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Jefferson County

Reaves, Catharine Frazier, John Aug 1844

Reaves, Sinthy Jordan, John Dec 1856

Reavice, Elizabeth Byars, Nathan Feb 1825

Reavis, Dudley Frazier, Matilda Feb 1845

Reavis, James Perkins, Pernicia Nov 1852

Reavis, Jane Blake, Archer H. Apr 1856

Reavis, Matilda Smith, w. H. Mar 1859

Reavis, Sarah Vann, Jasper L.C. Jul 1852

Reavis, JohnT. Neeves, Elvira M. Mar 1858

Tuscaloosa County

Reavis, Elijah Oswalt, Mary Dec 1858

Dallas County

Reaves, Emily Sharp, John Sep 1836

Jackson County

Reaves, Allen Campbell, Sallie Aug 1878

Reaves, James A. Brown, Elizabeth Dec 1875

Reaves, James B. Oneal, Matilda Sep 1872

Reaves, Jonsey M.. T. Smith, William Aug 18790

Reaves, Nancy Grider, J. H. Apr 1877

Reaves. Toliver Chell, Martha Oct 1877

(Tolivar madis) (Martha Virginia Angeline)

Reves, Sarah Wright, Levi Dec 1875

Reaves, Catherine Epsey, C. T. Feb 1880

Misc Marriages

Revis, Francis Marion Louisa Curtis ca1870 on that census has son 6 mos old

Reves, Berry (C.E.) & J. M. Whitlock Dec 1868

Reaves, Emily and JohnSharp 1836 Dallas Co

Reavis, Wilson O. & Sarah Benbow 1843 Montgomery Al

Census 1820 Wilkinson County

Reaves, Jessey and Thomas

Census 1850 Jefferson County

p191 house 58

Keith, John 24, Sarah (Revis) 20, Mary e. 6 mos

p192 house 63

Reavis, Dudley 26 farmer; Matilda 21, Huldah 4, Mary f. 2, Martha E. 6 mos


Reavis, Allen 55 b Al farmer

Jane 54 b Va, Allen 23 Al, Sarah 22, Jane 17, John 11, Henry 9

Joseph 8


Reavis, James 32 Teacher nc in Wood household

pg 191 house 58

Keith, John 24

Sarah (Revis) 20, Mary e. 6 mos

Census 1860 Haralson County

Reaves, John 50, Miruerro 16, Johnny 13, Mary T. 5

Census 1830 Perry County

Reeves, Isaac N.

1830 Jefferson County

Rivers (Revis) Allen M/2-1-2-0-0-1-0 F/2-1-1-0-1-0-1-0 slaves 0

Revis, Edward m/ 1-0/5, 1 70-80

f/ 1 20/30 1 60-70

Census 1850 Lauderdale County

Reaves, Andrew

Reaves, Stephen

Reaves, William J.

Census 1850 Lowndes Co Al

Rives, Green 26 b SC overseer (think not our Reavis)

Emily 20

Wilson W. 2, Florence 9 Mos

River, Robert 49 b SC plantar

Amelia 45

Frank 254, Richard 16, Robert 5, Marn 20, Amelia 10, Lucy 7, Jamima 4

Census 1850

Revis, James Jefferson Co Woods Dist

Revis, William A. Talladega Co.

Census 1860 Jefferson Co

Revis, Francis #826

Revis, Pernetha #824

Census 1860 Shelby County

Reavis, Eliza #317 Columbiana

Census 1860 St Clair Co

Reavis, Allen #175 Branchville

Reavis, Henry #001 Ashville

Census 1860 Winston County

Reavis, Francis M. 25

Sylvester 25 must be Densmore

Revis, James J. 38 (James Jackson or visa versa)

Elizabeth (Williams) 36 (bur San Saba Tx)

John J. 15, Mary 10, Thomas 11, Louise 8, William 5, Nancy 2 (born Al)

Francis Marion 13 all chn but Nancy born in Ga

Revis, James T. #1237 Twp 10

1860 Milton County??Ga

Revis, John P. Alpharetta PO

Revis, M. Chestnut Flat

1860 Winston Co

Ravis, Francis M. 25 (M)

Reavis, Sylvester 25 (F)

Census 1870 Sumter County

Reavis, Jesse

Census 1870 Colbert County

Densmore, Sylvester m/48

Carolyne (Reavis) f/44

William 18, Matilda 15, Marian m/14, Cordelia 10, Giney 8, Caroline 6

Census 1870 Winston County

Mize, Daniel 33

Elvira(Reavis) 23

John 11, James 9, Calzona 8, Mandy J. 5, Mary M 3, Sarah A 1

· Mize in Winston co Al by Joel s. Mize: Daniel Gaston Mize, first traveled to Hancock/

· winston Co Al abt 1850 and bought a sm tract of land midway between present Double Springs and Natural Bridge. He returned to Ga and there married Melvina Mackie Revis in 1857 and began a family with her in Milton/now Fult Co Ga, ret to Winston in 1860 to buy an additional 120 acres, nr where his bro in law James M. Revis also bought land. The chn of Daniel Gaston and Melvina also called Mary eloise, or perhaps a sister of Melvins) were:

· John Posey Mize 1860-=1932 m/Laura Wilson, Andrew James Mize b1861 m/S.C.;

· Calzome b1863, Mandy Jane b1865, Mary M. b1876, Sarah A. b1869, Martha J. b1871, Melissa E. b 1873; William M. b1875, and Effie b1877.


Revis, Frances 36

Sarah (Harris) 35

Revis, James J. 47 farmer land Al and Ga dw51

Elizabeth 44

Thomas 20 b Ga

Louisa 17 b Al

William 15 bAl

Nancy E. 11 bAl

George 8 bAl

Sarah 6 bAl

Revis, Francis 22 (*s/o J. J. Revis)

Louisa (Curtis) 18

James W. 6 mos old

Reves, Mary 39 B Ga

Mary A. 18 b.Al

Sarah 15 b.Al

John A. 14 b.Al

Thomas 13 b.Al *****

William B. 7 b.Al

(Lv same town as Francis Marion Reavis)

1870 Winston co

Foronces M. Winston Co

1870 Sumter co

Revisse E. J.

Reavis, Jerry

Reavis, Jesse

Reavis, John

Reavis, Rachel

Reavis, Sandy

Reavis, Turner

1870 Benjamin Reavis Green Co

Henry Reavis Calhouns co

Mattie Reavis Mobile Co

Census 1880 Winston County

Rives, Mary 47 b.Ga

William 17 b. Al

Reavis, John 24 b.Al Hd Households Mary, John and Thomas, prob mother & son

Missouri 22 b.Al who was father: s/o James?

Catherine 2 b. Al

Reavis, Thomas 21 b.Al ?? s/o JJ but born Ga ?? if was Mary's son above would

Margaret 20 b.Al be 23 not 21

Census 1880 Pickens County

Reaves, Bob


Reavis, Allen 1824, 1845, 1858 ( 1824 was 80 acres) Jefferson Co

Reavis, Francis M. 1895

James G. 1837 & 1845 Talladega Co

James J. 1858, 1860, 1861 **found another for JJ in 1870 where?? Winston co

Reves, Andrew 1852 Lauderdale Co

Reves, Jane 1857 ditto

Reves, John 1858 Tuscaloosa

1ST Alabama Calvary Union not confederate

Reaves, John J. d 2-9-1864 measles, Memphis Tn s/oJJ bur Miss Rv Cem

Reeves, Archibald

Reeves, Josiah C.

Reavis, Thomas

Reaves, C. C.

Reavis, W. A.

Reeves, William W.

Revis, J. T. (JJ?)

25 Al Co C.. Reavis, James M. d 23 Mar 1864 POW Rock Il Prison..bur there grave #899

enlisted Randolph Co Al 5 Feb 1863, ret frm duty sick lv 10 Oct 1863, captured

at Missionary Ridge Tn Nov 25, 1863..

18th Inf co G J. Reavis


New Prospect Baptist Cemetery nr Haleyville, Al

Revis, Francis Marian 1847-1921

Revis, Louisa (Curtis) w./o F.M. 1850-1927

Old Union Cemetery.. Marion Co Al

Revis, J.T. 1890-1918 Poss son of JJ

(or LT)

New Hope Bap Ch Winston, Al

F.M. Reavis May 3 1833 Apr 17 1908

Springville, Al

Reavis, Allen 1827-3-18-1910

Shackelville Baptist ch Butler Co Al organ Jan 1881

Reaves, B. M. and Julie

Etowah Co Cem Walnut Grove

Reavis, Addie A. w/o J.P. 1873-1909

SS Death Records

Revis, James 1897-1977

Revis, Jerry 1890-1970

Revis, Oscar 1888-1968

Reavis, Charles 1891-1971

Reavis, John 1899-1970

Reavis, Manley 1888-1975


Reaves, Temperance bc1790 NC d 1864m/1811 K. Strickland Lv Pickens Co 1826-1864

1819 Settlers Indian Land/Jackson Co: Reaves, Abner

Reavis, James 1858-1925 married Sarah Clifton

Densmore, Sarah Caroline Reavis bur Hatton Baptist Church Cemetery, Colbert Co AL

Reavis, B.W. bc1834 d 1919 Blount Co Al

obit Jan 23 1919 Southern Democrat

ARK. Reavis Data


Reaves, William 7-02-1881 Hanged in Van Buren co for murder of negro boy

(Crawford County Arkansas Notebook-source)

Reavis, John, Postmaster 1850's-1861 Benton County

Union Infantry: William and Albert Reves

2d Ark Union Calvary: John H. Reves, James Reaves, James R. Reaves

2d Ark Union Calvary James and James R. Reaves

27th Ark Conf Inf Reaves, P. G. and T. P.

Pope Co ;Hx V I Reaves, Ida Pierce p.358

Reaves, W. B. "

Reaves, Delilah Patience p 428(d/o Hardy-4?)

Reaves, James J. 1st Ark Union Army

Reaves, Henry b1804 Ky d 1871 Hempstead Co Ark m/Esther (Easter)

chn: John Wesley bc1826 Ark m/Smart #2 christian #3 Butler

George W. bc1828 Ark m/Elizabeth Clark

Mary A. b c1831

Henry Green b Jun 1837 Ark d 1919 Hempstead co Ark m/Ables

James Thomas b ca1839

Martha J. bc1841\

Isaac J. bc1845 m/Emma Collins

William Harvey bc1848 m/M. Jones

Thomas bc1850

Yell County

Reavis, William Delinquent Tax List pub newspaper May 5 1876 Crawford Twp


Green County Reaves, J. H. Will d/1894 proved 1899

Franklin Co Revis, Isaac V. (g'dau x 2 ?)

Lonoke Co. Reaves, C. M. 1931

White Co Reaves, Wesley D. Rev. d 1899 age 63 Stoney Pt Cemetery

Calhoun Co Reaves, Gordon L. 1903-1968 Watson Cemetery

? Copperas Cem spg Methodist Cemetery Minnie Reaves d 1893

Horace Oct 1891 Nov 1963

James Jan 1896 Apr 1969

James Oct 1884 Oct 1972 Jefferson Co Ark

Leo Oct 1886 Feb 1963

Lorenzo Jul 1881- Oct 1983 Sebastian

Walter Apr 1898 Apr 1978 Newton

McCullough Cem, Sharp Co Ark

Reavis Audrey 1923-1924

Reavis, Genm 1918-1918

Rosalea 1872-1941

Simeion J. 1870-1938

Hillcrest Cemetery, Texarkana Ark Revis, Kathryn J. 1940-1998 w.o Calvin dau Patricia

Hilltop Cem Carroll Co Ark Reavis, S. J. feb 1839 Jan 1909


Antioch Cem, White Co Ark

Reavis, Lucy w/o Gassaway 1862-1926

Reaves, Mary E> 1895-1963

Deaths prob Fulton Co: ln of David, Morgan and sons, Jesse Morgan,

Jasper and Wm James….James Wm/Crunk d s/o Dav/Sol

Washington County, Farmington Cemetery,

Reavis, Dr. James and wife Fannie

Reavis, Orby Frank d 1960

Reavis, Mamie 1889-1889

Reavis, William Walter

Reavis, Sallie Beaver

Logan County-Baxley Cemetery

Revis, John Henry 1906-1969

Revis, Eloise 1913-1984

Revis, W. Edward 1924-1985

Revis, Mary Lou 1932-1984

Rogers Cemetery Benton County

J. I. Reavis 1849-1930


Mr Reavis and Judy Green

Reaves, Henry and Virginia

Reaves, John A. and Nancy Smart

Reaves, Sarah married Mr. Bailey

Reaves, John Wesley m/Nancy Smart

Reaves, Eli A. b 1853 Columbia Ark

d 1918 Pulaski co Ark

m 1876 Hemstead Co Ark Deliah White

Chn; Stella 1877-1896 m/Short

Roxie 1879-1936 m/Ogden

Chet Charles Thoma 1882-1992 m/Balkom

Jack A. 1885 m/Alexander

Ruth 1887-1973 m/Wycoff

Deliah 1890-1896

Fred 1892

Reavis, Orville mc1929 Opal Edwards Boone Co Ark

chn: Grover m/Jones

Anna m/Raines #2 Hickman


Washington County

] Reavis, William Walter b1853 Mo 1890-1920

married Sallie Beaver

chn: Mamie b 1889 Ark.; Minnie M. b 1892 Ark.; m/David,

Emmett, David A. b1894 Ar d 1964; Orby Frank b1896 Ark d 1960 Ark

married Sarah Lou and #2 Jewel Cox

VanBuren County

Reeves, George

Reeves, Hiram

Reeves, John

Reeves, Joshua

Reeves, Syntha

Reeves, Thoma

Reves, Ader

Reves, Champman

Reves, Joseph

Reves, Marshall

Reves, Sarah

Nevada County

Reavis, John and Mary

Newton County

Rives, George 1906

Searcy County

Reavis, George 1895

Reves, Chapman and Sarah 1897

Boone County

Reavis, John 1907

Reves, John 1854

Yell County

James William (Crunk) b1853 Tn d 1902 Yell Co

married 1880 Yell Co…Marcina Cornelius d/o Wm Cornelius and Ellen Pickford (?)

chn: Alice 1881 Ar m/Baggs, John

Walter Hop bDec 1882

Florence May b Jan 1885 m/Wm David Baggs

Patrick b 1866

Ivy b 1888 m/clymer

Argie b 1889

Anna b1893 m/Bert Shoemaker

Gertrude b 1896 Ar m/Will Tucker

William James bur Hunts Cem Rover Ark Yell Co

R. C. (Argie) Dec 1889 d Nov 1900

William Pat 1887-1902

White County

1892 land….George W. (is this father of Marshall b 1894 lv SanSaba Tx)

1890 Tax List

Reaves, R. L. Bald Know Twp nr St Louis

Reaves, W. P, CadronTwp. White Co Warren P. ? died in Ark

1840 Jefferson Co : J. Reavis


Reavis, Sarah M. Wiseman, Oliver 1879 Washington Co

Reavis, Margarett/Maggie Pharris, J. A. 1881 ditto

Reavis, William Walter Beaver, Sallie 1879 ditto

Reavis, Mary Ann Bassham, Cecil 1917 Sharp Co Ark

(chn twins Earnerst/Forest, twins Ella/Della and Grady)

Reavis, Mary J. Creekmore, John 1882 Crawford Co

Reavis, Isham Yeates, Anna 1883 ditto

Reavis, Union Light, George 1885 ditto

Reavis, Eliza Creekmore, Josiah 1886 ditto

Revis, Parthenia Cunningham, A. L. 1886 Franklin Co

Revis, Armadilla Hutchinson, Geo 1888 ditto

Revis, Hettie Matthews, Jacom 1891 ditto

Revis, L. M. Ruppert, Julia 1902 ditto

Revis, W. W. Nelson, Lovie 1912 ditto

Revis, Ella Rudd, Roy 1907 ditto

Revis, Amanolia Wells, Andrew 1890 ditto

Reavis, W. H. Foster, Leona 1906 Scott Co

Reaves, George W. H. Lowery ? Calhoun co

Reves, C.E. Kate Perry 1900 Pike co

Reves, F. W. Samantha Jones 1899 Pike Co

Reves, Jake Martha Lamb 1903 Pike co

Benton County: John Reavis,Postmaster ca1852-60 Hs of Benton Co Ark p


1850 Crawford County

Revis, Warner 60 prob Warren P.

Polly 30

Malinda 22

Lucy 18

Mary 16

Edward 12 prob Warren Edward land 1882 Crawford Co

poss dau Eliza m/1886 Josiah Creekmore

Jasper 4

Charlotte 2

Jane 1

1850 Saline County

Reaves, Jesse 52 b Ga

Elizabeth 45 BSC

1850 Hempstead County

Reves, James 56 BNC

Susana 50 Ky

Rebecca 23 Ar

Fridonia (?) 21 AR

Wm. T. 19 Ark

Jasmes O. 15 Ark

George W. 13 Ark

1850 Bradley county

Amiaziah, Doctor R., George W., John, Jonas, Matthew, Reuben, Zillah, Narcissa Siena

1860 Columbia Co

Reves, James p.296

1860 Benton Co

Revis, James 67 b NC

Nancy 67 b NC

next door

Nail, Nancy 24 b NC (Nancy Harriet Reavis)


William 1 yr

Charles 4 mos

1860 Independence Co

Revis, Morgan Barren Twp pg 118 s/o David

1870 Stone County

Reaves, Amanda (in Smith household) 60 yrs b Tn Cass Twp

1870 Monroe County

Revis, Isabel p 22 Cypress Twp

1870 Boone Co

Reves, James J. p.408

Reves, James J. p.409\

1870 Lafayette Co Ark Reves, Green p222

1870 Hempstead Co Reves, Eliza 182

1870 Crawford County

Revis, Loucy p.222 Mtn Twp

Revis, John p.222 "

Revis, Mary p.222 "

Reves, Bes p.279

1890 White County

Reaves, R. L. Baldknob Twp

Reavis, W. P. Cadron Twp

1890 Washington County

Revis, W. W

. Per Property Tax

1900 Newton Co Ark

Revis, -om 3? B Ark father Ark mother NC

Revis, Martha 29 bAug 1870 29

Laura 11 Jun 1888

m/dau ? 9 Sep 1890

Ola 7 May 1893

Bertha 4 Nov 1895

Carl 1 Aug 1900

1900 Washington County

Revis, William b Mar 1853 Mo

Sallie 1857

Minnie 1892

David 1894

Orbie 1895

Reavis, William W. 66 widower (Wm Walter s/o Dr. James)

1900 Pike county Mtn Twp

Revis, Thomas J. Dec 1850 bAl

Luma S May 1855 "

Ellen T. Dec 1885 "

Ida E Jan 1890 "

Dora D May 1892

Flora L. "

Jesse T Nov 1893

Robert B. Nov 1895

Golden, Martha J. (Revis) Jan 1877

" Lu E. b1894

" Wm T. b1897

" James B b 1899

(note: prob other chn: were Mary Ann, Mandy, Bud, Frances (b1877)

1900 Pike co Ark household of Rhodes

Reaves, Thomas R. 11

Nancy M. 9

Marilyn 8

Texana 5

1910 Pike county

Revis, Samanthie F 40 (w/o F.M. s/o Thomas J.)

