BY: Phaedra Phelan


SUMMARY: What may have happened in that motel room in "Premium Steele" after the attempts on their lives.

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Laura and Remington sat together on the bed in the Downtowner Motor Inn. They were both shattered by the death of Monroe Henderson's young employee, Rudy, and the attempts on their own lives that had happened earlier that very day.

"I'm glad you're you," Laura whispered as Remington held her close and then hugged her for all he was worth.

"Oh, my Laura, we both came so close to losing our lives today. It was too close, darling. It was far too close."

"Do you know what I thought when I realized just how close a call we had?"

Remington nodded, "Probably the same thing that I thought-that we may have died without ever completely...completely coming together."

"We have wasted time haven't we? We act as if we have forever to find our way to each other-and it may not be the case."

"I wouldn't have been able to go on without you," Laura said. "How could I have gone on?"

"You would have gone on. You will have to...if anything happen. Don't you know the panic I felt when I realized that you were a target also? God! My heart just stopped for a moment. I couldn't breathe. I had to find you, protect you. Laura, do you understand what you mean to me?"

"I know what you mean to me," Laura said simply, as tears began to run down her cheeks.

At the sight of the woeful expression upon Laura's face Remington began to kiss her-tenderly, upon her lips and then upon her cheeks and temples, his hands tangled in her long chestnut hair as Laura clung to him, seeking comfort. She was trembling all over, her teeth beginning to chatter.

"I'm so scared, Remington, so scared. Please, don't leave me. I don't want to be alone...alone in this room."

"There, there, love...shhh, shhh." Remington rocked her in his arms and took her hand to his lips to kiss it. Her fingers were like ice. "Let's get you under the covers here."

Remington turned back the covers of the bed and helped Laura into it, removing her shoes and lifting her feet into bed. He was about to cover her when he realized how uncomfortable she must be and set about helping her out of her clothes.

"Allow me, Laura." He unfastened the wide leather belt she was wearing and then found the fasteners to her skirt and slipped it off while Laura unbuttoned her dark navy blouse and wearily cast it aside. There was nothing sensual in his actions. He was just helping someone very close to him undress and he barely took note of Laura's lacy undergarments as he pulled the covers up to her chin and kissed her lightly upon her forehead. After carefully putting her clothes over the chair near the bed, then Remington removed his own smoke-soiled jacket, shirt and finely tailored slacks and hung them in the closet. They did not have to speak now. There were no words necessary. Remington turned the lights down low and slid into the bed beside Laura and lay quietly for a long moment, realizing that for the first time they were actually in bed under the covers together.

When Laura, still weeping, turned to him, Remington took her into his arms and held her, trying to warm her and calm her shattered nerves.

"There, there, old bee, we are still alive. I know it was terrifying."

"Remington, I can't stop shaking. I'm just not strong at all tonight. I keep thinking about what would have happened to me if I had lost you today?"

As Remington realized that Laura's greatest fears had not been for herself but for him, just as he knew that he had been frightened out of his mind more for Laura than for himself, and his heart swelled with the purest of love for her. It was a strange sensation for him, a man whose carnal passions for her had always been the force that kept him in hot pursuit.

"My dear Laura..." Remington kissed Laura's cheek, tasting the salt of her tears upon his lips. "Don't cry, darling. Don't cry. I'm here. I'll always be here."

He found Laura's soft mouth and kissed it-but when her pliant lips yielded so completely to the blandishments of his own, clinging to his, the kiss began to evolve into something that was completely beyond their control. Remington and Laura were caught in a maelstrom of desire, kissing over and over with abandon. They were suddenly both very aroused, and Laura's hands weren't icy cold any more. Each searched for familiar parts of the others body, Laura clutching the thick mass of black hair that adorned Remington's chest, as he released her breasts from their confinement so that he could touch their soft warmth.

"Laura, I don't want to die without ever giving myself to you. I will always take care of you...always. Laura...Laura, I'm about to be goner here. Please, please don't push me...away, Laura. Dear Lord, help us!"

