By: Melissa Jones


First printed: More Red Holt Steele #11

Summary: How things could have transpired on the train trip to the ferry boat.

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Remington sat quietly in the first-class train compartment as it sped across the English countryside. He was trying his best not to sulk, but he couldn't help dwelling on the unpleasant situation. He periodically shot an angry, annoyed glance at his nemesis, who was obliviously rattling on and on about his early days in baseball. Remington grew more annoyed with every syllable from Tony's mouth.

Remington glanced over at Laura, who looked generally uncomfortable. He felt a knot in his throat as he remembered the sight of her kissing Tony. He knew she only did it to save Tony from the police, but it certainly appeared to have far more of an effect on her than he liked, and it worried him. He was so close to finally having Laura where he wanted her - in his arms, and in his bed. She didn't realize how much she meant to him, or how much he wanted her.

Remington's mind teased him with a memory barely twenty minutes old. It was the memory of the woman he had desired for more than four years trying to seduce him.

“I hear it's nearly four hours to the ferry,” she had said in a low tone as she peeled off her coat and sat beside him. Remington's heart had begun pounding. The mere thought of making love to Laura while riding in a luxurious train compartment excited him beyond anything he could imagine. It was certainly better than any fantasy he had dreamed up.

But, like all his fantasies of Laura, reality showed up and ruined it. This reality was in the form of Tony Roselli, running from the police for God-knows-what reason. His unwelcome entrance had killed any hope of romance on this trip.

So, here they were. Just the three of them. Damn it.

*Hell, we might as well invite Mildred to join us,* Remington thought. Suddenly, it hit him. *Mildred.* Yes, Mildred, who was sitting in another first-class cabin further down the train...alone.

“Excuse me for a moment, will you?” Remington said, rising and rushing out the door before either of his companions had a chance to react.


“What??!! Why that rotten, lowlife slimeball!” Mildred yelled angrily. “Oh, don't you worry, Boss. You just wait until I get my hands on...”

“Ap... Mildred, please,” Remington said, holding up his hands to silence the irate woman. “You aren't going to touch Antony. In fact, I want you to be nice to him. Talk to him. Get to know him.”

“What?” Mildred asked, a look of disgust crossing her face.

“Now, Mildred, I know that's a lot to ask, and I know I'll owe you my life for this, but I mean it. I want you to be extra nice to Antony, and I want you to have a long, pleasant conversation with him.”

“What's this all about, Boss?” Mildred asked, her eyes narrowing with curiosity and suspicion.

Remington sighed heavily, debating how much he wanted to tell her. He cleared his throat. “Okay, here's the situation. All I want is a little time alone with my wife. Granted, that appears to be a lot to ask, but I'm hoping that if you can keep Antony occupied for a while, that will give Laura and me enough time to...”

“Oh, ho, ho...I get it,” Mildred interrupted, grinning wickedly.

Remington opened his mouth to protest, but closed it again. Why bother? He knew what she was thinking, and he knew she was right. There was only one reason why he wanted to be alone with Laura, and it certainly wasn't for small talk.

“Will you help me?” Remington asked.

“Are you kidding? I've been watching you two kids dance around each other for three years. It's about time you two got together. I say go for it!” she said enthusiastically. “What do I have to do?”

“All you have to do is go to our compartment and tell Laura I need to have a word with her for a moment. Then, just keep Antony occupied until we return.”

“Gotcha,” Mildred said, turning toward the door.

“Mildred, remember, don't let Antony know where Laura is going. She should know where your compartment is, but if she doesn't...whisper it to her, or something. I don't want him to track us down,” Remington warned.

“No problem,” Mildred assured him.

“Excellent. Okay, go,” Remington said, opening the door. Mildred stepped out the door, but stopped long enough to poke her head back in.

“Good luck, Chief,” she said, winking. Remington managed a half-smile before shooing her out the door. He shut the door tightly and turned around.

“Now, to prepare,” he said to himself, trying to calm his nerves as he stared at the folded-up bed opposite him.


Laura walked down the narrow corridor of the swaying train, a look of confusion crossing her lovely features. What on earth could Remington and Mildred be up to? She rubbed her abdomen. She had that uneasy feeling in her stomach again: the one she always got when she knew Remington was up to something.