Ernest m 9

Revis, John A. 30 b Tn s/o

Snevlen 18 f B Al

Wis. H. 10 m Ok

Clarence 8 m Ar

Elbert 6 m Ar

Luster 4 m Ar

Ivery 2 m Ar

Reavis, Jake S. 31 b Oh(?OK)

Martha 27

Ordis 6 Ark

Oland 3 "

Roy M. mo Ark

1910 Washington County Center Twp

Reavis, William W. 57

Minnie M. 18

David 1894

Orbie 1895

Land Records

Pike County

Revis, Thomas J. Mar 1897

Fulton County

Reaves, Drew 1896

Reaves, Wilson 1860

Reavis, Jasper L. 1900 s/oMorgan

Revis, Morgan 1882 s/o David-3, Jesse-2

Nevada County

Reavis, John L. and Mary 1907

Madison county

Reavis, James E. 1900

Reavis, John 1890

Newton County

Reavis, George 1895

Searcy County

Reavis, George 1895 & 2 OTHERS

Washington County

Reavis, James H. 1892 s/oDavid s/o Solomon

Independence County

Reaves, Chapman; charles; Elias; George

Reavis, Morgan; Noel

Reeves, Ann; George; Henry; Wm Jesse; Jonathon; Joseph; Noel

Reves, chapman; George; Joseph; William

Grant Co Allen Reves 1859

Newton Co Geo w. Reves 1906

Boone Co Pleasant Reves 1854

Cleburne Co Moses 1855

Bureau of Land Management

Crawford County Harrison Land office

Revis, Mary 1882 Morgan 1882 s/o David-3 Jesse-2

Reavis, Jasper 1889 John 1890 s/o Dav s/o solomon s/o Dav-3

Independence County James 1892 ditto

Reavis, Morgan 1859 George "

Reavis, Noel G. 1859 Jasper L. "

Ashley County

Revis, Francis M. 1860 & 1861

Pike county

Revis, Thomas J. 1897

Prarie County

Reavis, Ashbury 1855 & 1858

Bradley County

Reavis, George W. 1861


Benton County

Rieves, Thomas m/1868 Sophia Harrison

Reavis, James Clark M.D. m/ Mary Acree

Misc data

Reavis, Morgan s/o David lv in Fulton Co Ark

Reaves, Jackson 21 yrs old m/Sarah McCoy 17 Oct 1853

Pope Co Hist Bk p.428 Reavis, Delilah Patience



Forsyth County

Reavis, John P. and Rosannah Harris Nov 1841 (d/o Archibald Harris, Esq Forsyth Co Ga

Reace, Henry and Matilda Martin Apr 1844

Walker County

Reaves, Mamie and O.T. Odell Jun 1915

Reaves, Roy F. and McClain, Lillie Jul 1906

Revis, Jane(Dora) and Phillips, E. Apr 1918

Reavis, Francis and Florence Ballew Dec 1915

Rives, Vera and Joseph Ault Dec 1908

Cherokee County

Reaves, Caroline Sarah and Silvester Dinsmore Sep1847

Reaves, James J. and Elizabeth Williams Jun 1844

Reaves, James and Clarinda Mills Jan 1870

Reaves, Thomas S.P and Nancy Daveaurl (Deverell) Feb 1854

Reavis, Mahala and William Sams Jan 1853

Reavis, Wilson and Worley, Elizabeth d/o Thos Worley and Rachel Blackwell

Bartow County

Reavis, James S. and Amanda Green 1854 (some rec say Cass Co)

some rec say James G

Monroe county

Revis, Josephine and Gilliam Chancely Apr 1845

Pickens County

May 1867 Mary Reavis and Ephraim Pearson

Mar 1872 Rebecca Reavis and Lafayette Pearson

Nov 1879 William Reavis and Louisa Darnell

Jones County

Reavis, Sarah b 1811 NC m/1826 O. Moore


Walker Co M. Revis Jones Est Docket

L. Revis Docket #11082.0

Sidney Revis Docket #6810.0

Census Records

1820 Wilkinson Co Ga: Reaves, Jessey

Reaves, thomas

1830 Jackson Co

Revis, Jeremiah p.314

1830 Habersham Co

Revis, James pg46

Reavis, Daiel 2----1 -111 (?Daniel)

Reavis, Asa -111----1 211-1

1830 Gwinnett Co Ga

Revis, John p.331

1830 Monroe Co Ga

Reavis, Wm p 191

1830 Wilkes Co Ga

Revis, Jesse p.352

1830 Decatur Co Ga

Reevs, Isham p.3

1840 Cherokee Co

Reavis, Wilson

Revis, James lv next door to James Pace

Reavis, James 2-1-1 1--11

1840 Clark Co

Reavis, James p.225

1840 Hancock Co

Reves, George p.208

1850 Decatur County

Reaves, B. R. 25 Physician

1850 Fayette County

Reavis, Andrew 32 b Ga

Elizabeth 25 b SC

John A. 6 bGa

Mary R. 5 bGa

Jacob M. 1 bGa

1850 Cherokee Co

#1466 Reavis, James 64 NC

Thomas J.P. 20 Ga (Habersham)

Martha A. 19 Ga

Francis M. 18 Ga (male)

Elvira 14 Ga *note Sarah & Densmore married

Brown, George 60 SC James Jackson & Williams married

#1467 Revis, John P. 35 NC John P & Harris \married

Rosannah 27 Ga

Mary J. 6 Ga

Benjamin W. 5 Ga

Sara S 4 Ga

Perlina 2 Ga

#570 Revis, Wilson 48 NC

Elizabeth 25/35 NC

Smith, Marinda 11 SC

Nancy A. 10 Sc

Caroline 8 Ga

Henry 7 Ga

Louisa 4 Ga

#571 Smith, William 37 NC

Sarah 25 NC

Revis, John t. 3 Ga

Asbury 1 Ga

**was Wilson in relatives household on one day..thus counted x 2

who is Smith, Sarah .with two sm Revis chn…widow of a Revis?

How are these two household related 570 & 571??

#709 Revis, Wilson 39 NC

Elizabeth 37 NC

Mahala 16 NC

Minerva 14 NC

Thomas 12 Ga

Rachel 10 Ga

John 7 Ga

Alsery Ga

1850 Cherokee County

Reavis, James bc1784 NC 66 yr

Reavis, Thomas J.P. b1830 20 yr b Ga

Reavis, Martha 19 b Ga

Reavis, Francis M. 18 b Ga

Reavis, Elvira 16 b Ga

Reavis, James 64 bNC(this may be Revis..have to find it)

Densmore, Sylvester 22

Caroline(Reavis) 21 Sarah Caroline d/o James-4

Cynthia 2

Revis, John P. 35 bNC (wife Rosannah, chn: Mary, Benjamin, Sarah, Pauline

Revis, John T. 3? bGa

Reavis, Wilson 48 bNC)wife Elizabeth)

chn: Smith, Marinda 11, Nancy A. 10, Caroline 8, Henry 7, Louisa 4

Reavis, Wilson 39 bNC (wife Elizabeth, )

chn: Mahala 16, Minerva 14, Thomas 12, Rachel 10, John 7, Alsery 4

Elizabeth 1

1850 Cass County

Reavis, J.G. age 65 physician lv in hotel

1850 Ware County

Revis, Obadiah pg

Revis, John

Revis, Robert D.

1860 Milton County??? Fulton County

Reavis, Thomas J. 30 b Ga

Nancy 22 b Ga

Sarah 6 Ga

Mary 5 Ga

James 2 Ga

Leander 1 Ga

Revis, John P. 42 farmer bNC(d1864) Alpharetta Post Office

Rosana 36

Sarah 13

B(enjamin) 15

Pauline 12

Missouri 10

Frances 8

Lucilla 6

Caron (f) 4

William 2

Revis, Thomas J. Alpharette Post Office

1850 Fulton Co (beneath Milton, later Milton became part of Fulton)

Reevis, J.A. 58 b Ga (would have been born 1792??)

NG or NJ 45

Mary J 13

Julia G. 11

1860 Monroe Co Ga

Revis, Wm 75

Fanny 65

W. J. 25

Chancely, T.J. 13, WF 18

1860 Pike County

Reavis, S.K. 23

1860 Haralson county

Reavis, John 50 b SC

Mirnerro 16

Johnny 13

Mary T 5

1870 Milton Co

Reavis, Rosannah (Arabella 18, Caron 14, William P. 12, Rosannah 9, Martha 5, Pauline,


Reavis, Thos. J. 40, Nancy 34, Sarah 15, Mary 13, James H. 12, Leander 11, Julia 8

T.J.P. 6, Lulah 5, John P. 4

1880 Milton County

Reavis, Ruse 55 b SC

William P. 22

Lora 18

Rosa 19

Martha 15



Cherokee County

Reavis, James D. Aug 1938

Revis, James S. Jun 1923

Reaivs, Mrs. C. J. ae94 Nov 1945

Revis, Lillie ae66 May 194 1

Reaves, Mrs. D. A….Caroline M. 29 yr old d/o Jacob and Matilda Chapman Sep 1857

Reavis, Harley Mar 1895- Jul 1980

Reavis, James Feb 1891-Jan 1985

Reavis, Lannie Jun 1887- May 1965


Bethesda Baptist Church, Nelson, (in Pickens Co )Ga down rd frm Reavis Mtn/Reavis Rd

Reavis, Harley G. Mar 1895 Jul 1980 WWI

Reavis, Rosa C. Jan 1900-Jun 1948

Infant dau Jun 1923

Reavis, Wilson Mar 1803 Mar 1896(not father of Rhonda's Rachel hers b 1811)

Reavis, Elizabeth 1914 Nov 1896

Prince, Fannie Ja 1858 Jan 1927 (Reavis m/James M/ Prince)

Prince, Elmer 1899-1900

Cowart, Ophelia(Reavis) 1900-1926

Coward, W. R. 1821-1886 ?

Revis, Ophelia w/o Daniel Greene 1900-1928

Greene, Daniel 1900-1974

*Four Mile Cemetery, Pickings City, Ga…

Reavis, James David 1852-1939

Reavis, Clarinda J. 1888-1970

Reavis, Lottie Springs 1889-1956

Reavis, Gerald 1877-1963

Reavis, Olin Emory 1900-1972(mother was Dora/unmarried)(*

Reavis, W. Benjamine 1910-1978

Reavis, Odell 1915-1988

*Providence Church Cemetery

Cowart, Ann O. 1855-1951 Reavis Family

Cowart, John W. . 1853-1926

Cowart, J. H. 1861-1928

Cowart, Fannie 1867-1941

Cowart, Charles Pl. 1897-1958

*Boiling springs Cemetery (Off Freemanville RD)

Reavis, J. P. 1916-1864 (John Posey s/o James)

Reavis, Rosana C. 1824-1904 (Harris)

Delaney, M.C. 1850-1947 Same plot

Delaney, w. G. 1843-1911

*Four Mile Church and Cemetery (nr Nelson Ga)Pickens Co

Densmore, Paul 1902-1954 (Reavis family)

Densmore, Mary Reavis 1907-1907

Reavis, John Luther 1941-1982 US Army

Reavis, Clyde L. 1899-1973

Reavis, Clyde L. 1946-1988 US Army/Vietnam

Reavis, Delrene 1939-1947

Cowart, Elizabeth 1831 85 yr old

Reavis, John 1872-1950

Reavis, Lille 1875-1941

Reavis, Olin E. 1900-1972

Reavis, Emma Isabell 1899-1972

Reavis, Dora E. 1881-1970

Reavis, James Davis 1852-1938

Reavis, C. J. 1851-1949

Reavis, Dock 1889-1911

Fowler, Rachel Reavis 1840-ca1909 d/o Wilson b1811

*New Harma????….Cemetery

Reavis, General W. 1878-1963

Reavis, Lottie A. 1879-1956

Reavis, Sammie J. 1904-1923

Reavis, Clyde L. 1899-1973

Reavis, Darline 1939-1943

Reavis, John Luther 1941-1982

Reavis, Larry W. 1946-1988 Us Army Vietnam

*Milton Ave/Rest Haven Cem

Findley, mary Frances Dec 1914

Findley, Sarah Ann Aug 1919 d/o Mr & Mrs J.R. Findley (Reavis?)

Cowart, earnest L. 1903-1966

Cowart, Belle f. 1902-1968 (Reavis?)

Boiling Spgs Cem, Milton co Ga now Fulton co

Reavis, John Posey 1816-1864

*Maynard Cemetery, Monroe County ln of Wm-2

Reavis, William (Wallace/Wallis) 1785-1868

Reavis, Fanny (Frances Parham) d 1870

Misc Marriages

Revice, Didema m/Neal, Moses Jun 1844 Murray Co Ga

Misc data

Wilson bc`1792 s/o James-3 NC

sibs: Mary, Morgan, Washington, Elizabeth, Lucinda/Susanna, Nancy

Cherokee Co Ga 1852 Wilson Reavis Bond for Phoebe widow of Thomas F

Family of Wilson b1811 ca

Rachel 1840-c1909

m/Thomas Fowler ca 1858 Ga

chn: Elias 1869 Pickens Ga 1923 Troup co Ga

Richard W. 1961 1971 Pickens Co Ga

John Ira b 1862 m/Alice Pinion

Matthew B. b1864 m/Lissy

Catherine b 1871 d 1907 Pickens Co Ga

William P. 1873 1938 Pickens Co Ga

Jayne b1874

James D. 1852 1938 Pickens Co Ga

m/Clarinda Mills


Dock 1889 1911 Pickens Co Ga

Don e. 1881-1970 Pickens Co Ga

Olin E. 1900-1972 Pickens Co Ga m/E. Isabell

John 1875-1950 Pickens Co Ga m/Lillie

Minerva never married had sev chn last name Reavis

Death records

Reaivs, c. J. Mrs 94 Nov 1945

Reavis, James D. Aug 1938

Revis, James S. Jun 1923

Revis, Lillie 66 May 1941

Civil War:

John P. Revis 20th Reg Vol Inf Co F..Yankee

John P. Revis Cherokee Legion Cavalry Co B

Thomas J. P. Revis 42 Reg Vol Inf Co Tombstne has 3rd Ga Cav

Thomas E. Revis 20 Reg Vol Inf Co F killed Chickamonga, bur Civ War Battlefield there

**John P. enlisted twice two did companies, Thomas J.P. did also, prob because

not enough feed to support horses

John P and Thomas E. prob sons of Willson

Land Deeds:

1787 Reves, Jesse Burke Co grant 200 acres Bk PPP p.21

1797 Reves, Jno Columbia Co grant 137 acres Bk ZZZZ p.242

1859 Revis, Jackson Tattnall Co grant 55 acres Bk Z-5 p.55

1785 Revis, Jos. Burke Co grant 100 acres Bk HHH p.143

1785 Revis, Jno Tattnall Co grant 830 acres BkT-5 p.49

1836 Mar 24 Meriwether Co Deed #122

frm John Honea of Meriwether Co to James Reaves of Cherokee Co

in consideration of the sum of $100 conveys all that tract of land

known as land lot 483 2nd district, 2nd section. Land lot was originally

drawn by and granted to John Honea

Wit: Gibson T. Hiv and W.B. Ector, JIC

1836 27 Jan Forsyth Co rec 21 Feb 1837 Deed #123

frm Truman Kellogg of Litchfield Co state of Connecticut

to James Reavis in consideration of the sum of $150 conveys

all that tract of land known as land for 483 2nd district and

section. Tract consist of 40 acres more or less. Land lot

was originally draw and granted to Annais Wallis on 22 Oct

1833 signed Trumer Kellogg Wit: Walter Webster and Geo Kellogg JP

1838 Jan 13 Cherokee Co #719 Bk C p.459 recorded Apr 23 1838

Frm Garrison Cross of Cherokee Co to James Reavis of Cherokee Co

and Abraham Deavours of cherokee Co, trustees of the Boiling Springs

Church of Cherokee Co in consideration of goodwill toward such

institutions hereby makes a gift of one acre of that tract of land known

as Land Lot 383, 2nd District 2nd section for the use of said Church Land

is to include where the meetinghouse stands.

Signed Garrison Cross Wit James Jordan and Burwell Mobley JP

1840 Jan 17 Cherokee Cty rec Jan 5 1841 #397 Bk E p.328-329

frm Jesse DeLoach of Upson County to James Reavis of Cherokee Co

in consideration of the sum of $100 conveys all the tract of land known

as land lot 527, 2nd district 2nd section; tract consists of 40 acres more

or less. Signed Jesse Deloach Wit: Lindsey Peek and Wm Dinsmore

Sworn to in cherokee Co on 6 Jan 1840 by Lindsey Peek before W. G. Dinsmore

DB G pg537-538 #650 1841-1846

Deed dated Cherokee Co Ga 24 Nov 1841, rec 06 Jan 1846 frm Major Wilbanks of

Cherokee Co to Wilson Revis of cherokee co. In consideration of the sum of $120

conveys all of the tract of land known as Land Lot 1017, 3rd dist, 2nd section. Tract

consists of 40 acres more or less. Signed Major Wilbanks.

Wit: Williams W. Worley and Licena Worley

Sworn to in Chero Co Ga on 06 Jan 1846 by Williams W. Worley before Jabez Galt JIC

Tatnall Co Extracts 1812-1891Georgia Newspaper Clippins by Tad Evans

6-9-1857 Will be sold before the Court House door in said ounty of the first Tuesday

in August next between the legal hours of sale, all the property belonging to the estate of

John Reeves, late of said county, deceased. Sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors

of said estate s/JamesJ. Reeves Adm (Source SR)

1-19-1858 Tattnall Co Ga All those indebted to the estate of John REEVIS, desceased or

owed money by that estate, must make immediate payment or present their notes for payment.

S/James J. REEVIS, Adm (source SR)



Revis, Amanda Snodgrass, Wm 1842 Bond Co

Revis, Charles Nancy Capper 1839 Cass Co

Reavis, Cynthia (Senthy) Alvin Tedrick 1830 Bond Co Il

Revis, Zachariah Matilda Hopton 1834 Mt Vernon

Reavis, Elizabeth Whitley, Josiah 1832 Bond Co

Revis, Ewin Sarah Greer 1850 Montgomery Co

Reavis, Ewing H. Elizabeth Howell 1837 Fayette Co

Revis, Ewing H. Mary Ann Ledbetter 1837 Fayette Co Il

Reavis, Priscilla Joel Ellis 1832` Bond Co

Revis, Harris Scribner, Dorothy ca1855 Fayette Co Il ?

Reavis, Henry Biggerstaff, Polly 1827 Bond Co

Reavis, Hiram Ward, Lucy 1821 Montgomery Co

Reavis Hiram W. Alzada Moore 1839 Bond Co

Reavis, Isaac, Jr Beck, Mahala Jan 1819 Bond Co

Reavis, Isham Rhodes, Nancy 1827 Madison Co Il

Revis, Isham Wood, Eliza Ann Feb 1847 Bond Co

Revis, James A. Carrett, Nancy (Mrs) 1838 Cass Co ?

Revis, James H. Rhodes, Nancy Nov 1879 Fayette Co Il ?

Revis, Jane Williams, Anderson 1843 Bond Co

Revis, Jane Thomas Strong 1842 Fayette Co

Revis, Jane William Harris 1847 ditto

Reavis, John D. Coffee, Patsey M. 1821 Montgomery Co

Reavis, Elisha Pearl Wright 1876 Bond Co

Reavis, Louette Harry Ellis

Revis, Louisa Wagner, David 1844 Bond Co

Revis, Delila Smith, Andrew 1837 Bond Co Il

Reavis, Diana John H. Smith 1871 Bond Co

Reavis, Elizabeth Rhodes, James Ewing 1845 Fayette Co Il

Revis, Franky Landers, Simeon 1820 Bond Co

Reavis, Mahala Street, James 1847 Cass Co

Reavis, Mary/Polly Aquilla Low 1818 Fayette Co

Revis, Mary Ann Ledbetter, Henderson May 1850 Fayette Co

Revis, Matilda Turney, Henry 1835

Reaves, Hardin Sarah Perkins 1844 Perry County

Reavis, Ira Matthew Wright, Bernice Jan 1921 Greenville, Il

Reavis, Mary Ann Ledbetter, Henderson May 1850 Il

Reavis, Mary Ann Dycus, Thompson Aug 1855 Il

(she widow of Ledbetter above)

Revis, Matilda Turney, Henry Jan 1815 Bond Co

Reaves, Moses Mary J. Brown 1846 ditto

Revis, Nancy Allen, Daniel 1850 Montgomery Co

Reavis, Nancy Blouyt, James 1843 Mason Co

Revis, Noah Sarah Cockelruce 1849 Montgomery Co

Reavis, Norma Jean Smith, Charles ca1950 Vandalia Il

Revis, Pheraby Renfro, Joshua 1813 Madison Co

Revis, Precilla Ellis Joel Dec 1832 Bond Co

Reavis, Rebecca Dycus, George 1846 Fayette Co Il

Reavis, Overton Dycus, Nancy Nov 1853 Fayette Co Il

Revis, Solomon Polly (F)Green 1815 Madison Co

Reaves, Stephen Debra Troop 1837 ditto

Reaves, William Elizabeth Keeling 1844 "

Revis, William Coffey, Ruth Eliza 1825 Montgomery Co Il male female Dycus

Revis, P.A. (f) Parker, S.A. Feb 1893 Tishomingo, Ms

Revis, William Louisa Harris 1850 Fayette Co

Reavis, Willis Cornelison, Anna 1835 MadisonCo

Revis, Zachariah Hopton, Matilda May 1834 Bond Co

Reavis, Hardin H. Perkins, Sarah May 1844 Perry Co Il

Reavis, Moses Brown, Mary J. Mrs. Jan 1846 Perry Co Il

Reavis, Rotha Walton, Dean ca1945 Vandalia, Il

Reavis, Stephen Throop, Debor Jan 1837 Perry Co Il

Reavis, William Keeling, Elizabeth Nov 1864 Perry Co Il

(Casey, Aaron s/o Reavis/Aaron Casey) m/Mary Walker Aug 1842 bond Co IL)


Reavis, Isham 1844 Bond Co Il

Reavis, Mary 1825 Bond Co Il

Tedrick, Cynthia Reavis 1880 ditto

Revis, Zachariah 1860 Mt Vernon

Reavis, Ewing H. 1872 Fayette Co

Reavis, Hiram W. 1897 Bond Co

Reavis, Terrill 1861 Bond Co

Reavis, Elisha 1917 Bond Co

Reavis, Elizabeth Delilah 1853 Bond Co

Reavis, Harris May 29 Bond Co buried Wright Cem., Montgomery Co Il (no stone)

Reavis, Bernice Wright Apr 1999 Fayette Co Il

Birth: male born 23 Aug 1886 s/oCharles A. Revis and Apharetta Flemings

born Casey Twp Clark, Il

1818 Madison Co Il Census 1820 Madison Co Il Census

Rieves, Isaac Reavis, Isaac

Revise, Alexander Reavis, Alexandria

Reviss, Henery Reavis, Henry

1818 Bond Co Il 1820 Bond Co Il

Revis, Harris Reavis, Harris

Revis, Ishom Reavis, Isham

Revis, Charles Reavis,Charles

1825 State Census Montgomery co Hurrican Fork Twp

Revis: Harris, John, Hiram

1835 State Census Isham Revis p.024

1850 Fayette co Il

Revis, William 24 House carpenter b Il

Louisa (Harris) 19 b Il

Reaves, George 31 Farmer Tn

James 7 b Il, William age 5 b Il, Jesse 3 b Il

Nowlin, Mary 47 Tn (widow of Solomon Reavis m/John Nowlin)

Revis, Preston 11 b Il

Nowlin, Preston age 2 b Il d infancy

Ledbetter, Henderson 27 b Mo

Mary a. (d/o Solomon Reavis and Polly/Mary Green..she m/1855

Thompson Dycus, bro of sis husband George Dycus)

1850 Bond Co Il census

Ewing Revis 33 farmer

Elizabeth 28

Ewing 12

Phebe 10

Terral 8

Nancy 6

Polly 4

Hiram Revis 34 farmer

Alzado 27

Isam 10

Kempter 6

Martha E. 2

Sarah Thompson 40 b Ky

Nancy 27 In

Mary 23 In

Sarah 17 In

Moses 15 In farmer

Jane 13 In

Jackson 11 In

Julia Ann Revis 6 Il*

Zackariah 3 Il *

Zacharias Revis 49 farmer b Ky

Mary 15 b Il

Margaret 13 b Il

Nancy M. 11 Il

Juliann 7 Il *

Zacharia 3 b Il * *looks to have been counted twice

John J. Smith 36 b In

Eliza A. 28 b Il

Cyrus 7 b Il

Thomas N. 6 b Il

James M. 5 b Il

David d. 3 bIl

Terral Revis 27 b Il Farmer

Eliza A. 20 b Il

Elisha 1 b Il

Wm B. Reaves 23 b Tn Farmer

Mary 23 b Tn

Lenora E. 2 B Il

Robert M. Reavis 25 farmer b Tn\

Mary A. 23 b Tn

Nancy 3 b Il

John Reaves 56 farmer b SC

Nancy 46 b Tn

Geo W. 21 b Il

Sarah A. 16 F Il

James 14 b Il

thomas S. 10 b Il

1850 Sangamon Il

#1445 Reaves, Alex, Marcina 23, Harriett 3, James 10 mos, Ellen 16, Maranda 8

?Reaves, Hartwell 67 shoemaker, Anna 38, Aza 18, Lucinda 25, Pleasant 18,

Sarah 4, Alpheus 27, Henderson 14, Ellen 18

1850 Il Census REEVES

Cass Co: Sarah

Madison Co: James, Julius G., Matilda, Thomas W., Tocias, Willia S.

