By: Lisa Ann Richardson


First printed: More Red Holt Steele #10

Summary: Sitting in the lobby of the Immigration and Naturalization offices, Remington worries about the interrogation Laura is going through.

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Remington Steele sat in a chair, gnawing on his thumbnail. For one of the few times in his life, he was nervous. Nervous about what Laura would say, nervous about what they would ask her...just nervous about the whole situation in general.

She had risked a lot for him over the years and Remington held Laura too dear to ever want to hurt her or cause any trouble for her. Hell, if anyone wanted to know if he loved Laura, he'd gladly shout it from the mountain tops.

His mind drifted back to that day in October of 1982, to the day he saw her in the restaurant after introducing himself to the Agency as Ben Pearson.

*“Do you always do things on such a grand scale?”*

*“Only when I'm aroused...with curiosity.”*

Remington smiled slightly. From the moment he had first laid eyes on Laura, he'd been smitten. There was something about those warm, beautiful brown eyes which had so unknowingly pulled him in. That, combined with Laura's wonderfully determined streak--downright stubborn would have been a better word--had made her absolutely irresistible to him. Steele laughed to himself. Only Laura would have the gumption to invent a superior to drum up business. A superior by the name of Remington Steele. A name that he had assumed and and a name that Laura had trusted him enough with to let him keep it. For that, he would always love her.

"Damn! What is taking so long?" Steele stood up and began pacing, his mind still dwelling on that first meeting.

Laura had been quick-witted, brassy, and attractive. All the things he loved in a woman. What had made her even more tempting in his eyes was that she did trust him. Funny, about that...he had been a con man and a law-abiding private detective had stolen his heart by trusting him. Laura had put her reputation, her career, and her agency on the line for him. And now, it might all come crashing down on both of them. There was nothing to do but wait it out.

"Hiya boss! Here's some coffee."

Steele smiled at Mildred's attempt to mother him. "Thank you, Mildred, dear. You know you don't have to be here."

"Ahh!" Mildred held up her hand. "You two are like the kids I never had. And nobody messes with my kids. It'll be all right, Boss. She can handle herself just fine."

"I know, but I still feel responsible for her having to go through this."

Mildred stared hard at Remington before lightly smacking his arm. "Don't. Look boss, she loves you and something tells me she'd be pretty hot over hearing you say something like that, and now wouldn't be the best time to get her angry."

Remington laughed. "No doubt she would be. I guess I'm just on edge, that's all. I don't want them upsetting her."

"Hey, boss, she can take pretty good care of herself. Besides," Mildred grinned, "she once told me she'd walk through fire for you. If that don't ease your mind, nothing will."

Remington laughed, kissing his fiercest supporter's forehead. "Ah, Mildred! You could make a wonderful psychologist. But I do insist you go back to the office. No need for you to stay here and be bored."

Mildred nodded in agreement. "Yeah. I guess I'd better. I like that new girl that you two hired, but I don't trust her with my file cabinets. Every time she files something, she messes them up. Bye, Boss!"

"Good-bye Mildred."


Two hours and no fingernails later, the door opened. He heard Laura's voice, "Thank you. Goodbye." Everything seemed all right so far. She came and sat down.

"Tired?" Remington asked, running his fingers through her long brown hair.

Laura grinned mischievously. "Mostly hungry. Let's eat."

They walked out of the office.

As they walked down the hall, Remington stopped suddenly, his nervousness and curiosity getting the best of him. "Well?" His blue eyes were wide with pleading.

Laura smiled at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Why Mr. Steele, I simply told them that of course I didn't marry you just to keep you from being deported."

Relief washed over Remington's face. "And they gave you no problems at all, didn't question you about the documents?"

Laura giggled. "Well, I think they had a hard time arguing with this." Her hand came to rest on her bulging abdomen.

Remington's wicked grin matched Laura's own. "So, naturally, they can't argue that we are not performing our marital duties, my dear Mrs. Steele."

"Duties, Mr. Steele? I thought a duty was something to be disliked."

Remington pulled Laura into a long kiss. "This duty I not only enjoy, I do it proudly. I haven't regretted the past two years Laura, or the outcome. As a matter of fact, I've had the time of my life since 1982. Happy second anniversary, Laura." his hand dropped down toward her abdomen as his face grew serious.

Laura's eyes suddenly looked very glassy. Those beautiful brown eyes, so full of light and love.

In the hallway of the Los Angeles Immigration Department, Remington Steele and Laura Steele kissed, oblivious to the shocked stares of the immigration officials from the office.

"Well, I guess this file can go in the trash," one official said.

The immigration check-up on the Steele-Holt marriage was officially over.