In what seemed to be an instant of time they crossed all the invisible lines and boundaries that they had drawn for themselves. The kisses that had been tenderly passionate became the deep searching kisses of committed lovers drunk in sweet heady draughts. Touching, rubbing all their intimate and forbidden places, they moaned and cried together, their tears mingling with their kisses as they crossed into completely uncharted territory, their desperate need carrying them both at full tilt till they were in agony to join together.

"Remy...I don't want to push you away. Help me!" Laura pleaded, begging him to take her.

They were where they were nearly three years before when her house had been destroyed and Laura had wanted the comfort of his arms. Then, Remington had held back in spite of his need, not wanting to take advantage of her in a moment of weakness. But this night was different. They had come too close to losing one another this day. There was going to be no holding back.

"Lord...dear Lord! Have mercy on us...Oh sweet Jesus!" Remington's cry was one of such need, longing. He was gone, the years of abstinence, the years of holding himself back from this precipice came to a crashing end in Laura's arms as he took her and they were lost in the timeless mysteries of man and woman in rapture together.

"Oh God, it's been so long! Laura! Laura!" Remington Steele cried out in ecstasy in Laura's arms as their flesh joined.

Neither of them was prepared for the sensation they experienced as the coupling so long delayed suddenly came. They simply clung to one another in a state of near shock, caught in the grip of rapture and then Laura seemed to literally melt in his arms.

"Mr....Steele...Remington..." Laura sighed.

"Yes, darling, oh, yes," Remington whispered as they easily found their rhythm and began to rock together.

They were rapidly coming to the pinnacle together and when Laura began to shake helplessly in his arms, Remington felt Laura at the brink of climax and begged her "Let me take you there, Laura. I'll take you there, babe."

"Yes! Please, Remy!" Laura wailed.

"God! dear God! Oh, God!" Remington cried out full-throated to his Maker.

He was helpless, in an agony, the pleasure seeming to explode in his very loins. Laura's teeth rattled uncontrollably as she trembled in his arms, finally surrendering her very soul to Remington Steele as surge after surge of blinding blue and white lights kept bursting in her brain. The climax washed over them in wave after wave of a passion that held them tightly in its grip, then finally released Laura in an uncontrolled free fall as Remington's pelvis jerked uncontrollably, ejaculating powerfully, and leaving her spent in his embrace.

"Laura, Laura..." Remington murmured as they sank into the afterglow. "I fear we've crossed the line, my dear."

"Remington, I-I don't know what to ...say. I just...couldn't push you away."

"You didn't want to push me away, did you, love."

"No..." Laura's voice was tiny and wistful.

"Then this happened because we wanted it to happen. It happened because we have been toying with it much too long and circumstances caught us up in our need for comfort. We've waited so long, darling, so long."

"Remington...please," Laura whispered, kissing him all over his face. He knew what she wanted. Their passion held them captive, overwhelming them again. This time they climbed slowly, savoring every moment of their joining, as the rhythm of coitus soothed and excited them at the same time, carrying them along to a stunning climax that left them weeping for joy at the end of it.

"My darling, my Laura," Remington whispered.

"Tell me this wasn't a dream."

"Not this time, love. Not this time."

Remington kissed her tenderly, kissing her tears away, cherishing her as they slipped into the afterglow and fell asleep still joined.

In the early morning hours Laura was wakened by the sound of Remington moaning. He was tossing and flailing about and calling her name as he slept.

"Laura! Laura! They want to kill...Look! Dear God, I'll Laura! Laura! Wait! Wait, darling! Oh, God, No! No!"

Laura shook Remington till he roused from his nightmare.

"It's all right. I'm here. I'm here." She hugged him to her bare bosom now, cradling him, cherishing him as she would a child until Remington calmed and slept quietly again in her arms without completely waking up.