Bond Con: Elizabeth B.,

Sangamon Co: M.O., Nancy E., Wyatt

Greene Co: James,

Fayette Co: Patison

Montgomery Co: Rebecca

1850 REVES

Carrol-Cass Co, Elizabeth-Morgan Co, Emly-Jackson Co, Jesse-DeWitt Co,

Samuel-Vermilion co

1850 RIVES: Andrew, Morgan Co

1850 REAVES: Robert M.-Bond Co, John-Bond Co, Samuel-Madison Co

1860Bond Co Il

Revis, Wm 54 b Ky

Ruth 51 (Coffee)

Martha 23 Il, Sarah 22 Il, Mary 16 Il, Newton 13 Il

Revis, Ewing 36 Il

Sarah 35 Ky

John 10 Il, Nancy 8 Il, Newton 6 Il, Martha 1 Il

Revis, Patsy 50 (widow of John-4 Harris-3)

Harriet 30 Il, Elizabeth 18 Il, Martha 14, Il

1860 Census Franklin co Il

Reavis, David J.





Reavis. Ermeda ? J.

James S.

John W.

L? B.


Mary M.

1860 Census Bond Co Il

Revis, J. T. 37

Elisha 11

Deana 6

Sarah 2

Eliza A. 6 mos

Revis, Ewing 46

Ewing 22

Phebe 20

Isom T. 17

Nancy 16

Mary 14

Teressa 8

Revis, Hiram 43

Algaday 38

Isom 20

Caroline 16

Martha 12

Layfayette 9

Matthew 6

John 3

David 2 Mo.

Revis, J. T. 37

Elisha 11

Deanna 6

Sarah 2

Eliza A. 6 mos

Revis, Mary 22 servant household of Benjamin and Abby Johnson

Revis, Margaret 21 servant household of Wm Hill

Sangamon 1850

Reaves, Alex.. 58 b NC

Marcena 23

Harriett 3

James 10 mos

Ellen 16

Maranda 8

1870 Fayette Co Il

Revis, William 35 Il

Mary 36, Newton H. 13, Joseph E., 12, Harris S. 9, Siner Bertha 7,

Sarah e. 5, America 3, Harriet 10 mos.

Revis, Charlotte 31 il

Clifton 9, Effrata 4

Civil War

Reavis, James M. Pvt. Ala d Mar 23, 1864 Rock Island Il prisoner Camp

bur Rock Island Il cemetery

Book: History of Bond and Montgomery Co Il Pub 1882

p.30 First Circuit Ct held at Hill's Station May 30 1817

two of grand jurors were Solomon and Charles Reavis

p.96 Early Settlers:

Reavis, Isham and sons Hiram, Isham T. and ewing

p.152 Fairview Precinct. Isam Reavis among first white men prior to War 1812

he then removed to nr Bowling Green, Ky, remained there awhile and

then moved again to Il and settled in Madison Co. In 1832 Isam Reaves

to this county anad settled in what is now Fairview Precinct. He

died on the Old Reaves Farm, which he got at cost of .50 cents per acre

p.155 Methodist-Episcopal Church in Fairview Precinct: divine services were

held at house of John Reaves on Sect. 14

p.156 Town of Fairview was surveyed by R. K. Dewey for the proprietors, E.P.

Matthews and John Reaves on 28 Jan 1857.

p.157 Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Fairview Precinct: one of first trustees

was Thomas Reaves.

United Baptist Church first organized Dec 30 1869, first minister was Rev.

R. B. Reaves


Reavis, James M. Pvt Co C 25th Reg Ala died prisoner Rock Island, Il 3-23-1864


Reavis, Harris and Henry s/o Thomas-2 went to Il frm Ind 1806

Rev War Pension Rec #S32472 Henry Reavis..for Harris Reavis

State of Illinois Madison County

Personally appeared before me the undersigned clerk of the Circuit court of

the County of Madison and State of Illinois Henry Reavis a resident of the

said County of Madison who is a credible person who first being duly sworn

according to law makes oath and says, that, he has been well acquainted

with Harris Revis, who has made an application for a pension under the law

of 7th June 1832. At the December term of the County Commissioners Court of

the County of Montgomery, which said application was sworn to before the

said court on the fourth day of December A.D. 1833 from the earliest time

of his existence to the present time. That he recollects that he and the

said Harris Reves volunteered as stated in the declaration of the said

Harris Revis in the year 1775 but at what time in the year he cannot now

Recollect and were out in the service three months and that the said Harris

served for three months to this deformants own knowledge and was a private

as stated in the said Harris' declaration. This deformant was not with the

said Harris during the tour of twenty five days but believes the said

Harris performed the service as stated by him.'

That he believes that the said Harris Revis served as stated in 1780

although the deformant was not with him at the time, but he knows of the

said Harris Revis going ___ during this ____time of his service on

furlough for a few days, while at Salisbury, and believes that the said

Harris served at least one whole year at that time. But much of the time

this despondent was separated from the said Harris as this depondant was in

South Carolina at times.

And further this depondant saith and sworn to and subscribed this 11 day of

December A.D. 1833.

Henry Reavis

(his mark)

Harris Reavis S32472 Rev War Pension Records NC Reavs, Harris

State of Illinois, Montgomery County

December Term 1833

On this second day of December 1833 personally appeared in Open Court for

the County ____of the county of Montgomery in the State of Illinois now

siting, Harris Reavis a resident of Hurricane Township in the County and

State aforesaid aged seventy nine years or nearly so who being first duly

Sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration,

in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passsed June 7th 1832.

That he entered the Service of the United States under the following named

officers and Served as herein stated-viz: he entered in Surry county in

the State of North Carolina very early in the Revolutionary War but does

not recollect the exact date of entereing served under Col. Joseph Williams

Major Winston, Capt Jacob Free, Lieut James Sanders and after serving three

months was discharged in the same county, to which his services were

chiefly confined said three months he served as a volunteer private-he

next served a short tour of twenty five days about one year after his first

discharge in Rutherford County in the state N. Carolina under Capt George

Dickey as a volunteer private, his company being collected for the purpose

of chastising a gang of tories who had made an inroad into the county-he

entered again in the year 1780 in July as he believes at Salisbury in the

State of N. Carolina as a volunteer under Capt Langhorn and continued

there twelve months and assisted in building the Laboratory in that place

I hereby relinquish every claim to a pension or any anuity except the

present and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency

at any state.

Interrogatories propounded by the Court to the said Reavis.

1st Where and in What year Were you born?

Ans. In Northampton County in the State of Nort Carolina in the month of

December 1754

2nd Have you any record of your age and if so where is it

Ans. I have none.

3rd Where were you living when called into the Service: where have you

lived Since the revolutionary War: and where do you now live?

Ans> In Surry County in North Carolina when I entered the service; Since

the revolutionary war I have lived in the State of North Carolina, Several

years afterward in the State of Kentucky about 10 years and lastly in this

State where I have lv about 17 or 18 years. I now live in Mongomery

County in the State of Illinois

4th How were you called into the service; Were you drafted, did you volunteer, or

were you a substitute and if a substitute for Whom:

Ans: I entered as a volunteer and so continued through all my terms of


5th State the names of Some of the regular officers who were with the troops Where

\you served such Continental or military regiments as you can recollect and the general

Circumstances of your Service?

Ans: There were no regular Officers with the troops where I served there was

one Capt Delany who came along when I was at Salisburg. While I served there

for some time, there were no continentals except the troops belonging to Salisbury.

6th did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so by whom was it given and

what has become of it?

Ans: I received a discharge for my first tour of service but have lost it; for the

other tours I never received any discharge.

7th State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and

who can testify as to your character for veracity and good behavior you ____ view as a sold-

dier of the revolution?

Ans. I am acquainted with the Reverend Henry Sears and Easton Whitter

Harris Reavis

(his mark)

History of Bond and Montgomery Counties Illinois 1882

(For US Gen Web, transcribed by Norma Hass


The settlement by white people of Fairview Preinct extends so far back into the past that is it

somewhat difficult to obtain reliable data ni regard to the original pioneers. Among the first

white men to locate here, probably, was Isam Reaves, who came here from Maryland with

his family prior to the war of 1812. Some time after this the Reaves family removed to

Kentucky, near Bowling Green, and, after remaining there for awhile, again moved to this

State and settled in Madison County, near Collinsville. In 1832, Isam Reaves again moved

to this county and settled in what is now Fairview Precinct. He died on the old Reaves farm,

which he entered at a cost of 50 cents per acre. He participated in the war of 1812, on the

Beaver Creek side. In one of the battles, two of his comrades named Prewitt and Gratts

were killed by the Indians, and Joseph Grattt' father, Thomas Higgins and William

Burgess were wounded. Gen. Whitesides was also wounded at the same time. This

occurred about the close of the war. Hiram Reaves, the son of Isam Reaves, was born in

this county, four miles south of Greenville, and within one mile of the old fort on Shoal Creek,

on the 10th of Jun, 1816, and is probably the oldest resident now living in the county who was

born in it. He resides in the southeast corner of Fairview Precinct, and is totally blind. Some

time after the advent of Isam Reaves, in 1829 came William Harper, Thomas L.

Harper, Elisha Mathews, and John Reaves, all from Tennessee, John Reaves settled

on Section 14, on the farm now owned by Mrs. Booker. William Harper settled on the

\northeast quarter of Section 22, where J. M. Harper now resides. John Reaves and

William Harper both died in this township, and both have descendants now living here.

Reaves has two sons and two daughters at present residing in this county. Among the early

settlers were also Jerry Stubblefield, Henry Brown and three brothers named Jordan.,

Morgan and William Murray. About this time came the Long family.

Isaac Snodgrass came in with the Longs and located on Section 15, on land now owned

by Charles Bowman. He was a Justice of the Peace and was probably the first Justice in this

section of the county, but he has no descendants living here now. In the spring of 1832, the

Bates family, headed by Anson, came and settled on sectin 22. He had a brother Samuel,

who came shortly after him, and settled on the same section. John Crouch, a Baptist

minister, also came at an early day and settled on the northeast quarter of section 23, on the

land now owned by E. Perkins. He was followed soon afterward by James Clark and Maj.

William david, who settled on Section 22, and John H. Tayhlor, who settled on the east

half of Section 13. In the spring of 1830, two men named Fisher and McKee came in and

settled on Section 22. Ben Jewett entered Section 27, and Andy and John Williams

settled on Sections 36 and 25, respectively. In 1820 Isaac Jones and John Williams came

with their families from Virginia, the former settling near the Fayette County line.

Pg 155

The first miister, of whom anything authentic can be learned, was a Methodist Episcopal

minister named Rev. James B. Woolard, who came to Fairview Precinct ahout the year

1830, perhaps sooner. Usually divine services were held at the house of John Reaves,

Section 14, and it was his custom to gather up his congregation on his road to the meeting, as

they were generally to be found in the woods engaged in hunting or fishing.

Pg 156

Another church of the German Baptist denomination, and probably the first church of this kind

in Fairview Precinct, was organized by Joseph Rench and George Beanblossom, prior to

the establishment of Hurrican Church (Germ Bap ) in 1858, and the teachings of the Bible were

explained by Rev. Isam Gibson. Its early membership was, of course, very small, but among

those who were the first to join were: George Beanblossom and wife, William Rench

and wife, John Rench and wife, Aaron Rench adwife, Joseph Rench and his daughter,

Mrs. Rhoda Sutton, Hiram Reavs and wife, Jacob Cripe and wife, Charles Edwards

and wife, etc. This church gradually drifted out of existence, and most of its old members, now

living, have united thembselved with "Hurrican Church".

Pg 157

The latter-named church (Cumberland Presbyterian) was founded about 1840 and their minister

was Rev. Barber. Meetings were held around at the houses of the members, until in 1849, a schoolhouse

was built on Section 23, on land owned by John Reaves, and meetings were held in it from that

time forward, under the spiritual guidance of Rev. William Hutchinson. The church was re-

organized in April of 1866, and a fram building was erected at a cost of about $1,300, and

Rev. William Turner was installed as minister. The first regular minister, however, was the

Rev. William b. Poland. The first Elders were George f. Berry, John H. Minor and

William Davis, Jr. The first Trustees were John H. Minor, d. H. Madoo, and Thomas L. Reaves.

The United Baptist church was first organized December 30, 1869. The first members were E.

P. Mathews, Mary J. Mathews, W.C. Perkins, John H. Perkins, Martha A.

A. Perkins, Amanda perkins, Amanda Stubblefield, Anne Perkins, and Cathearine

B. Shipby. Their first minister was Rev. R. B. Reaves, and the first clerk was W. C.

C. Perkins…..


contract for brickwork in amt of $299.50 to Samuel Reavis for church

Reavis, Charles A b1877 NC d 1909 Roadhouse, Il

m/Georgia Beeman 1880-1938


Garford 1900-1955 Il

Wm. H. 1904-1962 m/Cecyle Smith 1923 Il

James F. 19008-1909

Illinois "killed-wounded-pow Reavis, James e. 2 Lt 5 Il Inf

John Henry Revis b Sep 1820 whitehall, Il m/Clara Campbell

d/o Amburg Campbell and Sarah Ch..

7 chn: Henry, Mic, wm, John Jr, Isaac, ??not sure if theirs


Rec Book Vol 2 1852-1905 of Clinton County (some marr in NC not Ind)

Apr 1887 Reavis, Alice C. James, Fry

Apr 1897 Reavis, Alpha J. Daisy e. Ashpaugh s/o John Reavis and Marion Carney

Apr 1870 Reavis, Catherine Jacob Miller

Apr 1863 Reavis, Elisabeth Daniel Widner

Aug 1857 Reavis, John Marion Carney

Feb 1894 Reavis, Samuel M. Minnie Troxel 26 yr s/o John and Marion Carney

Feb 1896 Reavis, Sarah A. Warren C. Baker 20 yr d/o John Reavis and Marion Carney

Jan 1873 Reves, Emma C. Granville Watson

May 1885 Revis, Doniel Clara F. Stinson

Mar 1876 Revis, Hannah George W. Pickering

Aug 1882 Revis, James W. Susannah Skiles

Aug 1872 Joseph G. Charlotte c. Bailey

Jul 1890 Revis, Joseph G. Catharine A. Waget 52 s/o Enoch and Temperance Reavis

Dec 1880 Revis, Lydia William W. Richards 45 yr d/o John and Marion Carney

Dec 1870 Revis, Martha E. Henry H. Hackard

Feb 1853 Revis, Mary David Gochenaner

Feb 1886 Revis, Mary E. George F. Cattrell 20 d/o William Reavis and Sarah Cripe

Feb 1892 Revis, Mary E. Daniel D. Kemper 22 d/o John Reavis and Marion Karney

Nov 1880 Revis, Pleasy B. Charles Sharp

Sep 1855 Revis, William H. Sarah Cripe

Clinton Co Ind Index to Supplement Record Marriages App A-Z 1882-1904

Revis, Mary E d/o William Revis and S. Cripe she 20 yr old 1886

Revis, Mary E. John Reavis and Marion Carney 22 yr 1892

Revis, James W. s/o Willliam Revis and ? Cripe 21 yr old 1882

Revis, Joseph G. /o Enoch Reavis and Temperance (Reavis)

Widner, Lucy d/o Daniel and Elizabeth Reavis

Sharp,Clora B. d/o Charles Sharp and Phosy Revis

Revis, Lydia d/o John Revis and Marion Karney 45 yr old 1903

Revis, Daniel s/o Enoch Reavis and Lucy Daniels 23 yr old 1885

Hoackard, John A. s/o Henry Hockard and Martha Revis 28 yrs old 1899

Hackerd, Maggie d/o H.H. Hackerd and Martha Revis 22 yrs old 1897

Hackerd, Etta d/o H.H. Hackerd and Martha Revis 20 yr old 1902

Gochenour, Susan d/o David Gochenour and Mary Revis 22 yr old 1883

Dunbar, Oliver s/o Lenis Dunbar and C. Revis 22 yr old 1885

Carmack, Howard s/o John Carmack and Elizabeth Revis 30 yr old 1899

Clinton County Ind Index to Supp Rec Marr Appli (gen data) A-Z 1906-1920

(think this are what dates mean..confusing)

Reavis, Ethel D. d/o Carl Reavis and E. Howe bMar 16 1895 m Jun 1917

Myers, Oather d/o Guy Myers and N(Nora?) Reavis b Nov 1887 m/1910

Reavis, Mary N. and Wolf, Ray b2-22-1891 m/Feb 1912

Reavis, Lizzie N. and Metzger, Jacob b Jul 27 1887 m/Dec 1907

Other Clinton Co Marriages

1887 Guy N. and Myers, Oather

1896 Reavis, Ethel O. and Howe, Carl

1884 Reavis, David E. and Weidner, Mary

1896 Reavis, Sarah A. and Carney, John M.

1903 Revis, Lydia C. and Karyney, John M.

1898 Revis, Daniel E. and Widner

1899 Revis, Elizabeth and Carmack, Howard John

1892 Reavis, Charles Pleasy and Sharp, Clara B.

1892 Reavis, F. W. and Sharp, Charles

Reaves, John m/Rebecca Singer

Gibson County Indiana Index to Marr Transcript Rec A-Z Bk 1 Vol 2 1882-1920

Reavis, William s/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlin 21 yr old 1908

Reavis, William s/o S.F.S. Reavis and Sarah Wood 26 yr old 1907

Reavis, Lula d/o James Reavis and Margaret Chanley 25 yr old 1893

Reavis, Nellie d. d/o Frank Reavis and Sarah Wood 24 yr old 1908

Reavis, Elvira J. d/o James R. Reavis and Margaret Chambers (?Chanaley) 26 yr old 1891

Reavis, Francis E. s/o William Reavis and Sarah Trotter 20 yr old 1891

Reavis Addie d/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlin 24 yr old1913

Reavis, Della E. d/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlin 18 yr old 1909

Williams, William s/o Dan Williams and Marthy Reavis 24 yr old 1902

Stevans, Nora d/o E.B. Stevans and Julia Reavis 24 yr old 1894

Reavis, Ralph s/o Sherman Reavis and Lucy Harlan 20 yr old 1913

Reavis, Ester d/o Daniel P. Reavis and Ctherine Madden 20 yr old 1917

Reaves, Leanal G. parents Elmer Reaves and Ora Griffith 18 yr old

Gibson County Ind misc marr gen data

Reas, Nellie d/o William and Ms. Kolb 17 yrs old 1914

Rease, Minnie d/o William and Mary Haines 21 yrs old 1908

Reaves, Leanal G. parents: Elmer E. Reaves and Ora May Griffith 18 yr old 1906

Reavis, Ada A. d/o Sherman Reavis and Doral Hoffman 16 yr old 1902

Reavis, Addie d/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlan 24 yr old 1913

Reavis, Della E. d/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlan 18 yrs old 1909

Reavis Ester d/o Daniel P. Reavis and Catherine Madden

Gibson Co Supplemental info frm Marr Applications..(mostly fam of Isham-1)

Reavis, Della E. d/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlin 18 yrs old 1909

Reavis, Elvira J. d/o James R. R

eavis and Chambers, Margaret 26 yrs old 1891 (prob Chanley)

Reavis, Francis E. s/o William and Sarah Trotter 20 yrs old 1891

Reavis, Lula d/o James and Margaret Chanley 25 yrs old 1893

Reavis, Nellie D. d/o Frank and Sharah Wood 24 yrs old 1908

Reavis, Nora d/o E.B. and Julia Reavis 24 yrs old1894

Reavis, Steele Ross s/o Martin Reavis and Elizabeth Baldwin 34 yrs old 1916

Reavis, William s/o Sherman Reavis and Dovie Harlin 21 yrs old 1908

Reavis, William s/op c.F.S. Reavis and Sarah Wood 26 yr old 1907

Williams, William s/o Dan Williams and Marthy Reavis 24 yrs old 1894

Gibson Co Marriages

Reavis, Alexander D. Aug 1847 Wilson, Jane

Reavis, America Jan 1844 Martin, Andrew

Reavis, Asberry Jun 1850 Saine, Aberiah

Reavis, Bedford Oct 1845 Shannon, Mary c.

