BY: Phaedra Phelan



SUMMARY: What may have happened when that walk along the beach continued.

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Remington and Laura walked along for a few minutes in silence on the beautiful Pacific beach. They were suddenly very much at peace with one another. The words in the letter that Remington wrote to her were still ringing in Laura's brain as she walked with the man she has loved with all her heart for four years.

When I think of you, Laura, I think of the day we met, the way I wanted you from the very beginning and I think of how much I want you today. I think of my hands tangled in your shining chestnut hair, of sparkling brown eyes trifling mercilessly with my heart, of breasts sprinkled with lovely freckles, of drop dead gorgeous legs intertwined with mine, of soft lips that have kissed me-tenderly, passionately, or playfully as the mood dictates. I think of a woman with a mind that is as beautiful and mysterious as any part of her lovely body. I think of the woman that I want to be with always, to have children with, the woman I want to share all my sadness and all my joy.

Remington reached for Laura's hand and they stopped again as he drew her close. Remington was ruggedly handsome in the casual heavy knit sweater he wore to ward off the cool breeze that blew constantly on this winter's day in southern California; but his eyes were quite pensive as he stood looking at Laura. She seemed more petite than usual to him because she was wearing flat sneakers instead of her accustomed high-heeled pumps.

"Laura, we need to move forward. . . forward with our lives. I am not going to leave you. I have been with you and I will be with you. I-I just want you, I need. . . you. I feel that I have somehow failed you, because I know that you have needs, needs as a woman that I want to fulfill for you. I dare say that you will agree with me that we are two very passionate individuals . . ." Remington's eyes questioned Laura's and he saw her answer before her words came.

"Yes . . . I-cannot deny that." Laura blushed slightly. She knew his words to be only too true.

"Laura, I became sexually active when I was just sixteen years old. From that time until just under four years ago I did whatever I wanted. Daniel sort of 'brought me along' and I knew how to satisfy my sensual needs and yet protect and respect whatever partner I happened to be with. But when I met you, I knew that I had somehow come up against something quite different from the casual liaisons of the years past. Laura, I fell for you-like a ton of bricks-I fell for you."

"Remington . . ."

"And Laura, I know that you fell for me as well. Can you deny that to be true?"

"You know that I can't."

"Laura, three and a half years ago I even started having wet dreams again. I have not had intercourse with anyone during all that time-except for that night in the motel after that young boy Rudy was killed when you and I came together. I lie in bed in agony night after night, Laura, wanting you to be there with me. I admit that my intentions were somewhat lacking in honor at the beginning. I wanted you, but I wanted no strings, no commitment, no attachment. I wanted to bed you like all the others and then be able to move on like before. But, thank the Lord, that wasn't to be. Between learning to love being Remington Steele and coming to love being with you my life has completely changed. As quite literally painful as these past three and a half years of celibacy have been, they have been good for me. I have learned what fidelity is, what commitment is. I have learned to marshal my-my spirit, my passions as I would have never thought possible. I can lie in my bed night after night aching for you, Laura, and wait for you. God knows, I've done it."

Laura reached out to touch Remington and he took both her hands in his and brought them to his lips.

"Remington . . ." Her eyes were bright with unshed tears as she absorbed the meaning of his words.

"My intentions are altogether honorable now. I want to pursue you with the objective of being with you always. I will never deflect, Laura. I have proved that I can give up all liaisons and be there for you and I think that I deserve a chance. Give me a chance to win your heart-the way that you have won mine?"

Laura's mind was a jumble as she realized how she must have hurt Remington in the group session with the bataka. His suggestive innuendos, the constant propositions had been a posture, a protective fašade to protect himself from being hurt more than he already had been. She reached out to him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Remington took her into his arms and what they saw in one another's eyes was the suppressed passion of all the previous four years ready to burst forth from both of them.

"Laura, dear Laura." Remington murmured as their lips met.

The kiss was tender and searching and then, as Laura's mouth opened, welcoming and begging for his kisses, Remington groaned passionately, lifting Laura's slender body on her tiptoes against his so that they could each drink thirstily the essence from the others lips. Laura felt Remington's manly parts rise in excitement in the soft denim jeans he was wearing and she swooned in his arms, unable and unwilling to resist him any longer.

"Remington, please, take me somewhere and make love to me," she whispered when the kiss stopped for a moment. "I need you and I want you and . . . I didn't want to say all those mean things to you."

Remington continued to kiss her all over her face as she talked.

"I realize that you're not my father. I know you've stayed, and-and I know I've made you climb the walls, but-but I was so scared."

