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RhyDin Defense Company

RDC is a modern forum. It takes in military,police,and many more guilds. It will not take in Magical or midevil guilds. This forum will provide guild with cash,dice, and xps. But they also have to earn it. The one in charge of this forum is . It is a fairly new forum. But it will hold strong guilds and grow. There are Rules to the forum, but not that strict or many. You can get rezz#'s and AA#'s from this forum even if you are a freelancer. There are many other things in this guild, if you join you can EARN them.

RDC Websites

Forum Requirments
Forum AA Rules
Forum Dice/Experience Chart
Forum Combat Def.
Forum Enchancers
Forum Pay
Forum Weapons & Misc.
Fourm Transportaion
Forum Cash System
Fourm High Council
Fourm Stores