Reavis, Dicy Oct 185- Holcomb, Ezekiel

Reavis, Elias Nov 1824 Ingram, Rebecka

Reavis, Eliza Feb 1829 Steel, Robert

Reavis, Julianna Oct 1846 Wallace, John T,.

Reavis, Logan Nov 1832 Beasley, Nancy

Reavis, Patsy Sep 1848 Ayers, John

Reavis, Rebeccah Nov 1830 King, Hilbares R.

Martin County Marriages: 1850 Reavis, Elizabeth and Carlisle, Jermiah

Allen County Marriages: 1893 Reavis, Delia and Kelsey, Abner

Fulton County Marriages: 1872 Reaves, Obediah and Lyon, Alverdia

Benton County Marriages 1875 Reave, L. Johnson and White, Mary

Bartholomew County Marriages: 1884 Reaves, Henriette and Mitchell, John

Newton County Marriages 1874 Reaves, Louisa and McNutt, W. J.

Owen County Marriages 1885 Reaves, Charles and Berry, Elizabeth

Montgomery County Marriages 1890 Reaves, Mattie and Gentry, George

Miami County 1909 Reaves, H. and Mable Foreman

1884 Reaves, Frank and Cora Kiner

1892 Reaves, Everett and Effie St…

1884 Reavis, Conner and May Davison

Morgan County 1899 Reaves, Rinker and Adda Rudicel

Orange County 1823 Reaves, Susannah and Glenn, David

Misc Marriages: 1874 Reaves, Newton and McNutt, Wm (prob Newton Co)

1886 Reaves, John w. and Hager, Lon E. (?)

1903 Revis, Ida and Myers, William

1909 Reavis, Jessie and Geo Bottorff

Early Marriages Nov 1824 Reavis, Elias Ingram, Rebeckah

Feb 1829 Reavis, Eliza Steel, Robert

Nov 1830 Reavis, Rebecah King, Hilbares R.

Nov 1832 Reavis, Logan Beasley, Nancy

Jun 1850 Reavis, Asberry Saine, Aberiah

Mar 1848 Revis, Enoch Cripe, Lucy

Dec 1814 Revis, Wm Hensley, Caty

Apr 1822 Reavis, Dicy Skelton, James

Feb 1823 Reavis, Rachel Cockrum, Jordan


Montgomery County 1903, Reaves, Willie M.

Fountain County 1888? Reaves, Samuel

Monroe County 1910 Reavis, Walter

1911 Revis, Cora (47 yrs old) Reyburn Twp

Clinton County 1885 Revis, M.W. Perry Twp

1903 Revis, Lucy 84 yrs old Indiana Twp

1905 Reavis, Esther Middleford Twp

1910 Reavis, Eliza

1914 Reavis, Marion 80 yr old Warren Twp

1914 Reavis, John F. M. 77 yr Warren Twp

1917 Reavis, Walter George Warren Twp

1918 Reavis, Joseph G. 79 yr

1914 Reavis, John J. 77 yr

Laporte county 1971 Reaves, Lawrence b 1900

1820 Gibson Co Census

Icem (Isham) Revis pg 238 020010 20110

Wm Revis pg 238 220010 21110

1820 enumeration of males Gibson Co In

Reavis, William

Reves, Isam

Revis, Daniel

1850 Vigo-Nevans (?)

Reaves, John M. 55


George W. 14

Henry H. 12

Clark 10

John W. 5

1850 Elkhart County

Catherine 61

John 24

Catherine 22

F.M. 1

Jacob 18

1860 Franklin County

Reavis David J.

Hellen M.

Lathena, Tabitha, William

1870 Clay County Census

Revis, Ellen 50

George W. 16 b NC

Thomas H. 26 b NC

Robert 51 b NC


Reavis, Berry 1837 Madison Co.

Reavis, Elias 1835 Gibson Co.

Reavis, Enoch 1837 Madison Co.

Reavis, Isaac 1849 Grat co

Reavis, Joseph L. 1838-9 Gibson Co

Reavis ,William 1834 Rush Co.

Reavis, William 1837 Madison Co

Reavis, William 1839 Gibson Co

Reavis, William 1850 Gibson Co

Reavis, William 1852 Gibson Co

Reavis, Soloman 1839 Gibson Co

Reavis, Tabitha 1837 Gibson Co (had others)

Reves, Alexander D. 1839 Gibson Co

Reves, Caleb 1832 Putnam Co

Reves, Gaston 1838 Greene Co

Reves, John 1834 Putnam Co

Reves, Samuel 1832 Putnam co

Reves, William 1829 Greene Co


Warrick County- Reaves, Mark ca1839 lv there..merchant

Clay County Marriages

Mar 1871 Revis, James and Patton, Susan

Mar 1885 Revis, Joseph and Baley, Catherine

Miami County Marriages

1881 Reavis, Conner and Davison, Mary

1884 Reavis, Frank and Kiner, Cora

1892 Reavis, Homer and Foreman, Mabel

1892 Reavis, Everet and Strange, Effie

1889 Reavis, Jessie D. and Schroll, John

1897 Reavis, Henry J. and Vignary, Edna

1913 Reavis, Eli W. and Pegg, Luella

Fountain County Marriages

1903 Revis, Ida and Peddigo, William

Morgan county Marriages

1898 Revis, Jennie M. and Floyd, Herman G.

Family of Enoch Reavis( b 1807 s/o Edward-3, s/o Jesse-2, s/o Edward-1)in clinton Co :Ind

Enoch m#1 Temperance (d1846 d/o Abel, s/o David, s/o Jesse, s/o Edward)

some of their chn:

Joseph d 1918 Forest, In m/Catherine Bailey child Milford

m#2 one rec says she was Edna Mills

Clinton Co Marr rec says she was Catherine Waget

chn of 2d marr were Russell and a daugher

John J. b 1836 Butler Co Oh d Jul 1914 bur Bunnell Cem Frankfort, Ind

chn: Maria 1859-1884; John F. 1864-1925 m/Greeting

Samuel b 1868; Mary Elizabeth 1870-1899 m/Kemper

Alpha b1873 m/Daisy Asphaugh, Sarah 1873-1934 m/Baker

Enoch m#2 Lucy Daniels Cripe…widow of Jonathon Cripe

she and Jonathon had dau Sarah who married W. H. Reavis s/o Henry W./bro

of Enoch

Children: Daniel bc1850 Clinton co In d 1921 Warren Co Oh m/1885 Clara Stinson

chn: Wilson, Walter, Elda (?)

Hannah m/George Pickering had dau Rosy(Posy?)

Pleasy Bell b 1861 Cambria, In d 1937 McGraswville, In m/1880 Chas. Sharp

chn: Clar m/Gum, Daisy m/Younce, Charles m/Martin,

Doris m/Hodson, Laura m/Overman, Marude 1895-1913;

Carl m/Dillon

Martha m/Hackard

Rebecca m/Withers,

K/Catherine m/Miller, Jacob

1839 Taylorsville, Warrick Co In

Mark Reavis one of first to engage in business there

1858 Gibson Co Solomon Reavis (prob s/o Daniel s/o Isham)

Administrator Will of John Woods, in later records she signs as Mahala Harris

1848-1849 Land Patent Green Twp Grant Co Ind

Isaac Reavis prob s/o William, s/o Edward, s/o Jesse-2)

Madison County 1835 Asberry Reavis (prob s/o Edward s/o Jesse)

1837 Enoch Reavis

1837 William Reavis

Gibson County: 1835 Elias (prob s/o Isham and Tabitha Reavis)

1838 Tabitha Reavis (prob w/o Isham 1781-1825)

*note: This would rule out this Isham m/Womack in Ky unless Div

1835 Elias Reavis (prob s/o Isham and Tabitha Reavis)

1839 Solomon (prob s/o Isham and Tabitha Reavis)

1837 William (prob s/o Isham and Tabitha Reavis)

Reavis, William Henry s/o Henry W., s/o Edward, s/o Jesse, s/o Edw

b1839 Davie Co NC d 1878 Tippecanoe Co In

wounded twice in Civ War serv Co H 19th Reg Ind Volunteers

buried County Farm Cemetery, Lafayette, Tippecanoie Co In

m/Sep 1855 Sarah Cripe d/o Johnathon Cripe and Lucy Daniel (she m#2 Enoch Reavis)

children: John David 1856-1858, elizabeth 1858, Alice C. 1859-1936, James Wm. 1862-1939,

and Mary Ellen 1866 1940



William Revis 1896-2982

William Reavis 1893-1987

Samuel Reavis d 1914 ae 53 Terre Haute, Ind


Pensioners Cass Co IN 1883 John Reavis

Gibson Co In Civ War

William Reavis 12th Inf Regt`3 yrs serv

Benoni Reavais 1st Lt Killed in Service

Samuel A. Reavis Cpl 17th Inf Regt 3 yrs serv

James R. Reavis Pvt 42nd regt 3 yrs dischg disability

William A. pvt died at Andersonville Prison

Joseph Reavis pvt 48th inf reg 3 yrs ser killed at Stone River 12-31-1862

Daniel Reavis pvt dischd 1-17-1863 disability

A.D. Reavis, Capt Ind Legion

1820 Census Revis

William Gibson Co p 238

Daniel Gibson Co p.152

Tabitha Gibson Co p.151

William Gibson Co p.151

1850 Census Reavis

Matilda Lewis Co p.420

Enoch Clinton Co p.356

Lucy Clinton Co p.356

1850 Census Revis

Bedford Gibson Co p.029

William Madison Co p.008

1860 Census Reavis

William Madison Co Boone Twp p.387

Alexander Gibson Co Patoka Twp p.1115

Alexander Gibson Co Columbia Twp p.978

Bedford Gibson Co Columbia Twp p.969

Daniel Gibson Co Johnson Twp p.902

Frank Gibson Co Patoka Twp p.1094

James R. Gibson Co Columbia Twp p.973

Joseph L. Gibson Co Patoka Twp p.1115

Lewis Gibson Co Columbia p.978

Samuel Gibson co Patoka Twp p.1070

Sarah H. Gibson Co Patoka Twp p.1099

Solomon Gibson Co Patoka Twp p.1067

Reavis Cemetery, Central Twp Gibson Co In

Matilda B d/o Wm and EC

David I Aug 1852 Apr 1863

Matilda Oct 1837 Jul 18__

Eleanor O. Oct 1818 Aug 1858 consort of Wm

Isham Mar 1781 Jul 1825

Martin Jan 1818 Jul 1856

Catherine 1790-1855 consort of W.



Cooper County

Reavis, Mary Bryan, John Oct 1834

Reaves, Jane Ann Shelton Eaton Feb 1859

Reaves, Nancy Ann James Hickox Feb 1852

Reavis, Daniel Chappel, Eliza Oct 1840

Reavis, David B. Sarah Elizabeth Lee Oct 1851

Reavis, Elizabeth J. James Parks Jan 1850

Revis, James Berry, Eliza Feb 1823

Reavis, John Preston elizabeth Oct 1840

Reavis, Judith Ann John B. Longan Nov 1853

Reavis, Julia A. J. A. Weight Feb 1856

Reavis, Julia P. John Sutherland Sep 1856

Revis,Mary Ward, Wm Mar 1835

Reavis, Mary C. James Alexander Jan 1856

Reavis, Mary E. B. W. Levens eb 1864

Reavis, Mary Jane Mrs. Woodson Parish Mar 1854

Reavis, Polly Chandler Austin Sep 1854

Reavis, Richard Lottie Baily Mar 1865

Reavis, Susan A. John Austin Aug 1852

Revis, Anderson Sarah Berkley Aug 1836

Reavis, Ashley L. Catherine Bowles 1839

Reavis, Henry Sally McCullough Nov 1831

Reavis, Jackson J. Zerilda Levins May 1838

Reavis. Lewis D. Mary Hunt Jun 1836

Reavis, Joseph P., Frances W. Brisco Jan 1839

Misc. Counties

Revis, Druscilla L.G. Rector 1872 (Barton Co?) (she 1832-1926)

Reaves. John Edward Aerelda Coates 1872 Adrian Co Mo

Reavis, James Manerva Head Sep 1849 Howard Co

Reavis, Lanny Henry Martin Apr 1839 Marion Co

Madison County

Reaves, Brotha (??Bertha) Spiva, elisha 1849

Reaves, Rachel Brewin, Jonathan 1844

Stoddard County

Reavis, Albert P. Ada B. Cox Nov 1895

Reavis, David H. Ollie simmerman Apr 1897

Reavis. J.R., Jr. Ida Dobbs Nov 1893

Reavis, Martha A. John C. David Nov 1883

Reavis, Mary Bird Hutson Sep 1885

Saline County

Revis, Edward Lucy Berry 1837

Revis, Warren Margaret Smelzer 1823

Reavis, Charles Martha Lockney 1842

Reavis, Light Susannah Anderson 1831

Reavis, Milly Pascal Paxton 1831

Reavis, Josephine John Shores Jan 1880

Reavis, Lucy Uriah Hays Sep 1870

Reavis, James B. Malinda Burton May 1871

Reavis, Mary E. Joshua Hill Dec 1874

Reavis, Doctor Goodwin Delilah Carey Dec 1843

(given name not MD)

Moniteau County

Reavis, Drewry Susan Miller 1846

Cole county

Revis, Elizabeth G. B. S. Campbell 1845

Revis, Elizabeth Greenberry Henley 1844

Revis, Emily William Himes 1842

Buchanan county

Reves, Lucinda George Buck 1847

Johnson County

Revis, Woodson Sarah Jenning 1849

Revis, John Loretta Warren 1847

Reavis William Sareptu J. Sep 1864

Reavis, Virginia C. Charles Ellsworth Oct 1870

Reavis, Sarah Jane Henry Howdyshell Sep 1855

Reavis, Sarah Jane Lewis Garrett Dec 1859

Reavis, T. L. E. K. Millard Jan 1874

Reavis, Martha I. Calvin L. Hall Feb 1878

Reavis, Mary J. Isiah Smith Apr 1866

Reavis, Mollie Seth S. Marr Dec 1877

Reavis, Nannie P. William Dyke Jan 1879

Reavis, Mark Nancy Hayes/Hays Feb 1872

Reavis, Martha Alice Charles Wheeler Sep 1874

Reavis, James T. Nancy Marr Feb 1876

Reavis, Ameliza Thomas Courtney Aug 1869

Iron County

Reaves, Frances William Fuget Nov 1863

Reaves, Martha A. James Satterfield May 1877

Reavis, Thomas J. Sarah Tullock Sep 1858

Revis, Sally Hezakiah Ragsdale Nov 1867

Reves, Frances Andrew Cooley Apr 1868

Lafayette County

Reavis, Overton (Mark) Nancy Berry Nov 1842

Reavis, Henry Katie Thomas Dec 1882

Reavis, Effie Lee William Rosswell Apr 1891

Reavis, Pearl M. Thomas Lucas Nov 1895

Crawford County

Rieves, Mary Alexander Stagner May 1847

Reaves. Nathaniel Caroline Pain 1849

Reaves, Wiley Elizabeth Stringer 1854

Green County

Reaves, John Edna Taylor Apr 1838

Ripley County

Reaves, Nancy James Cockram 1878

Reaves, Thos. J. Mary Cockrum 1878

Cape Girardeau County

Reaves, William Rachel Johnson Jul 1825

Booneville County

Reavis, James Elizabeth Berry Feb 1823

Polk County

Reavs, Samuel Permelia Scott Mar 1836

Pettis County

Reavis, Warren Polly Box Apr 1834

Reavis, Ellen John W. Baldwin Nov 1873

Reavis, Samuel Sarah Wolf Dec 1868

Ray County

Reavis, Bell James Drake Dec 1890

Reavis John G. Mary Roberson Dec 1881

Reavis, John H. Gabie A. Logan Oct 1888

Reavis, John H. Ella Logan Feb 1894

Reavis, Mary M. George Brand Feb 1895

Reavis, Thomas A. Harriet Pope Apr 1852

Reavis, Thomas B. Delila Good Dec `1883

Reavis, W. C. Cora Slade Feb 1888

Reavis, William Ann Siders Jul 1891

Stone County

Reavis, Rollia Livona Boling Aug 1900

Reavis, Homer Beth Bowling Oct 1900

Bates County

Reavis, James E. Julia Christopher Feb 1895

Reavis, John E. Harriet Roper Apr 1868

Boone County

Reavis, Daniel Chappel, Eliza Oct 1840

Reavis, John Preston, Elizabeth Oct 1840

Revis, James Berry, Elizabeth Feb 1823

Revis, Mary Ward, Wm. K. Mar 1835

Phelps Co

Revis, Joseph B. Elizabeth York Aug 1863

Madison Co Mo

Reaves, Rachel and Brevin, Jonathon

Reaves, Brother and Spiva, Elisha

Misc marr

Reavis, Milly Paxton, Pascal May 1832

Reavis, Edwin Forrest Melvina Jones 1914


Census Records

1840 Rivis Co (now Henry and St Clair Cos)

Revis, Edward Monegaw pg 370-7 1 m 30-39 1 m 70-79 1 f 20-29

Revis, Sight (prob Lightfoot) Monegaw pg 370-9 1 m 20-29 2 f 0-4 3 f 5-9 1f 20-29 Yes

Revis, T. G. Springfield pg 372-28 1m 30-39 1 f 0-4 1f 15-19

Revis, Warren P. Monegaw pg 370-10 1m 5-9 1 m 30-39 12f 0-4 2 f 10-14 1f 20-29

1850 Ray County

Revis, Sarah 46

Thomas N. 22

James J. 19

Louisa 18

David A. 16

Lucy 14

William 12

Mary A. 10

John 8

Catherine 1

Rives, Ann 65

William 40

Rives, Benjamin 28 physician

Eliza 25

Henry 3

Rieves, Robert 30 farmer

Elizabeth 25

Henry 6

Richard 4

Lucy 2

Cooper County

Grp of Reavis settled there and named County..ca1819

(David sons Samuel D., William, Jonathon)

Linn county (Jefferson Twp)

Revis, Edward 35 Mass ??

Julia 28 Mo

1850 Cooper County

Reavis, James A. pg 166 23rd dist

Reavis, Johnson

Reavis, Henry J. p 174 23rd dist

Reavis, J. B.

Reavis, Ashley L. p. 095 23rd dist

35 yr Farmer $400 wife Catharine

Reavis, Elizabeth p.150 23rd dist

Reavis, Gilkert/Gilbert p.164 23rd dist

Reavis, Louisa p. 174 23rd dist

Reavis, Samuel D. p.095 23rd dist

Reavis, Susan p.164 23rd dist

Reavis, Toliver p.165 23rd dist

W. female age 33, Joseph B. 14, Benjamin, F. 12, Jane A 6, Rutha B 4, (William),

P.R. 9 mos

Samuel D (prob) 57 farmer $1000 Rebecca 50, Susan J. 10, Harriet E. 18, Mary 16,

A.P.W. (M) 12, Malvina 8, Rachel 4

Cooper Co 1860 Reavis, M.L. (Mark L ?) Saline Twp Slave Schedule

Cooper Co 1870 Fed census Revis, M.L.

Howard Co 1850

Reavis p.200a

Dade County

Doctor R. Rives

Buchanan County

Revis, Louis

Revis, Stephen

Revis, James

Revis, William

Reavis, Elizabeth

Reavis, Hessian

Cassa County

Reavis, J. A.

Dade County

Rives, Doctor R. "given" name Doctor..not M.D.

Johnson County

Reavis, James prob James elza s/o Mark/Isham

Lauren County

Reaves, Isaac 23 farmer Julie 24

Buchanan County

Reavis, Elizabeth

Reavis, Hessian

1850 Henry County

Springfield Twp

Revis, Fenton G. 33 Farmer

Mary J. 27

Walter C. 8

James A. 6

Ellen 4

Catharine 3

Flavius G. 1

Revis, Drury 27

Susan 24

Alice 3

Anderson W. 1 mo

1850 Ray County

Revis, Sarah 46

Revis, Thomas N. 22

Revis, James J. 19

Revis, Louisa 18

Revis, David A. 16

Revis, Lucy 14,

Revis, William 12

Revis, Mary A. 10

Revis, John 8

Revis, Catherine 1

Saline County

Reavis, (Goodwin) Doctor 42 b Ky farmer

Delilah 30 b Mo

Jones B. 4 b Mo

Sarah 3 b Mo

Lucy Ann (prob) 4 mos b Mo

Reavis, (Mark) Overton 47 b Ky

Nancy 37 b Mo

Mary L. 6 b Mo

Wade H. 4 b Mo

Thomas 1 b Mo

Mark 17 b Mo

(is he a son frm a first marriage of Mark Overton..prob s/o James elza

Reavis, Edward 40 b Ky

Sarah (Carey) 22 b Mo

Martha J. 15 b Mo

John E. 10 b Mo

Elizabeth 4 b Mo

Sally A. 2 b Mo

(Martha and John chn frm first marr to Nancy Berry who d 1842)

Reavis, Edward p.058 90th dist

Reavis, Overton p.056 90th dist (Mark Overton)

1860 Henry County

Springfield Twp

Revis, Drury B. 35

Susan J. 24

Mary A 12

James A. 10

Susan A. 8

Webster 6

Luella 5

Laura 3

Reavis, Jonathan 45 day laborer NC (s/o Morgan,s/o James-2jr-3)

1850 Pettis County

Reavis, John 23

Laurette 24 (Loretta Warren)

Mary Elizabeth -1-

Revis, Daniel 33 b nc

Daniel H. 10 mos b Mo

Harriett 23 by KY

Mary c. 2 bMo

Samuel T. 16 bTn

Samuel H. 6 b Mo

1860 Bates Co Mo O. Revis 24 b Il l d Dec 1859

1860 Cooper Co Slave Schedule

Reavis, Susan 1

Reavis, Wm. T. 9

Reavis, H.J 3

Reaves, M.L. 1

1860 St Clair County

Revis, James 46

Fanny 46

chn: Martha, Margarette, Malissa, Mary, Charles, William R., Sallie

Reaves, James(Pemiscot)

Reavis, J.C.