"Are you still frightened of me, Laura?" Remington's passionate blue eyes captured hers, his face flushed with desire for her.

"No-oh, no, Remy," Laura cried, pulling his head down to meet her waiting lips again. Remington gripped her hips through the soft printed silk skirt that she was wearing and drew Laura even closer up against his flesh, kissing her over and over, as he found himself overpowered by the fire in his loins, unable to ease Laura back down onto her feet again.

"Laura, why don't we go back up to our room at the spa? Didn't they say we had it till the end of the day?"

"Yes, they did," Laura answered, the timbre of her voice reflecting the surge of sensual energy she too was experiencing.

Remington finally was able to release Laura and he just stood and gazed at her as he tried to bring himself under control. As he noted the high color in her cheeks, the passion in her eyes, he smiled knowingly and shook his head. He knew her so well after all these years-the ebb and flow of her femininity in all its aspects-and he did some mental calculations.

"On second thought, Laura, I think that this might not be the best time for us to go all the way. Aren't you ovulating?"

Laura thought for a moment and realized that he was right, recalling the Saturday two weeks previously when she spent the day in bed with a hot water bottle on her painful belly. Remington had come over with his usual assortment of teas and spent the afternoon and evening with her, doing reflexology on her feet to relieve her cramps, mostly just being there, lying across the foot of her bed watching old movies while she dozed. She smiled in his arms, remembering.

"You know me too well, Mr. Steele. I think that you are right."

"It's my business to know you, Laura." Remington's eyes were twinkling as he looked down at her, practically inhaling her beauty in the bright sunshine. "I don't think that all the protection in the world could safeguard you from me today. After this period of enforced celibacy, I feel as virile as a wild horse, Laura. The urge to procreate with you is so strong in me that I don't dare to touch you like that today. When I get you pregnant, I want us to be well-married."

'You've felt the desire to have babies with me?"

"From the first day we met." Remington looked at Laura and sighed passionately. "Haven't you-ever thought of us having a wee one together?"

"I have," Laura admitted shyly. "It's one of my fantasies? It's a recurring dream actually."

Remington nodded and faced her as she spoke.

"I dream that we are-married and I am about to give birth for you. In the dream my belly is so big that I can barely move without assistance. And you are still chasing me all over our apartment." Laura smiled the mischievous smile that he loved so.

"And how does the dream end?"

"You always get what you want."

Remington grinned and drew her up beside him, his arm around her waist, and kissed her tenderly, his hand finding her flat belly and patting it gently. "We will do it-at the proper time." He paused for a long moment, reflecting.

"You are aware that I am A-positive, Laura."

"Yes, I remember seeing your blood type on your records when you were in the hospital with both legs broken. We'll just have to have that in mind. I've never been transfused, so I shouldn't be sensitized to Rh factor." Laura looked up at the man that she loved. "You've thought about this a lot, haven't you?"

"I have thought about having a life with you for a very long time."

"And you are very complicated. You just couldn't be plain old O-negative like the other eight-five percent of us, could you?" She was teasing him and Remington was loving playing with her like this.

"I see that you have also given this subject considerable thought. Oh, Laura, four years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be talking with a woman about having a family. I look at myself and I say, 'you're a different man, old sport,' and I know that it's true."

"I appreciate you protecting me Remington. I feel so like a wild woman right now. I could just jump on you and attack you because I want you so much. And I know-that it is hard for you to hold back. When I feel the . . . excitement . . . in you, my legs just turn to jelly."

"I have tried to hide it from you, Laura, not wanting to repel you with my . . . urges, but I am only human. I am a man and I react to you as a man to a woman. Suffice it to say, it is easier for a woman to hide her feelings."

"Suffice it to say that I have been as aroused by you. Recently I've felt like I'm going out of my mind with wanting you. And, except for that night in the motel a couple months ago, we've never gone all the way."

"That night we were both scared and needing one another, Laura. I had no intention of our ending up like that when we went there. I didn't even have any of those infernal foil packets that I carry all the time in hope that I'll get lucky with you."

Remington paused and continued, "You realize that Daniel was the one who gave me my sex education. He was altogether practical in his approach. 'Never have unprotected sex.' That was the mantra he taught me. 'Do what you want with a woman, but never leave her knocked up when you finish with her.' I have scrupulously followed that rule since I was sixteen years old. 'If you can't afford protection, you can't afford to have sex.' (Daniel's words to me when I was a randy sixteen-year-old.) It's my guess that he had had some experience in his life that had taught him this wisdom and he was determined to pass that wisdom along to me." Remington tilted Laura's face up to look into his. "At any rate, there are no seed sown wild out there-no illegitimate children to pop up one day and say 'Here I am, Daddy.' Children, if they come, will start with you and me, Laura."

