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Edward Reavis

The first documented record of Edward Reavis was 1721 in Henrico Co Va. In 1723 he and Thomas Alley received a Royal land patent for 400 acres in Henrico County, Va for transporting two persons, Sarah Mullinax and James Grigg, and thirty shillings.

He and most of his family migrated to Northampton Co NC 1747, where he died in 1751. Most of his family migrated to area of Rowan/Surry Co NC in 1770-2; son Samuel-2, migrated ca1786 to Granville county; and the family of William-2, aft his death 1784 in Northampton county, went to Wake County NC.

There are records indicating two wives, one on a record in Henrico Co by name of Hannah (possibly Alley) and later record of Sarah (believed to be Gilliam); no marr iage record for either has been found. Sons by Hannah were: Edward, Jr., Thomas, James, William and Samuel. Sons of second wife Sarah were: Jesse and John. There were probably daughters Agnes, Judith and Mary.

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