Rivis, James (Macon)

1860 Johnson Co

Daniel 54 b ky

Eliza 44 b Ky (Chapell)

William 19

Josephus 17

Aven 15 (?Evan?)

Polk 13

Joseph 12

Amanda 11

Carter 9

Mary 7

Eliza 5

Moniteau County

Reaves, James O.

Reavis, J. C.

Pemiscot County

Reaves, James

Cole Co

Hiram Revis 65 b Ky

Lucinda Revis 61 b Ky

A//24 b Mo

1870 Johnson Co

John 33 s/o James Elza

Laurette 34 (Loretta Warren)

Joel W.

Mary E. 11

Thomas L. 7

Woodson 30 s/o James Elza

Sarah 30 (Jennings)

Alexander 8

James F. 6

Robert T. 5

Mary J. 1

1870 ?

Ravis, James Monroe

Stone County

Reaves, Amanda 60 b Tn in household of Everett and Jane Smith

(not on census but lv there: Solomon N., John James, David Joseph/ln Dav-3 Jess-2)

1870 Monroe County

Reavis, James

Reavis p..624



James B.

James O.

John A.

John N.

Lucy J.

Rieves, Stephen p.623 ?

Reavis, Woodson p.613


John Q .


Harrisonville, Mo

Reaves, J. A. 32 b Tn

1870 Johnson Co

Revis , James p.612

Revis, James p.691

Revis, John p.691

Revis, Luella p.484

Revis, David W.

Revis, John

Revis, Preston p.697

Revis, Susan p.669

Revis, William p.537

1870 Ray Co

Reaves, thomas N. p.374

Reaves, William p.375

1870 Cooper Co

Reavis, Johnson and Lucy p.500

Reavis, M.L. p.562

Reavis Mary

Reavis, William H. p.537

Reavis, William t. p.432

Reavis, Andrew J. p.187

Reavis, Henry

Reavis, Johnson and Lucy p.560

1870 Pettis co

Reavis, Alvin, Amanda, Andrew, Daniel H.

1870 Cole co

Reavis, John

1870 Crawford Co

Reavis, A. J.

1870 Moniteau

Reavis, B.Z.

Reavis, Samuel p.456

Reavis. W. Z. p.491

1870 St Louis Co

Reavis, Edward, Eliza, William, Mary

1870 Saline co

Reavis, Jones b.

Reavis, Docton(Doctor ) & Delia p.269

Reavis, Edward & Elizabeth p.280

Reavis, Edward

Reavis, Mary

Reavis, Robert

Reavis, Landon

1870 Henry Co

Reavis, Jonathon, James, Joseph

1870 Vernon Co

Reavis, Fenton, Hiram, Kate, Alexander

1880 St Clair County

Revis, James 50 physician b Tn parents b Tn

Fanny 46

Martha 19

Margarette 16

Mary 14 *Note Fanny and chn all born in Mo.

Charles 4

William R. 26

Sallie 23

1880 ??County

Rieves, Henry b 1845 hd of household

Cornelia, Henry L. b 1870, Gibson b 1867, Jane 1862, Mary 1868, Amanda 1872,

Steward 1874, Emma 1876, Thomas 1877, Ammon 1878

1880 Carter County

Reaves, Theodocia 16 b Mo sis in law John D. Long 34 (wife Mary 31 b Ky)

1868 Benton co Tax List

Revis, Harrison M. 4 horses $300 2 cattle $20 PP $150

1870 Linn County, Jefferson Twp

Revis, Edward 35 b Mass

Revis, Julia 38 b Mo

1890 Vet census st Francois co Mo

Edmund W. 24 Mo Inf

1900 Stone County

Reavis, Miles N. 25 Tn #940

Reavis, Mary 27 Il

Reavis, Audra 2 yr Mo

Reavis, David J. #938

Reavis, Newton #939

1900 Washington County

Reavis, William W. 66 widower (William Walter b1853 Mo d >1920 s/o Dr. James)

Mary 49 sister

Edward C. 7 nephew

Misc: Henry Luther Reavis m/Melissa True

son Henry Luther b1869-1877 d 1945 m/Alice K. Anderson

chn: Forest, Francis, William, Ralph, Betty Kathryn
lv Lafayette Co Mo

Land Patents

Cooper County

Andrew A. 1833 and 1837

Andrew H. 1837

Andrew W. 1840

Ashley L. 1840

Henry J. 1833 & 1835

Cole County

Andrew P. 1858

Pettis County

Daniel 1853 & 1854

Johnson County

David B. 1856 & 1857

Gilbert 1856

Saline County

Doctor 1859

Edward 1858

Henry County

Drury B 1854

Finton G. 1843 (Fenton Goss??) On Tax Assess for Henry Co

St Clair county

Edward 1843 & 1845


Reavis, Isham-3 Will Aug 1824 prov Sep 1829 Saline Co

1846 NC 1948 Nodaway Co, Burlington Junction, Mo

Calvin Reavis celebrated his 101st birthday before his death in 1948. He

was a veteran of the Confederate Army of the Civil War and served in

North Carolina where he was born, on August 15, 1846. He was active

and about town until three weeks before his death and had lived alone

since the death of his wife in 1932. He was a retired farmer and came to

Nodaway County in 1881. At the time of his death, his descendants num-

bered 21 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren and five great-great-grand-

children. There were nine children of Calvin and Amanda (Whitehead)

Reavis and of these Van (Ulysses) and James Reavis resided in Burlington


May 16, 1932 Burlington Junction Post

Mrs. Amanda L. Reavis the wife of Calvin Reavis, died at her home here

early yesterday morning following an illness of bout three weeks of in-

\ fluenze. Had she lived until August 9 she would have been 71 years old.

Mrs. Reavis was born on August 9, 1851 at Jonesville, North Carolina, and

came to Missouri with her family in 1890. They lived first near Quitman and later

moved to the Burlington Junction community. For a number of years they have

made their home in town.

Funeral services will be held at the Christian church tomorrow afternoon at

2 o'clock, Rev. S. D. Harlan, officiating and burial will be in Ohio cemetery.

In addition to her husband Mrs. Reavis is survived by Nine children: James W.,

and U.S. Reavis of Burlington Junction, Mrs. A. M. Hull of Quitman,

Mrs. Will Dunkle of Mound City, Mrs. M. V. Gordon of Minco, Okla.,

G.H. Reavis of Cincinnati, Ohio, Mrs. Howard Kauffman of Tonganoxie, Kans.,

Frank Reavis of Des Moines, Is., and Phil Reavis of Ogden, Utah. They are all

here for the funeral with the exception of G. H. Reavis and Mrs. Gordon.

**Note: Amanda Whitehead was born 1850, d/o Jesse and Lucinda Whitehead, s/o William

and Sarah Whitehead ..of Surry/Yadkin co NC..siblings Sally, Mary m/Money, and Margaret.

U.S.(Van) Reavis b Yadkinville NC 1870, second son of Calvin

and Amanda Reavis. Calvin and Amanda and family moved to Nodaway Co MO in 1890,

at behest of her sister Jane Money. In Oct 1898 Van married Lou Gleen, who died 3

years later. One child, Fern, was born. In Oct 1903 he married Nora Glenn a cousin

of Lou. They lv on farms in the Burlington Juntino area until 1923, when they moved

to Burlington Junction, where they lv for 29 yrs. He was Marshall there for sev years,

worked for City Water Supply at time of his death in 1952.

Sumner Cemetery, Hickory Co Mo

Reavis, Ninnie (Dent) b1908-

Reavis, Ray W. 1905-1984 m/July 1931

Crutsinger Cem, Hickory co Mo

Emmert, Henry 1861-1910

Emmert (Reavis) Ollie 1878-1961

Baker Cemetery Hickory Co Mo

Street, S. A. and Annie Reavis son Harry 1904-1904

Reavis Cemetery, Pisgah, Mo Frank Reavis' 2 chn

Bear Crk Cem Henry co Mo

numerous chn of Edwin M. and Mary M. Hunt

Reavis, Edwin M. 1830-1882

Reavis, Mary Margaret 1836-1921

Reavis, Joseph H. 1872-1918

Caldwell County : George W. Reavis

Apperson Cem/Cooper Co Mo

Louis D Reavis Jul 1808 Sep 1868

Mary (Hunt) w/o Louis 1816-1907

James A. d 1902 husband of Nancy Hunt York

David Reavis Will 9-17-1826 Cooper co Mo Will Book A p.35

Know all men by these presents that I, David Reavis make this my last will and testament

That is, I bequeath to my children now living (to wit) Rhoda Russell, Hannah Doyle,

William Reavis, Edward Reavis, Joseph Reavis, James Reavis, Samuel D. Reavis,

Andrew A. Reavis, Elizabeth and Sarah Reavis, the following amount to wit.; Rhoda

Russell a negro girl named ____ at four hundred and fifty dollars. Hannah Doyle a

negro girl named Cintha at four hundred and fifty dollars, each with their increase.

William Reavis four hundred and fifty dollars, also Edward, Joseph, James, Samuel,

Andrew, Elizabeth and Sarah Reavis four hundred and fifty dollars each in cash or

property at cash rate. Now as James, elizabeth, Sarah and Andrew has not received

their four hundred and fifty dollars it is my will that it shall be made up to them out of my

estate. To James fifty-nine dollars. To Andrew two hundred and ninety-five dollars, and

to Elizabeth and Sarah Reavis their full amount four hundred and fifty dollars, and after the

deviding or sale of my property is made, it is my will that the heirs of Jonathon Reavis, my

son, dec'd, shall receive five hundred dollars to be equally devided among them

Also, Minta Justice, my grandaughter, that she shall receive three hundred dollars and

it to be in property at cash rate, both for the heirs of Jonathan and Justice. It is my will that

my wife Jamima shall receive an equal share with my children and at her death what she has

left to be equally divided among the children. It is also my will that the sum that I have given

to my son William at his death shall fall to my heirs provided he leaves no heir and in order to

prevent law suits ifany of my children holds any notes, accounts, or demands against me,

the favors and money that I have given them shall be full bar (?) against them, and if anyone

or more of my heirs should bring suit in any shape color or ___, they shall loose or forfeit

the amount left them. Now it is my will that my four sons, Joseph, James, Samuel, and Andrew

Reavis shall be my lawful agents in seeing that this, my last will is faithfully executed and to

making an equal division of the rightful property of them, is any left among the ten children

named in this above.

This the seventeenth day of September 1826.



William Johnson

(his mark)

Bear Crk Mathodist Cemetery, Henry Co Mo

Reavis, Edwin 1830-1882

Reavis, Margaret Hunt 1836-1921

Reavis, Joseph H. 1872-1918

Hickory County..

Summer Cemetery

Reavis, Ray w. 1905-1984

Reavis, Ninnie Dent 1908 *m/1931

Crutsinger Cemetery

Reavis, Ollie 1878-1961

Emmert, Henry 1861-1910

Baker Cemetery

Street, Annie Reavis


Stone County (Cem Mars, Hill, Old Town, Crane, Osa)

Reavis, A.T. 1860- O

Reavis, Bill Apr 1936 Jul 1997 Mars Hill

Reavis, Charley Nov 1888 Nov 1957 Crane *Chas Wilburn s/o John James s/o Johnson s/o Dav-3

Reavis, Charley Mar 1915 Mar 1915 Old Town

Reavis, Cora Jan 1892 Jul 1973 Crane

Reavis, David J. Dec 1844 Sep 1926 Old Town

Reavis, Ernest Apr 1913 Dec 1991 Mars Hill

Reavis, Everett N. Nov 1901 Nov 1934 Mars Hill

Reavis, Harvey Nevius 1841 1927 Crane

Reavis, Inex 1900 1919 Crane

Reavis, Jerald Dean Feb 1930 May 1977 Mars Hill

Reavis, John J. Sep 1847 Sep 1917 Old Town

Reavis l.E. (Buck) Dec 1904 Nov 1970 Mars Hill

Reavis, Larry Joe 1947-1970 Mars Hill

Reavis, Leonard U. 1903-1978 Mars Hill

Reavis, Lily 1881=1950 Osa

Reavis, Little Boyd 1919-1920 Crane

Reavis, Louisa C 1851-11932 Old Town

Reavis, Lowell L. 1905-1969 Crane s/o Miles Newton

Reavis., Lyndel A. 1906-1976 Mars Hill

Reavis, Maple 1911-1911 Old Town

Reavis, Mary Lou 1945-1998 Osa

Reavis, Mary s. 1872-1949 Crane

Reavis, Matilda J. 1847-1914 Old Town

Reavis, Miles N. 1872-1932 Crane (Newton) s/o David Joseph s/o Johnson s/o David-3

Reavis, Robert Lee 1932-1932 Mars Hill

Reavis, Rose 1879-1933 Osa

Reavis, S. N. 1850-1909 Old Town

Reavis, Teddy R. 1961-1961 Mars Hill

Reavis, Thelma 1909-1974 Mars Hill

Cooper County

Hunts Farm/Pisgah, Mo

Reavis, William P. 1863 13 yr s/o A.L. and C.W.

Banjamin f. 1862 23 yr ditto

Samuel D. 1844 4 yrs "


Reavis, Louis d. 1808-1868

wife Mary Hunt 1816-1907

Cameron Memoiral Cemetery Caldwell Co MO

Reavis, Billy R. 1935-1991

Donna 1940


Boone County

Reavis, Mark Will d/Nov 6, 1835


chn: Louis B., Anderson, Edwin, James, Overton, Daniel, Dr. Reavis, Martha Berry,

Mary Ward and John N

Duck Creek Cemetery, Puxico, Stoddard Co

Reavis, James R. Jan 1829-Dec 1890

Reavis, Mary J. Jul 1835-Aug 1895

Reavis, Ethal G. Feb 1898-Aug 1898

Jasper N. 1901-1901

(all on one stone) *prob chn of J.R., Jr., and Ida m/1893

Reavis, Edna Mae Apr 1907 Jan 1932 w/o d. H. Reavis

Reavis, Ollie S. Nov 1875 May 1907 (m/1897 Ollie Simmerman)

David H. Jan 1874 Jun 1947

Clarence Nov 1905 Nov 1912

Woodrow Mar 1914 Jun 1924

Fairview Cemetery, Puxico Stoddard Co

Reavis, Sallie A. Cookson Feb 1876 Sep 1957

Cookson, R. C. Sep 1860 Nov 1902 (married Sallie Reavis)

Pleasant Grove West Cemetery (county rd 287) Stoddard Co

Reavis, Ida May Apr 1874 Nov 1850

Reavis, Richard J. Jan 1897 Dec 1950

(above on same stone)

Reavis, Evlyn 1917-1917

Reavis, Ida May 1907-1907

Caldwell Co Obit Book

Reavis, George W.

Sunset Hill Cem Johnson Co Mo

Reavis, Elma Jan 1971 80 yrs old

Reavis, Mary Inez Jan 1944 69 yrs old

Saline County

Reavis, Soloman dca 1883 (s/o Isham-3, Edw-2)

Ravis, Edward d1898 (b1814 s/o Isham-3 Edw-2)

Murr Cemetery, Mtn. Grove, Mo

Reaves, William 1843-1929

Reaves, Sarah 1846-1902


Revis, Charles Jul 1887 Oct 1969 Clay Co

Revis, James Oct 1899 Dec 1971 Green Co

Revis Mericous (Mark?) Aug 1884 Mar 1977 Vernon Co

Revis, William Aug 1881 Jun 1967 greene co

Reavis, Edwin Aug 1889 Jan 1966

Reavis, Floyd Oct 1894 Feb 1983 Cooper Co

Reavis, Frank Jan 1898 Apr 1982 Ray co

Reavis, George May 1896 May 1984 Ray Co

Reavis, Linnie Feb 1882 Feb 1974 Jackson co

Reavis, Wesley Feb 1896 Mar 1980 d Mo Lv Tx

Reavis, Willard, Jan 1874 Mar 1969 Monroe Co

Reavis, William Feb 1894 Oct 1988 Clay Co

Misc Info

U.S. (Van) Reavis was born near Yadkinville, North Carolina, July 12, 1870. He

was the second son of Calvin and Amanda Reavis. At that thime North Carolina was a timbered

area and the land was rocky and very poor. Life there was very hard.

Van earned his first nickel by holding a candle most of the night while his uncle built a

casket. While running home he tripped and fell, losing his nickel among the leaves. He always

remembered his only christmas present while he was a chile, it was a lead pencil with an eraser

on it.

A sister of Amanda, Jane Money, encouraged the family to come to Nodaway County (Mo) i

in 1890. They came with nine of their children and setlled between Burlington Junction and Quit-


In October, 1898, Van married Lou glenn, who died 3 years later. One child Fern, was born.

In October, 1903, he married Nora Glenn a cousin of Lou.

They lived on farms in the Burlington Junctin area, until 1923, when they moved to Burling-

ton Junction area, until 1923, when they moved to Burlington Junction. They lived there 29 years.

He enjoyed his work in Burlington Junction and was Marshall for several years.

He was the first to care for the City water Supply. He maintained the streets and was

doing this yet at the time of his death in 1952.

Flowers, especially roses, were his hobby. He had a great love for little children and

enjoyed letting them ride with him in the maintainer (roadgrader?).

Pettis County

Reavis, Warren…..Early Settler in Pettis Co., Cedar Twp

Reavis, Daniel, Baptist Minister 1868-1874

Cass County

Pleasant Hill Twp, first church/Baptist:

Reavis, Warren P., clerk

(other names Bailey, Farmer, Hamlin, Powell, Savage, Stayton, Finch, Butler)

Cedar County

Reavis, Benjamin Franklin

Fayette County

Rives, Col. Confederate, Civ War at Lexington

Cooper county-Pisgah Baptist Church

1819-1838 Pastor, John B. Longan (m/Judith Reavis

1838 Samuel D. Reavis, Clerk

1838 Pastor Joel and John Longan..Big Lick Bap Ch 1820

Missouri Families

Reavis, Fenton married Mary I.

(chn: Walter 1841, James 1842, Julia 1844 m/Smith, Catherine 1847 m/Glover,

Alexander 1852, William E. 1854, Newton 1859-1880)

Reavis, Luther b1869 St Clair Co MO d 1945 Lafayette Co, Lexington, Mo

married Alice Kathryn Anderson 1891-1971 (m#2 Snider)

Luther was raised by an Uncle in Ray Co, Richmond, Mo

Father may have been a Lurther Henry Reavis

Luther Heny and wife Alice buried Machpelah Cemetery, Lexington Co

father Luther Henry married Malissa True

Chn:///Forest, Francis, William, Ralph, Betty Kathryn

Reavis, Luther 1880-1935 Edna Katee Weaver 1884-1980 Hoping, Mo

Reavis, Hessian and Elizabeth buchanan Co Mo

Reavis, James A and Samuel, friends David and William Russell (who had sons David a.

and Samuel D.) to Missouri 1816

Saline County

Reavis, Edward (s/o Isham, s/o Edw Jr)

Ray County

Reavis, John Greenville (poss s/o Sarah and David (she on 1850 census)

married 1866 Ray Co Cynthia Sylar

sons: William, Henry, and George Washington and daus ?

Adrian county

Reaves, John Edw m/1872 Zerelda Coates

he was s/o John Edw,-4, Isham-3, Edw Jr -2

Pope County

History of Pope County, Mo vol 1

pg 358

W.B. and Ida Pierce Raves

W.B. Reaves was son of Dock's first born, and his wife Ida Pierce Reaves

Dock's mother was Susan Frances 1866-1921 m/Chris. Kendrick Reaves

soo…Gen 1 Susan Frances and Chris Kendrick Reavies

Gen 2 Dock Reaves and Ida Pierce

Gen 3 W. B. Reaves

Delilah Patience Reavis wife of Washington Brown. Had son James Arthur Brown

married Euphemia Emmeline Smith.

History of Johnson county, Mo 1909 ?

p.531 Teacher T. A. Reavis earned $39.75 mo

p.524 1872 D.B. Reavis (Drury Bagwell) Supervisor of town

1873 D. B. Reavis, Supervisor

p.531 Christian Church, Kingsville, Mo org 1868

orig members: Elizabeth, Alice, John R. Reavis

John R. Reavis was one first elders and minister

1867 D. B. Reavis, Merchant

James E. Rankin m/Mary Ann Reavis 1854 nr Bowling Green Ky

price of land in 1850 $1.50 acre

Misc family Edwin Forrest Reavis 1889-1967 m/Melvina Jones

dau Helen V Reavis 1916-1996 m/Fred Shroat 1915 Cooper Co

Civil War Military Pension Applicants

Reavis, John G. 51 En Mo Mil 1-8-1870

Reavis, Jones B. F45MoInf 15-7-1890 Mo K.E6MoCav

Reavis, Joseph B. K35 Mo Inf 8-12-1890 widow Lizzie Reavis

Preston P. B Johnson Comp Mo 5-6-1886

Reavis, Thomas B. Crain Co Saline Co 20-6-1912 Mo Mil 9-6-1930 widow Carnie Mo

Reavis, Wade F45 Mo Inf 16-132-1896

Ravis, William C. A3MoCav 29-6-1880 Minor Thomas N. Reavis

Civ War Lafayette Co Mo

Rieves, Edmond d Nov 1895 60 yr old Co B 1st Mo Inf

To Mo 1816

Reavis, James A. and Samuel with friends David and William Russell who had

sons David A and Samuel D.