"Then, that night was the first time you ever had unprotected sex?"

"Yes, Laura, for the first time in my life, I forgot. When I knew anything I-I was already-we had come together and I-I couldn't stop myself. I knew that the damage had probably been done anyway-no point in locking the barn after the horse has been stolen, eh. I cursed myself for not having the presence of mind to hold up and prepare to make love to you. Later, lying awake I did my calculations and relaxed a little. You weren't ovulating so I thanked the Lord for that bit of grace."

"I guess we both lost our heads that night, didn't we? I never knew that any man could make me feel like you did, Remington. And when you were out of your head-totally incoherent. When I heard you cry out-when it-it happened for you . . . "

"L'exstase, Laura. I was in such an ecstasy."

"It wasn't just physical, was it?"

"No, it wasn't just physical, Laura."

"I always was afraid that if I gave in to you, it would just be 'physical.'"

"And I was afraid that if I possessed you, it would not just be physical. I found the answer to that question that night." Remington found himself wanting to talk about that night, a subject they had scrupulously avoided discussing since that eventful evening.

"You in . . .'exstase.' It was quite amazing."

"Well, you are the only woman I've ever made love with whose teeth chatter like that," Remington teased. "Have you always been a teeth chatterer?" Remington grinned, pulling her to him and kissing her forehead.

Laura dropped her eyes and shook her head. "I had never experienced what you call 'that magical moment' before."

Remington stopped short in his tracks. "You mean you'd never been, as you Americans say, 'all the way down the river?'"

"No, I-I never could let go when I got there . . . to that 'river.' I guess I was always afraid to surrender myself completely. I couldn't trust."

Remington put his hands on both her slender shoulders and looked straight into her troubled eyes.

"And Wilson . . ."

"I pretended and he never suspected."

"Wilson was even more of a fool than I originally surmised," Remington said ruefully. He looked at Laura, understanding her more than he ever had. "Dear Lord, you were like a bloody virgin that night, weren't you?"

"I was about to tell you not to . . . to wait for me-when it happened, when those spasms started in my belly, when those blue and white lights started exploding in my brain. You said, 'Let me take you there, let me take you there.' I remember thinking to myself-Oh, Laura, this is what everybody talks and writes about. And then it was like I was on a roller coaster-at the highest point, with the bottom suddenly dropping out, and me careening out of control in surrender to you."

"That's when your teeth were clattering so, my dear." Remington smiled at her, in total wonderment. "And you called me 'Remy' for the first time."

"It just came out. I think that I have dreamed of calling you that for so long. I was at peace, floating in your arms. You kept on ejaculating. I felt every powerful spurt. You were calling on the Lord and in such an agony. Your semen was like a powerful drug that I had been craving, washing over and through me. I smelled the scent of fresh wheat grass, the scent of your semen all over me."

"There is one school of medical thought that teaches that the semen of a woman's consort has a decided salubrious effect on her physical and emotional health." Remington smiled at Laura, marveling at the keenness of her analytical mind even in these most intimate matters between them.

"I had never felt such peace. I learned the meaning of surrender that night, Before that, it was just a word."

Remington hugged and kissed Laura. He was amazed, thankful that he had been the one to fulfill Laura as a woman, thankful that their feelings about that night had been so similar.

"So you're truly a grown up lady now, my darling Laura."

"It was wonderful."

"And, for your information, I have never left a woman behind. A gentleman never leaves his lady behind like that. It would be a crime. I take it that that is what happened in previous encounters?"

"Yes, that's what happened."

"You have been so cheated."

"I thought something was wrong with me. I pretended to experience it, you know . . . all of it, but I was always afraid that my . . . my partners somehow knew. I thought that it would be the same with you."

Remington tipped her face up toward his and bent to kiss her tenderly upon her mouth.

"I always knew that you were vital and passionate, and the gift of yourself you gave me that night was beyond my wildest dreams. It was so very special to me. I . . . think that's why I became so angry in that encounter session when you said 'I want more . . . than a roll in the hay.' All I could think of was that night we had intercourse . . . how wonderful it was . . . how deep our feelings were . . . how we cried together that night. I was hurt, thinking that somehow you took what we had shared as a common, ordinary thing."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking about that night. Or maybe I was, but I just couldn't believe that you felt as deeply for me as you appeared to. I am so insecure. It was awful of me to speak so thoughtlessly."

