Information below was gathered using the actual videos of the movies. In the instances where I don't have a copy of the movie, information was gathered from the Internet Movie Database. Pierce Brosnan is listed as the first cast member on each film, even if he wasn't the first one in the credits. (Hey, I'm a fan of him...not these other people.)

Brosnan plays one of the thugs, and is only seen a couple times in the movie.
Directed by: John Mackenzie
Written by: Barrie Keeffe
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Bob Hoskins; Helen Mirren; Dave King; Bryan Marshall; Derek Thompson; Eddie Constantine; Paul Freeman; Leo Dolan; Kevin McNally; Patti Love; P.H. Moriarty; Ruby Head; Charles Cork; Olivier Pierre; Daragh O'Malley; Karl Howman; Brian Hall; Alan Ford; Dave Ould; Paul Kember; Bill Moody; Alan Devlin; Stephen Davies; Bruce Alexander; Nigel Humphries; Brian Hayes; Georgie Phillips; Mary Sheen; Pauline Melville; Trevor Laird; Paul Barber; Dexter Fletcher; Billy Cornelius; Ryan Michael; Robert Walker, Jr.; Nick Stringer; Gillian Taylforth; Robert Hamilton; James Ottaway; Roy Alon; Tony Rohr; George Coulouris

Brosnan is seen for approximately 20 seconds in the film.
Directed by: Guy Hamilton
Written by: Jonathan HalesBarry Sandler, Agatha Christie--the book

Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Angela Lansbury; Wendy Morgan; Margaret Courtenay; Charles Gray; The Butler; Maureen Bennett; Carolyn Pickles; Eric Dodson; Charles Lloyd Pack; Richard Pearson; Thick Wilson; Pat Nye; Peter Woodthorpe; Geraldine Chaplin; Tony Curtis; Edward Fox; Rock Hudson; Kim Novak; Elizabeth Taylor; Marella Oppenheim; Anthony Steel; Dinah Sheridan; Oriane Grieve; Kenneth Fortescue; Hildegard Neil; Allan Cuthbertson; George Silver; John Bennett; Nigel Stock

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