Reavis, Sylavus b Jan 28 1851, s/o Edward and Sarah A Reavis

Little Rock, Saline co Mo

1870 went to Pettis Co Mo for a yr

1880 to St Clair County

Ret to Saline co til he died

m/Nov 1871 Pettis Co MO ? Kassie C. Smith

chn 2 boys and 2 girls

was a plasterer by trade and a farmer

Saline Co Mo

Warren Reavis m/Margaret Smeltzer s/o Edward g's of Isham

Reavis, U.S. Pvt 45th Mo Vol Inf Saline co Il

Reavis, W. H. Mayor town of Brownville, Mo

Book: Hx of Henry and St Clair Co Mo 1883

Reavis, D. B. was first family in town of Leesville, he had a horse power sawmill

and aft sawing enough for his own dwelling sawed the lumber for A.J. Lee's hourse.

These two bldgs are still standing, (1883) old landmarks of pioneer times and primi-

tive style of architeture. In the year 1854 d. B. Reavis put up a circular saw mill

near where the old carding machine now stands, and shortly afterwards soled it to

Andrew Jackson Lee one acre of land.

Reavis, F. G.; in 1868 built two stores and did business in Leesville for two years

then sold out.

In the 1919 History..thre is a biography of Edwin M. Reavis, deceased pioneer

of Bear Creek township. He wa born inKy in 1830 and died in Henry Co in 1882.

Book: Hx of Henry and St Clair County Mo

Line: Edwin Mark-6, Edwin M.-5, Mark-4, Isham-3,Edw-2, Edw-1

Edwin M. Reavis, deceased pioneer of Bear Creek Township, was born in

Kentucky, October 13, 1830, and departed this life in Henry county, March

30, 1882. He was the son of Edwin M. Reavis of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Edwin M. Reavis was married in Texas in the fall of 1858 to Mary Margaret

Hunt, born November 29, 1836,in Saline County, Missouri, the daughter of

William and Azubah Hunt, of Walker township.

Soon after their marriage Mr and Mrs Reavis came to Henry County……..

They bought a farm of 100 acres frm Joseph Capehart. This farm has been

divided since Mr. Reavis' death and the home place, which is one of the

prettiest places in Henry County, consists of sixty acres.

During the civil War the family suffered from the depradations of Jay-

hawkers and lost part of their live stock.

The children born to Edwin M and Mary Reavis are as follows:

Elizabeth C. 1859-1875, triplets: Susan, William and Sun, died in

infancy born 1861; William E., Mary Jane (m/Chrissman); John A.

1865-1866; James B. 1866-1887; Nancy E. w/o of R. Grigsby,

Alice C., Joseph H. 1872-1918, Elmer, Florence 1822-1897

Attended Old Adobe Church, and Bear Creek Methodist church. They

would attend church coming on horseback, and that the prairie grass

was as high a the horse's back. Deer and game were plentiful and there

were great droves of wild turkeys, quail and prairie chickens, all of

which have disappeared with the setting up of the country.

Mrs. Reavis has may old curios and family relics which have been

handed down to her frm her ancestors, among them being an old

walnut chest which was given her by Grandma Hunt, and was made

by Isaac Whitaker in 1796.********************

Misc: Walter W. & Leona Reavis frm Brighton, Polk Co., Mo

Miller Roll Application #3792


by Davies P Reavis, Gdn>

Alex Brown case 35

Alexander brosn's chn:

Thomas, Dicie (Boyd), Isom, Zach(Jack), Sarah(Hambleton)

Annie (Pace) Viola(Ruth), John, Elizabeth (Ruth)

Stoddard Co James richard Reavis ln of David-3, Jesse-2 died



Garvin Co Ok Pauls Valley Enterprise, Thurs. Feb 20, 1930

Pioneer Ranchman called by Death

Jesse Reaves native of Arkansas came before the opening of Oklahoma

Died Feb 17, 1930

Born at Pine Bluff, Ark. May 16, 1858 and was nearly 77 yrs old

Moved with his father's family to Honey Grove, Tx., where he later married

With his family he came to Indian Territory in 1887, 2 yrs. before opening of Ok.

Engaged in ranching nr Pauls Valley for several yrs. Purchased Commercial Hotel,

later known as the Hampton and now the Rice, he operated sev years.

Mrs. Reaves passed away about 4 yr ago. They had five children:

A.T. Reaves, Mrs. John Gibson, Mrs. E. R. Hughes, Mrs. Roger Adams, Bailey

Reaves, deceaased, and a bro Rev. J. B. Reaves.

? Adams-Shelder, Ok Bailey Reaves d few yrs ago frm inj in the war. Deceased

was bro of Rev. J. B. Reaves, Pauls. Val


Sequoyah County Times 3, Sunday March 8 1998

Funeral services for Ester Reavis, 87, of Moffett are being held at 1 PM Saturday at

Fentress Mortuary Chapel in Fort smith, Ark. Burial is in Roland Cemetery, under the

direction of Fentress Mortuary in Fort Smith. Ms. Reavis died Wednesday, Mar. 4 1998

at her home.

Survivors include five sisters, Myrtle, Erma, Rada, Freida, and Almeda; one brother Elmer;

28 neices and nephews; and a number of great-nieces and nephews, and friends. Ms.

Reavis was preceded in death by her parents Walter and Leona Reavis, one sister, Ruby Heller,

and three brothers, L.Z. Reavis, Sherman Reavis, and Frelin Reavis.


Sentinel Washita Co Cemetery

Reaves, Vernon 1894-1977

Lola May 1902-1972

Roger P. 1895-1949

Wesley 1881-1956

Thos. V. 1894-1977

Lone County, Ok (?Love)

Reavis, Charles R. 1879-1948

Reavis, Chester E. 1905-1972

Reavis, Charles Ervin 1925-1925\

Maple Grove Cem..Seminole Ok

Reavis, James F. 1888-1866) 1955

Lucy M. 1870-1958

Golda E. 1916-1988

James M. 1888-1934

Greenwood Cem, McIntosh Ok

Reavis, Loyd L. 1927-1987 US Marine WWII Korea

Family Bible

Fenton Monroe Reavies Jefferson Co Ok

Fenton Monroe b1860 Gonzales, Tx

d 1944 Wichita Falls Co Tx

bur Terrell Cem Jeff Co Ok

m Lula Price 1865-1943


Everett M. 1906

Bertha 1908

Clarence 1911-1925


William 1888-1968 Pottawatomie

Wesley 1890-1981 Tulsa

Walter 1886-1917 Nowata

Jesse 1918-1997 Tulsa

John (David) 1886-1968 Muskogee

John 1892-1969 Grady Co

Lannie Feb 1894-Jan 1973 Haskell

Parker Oct 1895-Jan 1982 Ok City

Jesse (Jesse Morgan?) Nov 1895-Mar 1966 Tulsa

Denver Aug 1886 Aug 1963 Claremore

Henry Oct 1899 Aug 1973 OK (may have d in Ark??)

McIntosh Co Ok

Greenwood Cem Reavis, Lloyd L. US Marine korea was & WWII

Jul 1927 d Oct 1987

Love co

Reavis, Charles R. 1879-1948

Reavis, Chester E. 1905-1972

McIntosh Co Ok Greenwood Cem

Reaves, Thos 1860-1903

Eva 1868-1945

Reaves, Wilford H. 1895-1991

Eva (Kirby) 1902-1989


Jesse Virgil b Aug 1895 Mountainburg Ar lv Pomeroy Washington

WWI Reg Meagher co Ok

WWI regis William O. Reavis Guthrie, Logan 77 y ??

South Carolina Reavis

1790 Greenville

Reeves, James and John

Reaves, Susanna 10220-02010

1790 Pendleton

Reavis, George, John, Jordan

1790 Spartanburg County

William, Sr, William Jr, William

1790 York county

Rieves, Frederick

Reves, Allen

1800 York County

Abner and Allen Reeves

1800 Greenville

Reaves, Susanna

1820 Columbus County

Reaves, George and Solomon

1820 Pendleton County

Reaves, John

1820 Spartanburg County

Reaves, Jesse age 45+

1820 Union county

Reaves, Benjamin and Elisha

1830 Union County

Reaves, Zachariah and Asa

1830 Spartanburg

Revis, John p.259

1830 Chester

Revis, John

1840 Union county

Reaves, Aza and Zachariah (b NC lv Jonesville)

1840 Greenville

Reaves, John

1840 Spartanburg

Revice, Rose

1850 Greenville

Revis, Drury

1850 Chester

Revis, Cadd

1850 Horry SC

Reavis 47 A and Reves 65A

1870 Union

Reaves, J. & Z

1880 Union Co Thos Revis Bogansville

Laurens Co SC: Benjamin Covert Revis b 1898 m/Lene Estella Maples

d/o Samuel Maples and Grace Townsend May 1929…Union Co SC


May 1793 term Estate Drury Reaves….Security Robert Reaves…dau Cecelia

Clifton Cem Spartanburg SC Reaves, Annie Laura 1888-89

Reaves, Emma 1885-6

d/o J. P. and Laura Reaves


1852 Elizabeth d/o Robert Reaves, Esq m/McDowell Kershaw Dist

1861 Reaves, J. H. and Mary Lee

1857 Reaves, Elizabeth and James McDowell )prob same as #1)

1830 Reaves, Elizabeth Martha and Jeffrey Palmer

1853 Reaves, Henry and Harriet Adkins

1857 Reives, John H. and Mullenix Hannah York Co

Rieves, David and McLure, Mary Ann

Rivers in South Carolina: Cooper and Ashley

Pinckney SC:

Revis, Edward, Franc bc1898, Henry bc1892, Mack bc1873

Pickens SC

Revis George-1

James Alvis-2 b 1917

Edward -3 b1950

Revis, Wade H. 1878-1917 m/Lillie Duckworth 1883-1954

he died Greenville, bur Fairview Cem, Pickens SC

Revis, Hovie Dee Revis, 1905-1983 m/Myrtie Riggins

1909-1996 Pickens Co Sc

chn: Hovie Dee, Jr m/Mary Frances Hudgens

Almedia m/Willie Newton

Ann Revis

Rufus Revis

John W. Revis (Rev)

*Note Hovie Dee Revis Sr had siblings:

Lula Revis b 1900 m.Whitman

Nora Maybell Revis 1901

Jay Revis

Lola Revis m/John Thomas Skelton

(he much older than se, she m/#2 Roper)

#2 Reavis Tn


Davidson Co.

Reavis, Hartwell P. m/Dec 1844 Anderson, Elizabeth

Reavis, James m/Jun 1807 Coon, Jennie

Reaves, Peter 1833 Owen, Emily

Hardeman Co.

Reavis, Ashbey m/1845 Mallory, Ann

Meigs Co

Revis, James m/Jan 1850 Miller, Ann

Weakley Co

Reavis, William M. m/White Louisa

Williamson Co

Revis, Nancy, m/Dec 1850 Matthews, James


Reavis, Elizabeth m/Nov 1849 Thomas

d/o Dr. Thos Clay Reavis -4 Thomas -3 Samuel-2

Maury Co

Reavis, William F. m/Jan 1849 Myrick, Dorothy

Reavis, Mary Ann m/1818 Randolph, John (no rec in Maury Co..may be Rieves)

Robertson Co

Reavis, Eli m/Apr 1841 Smith, Elizabeth

(he may have moved to Tx)

Reavis, Mary Brown m/1899 Smiley, James

Williamson Co

Reavis, Henry W. m/Mar 1835 Baker, Eliza (prob s/o Edward-3, Jesse-2)

Reavis, Lewis W. m/Feb 1828 Jordan, Osia

(may be line of George s/o James-2)

Moore Co

Reavis, Carroll Sep 1894 Waggoner, Nannie

Reavis, Ellin Jan 1882 Smith, Joe

Reavis, R.W.(or T.W.) Feb 1892 Lawson, Mary

Revis, Elizabeth (d/o Jonathon/Johnson, s/o Solomon, s/o David, s/o Jesse, s/o Edw)

m/11 Sep 1873 Riddle, John

Revis, Simeon K. to Miss Roda A. Majors 01 Jan 1874

Revis, George to Miss. Luy M. Marshall 08 Jan 1873

Revis, J.L. to Miss Nancy J. Wilson 21 Sep 1882

Marshall C

Reavis, Jas. Feb 1854 Welch, Mary J.

Rives, Henry H. Jun 1837 Stone, Martha

Rives, L.W. Nov 1852 Sharp, Frances

*These Rives seem to be frm family of Green Rives bca1774 Va…not ours

Bedford Co

Reves, Daniel L. 1853 Shaw, Mary

Reavis, William m/Nancy Roberts

Reaves, Arthur m/Ethel Mangrum (Arthur frm Mayfield Ky lv Bedford co)

Reavis, David Joseph m/1866 Matilda Josephine Phillips

(1844 Bed Co Tn d 1926 Stone Co Mo..1847-1814)

Lincoln Co

Reavis, W. 1911 Mills, Fannie

Rives, Nancy a. m/Jan 1839 Brannon, Jackson

Reavis, Morgan m/Jun 1849 Mary Moore

Revis, Martha Ann m/Jun 1840 William Gaddy

Reavis, C. A. m/Dec 1875 Runnels, A.

Reavis, Hardy m/Feb 1853 Elizabeth Brown

Reavis, John A. m/Aug 1859 Susan Byrum

Rieves, N.S.B. m/Oct 1872 Eliza Dollins

Revis, John W. m/May 1865 Mary E. Dyer

Revis, Ms. L.C. m/Sep 1879 W. T. Marshall

Revis, Mary J. m/May 1866 Iverson Coop

Reavis, Mattie S. m/Jun 1870 W. A. Buchanan

Revis, Nancy A. m/Jan 1839 Jackson Bramcon

Revis, Mary m/Jul 1904 J. J. Pitts

Revis, W. E. m/May 1903 May McAlister

Reavis, Hardy m/Aug 1900 Mary Campbell

Reavis, M. H. m/Jun 1903 Eva Wallace

Reavis, Chanie Goggins 1812-1859 m/ca1834 Lewis Newson

(she was d/o Isom Reavis and Chaney Goggins..his 2d wife Rachel Morgan)

Revis, Thomas J. to Mary T. March Dec 1895

Reavis, H. H. & Eva Wallace Jun 1903

Jackson Co

Reaves, Clay m/Alize Elana

Hardeman County

Reavis, Ashbey m/Dec 1846 Ann Mildred Mallory

Franklin County

Revis, Johnson(Jonathon/Jonce) m/1852 Sarah Cates

Revis, Johnson (jonathon/Jonce) m/Apr 1898 Amanda Henley Philpot

Reavis, J. A. m/Sep 1898 Maggie Holt

Reavis, J. H m/Mar 1894 Fannie Chasteen

Reavis, J. L. m/Jan 1890 Doran Ratter/Ratlen (Jasper Lafayette)

Ravis, Minnie m/Mar 1897 T. J. Duke

Reavis, Minnie m/Jul 1900 Warner Mitchen

Reavis, Myrtle m/Jun 1902 Godfried Gruetter

Reavis, Relda m/May 1902 J. M. Chasteen (Rilda) married #2 Rosa Skidmore

Reaves, George W. m/Feb 1889 Lucina Cummings

Wayne County

Reaves, George W. (s/o JJ?) m/Feb 1889 Luvina Cummings

Misc Tn marriages

Reavis, Clay m/Alize Jackson

Revis, William M. m/1850 Weakley Co Louisa White

Reeves, Lucy and James Powell Cannon Co 1850

Reeves, Saline and James Ledbetter

Reavis, Samuel B. and Stewart, Julia 1843

Misc marr prob Tn

Reavis, Sarah Louise Nov 1916 Wilson, Earl H.

Reavis, Martha Elizabeth Dec 1929 Harris, Thomas e.

Reavis, George Sep 1875 Hayes, Cynthia Evaline (Eva)

Reavis/Revis, L.B. and Margaret Mathis 1873-75 Lauderdale Co Tn


McMinn County

Tranquility Methodist Cemetery

Revis, Charles F. 1923-1957

Revis, Brenda Margaret 1943-1948 (d/o C.F.)

Revis, Tom F.. 1894-1986

Etowah City Cemeter

Revis, Rev. w. A. 1863-1935

Nancy 1866-1929

Mary 1887-1963

Clearwater Cemetery

Revis, Tom f. 1894-1986

Moore County

Hurrican Church Cemetery

Cates, Charles 1827-1904

Jane Cates (d/0 Solomon)

Reavis, David 1829-1907 (s/o Soloman)

Reavis, Elizabeth E. (Hurdlow) 1833-1908

Reavis., A. W. 1825-1879

Hoover Grove Church Cemetery

Reavis, Walter 1869-1935 & Mary Reavis 1868-1947

Reavis, Lucille d/0 Walter and Mary)

Reavis, Elam L. 1896-1968

Ridgeville Cemetery (don't understand listings)

Reavis, J. H. Elder J.A. Reavis Anna L.

wife of

Jan 5 1870 Jun 19 1849 J.A.


Oct 19 1921 Apr 4 1910 May 8 1849

Reavis, Fannie A. Shasteen 48 y 7 m 6 d Feb 28, 1870 Feb 02, 1922

Reavis, Simion S. Jul 1827 Apr 3 1899 71 y 8 m 26 d (s/o Solomon s/o David-3)

Reavis, Sarah E. (Byron) Dec 28, 1874 Auig 4, 1894

Reavis, Jessie Emmett son of J.A. and A. L. Reavis (1892-1908)

Hoover Grove ChurchCemetery..

Cleek, William J. 1850-1937

Cleek, Zora Jane 1863-1940 (Reavis d/o David, s/o Soloman s/o David-3)

County Line Cemetery Womack, B. A. 1855-1910

Womack, Jane 1856-1962 (Sara Jane Reavis m Womack 1878)

Wilson Co Bass Cem Reavis, Mary a. M. 1827-1848 d/o Richard Anderson

Shelbyville Gazette Tn, Obit

Robert Ellsworth Fry, son of Mr and Mrs Dan Fray, died Sunday at Athens, Al,

of influenze. The little one was the grandson of Mr. And Mrs. Geo R. Reavis

Oct 31, 1918


Marshall County

Rieves, Green Book A pg 308 (not ours Reavis)

Reavis, George Book C pg 406 prob s/o Isaac Newton

Rives, R. J. Book D pg 160 not Reavis

Lincoln County

Revis, Martha Jan 1852

heirs: Mary, John W., and Cyrus A., Elizabeth Buchanan d/o Samuel Buchanan & Rachel

Wilson County

Reeves, George d 1815

Will named wife Mary Young and son Jeremiah T. (m/Elizabeth)

another dau was Ann m/Turner

Bedford County

Glasscock, Henry Will prob Ma 1899 mentions nephew George Reavis s/o Isaac Newton

Tn deaths

Reavis, Elizabeth d 1908 Moore Co

Reavis, J. N. d 1912 Marshall Co

Reavis, Mary d 1911 Madison Co

Reavis, R.A. d 1912 MadisonCo

Reavis, S.E. d 1910 MadisonCo

Lincoln Co Tn Deaths

Reavis, Peter 3-25-1909

Rives, J. J. 6-20-1901

Rives, Carlie 11-16-1905

Reeves, W. A. 5-10-1906

Reeves, M.J. 11-01-1906

Rives, Fannie Lou`12-19-1907

Rives, Hugh C. 2-20-1908

Reavis, Peter Clayton Apr 1909

Reavis, Diemer Jul 1909

Reavis, George Jan 1910

N(R?)eaves, John 01-09-1896

Rives, R. C. Jan 1914

Revis, Walter Aug 1910

Reavis, John S. Nov 1918

Rives, H. Knox Oct 1914

Revis, H. 28 Jan 1904

Reavis, Caroline d/o John Reavis 1836-1914 Co?

Bedford County

Jan 31 1915 Armstrong, Mattie Emeline (d/o Jonathon Reavis)..Dis 19, buried

Armstrong Cemetery, father Jonathon Reavis..and Hill…

Feby 10 1923 Mrs. Lissie Bettie Bledsoe Dist 20 b 3 Aug 1856 Tn..buried

Rich Creek (father Issac Newton Reavis married Rosannah Glascock

Jan 1914 Caroline Reavis 19th Dist Richmond..b 3 Sep 1836, single..father John

Reavis of NC cause of death: fall and infirmities of old age.

Franklin co Tn Deaths

Reavis, John Johnson 84 yrs old d 1916 (Jonathon Johnson s/o Solomon, s/o David-3)

Reavis, S.K. 62 yrs old (bca1855)

Reavis, Cora Ethell 16 yr 1917

Reavis, Maud Lee 17 yr 1918

Reavis, Ruby 2 yrs 1916

Riddle, Elizabeth (Reavis) 85 yrs old d 1922

Obituary - Lewisburg Tribune, Friday, February 2, 1912, p.3

Mr. I. N. Reavis aged 95 years, and one of the half dozen very old men in Marshall

County died at the home of his daughter Mrs. J. J. Bledsoe near Rich Creek last week

after a brief illness from causes from the frailties of old age. He was one of the most

influential and active men in the county in his younger days. He was a very devout

member of the Baptist Church. He left one other child Esq. D. A. Reavis of Nash-

ville. The remains were buried in the Mt. Lebanon cemetery (Isaac Newton Reavis

was s/o David and Patience Reavis)

Winchester Chronicle 26 Jun 1941

Mrs. Sarah E. Riddle (d/o Jonathon/Johnson/Jonce Reavis and Sarah Cates), 86, died

Sunday at the home of her son Alex Riddle, after an illness of several days. The funer-

al was held Monday at the Rock Creek Church when services were conducted by Rev.