"You have no need to feel insecure about your sexuality, Laura. You gave me the most incredible sexual experience of my life." Remington said softly, drawing her so close that Laura could feel his heart beating in his chest.

Laura looked into his eyes, into the deep flush of desire that was upon his face and all his emotions were there for her to see . . . nothing hidden, nothing held back.

"Oh, my God!" she said.

"Yes, Laura. It's true. I don't know how to tell you how deep my feelings go. I hope that you understand what my lips are unable to vocalize. Laura, Laura, I need you so much. I think about being with you constantly. I am so, so deep into this with you. I beg you to understand how, how deep my feelings are for you."

"I'm trying. I'm really trying."

Remington kissed her lips again frantically, desperately and then they held each other tightly for a long time, reflecting on what had happened to them as the tide continued to surge in upon the sand.

Finally Laura broke the intense feeling of the moment and giggled girlishly in his arms.

"You were unforgettable, Remy. You are the most beautiful naked man I have ever seen in my life. You enjoyed exhibiting yourself to me that morning, didn't you?"

Remington feigned total innocence but his laughing eyes betrayed him. "I have no idea what you are talking about. You knew all that there was to know already. We had touched each other just about everywhere-and when that night was over, there were no mysteries of that sort remaining, were there?"

Laura smiled and put her arm around his waist. "But you had never 'posed' for me."

"You approved of what you saw?" Remington's lips puckered in that way that always melted Laura's heart.

She recalled the sight of him as he had walked away from her that morning-the beautiful leanness of him, his muscular hips and limbs covered with silky black hair. And then he had turned to face her. That is when she had blushed and pulled the covers over her head.

"I think the operative description is 'well-hung.' At least that is what Bernice would have said." Laura's cheeks colored and she shook her head as Remington grinned and could not help but preen just a little.

"Come here, woman." He pulled her around to face him and kissed her soundly, gripping her hips and pinching her repeatedly, bringing forth squeals of surprised delight from Laura. "And what do you think this is, lass? This is what is called "great arse" where I come from." Then his voice softened and was husky with emotion. "It will take us a lifetime to explore this, Laura, and I am sure that you will-like finest wine-never lose your mystery." Remington's cobalt blue eyes saw only Laura now as he found her hands, drew them up to his lips and kissed them.

"Remington, I have something to give you. You remember I crumpled and threw away my letter to you that day just before the gazebo crashed with us?"

"Yes. How could I forget that."

"Well, here is the letter-or the substance of the letter I wrote. I think this one says the same thing as the original." Laura produced a neatly folded piece of paper from her jacket pocket and gave it to Remington.

"You're not going to take it back again?"

"No, I'll not take it back." Laura's eyes told Remington Steele that she meant those words with all her heart.

He unfolded the piece of paper and began to read.

What are the qualities I think of when I think of you, Remy? I think of your eyes, deep and blue as the ocean, the marvelous fresh taste of your mouth, the way your body moves with the elegance of a cat on the prowl. I love your spontaneity and willingness to accept impossible challenges. And I love your patience with me while I have struggled with giving myself to you these past three and a half years. I know that most men would have moved on to someone else long ago, but you are still with me-waiting for me. You have become my strength, my protector, and my lover. You are my knight in shining armor.

Remington's eyes flooded as he read the last line. He was completely overcome by Laura's declaration.

"What can I say, Laura, except that-that. . ." Remington choked back a sob, and Laura, seeing the tears filling his eyes, took him into her arms and held him tight. "Oh, Laura, what is to become of us?"

Remington kissed her again, a kiss that started with a tender exploration, but escalated to a passionate searching when Laura quickly responded to the pleasures of Remington's sculptured lips upon hers. Their mouths opened and as they continued to taste each other, Remington's mouth ravished Laura's with kisses so ardent, so intense that Laura surrendered her mouth completely to his, flinging her arms around his neck as he lifted her up against his vibrating flesh.

"Remy. . ." Laura gasped, as she felt his heart beating wildly close to her own

"Oh, my God, woman!"

Groaning in agony for more of Laura, but knowing that they could go further, Remington slowly released her, letting her slide slowly back down to rest her feet on the sandy beach and then smoothing her damp sea swept hair with his hands.

"Laura, my sweet bonnie lass. . . my sweet bonnie lass, I never stood a chance once you began to trifle with me," Remington murmured, taking her palms to his lips and kissing the inside of her hands, inhaling the fragrance of her, the scent that was so familiar to him as "Laura."

The stood together on the windswept beach without speaking-just gazing into the depths of each others eyes for a very long time. Then they walked slowly, hand-in-hand, across the beach to the Auburn and drove back to Los Angeles.