Laura knew Remington was upset about having Tony along on what was supposed to be their honeymoon. She couldn't blame him. She wasn't overjoyed to see Tony, either. But it wasn't just disappointment that haunted her. It was the other feelings Tony elicited in her, the feeling of confusion. She swallowed hard as she remember the kiss they'd shared earlier. She didn't like the way she felt afterward - like she couldn't catch her breath. She had naively thought only Remington could make her feel like that.

But it wasn't like kissing Remington. Kissing Tony was almost like doing something daring, like playing hooky from school or running across a highway in heavy traffic. Kissing Remington was completely different. Remington warmed her, made her feel safe, not in danger. He made her heart pound and her nerves come to life. It was different because of who he was. It was different...because she loved him.

For years, Laura had tried to convince herself that she could resist Remington...could resist the unfathomable love she knew she'd feel for him, if she let herself go. But she couldn't. She loved him, more than she had ever loved anyone. And she wanted to prove that to him. Laura knew Remington didn't take much stock in mere words, so telling him how she felt wouldn't do much good. That's why she was looking forward to honeymooning with him. As frightened as she was about giving in and making love to him, she wanted it more than anything else. She wanted to show him with touches, with kisses, with every movement, how deeply she loved him And she wanted to feel the love he had for her. She knew it was there. Why would he stay so long if he didn't love her? She would never have agreed to take that final step if she didn't believe he loved her.

But did he know that? Laura wasn't an idiot. She knew that kiss between her and Tony had disturbed Remington. She couldn't blame him. It disturbed her, too. But no matter what excitement Tony brought her, it could never compare to the passion she felt for Remington. She just had to figure out a way to make him believe that.

Laura arrived at Mildred's cabin. She stopped just outside the door and took a deep breath, forcing down the uneasiness.

“I'll just tell him. I'll make him believe that I want him. Just him,” she muttered to herself, breathing deeply again. “Yes. Yes, that's what I'll do.” She straightened and looked at the door, concentrating on her task and strengthening her resolve. Laura tentatively lifted her hand and knocked on the door. The door opened, and Remington stood in the doorway, smiling.

“Come in, Mrs. Steele,” he said, stepping aside. Laura slid into the room as he closed the door. Her mouth opened in surprised as she observed the unmade bed on the opposite wall.

“What is going on here?” Laura asked, looking up at Remington, her task disappearing from her mind. He smiled at her seductively.

“Well, actually, I heard it's nearly three-and-a-half hours to the ferry,” Remington said. “I thought perhaps we could find a way to... pass the time together,” he said, glancing at the bed.

Laura looked at him with a mixture of amazement and nervousness. “Uh...but...,” she began, trying to form the words.

“But? What?” Remington pressed.

“What about Mildred and Tony?”

“They'll be fine on their own,” Remington dismissed. He moved closer. “I just thought, perhaps, you might like to pick up where we left off.” He took her into his arms. She didn't resist - a good sign.

“But...what if someone comes in?” Laura protested. Remington reached over and flicked the lock on the door, sealing them in the compartment. He looked at Laura pointedly. Laura avoided eye contact and swallowed nervously. Remington gritted his teeth in frustration. She wasn't ready.

“Laura,” he said. He raised his hand to her chin, tilting it up until they locked eyes. “If you aren't ready, if you don't want this now, just say so. I won't rush you into bed.” He looked at her seriously. Laura's expression softened.

“I know,” she whispered.

Remington stroked her cheek gently. “I just thought making love on a train going cross-country was perfect for our first time,” he explained, wrapping his arms around her again. His heart pounded as he felt her arms tighten around his shoulders. “Don't you agree?”

“Well,” Laura said, trying to suppress a smile. Before she could finish her sentence, her husband covered her lips with his, drawing her into a deep, passionate kiss. She responded equally to his seductions, allowing him to coax her lips open. He pulled away to gauge her reaction, leaving her breathless as usual.

“Well?” he asked hopefully.

Laura stared at him, her heart pounding. This was really it. It was finally going to happen. They were going to become lovers. That is, if she could get her clouded mind to form enough of a sentence to respond.

Laura looked into his questioning eyes. Relief flowed through her. Tony or no Tony, Remington still wanted only her. And she knew, without a doubt, that she wanted only him. A tiny smile formed on her lips.

“How long is it to the ferry?” she asked. Remington grinned.

“Three-and-a-half hours,” he answered, stroking her back.

“Mm,” Laura murmured, glancing at the bed. She began inching toward it, pulling him along with her. “I hope that's long enough,” she said seductively, pulling him into another passionate embrace.