R.A. Taylor. Burial was in the Pennington Cemetery. She is survived by 5 sons, all of

who live in Franklin County, Tn

Farris, Mary C. died 1832 buried Harris Chapel Cemetery, Franklin co Tn

(d/o Jonce Reavis and Sarah Cates) (married Joe Farris..sons Dick 1885, John 1891,

William, Frank 1878 and dau Dorothy)

Reavis, John Thomas d 1971 Fir Garden, Tn

Franklin County Cemetery Book

Reavis, Carter B.

Reavis, Cora Ethel

Reavis, J. P.

Reavis, Lizzie (Poe)

Reavis, Luella Harbin

Reavis, Mary

Reavis, Malvina

Reavis, Mollie Banks

Reavis, N. A.

Reavis, Opha Etta Partin

Reavis, Rildia (m/ was Matilda)

Reavis, Sarah A.

Reavis,. T. S.

Reavis, Timothy Benjamin

Reavis. W. A.

Reavis, William

McMinn County City Cemetery at Etowah

Revis, Rev. W. A. 1863-1935

Nancy 1866-1929

Mary e. 1887-1963

Clearwater Cemetery

Revis, Tom. F. Dec 1894-Sep 1986

Hardeman Co Lake Cemetery

Reaves, Little Herbert 1882-1884 s/o J.J. & M. E. (lots os Williams buried there)

Moore county

Hoover Grove church Cemetery

Cleek, Zora Jane 1863-1940(Izara Reavis d/o David -5

Cleek, William J. 1850-1937

Ref to TN Reavis in Ky obituaries

Mar 1952 Mrs. Hebe (Beckham) Couch of Sebree, Ky

81 yr old sister: Mrs. Betty Reavis of Nashville TN

Sep 1947 Mr. Willie J. Vaughan of Sebree, Ky

81 yr old ½ sis: Mrs. Damon Revis of Nashville, Tn

Reavis, J. J. bur Mississippi River North Cemetery, Memphis, Tn

Pvt Co. L 1st Al Vol Calvary (s/o James Jackson-5 James-4 Ln James-2)

Tn Land Grants

Reavis, Elizabeth C. 1851 50 a W Tn Dist Obion Co #12679

Reavis, John 1849 186 a W Tn Dist Hardeman Co Bk10 p 4 #7119

Reavis, Thomas 1851 W Tn Obion Co #12678

Reavis, William P. 1845 200 a W Tn Dist Bk 2 p.273 Shelby Co #1183

Reavis, William R. 1857 20.5 a W Tn Dist Weakley Co Bk 20 p.226 #15650

Reavs, Wm 1786 NC Dist 200 a Washington Co Bk 6 p 245 #991

Reves, Peter G. 1827 W Tn Dist 68.75 a Hardeman Co Bk 1 p.476 #476

Reves, George 1784 640 a Davidson Co Bk 4 p.354 #551

Revis, E.W. (Elijah Washington 1786 NC 1854 Dresden Co Tn) s/o Isaac Calvin

Revis , Isaac C..(Calvin) 1849 200a W Tn Dist Weakley Co Bk 10 p.683 #7798

James S. 1858 100a Mtn Dist Bledsoe Co Bk 7 p.81 #1210

Bedford County Court land records

Reavis, Absalom gd of Samuel Johnson minor heirs (chn: Mary Jane, Martha, Ann and Wm)

Reavis, John part of grp petitioned Ct to grant them a road frm Richmond to Harts Mill

Revis, Isham, security for G. W. Cunnington who failed to renew his bond for guardian-

ship of William Cortner, minor heir of Levi Cortner, dec'd.

Reavis, Moses and Wynn Bearden, securities for J.C.Coleman, gd of Henry J. and Joshua

R., and W. S. Coleman, his minor children.

Reavis, Absalom gd of Nathan Thompson, Phillip thompson, Ann Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, and Ellen thompson. Jackson Nichols security.

Reavis, John, late a citizen of Bedford Co., departed this life intestate. James R. Revis

and William Armstrong and A. Helton, securities.

Reavis, John…family of…Miles Phillips, Thomas s. Mays, and John Armstrong to lay off

support to widow and family of John Reavis (could this be John s/o David/yes)

Reaves, Elizabeth gd of her minor children, Daniel A., Martha E., William C., Nancy T.,

and Colemon L. Reavis. James R. Revis security. (Betty Dunson widow of John s/o David)

Revis, David May 1836 witness to land deed James J. and Nancy M. Brown, to James


Rives, H.H., gd for Martha J. Rives share Mar 1854 was pd by Thomas W. and Jon W. admr of

Samuel Buchanan

Sandlin cemetery, Fayette ville, Lincoln Co Tn

Revis, Walter d 1914

Adam d 1910

Maudie 1910

Prospect Cemetery, Lincoln Co Tn

Revis, Exie E. 1908-1989 (w/o Leslie L.)

Leslie L. 1904-1957

Sybil 1927

Lincoln County Ct and Land/deed records

Mentions another property adj Samuel Reavis 50 acre tract nr headwaters of Kellys Crk

Jan 1828

May 1830 Reavis, William A. and J.G. Reavis wit for deed frm John Weaver and

Margaret Garrett to Jacob Waggoner


Franklin Co Tn

Reavis, J. H.; . S.; S. K. (J.H. John Henry s/o David, Soloman, David-3)

Marshall Co

Revice, John 50 a val $100 Dist 4 1840

Revis, H. H. val $400 tax .75 Dist 15 1840

Revice, John 15 a val $50 Dist 4 1840

Lincoln Co 1830

Rives, Benjamin 20 deeded acres, 229 school land

Rives, Green, Cane Creek

Rives, Soloman, 50 School land - Mulberry Creek

Reavis, S.S. 147 acres Value $800

Sol. Reaves, Dec'd 73 acres Value $100 agt. S.S. Reavis

(*Soloman s/o David d by 1830)

1840 Weakley Co Tn Federal Census

Revis, E. W.

Revis, J.C.

John H.

1840 Williamson Co Tn

Reavis, H. W.

1840 Davidson Co Tn

Revis, John M.

1840 Marshall Co

Rives, Green 1m 60-70 l f 30-40 he born Va *not our line

Revis, John 1 m 40

1840 Humphreys Co Tn Federal Census

Rives, Pleasant

Rives, Jesse

Reavis, Woody

1840 Bledsoe Co Tn Federal Census

Revis, Toliver (Talisferro??)

1840 Fayette CoTn Census

Rives, Mary

Reavis, Thos. C.

1820 Tn Census

Bedford Co

Revis, William

Lincoln Co

Reaves, David ck this ?? Bed of LC




Franklin County

Reves. Walden



Maury County

Rives, John


Abner Sumner Co

Daniel Davison Co

David Davison Co

Drury Humphreys Co

Edmond Davidson Co

Edmond Sumner Co

Elijah DavidsonCo

Elisha Davidson Co

Elizabeth Humphreys Co

George Davidson Co

George, Jr Humphreys Co

George, Sr. Humphreys Co

James Montgomery Co

James Maury Co

John Sumner Co

John H. Warren Co

John Rutherford Co

John Rutherford Co

Jordan Sr. Humphreys Co

Osbourn Davidson Co

Peter Wayne Co

Robert Davidson Co

Thomas Wayne Co

Timothy Humphreys Co

William Davidson Co

William Humphreys Co

Reavs, Elizabeth Maury Co

Reavs, Hanah Maury Co

REEVES (most times not ours..but these may be)

Abner Franklin Co

Avery Franklin co

Edward Franklin Co

REEVES (Prob not ours)

George Perry Co

Hambleton White Co

James Hickman Co

James Rutherford Co

Jeremiah Wilson Co

John Smith Co

John Perry Co

John Perry Co

Jonathan Hickman Co

Reuben Hickman Co

William Hickman Co

William Davidson Co

William Smith Co

1830 Census

Rieves, Reuben Bedford Co

Reeves, John Bedford Co..Bro or son of David..prob Bro..named DAR

Reeves, Harman Bedford Co

Rives, David` Bedford Co (s/o Jesse-2, s/oEdw-1)

1830 Lincoln Co

Reavis, Soloman Lincoln Co Tn (s/oDavid s/o Jesse, s/o Edw-1)

Reavis, John Lincoln prob s/o David

Rives, Samuel R. Lincoln Co

Rives, Malichi Lincoln Co

Rives, Samuel Lincoln Co


Reves, Lewis W. Williamson Co

Reaves, Drewry Humphreys Co

Reaves., Elijah Obion Co p.163

Elizabeth Weakley Co

Elizabeth Dyer Co

George Wayne co

George Carroll Co

Hiran Perry Co

James Obinion Co p.163

James Humphreys Co

John Humphreys Co

Mahala Obinion Co p.163

Samuel Obinion Co p.163

Robert Carroll Co

Timothy Humphreys Co

Urias Obinion p.163

W.P. Shelby County

Henry Co p.47

Reavis, Elizabeth

John Henry Co p.46

Weakley Co

Reavice, John (prob John Hanner)

Rives, Anthony Fayette Co

Orville Fayette Co

Peter G. Hardeman Co

Robert Montgomery Co

Stephen "

William Hardeman Co

REEVES (these do not appear to be ours) all frm West Tn

Drury Henderson Co.,

Drury Henderson Co.

Fielding Hardin Co

J, James K, John, John, John, John H., Jonathan, Lemuel, Mary, Mauldin, Peter

R.E., Rachel, Redding, Reuben, Thomas, William, Willis

REAVES, Hooker Smith Co

John Smith Co

John Smith Co.

REAVIS, John Lincoln Co

Perrwit Williamson co

Soloman Lincoln Co.

REEVIS, Isum Bedford Co

Tobias Bedford Co

1830 Middle Tn Census

REVES, Lewis W. Williamson Co p.226

REVIS, Lewis W. Williamson Co p.177

RIEVES, Reuben Bedford Co

RIVES, Benjamin Lincoln Co p.214 ??

David Bedford Co p.122

Edward Bedford Co p.224

Green Lincoln Co )

Malichi Lincoln Co

Samuel Lincoln Co p.249

Samuel R. Lincoln Co p.248

William Lincoln Co p.254

RIVESS, David (David-3 s/o Jesse-2) Bedford Co p.1

REEVES (some that may be our line)

Absolum Bedford Co p.80

Archa. Bedford Co p.49

Avery Franklin Co

Elisha Rutherford Co

Harman Bedford Co

John "

M.G. Rutherford Co

Thomas "

William Bedford Co

William Franklin Co

REEVES (prob not our line)

Edmd, Davidson, Eleanor, Davidson; Elijhah, Maury; Hamilton, White; James V.,

Maury Co; John x 2, Smith Co.; John H., Warren Co; Ozburn, DavidsonCo;

Robert, Davidson Cfo; Silas, Smith Co; Thomas, Maury Co; Thomas, Smith Co;

Thomas, Maury Co; William, Smith co; William, Davidson Co.


Bynum Family Genealogy of Blount County, Tn

Reavis, Nora m/James Brooks

Reavis, Charlie m/Mecia Brooks

Reavis, Beth m/W.J.Stasny

Reavis, Carlton m/Rose Trekete

Reavis, Chester m/Mary Kisselburg

Reavis, George T. m/Ama Gibson

Reavis, Charles Bruce m/Ava Bracken

Reavis, Era ;m/Hamby Crump

Reavis, Drew Patrick m/Gertrude Cornelius

1840 Tn Census

Bedford Co

Reaves, Benjamin

Charles H.

Reaves, Elizabeth


John H


Reves, Isaac N.


Lincoln Co

Reeves, John C


Samuel R.



Reves, Benjamin


Franklin Co

Reeves, Ancil


Jonathon (?s/o Soloman)


1850 Tn Census

Reaves, William R. 29., Sarah J. 29, Henrietta T. 2, Mary A.J., Allen 20 (Va T) Williamson

Revis, David 92, Patina 71 (Patience), Mary 50 (dau, nev mar), William Wade 24,

(gson of David thru d/Ruth), Mary A., 5 (NC NC) Bedford Co

Revis, J. 45, M.37, J.21, N.15, J.11, M.8, L.4, Mary 10 mos, (NC T) Williamson Co

Revis, John 52, Elizabeth 36, James 21, David 20, Mary 17, Caroline 13, John 11,

Daniel 9, George 6, Martha 5, William E, Catherine 2 (NC SC) Lincoln Co

Revis, Johnson 40, Delana 33, William G. 10, Mary J. 7, David 6, Martha 5, John 3,

Solomon 4 mos (NC NC) Bedford Co

Revis, Morgan 26, Mary 19, Sara A. 4 mos., (T T) Bedford Co (s/.o David)

Revis, Solomon S., 22, Sarah A. 22, James A. 1 (T T) Lincoln Co

Revis, Solomon 63, Elizabeth 42, David 20, Jane 18, Johnson 17, Mary 14 (NC NC) Bed

ford Co

Revis, Andrew 24, Elizabeth 22, Mary 1, (T T) Bedford Co

Rives, Allen 50, Mary L. 20, William 18, Martha C. 16, Clement 14 (NC AL) Lincoln Co

Rives, H.H. 36, Catharine 22, Thomas 12, S.M. 9, S.E. 9, (Va T) Lincoln Co

Rives, John C. 38, Elizabeth 27, Francis M. 18, Pleasent G. 16, Elmira E. 14, Margret 10,

Samuel R. 6, Henry 4, John J. 2, Jack Bryant 27 (TT) Lincoln Co

Rives, Saml. R. 47, Lotty 21, Nancy 19, Polly Ann 17, Elizabeth 14, Ruth 11, Jane 9

James 6, William O. 3 (NC T ) Lincoln Co Tn

Reavis, James 57, Nancy 57, Jonathon 18, William 17, Nancy H. 15 BLEDSOE CO

" b NC shoemaker

Rivis, James L. 29 b NC, Intha(Brown?) 24, John H. 5, Wm. G. 3, Hampton 1 BLED co (James Lunsford and Iantha Brown)

Reaves, Green 42, Polly 23, Daniel 15, Jessie 10 Marion Co

Revis, Toliver 40, Sophia 42, Nancy 18, John C. 16, James W. 14, Wm. 12, BLEDSOE

2 other chn)

Bynum, James N. 24 Sarah A (REAVIS) 19 Mary J. 3, Martha 1

1850 Tn Census

(Runnels, Jacob 58, Middy 39(Lydia Haynes), Mary G. 14, Mary 86..Frank Co1850)

Green County

Reaves, George 60 b Tn, Mary 24, Sophia 25, Nancy 22, Martha 19, Washington17

Ellen 15, Louize 13, Cynthia 10, John 7, George 5

Reaves, Samuel b Tn, Anna 46, James B. 17

Reaves, Abraham 30 b Tn, Mary 26, David 5, Jesse 3, Mary 2 (this has to be ours!)

Reaves, William a. 28 b Tn Elizaabeth 17

Marshall Co

Revice, Isaac N. 33 farmer b NC (s/o David, Jesse, Edwa0

Rosannah 31 Tn

George 9 Tn

David 7 Tn

Rives, Green 74 Farmer b Va ** not believed to be our line

William 22 Tn

James M. 18 Tn

Benj. W. 14 Tn

Robert c. 12 Tn

Susan E. 10 Tn

Rives, Willis G. 29 B Va *prob not our line

Virginia 22 Tn

Neil S.B. 2 Tn

1850 Lewis Co Tn

Reavis, Matilda 26 b Va in Household of Maxwell, Edw and Elizabeth

Reavis, John 7 b Tn

Reavis, Sara 6 b TN

1850 Bledsoe Co

Revis, Toliver 40 bNC, Sophia N. 42, Nancy R. 18, John C 16, James W 14

Wm w. 12, martha M. 10, Lurrella 7, Mary c 3, Vance L. 2

1850 Lewis Co Tn household of Elizabeth Maxwell

Reavis, Matilda 26 b Va

John Reavis 7 b tn

Sarah Reavis 6 b tn

1860 Tn Census

Bedford Co

Reaves, Patonia 80 (Patience widow of David), Mary 60 (David's dau), Mary A.

14, (?),

Elizabeth 46, MAR.(f) 27, S.C. (f) 23, D.A. 20 (m), M.E. 14 (f), W.C.

1860 Census fam of Elizabeth 46

13,(m), R.C. 11 (f), N.T. 9(f) S.L. 4 (m)

Johnson 49, Delani 42, W.G. 19 (m), M.J.18 (f), D.J.16(m), Martha 14,

John J. 12, Soloman 10, Lucy A. 6

(Johnson household: Johnson, Delane, DJ, DA, Elizabeth,

JA, John J., Lucy A, MAK, ME, MJ, Martha, SC, SL,

Saloman, Susan C. WC. Wg)?????

J.A. 21(m), Susan C. 18

Lincoln Co

Reaves, , A. 34 (m), Elizabeth 31, Jane 10, Simeon 5,

S.S. 33 (M), Sarah 33, James 10

Solomon 69, Elizabeth 50,

Cumberland Co

Revis, Mary E. p513

Revis, Nancy T. "

Revis, Sophia "

Revis, Martha "

Revis, Tolvre "

Revis, William "

Davidson Co

Revis, Elizabeth p.485

Revis, Charles W. p.485

1870 Tn Census

Bedford Co

Reaves, Margret 52

David 41

Revis, William 23

Lincoln Co

Reaves, J.R. 50

Thomas 32

Eliz. 63

Hardy 47

S.S. 42

Revis, Henry 35

Franklin Co

Reaves, Andrew 45

Rives, Fed 25

Justus S. 30

Richd. 63

Sallie 35

T.W. 55

W. A. 39

William 53

Willis Madison Co

Reavis, Jackson 35 Tinner b NC

M.W. 34, Frank S. 7 alice d. 5

Hardeman County

Reavis, J. J. 57, Mary 63, William M.

Meigs Co

Revis/Reves, Cyntha 28, Andrew 8, Wm Lea 6, Margaret 1

1880 Wayne Co Census

Household 167 Dist 10

Revis, W.P. (Wm Posey..tombstone shows him b 1856)

F.T. 23

F.M. 6 son (Francis Marion

M.W. 4 dau (Mary Elizabeth

A. J. 2 son (Andrew Jackson

S. V. dau (Betty?

(note Wm Posey 2d wife Crowder mca Tx 1900)

Household 168 Dist 10

Revis, Jackson 55 (James Jackson b 1824

M.E. 53 (Mary Elizabeth

G.W. 18 son (George W.

S.A. 16 dau (Sarah Jane

Samuel 7 son (1910 census shows him b 1874 Ark ??

Revis, Thomas 32 farmer b Ga

Lauisa 27 b Al

Mariam 7 f b Al prob Mary Ann

M.J. 5 f Al prob Martha Jane

L.A. 4 f b Al

A. 3 m b Tn

F.M. 1 b Tn

1860 Slave Schedule

Reavis, Alice Madison Co p.312

Revis, Richard Fayette Co p.334

Revis, W.A. " "

Revis, W.M. Weakley co p 462

Revis, W.R. " p453

Revis, Wm. Fayette Co p.334

1891 Male Voter sched

Reavis, C. M. Weakley Co 002

Reavis, D.A. Marshall Co 105

Reavis, Geo Marshall Co 105

Reavis, J. F. Lawrence Co 105

Reavis, J.J. Franklin Co 079

Reavis, J. N. Marshall Co 105

Reavis, Jeff Madison Co 261

Reavis, S.K. Franklin Co 053

Revis, Alexander Greene Co 286

Revis, David Moore Co 027

Revis, J.A. Moore Co 053

Revis, J.L. Cumberland Co 068

Revis, James Greene Co 286

Revis, John Franklin Co 105

Revis, L. Moore Co 053

Revis, S.L. Moore Co 053

Revis, W.A. Moore Co 001

1890 Veteran Schedule

Reavis, David J. Bedford Ed14…??David Jasper m/Clarissa Brown

Reavis, Elijah R. Weakley Co Ed225

Reavis, Leonidas W. Weakley Co Ed225

1860 Slave Schedule

Reavis, Alice Madison Co p 312

Revis, Richard Fayette Co p.334

Revis, W.A. Fayette Co p.334

Revis, W.M. Weakley Co p.462

Revis. W.R Weakley Co p.453

Revis, Wm Fayewtte Co p.334

Newspaper Abstracts Vol I ( Think all is frm Weakley Co Tn)

June 3, 1881

Charles Reavis was bitten by a copperhead snake last Wednesday, but owing

to the thickness of the skin on the bottom of the foot, the place where he was

bitten, it did no injury.

July 7, 1876

We are sorry to have to report the severe illness of our efficient and accomodating

Postmaster, Dr. Isaac C. Reavis, who has been confined to his bed for several day,

and was for a day or two considered in a dangerous condition, but we were glad to

hear yesterday, was improving.

L.W. Reavis of this county has been appointed route agent on the Nashville and

Northwestern Road, vice W.F. Hamton removed, and we learn entered upon the

discharge of his duties yesterday.