Laura lay awake for a long time before she fell asleep again with Remington on her breasts. She shivered, enjoying the sensation of his overnight's growth of beard against the tender skin of her bosom. Laura had always known that there was a bond between them but she had never had realized how strong it was for Remington, how deeply he cared for and needed her. Where would they go from here? It had happened so quickly, so naturally. Her mind reeled as memories of their coming together bombarded her now. She had wanted his arms around her, needed him. She knew that he would have pulled back-no matter how difficult it was for him-if she had been able to ask him to. But she had not been able to reject him this time. She had not wanted to push him away. They had become so close in recent months, spent so many hours together, seeking and finding physical comfort with one another up to a point, but then carefully avoiding going further. Suddenly they had been catapulted beyond that point by the simple formula of the right set of circumstances combined with the deep need in both of them. And Laura had been loved this night in a way that she had never imagined in her wildest dreams.

Laura finally fell asleep again and it was morning before she awakened.

Remington roused himself very early and lay quietly next to Laura remembering the night they had shared. The relief he felt in his flesh was startling to him after the nagging pressure in his loins he had endured so much of the time during three and a half years of forced abstinence while courting Laura.

'Well, I dare not get used to this,' he mused to himself. 'This woman is much too complicated to view this as where we will be from here on out. Lord, I don't even know how we got together. One moment we were petting like two repressed teenagers, and then suddenly we were beyond the pale. I've never experienced anything like Laura. So many women, and now she has made me want no one but her. God, I cannot remember the others any longer. I am completely and hopelessly monogamous. Dear God, I know that I have not been a man given to prayer but I am praying now. Forgive us our fornication, Lord, and help us. . . help us find ourselves sharing our own marriage bed before we both die of need and frustration. And thank you for saving our lives to see the light of another day.'

"Laura," Remington called her name softly. " I think that we should try to solve the rest of this thing. I owe it to Rudy's family."

Laura opened her eyes and looked into his dark blue ones. She saw the memory of the night before in their cobalt depths and she could not withstand his gaze. She felt her herself flushing before him. No, things would never be as they were before between them.

"Laura, what happened last night was what happened. We were on a track for it. We'd been behaving like a couple of high school kids, trying to find moments to 'make out' here and there, staying behind some imaginary boundaries that we had set for ourselves, but we ran ourselves up against something that was stronger than either of us. We are adults, Laura, and we should have known that something like this would have happened sooner or later. We were both frightened and in need. Last night Monroe said something to me that recalled to my mind an escapade he and I had when we were bouncing about the Caribbean that almost cost us our lives. He reminded me that none of us controls the cards we have been dealt in life-that we don't know where those cards will take us. That's true, you know. You and I-we are what life has dealt to each of us. Do you know that?"

"Yes, I know it. I know there's never been anyone like you in my life. I realize that."

"I wasn't staying with you because we had not reached this point we passed last night. I was...I am with you because I want to be with you always. I never want to be with anyone else but you, Laura. I knew that before last night. I've known it for a long time."

Remington looked into Laura's face and saw anxiety in her eyes.

"Believe me, Laura, I want you to know that I will not presume any more than you allow me to presume from what we shared together. If you want to talk about it, I will talk about it. If you want to explore our relationship further before we continue this phase, I will accept that as well." He smiled, remembering. "I won't be particularly happy about that but I will abide by your wishes. You gave me your soul last night, Laura, and I gave you mine. We will come together again."

"I'm confused. I want to go forward and yet I don't feel that I am completely go forward. Do you understand?"

Laura was in turmoil as she remembered the sound of Remington's voice crying out in rapture and she knew that he had given the very essence of his being to her as well. In all the time that she had been with Wilson she had never heard such a primeval cry of need and then of complete fulfillment as when Remington Steele had cried out in the throes of ecstasy in her arms.

"No...and yes. I will wait for you, Laura-however long it takes." Remington took Laura into his arms and kissed her tenderly. "Now I am going to shower and get dressed, and collect Lester before he comes searching for us. You may order us some coffee if you like."

Remington got out of bed and went toward the bathroom to shower. He was naked and completely unselfconscious before her...and he was beautiful. Turning back to face her again, he smiled that pensive tentative smile that she loved so much. He was remembering how her teeth clattered when she became a complete woman in his arms and he shook his head, still trying to fathom just what had happened to them.

Laura blushed, pulling the bed covers over her head as she tried to stop thinking about how beautiful he was.