 2000 on 5 Minute Walk Records. It has The W's song "Somewhere Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" on it. This is their newest song that's been put on a CD, and the first song that Courtney recorded with them. It's a very cool song! And this is the only CD that this song is available on right now! Other bands on this compilation include: Five Iron Frenzy, Rivulets and Violets, Philmore, Pax217, Soul-Junk, Relient K, Brave Saint Saturn, and more!