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About Amy

Hi there! Im glad you came to play with me. My name is Amy
Newberry. Currently, I am a teacher at Fort Meade Middle-Senior High School in Fort Meade, Florida. I teach 6-8 grade ESOL and 7-8 grade Remedial Reading. This is my first year teaching, and so far I love it! I am also attending University of Central Florida, where I am working on my Master's Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. I graduated from University of Florida in 1999 with a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature specializing in Children's Literature, along with a minor of Teaching English as a Second Language.

Things I enjoy:

Playing with my dog, Foster. He is a full-blooded Australian Blue Heeler
(a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog). Yep, hes spoiled rotten! Go to this site to
learn about Foster's breed.

Going to Gator Football games. GO GATORS!! Take a look at the Gators
at this site

Collecting Children's Books. Dr. Suess' book Green Eggs and Ham is the
3rd most popular book in the English language.


Going to Gator Baseball games. Look at the Gators swing into action at
this site

Spending time with my family. (Ever heard of the Grizwold family?! J )

Participating in events with my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. Click here to find
out more.

And, of course, playing with my friends. Good times, great fun!

Last, but not least, I enjoy learning how to become a teacher of English
as a Second Language. Click below to find out about my
specialty in the field of TESL.

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Send me a message - I'm all about making friends! J