April 1, 1881

Dr. W. H. Porter, of Graves Co, Ky, a first-class dentist, and a genial, social gentleman,

has formed a partnership with our townsman, Dr. J. M. (Jerome) Reavis, and they are

prepared to make full or partial sets of teeth and execute all work in the dental line

with promptness and dispatch.

May20, 1892

Lonnie Reavis and wife visited their brother here Sunday.

Weakley County tax List - 1832

John H. Revis 100 acres free people 1 slaves 1

Register Survey Book Vol 2 (Weakley Co ?) p.563

Isaac C. Reavis enters ninety-one acres of land on the middle for of the Obion River,

beginning at the sw corner of an entry in the name of George McPherson. Surveyed 2-02-1834

pg. 754

Elijah W. Revis, enters fifty-eight acres of land … surv June 16, 1846

Revis, Allen mentioned in book Goodspeed Moore Co Tn Civ War

Reavis, Mary Mrs. In Leonard's Hospital, Lewisburg Nov 1896

Marshall Co: D.A. Reavis, Rich Creek Merchant

1850 Bledsoe Co

Revis, David B. 22

Mary 22

Reavis, James M. 57 b NC

Nancy 47 "

Jonathon 18 "

William 17 "

Nancy H. 15 "

Rivis, James L. 29 NC

Intha 24

John H. 5

Hampton 1

1870 Census

Lincoln county

Reavis, Hardy 47 Lynchburg (m/1853 Elizabeth Brown) s/o David

Elizabeth 44

P.T. (Patience) 16

George W. 14

Lucy 9

Ruth (M.F.) 7

Franklin County

Leach, John F. 53

Rebecca (Reavis d/o David) 51

Jessie `16

Gentry 14

Josephine 11

Martha 8

1880 Census

Moore County

Leach, John 60

Becca 58

Misc Reavis/Revis notes from Petersburg

Prepared by 8th grad students of elementary sch 1953

Rives, R. C. and Andy Cummings had first saddle shop (Not ours)

Rives, B. W. one of early merchant

Misc note:

Reavis, Jonathon/Jonson/Jonce married Amande Henley Philpot who was d/o thomas

Henley and Serena Farris..b 1844 d 1938..she m#1 James Courton 1865, #2 William

Philpot..who was shot by John Garner for not shoeing his horse properly!

Spanntown..lg tract of land 3 mi e of Triune, Hartwell Hyde and wife Mary Revis came

to Williamson Co Tn., frm Halifax Co NC with their 11 chn in 1802

Rhea Co Tn James L. Revis note due Sep 20 1875 $41.62

frm Wm Clack Journal

Fam Pedigree Chart: Sarah Ann Byrom d/oHenry Byrom & Mary Cooke

m/Sam Revis d>1905 bur Franklin Co Tn

David-2 land where Quail and Hunt Cabin is nr frm David's

Rev land grant, and used to go all the way backto Duck Creek..

tax and land rec in Shelbyville Library

Misc loose court papers frm Franklin Co Tn

Reavis, James H. 42 yr old 1914 lv Franklin County

Reavis, Matilda "Rilda" m/John Shasteen

Revis, Sonia/sona d/o James Asberry Revis and Anna Smith

Revis, Eli and Thomas lived in Tx 1914..sons of James Asberry Reavis

Reavis, D. 61 yr old in 1889 (David) dau m/William J. Cleek s/o Joseph

Reavis, James H. m/Fannie; lv on Anderson Branch in Franklin Co

Reavis, J. J. 83 yrs old 1914 (Johnson/Jonathon s/o Solomon)

(his niece Carolin and nephew Asbury Reavis)

Reavis, Sarah Caroline married R. N. Jones first cousin to B, J. Byrom m/Sarah Reavis

Bible Rec Bedford County Vol 1 p.149 Smith Bible

James Madison Smith and Ella Mae Head (d/o Newson H Head and Ira Reynolds (Runnels)

grt gr parents: Reynolds, Amzie and Clarass Reavis (1854-1917)

David Reavis 33 yr old killed Civ War

Claressa Brown Reavis 1833-1873 mother of David and Claressa

Bible rec of Andrew D. Bryant

b Mar 1825 Granville NC m#1 SallyWilliams Hill #2 Martha E. Reavis m/Nov 1891

Following info was contained in Bible ref above

Reavis, Samuel J. and Ida R. Bryant m/Nov 1885 (?Vance NC)

(s/o Thomas, s/o Samuel Jones-3, s/o Samuel-2 and Jones)

(moved to Tn ca1897, when d in 1934 Marshall co Tn prom famer and church leader)

Children all born in Vance Co NC

Andrew Bryant Reavis Dec 1886

Thomas Hill reavis Noc 1888

Joseph Patrick Reavis Aug 1890

Isaac H. Reavis Jul 1892

Sallie Daily Reavis Mar 1894

Martha E. Reavis Sep 1897

Reaves Bible records of Mrs. Estil Arnold

Reaves, Isham m/Chaney Coggins

Reaves, William b 1814 Davidson Co NC d 1881 Bedford co Tn Reaves Cem

m/Elizabeth Koonce 1819-1888 Bedford co Tn

Reaves, Sarah b 1842

Reaves, Margaret Jane 1844-1929 Shelbyville Co Tn Willow Mt Cemetery

Reaves, Isham d. 1845-1912 Ca

m/Elizabeth Morgan

Reaves, John 1848-1905

m/Rebecca Morgan

Reaves, Elizabeth 1850-1920 Bedford Co Tn

m/Finis Shofner

Reaves, Priscilla 1852-1870

m/E. J. Woosley

Reaves, Mary B. 1856

Reaves, Chaney G. 1859-1922 Ca

m/Paschel Brown

Reaves, William H. b1861


Data from Moore Co Tn Marriages, Guardianships,and Wills

Revis, S.S. (and Robert Dean and J. M. Byrom) bond $400 St Tn Robert Dean appt

gd Robert Dean of Benjamin H. Dean, minor 6 Jan 1874

Revis, S.S. (and J.M. Byrom and J.L. Holt) bond St Tn $150..

gd S.S. Revis of Jabel M. Ray, minor heir of M.S. Ray and minor heir of dec J. Ray

6 Jan 1874

Revis, S.S. (and W.M.Ray and J.M. Byrom) bond St Tn $500 Oct 1877

W.M. Ray gd of Jas. B. Ray & B.H. Dean, minor heirs at law of est Jabel Ray

Revis, C.M. Will Nov 1905 prob Nov 1905

wife: F.L. Rives

bro: G. M. Rives, Executor and G. M. Rives

wit: R. S. Raby and M. M. Mansfield

Revis, Simeon S. WILL 25 Aug 1898 Prob 08 Apr 1899

wife: Sarah

dau: Sarah Caroline Reavis

son: James Asberry Reavis

wit: John A. Holt and John L. Holt

to dau: James Ivey Deed

Jabel Ray deed

Milton s. Ray deed

Solomon Reavis Heirs deed

my half interest in the"School House Land" situated nr Hurrican Ch House

Tn The Volunteer State

Dr. Jesse Jerome Reavis b Jul 1887 Henderson Co Ky to William L. Reavis and

Laura Broadwell (Wm. L. was born in Ind. His father was Capt Wm Reavis (CW)

and mother Sarah Burton

Goodspeed's - Moore County History

pg 814

"Company c, Fourth Confederate Infantry, was raised by Capt. J. W. Smith, with headquarters

at Ridgeville, and consisted of over 100 men. It joint its regiment at Knoxville in July, 1861. It

was raised wholly within the territory now belonging to Moore County. Capt. Smith has

kindly furnished us the following list of names of members composing his company: James Osborn,

James cobble…and Tom Shasteen - all of whom ere killed in service. And marion Bedford, ….and

Polk Nix- all of whm were wounded. And William Brannon…Allen Revis, A Shasteen…and N.M.

Ivey - all of whom died in the service.

Civil War Pennsion Applicants

Reavis, Elijah R. D 7 Tenn Inf 16-4-1888

K 6 Tenn Inf 10-29-1902 minor Horace R., gdn

Reavis, George E 10 Tenn Inf 21-7-1880

26-10-1909 wid Evaline

Reavis, John J. Tenn C 4 Tenn Mtd Cav 2-10-1889

10-9-1907 wid Louisa C. Mo

Reavis, John P. Ga. F 10 Tenn Inf 11-7-1865 mother Elizabeth

Reavis, Leonidas M. K 6 Tenn Cav 8--27-1885

D 7 Tenn Inf 12-3-1914 wid Sarah E.

Willie L. Tenn 30-8-1914 minor

Reavis, William G. Tenn A 4 Tenn Mid Inf 4-8-1890

18-12-1897 wid Judith F. O.

Revis, Allen died Co C 4th Conf Infantry..Cap J. W. Smith..

Reavis, George Pvt 33rd Tn Inf Co K Obion Co Tn

Reavis, John W. 4th Tn Cav Reg Marshall Co Tn

Civil War:: Rives, James Dandridge. Pct. Light complexion, light hair, blue eyues, 5'5''

Born Lincoln county Mar 1844, attended college at Lynchburg, Ca., At

the outbrreak of the civ War most of his classmates withdrew to join the

armey, he travelled back to Tn. Making speeches as he went, trying to get

men to joint the confederacy. Enr. 29 Apr 1861 at Lynchburg, aged 18;

deserted 12 Aug. 63; sentenced to two years hard labor on fortificationis

by Court Martial for desertion; sentence remitted by Special Order.

After the war he became a Baptist minister and taught school :Also shows James P. ?

(Source unknown)

Soldiers of the Revolution in Bedford County, Tn pg 189

Reavis, David b 1758 d 1852 Bedford Co., Tn. Nr Richmond buried Reavis Graveyard

in unmarked grave, son of Jesse who died in Surry Co., NC and served in Revolution

under General Francis Marion in volunteer unit; David married two times, second time

to Patience, raised 13 sons and 4 daughters to maturity; 1817 moved to Branchville,

Bedford Co., Tn., near Richmond; 6 sons (Solomon, Simeon, John, Johnson, Isaac

Newton, and Hardy) moved with him. Three sons born in Tennessee.


Bedford County-1836 Tax List Dist 19 Reevis, David owned 50 acres

Franklin Co Tn Registers Office, Land Entry Book Vol 1 Apr 1824 May 1831

No 1034 $2.00 200 acres

By virtue of an act of General Assembly of the State of Tennessee passed the twenty second

day of November eighteen hundred and twenty three William Bearden enters two hundred acres

of land in the county of Franklin between Hurricane Creek and the waters of Mulberry Creek and

bounded as follows to-wit "Beginning on a poplar lettered W.B. in the presence of Eli Bearden

and Solomon Reavis the sd. poplar standing on the south side of a branch abt fifty yards off of

sd. branch and abt ninety poles south frm Solomon reavis house sd poplar being a line tree

between Lincoln County and Franklin county….

Bedford County Court Records

Reavis, Absalom, gd. Of Samuel Johnson minor heirs: Mary Jane, Martha, Ann and William

Reavis, John part of grp petitioned Ct to grant them a road frm Richmond to Harts Mill

Revis, Isham, security for G. W. Cunnington who failed to renew his bond for guardian-

ship of William Cortner, minor heir of Levi Cortner, dec'd

Reavis, Moses and Bearden, Wynn; securities for J. c. Coleman, gd of Henry J. and

Joshua R., and W. S. Coleman, his minor children

Reavis, Absalom gd of Nathan Thompson, Phillip thompson, Ann Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, and Ellen Thompson. Jackson Nichols security

Reavis, John late a citizen of Bedford Co., departed this life intestate. James R. Revis,

and William Armstrong and A. Helton, securities.

Reavis, John…family of..Miles Phillips, thomas S. Mays, and John Armstrong to lay off

support to widow and family (of John Reavis/

Reaves, Elizabeth, gd. Of her minor children, Daniel A., Martha e., William C., Rutha C.,

Nancy T., and Solomon L. Reavis. James R. Revis, security

Revis, David May 1836 witness to land deed James J. and Nancy M. Brown, to James


Rives, H. H., gd. For martha J. Rives share Mar 1854 was pd by Thomas W. and Jon W.

admr. Of Samuel Buchanan.

DAR plaque Bedford Co Tn Courthouse

Reavis, Davis and Reavis, John (bros??)

Lincoln Co Ct Rec

Mentions another property adj Samuel Reavis 50 acrew tract nr headwaters of Kelly's

Creek Jan 1828

May 1830 Reavis, Wm. A. and J. G. Reavis wit for deed frm John Weaver and Margaret

Garrett to Jacob Waggoner.

Nov 1833 articles of agreement made between Wm A. Reavis and Jacob Young both of

Lincoln Co. Purchase land and distillery of Lewis Waggoner, wit. E. Reavis

and Ryleight Waggoner (could this be son of David?)

Jan 1848 deed frm James Ivey sold unto Solomon reaves a tract of land in Lincoln Co

and Franklin co on hd waters of east fork of Mulberry Creek, a north branch

of Elk River adj Fox and Solomon Reaves in the name of A. Moore 50 acres

Wit: Solomon Rives and James M. Byron May 5, 1863

Record Book Y p.180 executed by Solomon Reaves, "I solomon Reaves sold unto

Solomon S. (Simeon?) Reaves, 10 acres of land in Lincoln County on the head

waters of the east fork of Mulberry Crk in Dist. #1, Solomon S., Reaves,

Spring Branch Sep 10, 1860

Moore County Chancery Court Loose Records Fil#538

J. J. Reavis 83 in 1914 lv Franklin Co b1831 aka Jonathon s/o Solomon m/cates

James H. Revis 42 in 1914 bca1872 lv Franklin co

Matilda (Rilda) Reavis m/John shasteen bc1879 lv Franklin co

m#2 Ross Skidmore

Sonia Revis m/sherman Ray lv Franklin co b 1888 lv Estill Springs Tn d/o James A.

s/o Simeon , Soloman

Eli Revis lv Tx s/o Sims, s/o Andrew Wm s/o Soloman s/o david s/o Jesse

Thomas Revis lv Tx prob s/o Simeon s/o soloman

David Reavis bc1828 bro lvs nr the cleeks

Izora Jane Reavis m/Wm. J. Cleek s/o Joseph d/o David s/o Solomon s/o David

James H. Reavis m/Fannie; lv on anderson Branch in Franlin County ??

David Revis c: Walter, t. W. 36 in 1905 ??

David Revis vs John Adams, land in CD 11 Moore Co

Index to Mexican War Pension Applications, by B. Wolfe

Reavis, Andrew W. & Lockey

filed in Tn 4-17-1888


Reavis, Simeon s. & Sarah

filed TN 7-22-1887


Reavis, Thomas M

filed Mo 4-27-1887


Others (?): George 1-6-1910, Diemer 7-15-1909; Peter clayton 4-8-1909;

Peter 3-25-1909, LCT J.J. Rives 6-20-1901;

Hx of Mt Lebanon Missioinary Bap Church Farmington, Marshall co Tn

1951 Mrs. Rosie Reavis Harris willed $25 to be used tohave church history printed

and framed, lost in fire, and her brother, Joe Reavis of Nashville, replaced it

Geo. Reavis, Sunday Sch Supvt for 25 yr, died 1904

Geo Reavis, church clerk 1869-1896

Deacons: Newton Reavis 1870, George Reavis 1885

2 May 1844 Rosanna Reavis rec'd in ch by experence

John Reavis Co A 4th Tn Cav CSA killed at Ft Donelson, TnHayes Bible

George Reavis b Apr 18-1841 (d1903)*

Cynthia Evaline Hayes b Febv 14, 1858 (d1913)*

Johnnie Womach Reavis b Dec 4 1876

Rosa Ida Reavis b May 31, 1878

Newton Cary Reavis b Mar 12, 1882

Jimmie Judson Reavis b Mar 12, 1882

Harry Edgar Reavis b Jul 18, 1886\

Tennie (Tennessee) Aetna Reavis b Feb 28-1890

Joe(Joseph) Adams Reavis b Sep 22, 1891

George Reavis m/Sep 26 1875 Cynthia Evaline Hayes

*Cynthis Evaline Hayes d Jul 5, 1913 d/o James Garrett Hayed & Tennessee Caroline Adams

Johnie Reavis d Nov d, 1882

Jimmie Judson Reavis d Nov 16, 1882

*George Reavis d Oct 3, 1903

Eva Reavid d Jul 5, 1913

Newton Carey Reavis d 1930

misc Hiwassee Bap Assoc..Shiloah Church House, Roane co Tn (Franklin co ?)

Apr 1874…representative of Mt. Pleasant Church..Hampton Reavis

Nov 5 1895 Mrs Mary Reavis is in Leonards Hosp at Lewisburg TN

MISC: 1805 Reavis, Robert Davidson Co Tn

1836 Revis, William Fayette co Tn

Tn State Lib Archives: Diaries of Elbert Thomas Reavis 1908-11958

Crocket Co Tn names assoc with Reavis: Daniel (Lucy Reavis m/Simeon Daniel),

Brasfields, Boykins, Young, Riddick and Blankenship..late 1800's



Reavis, Hard (Herdwood)m/1893 Matilda Priest (she d 1960 Lampassas Co Tx)

Reavis, A.M. (Buck) m/1896 Browne Co Tx Mary L. Priest (she d 1947 Burnet Co Tx) ?

(Albert Monroe)

Reaves, Wm Alexander b 1856 Ms m/Nancy Huff lv Coryell Co Tx

Reavis, William P. m Feb 1988 Mrs. Mary Crowder (s.o J.J.)

Reavis, M. E. m/H. V. Coffey Jun 1902

Reavis, Cora m/1906 Jun I. Wade (d/o Geo W.)

Revis, Joseph m/Dec 1845 Galveston Tx Hippilman, Jessina

Reavis, S.M. m/Jun 1882 Bosque Co Tx Laura Andrews

Reavis, Lewis m/Feb 1877 Liberty Co Gertrude Barrow s/o James Bount Reavis

Mamie Reavis m/Howard Yong May 2893 Taylor Co Tx


Reaves, Wm. Franklin b 1831 d Dec 1886 Hays Co Tx

Reavis, Ralph Franklin b Sep 1824 Lexington Mo d Mar 1998 Rockport Tx

Reavis, Dr. Charles M. d 1958 Evergreen Cem LaMarr Co Tx

wife-Mollie d 1961

Reves, Dortha Walter 1988 Evergreen Cem LaMarr Co Tx

Reves, Theodore 1953 "

Reves, Leonard J. 1961 "

Reves, Prentiss A 1997 "

Reves, Sharon 1960 "

Locker Cemetery San Saba Co Tx

Reavis, Elizabeth (Williams ) b 10-7-1826 d 5-8-1908 wife of J.J. Reavis

Reavis, Mary A. b 12-7-1866 d 2-23-1920 (prob 1st wife of Wm.P..Crowder)

m#2 Wm P. Reavis

Reavis, George W. b 9-7-1861 d3-28-1951

Reavis, Oliver H. b 10-24-1891 d 8-7-1910 (s/oGeo.W.)

Reavis, W. P. b 5-7-1855 d 11-2-1921 (s/o James Jackson s/o James ln of JAMES-2)

Agga wife of A. J. Reavis b 2-18-1883 d 2-1-1918 (Andrew s/o Geo W. /Agga Smith))

Mable Reavis Taylor b 7-23-1902 d not listed (d/o Andrew J.)

Lucy E. Reavis b 1876 d 1930 (w/oFrancis Marion)

Francis M. Reavis b 1874 d 1961

Richland Springs Cemetery

Reavis, Doyle D. 1916-1943 WW ! s/o Marshall Eli

Vance Tx Cemetery

Reavis, John Henry Apr 1894-1978

Reavis, Mary J. 1896-1964 (Casey

Reavis, Rosie 1899-1985 (Obryant)

Reavis, Thos. E. -1959

Christian Chapel Cem, Grayson Co Tx

Reavis, Franklin B. 1855-1931

Harriette 1855-1922

Waresville Cemetery, Utopia Tx

Reavis, Lela Leona 1898-1988 (Ferguson)

Reavis, Lillie V. 1897-1973 (Beard)

Reavis, Lena 1908-1991 (Tgalley, Mosley)

Burnet Co, Tx Cemetery Rec

Prairie View Cem

Reavis, Fred W. 1883-1952

Reavis, George 1888-1948

Reavis, Gertrude 1884-1971 (Roundtree)

Reavis, Mary J. 1847-1926

Reavis, Thos H. 1828-1915

Hardin Co Hooks Cemetery

Reavis, Mary S. 1894-1950

Grayson Co Sadler Cemetery

Reavis, Wm Preston 1890-1960

Reavis, Mattie I. Davis 1895-1966

Married 8-15-1913

Hooks Cem, Holden Co ? Mary s. Reavis 1894-1950

Tobey Cemetery

Reavis, A.M. 1869-1961 (Albert Monroe) Buck

Reavis, Alvie S. 1894-1972

Reavis, Bertie 1885-1940

Reavis, Ella 1886-1950 w/o Bertie

Reavis, Harriett 1830-1893 w/o W.H.

Reavis, Haywood 1872-1958

Reavis, Herd 1872-1949 (Herdwood)

Reavis, Ily H. 1895-1957 (WWI..Tx Pvt Co E 3)

Reavis, J. W. 1854-1934

Reavis, John A. 1898=1958

Reavis, John H. 1893-1963

Reavis, Reavis, Liza 1876-1947 (w/o a.M./Buck)

Reavis, M. Elizabeth 1876-1957 (w/oHaywood)

Reavis, Matilda` 1874-1960 (w/o Herd)

Reavis, N.T. Mrs. 1866-1930 (w/o J.W. Reavis)

Reavis, Ollie Harriet 1897-1919

Reavis, W. H. 1822-1885 (father of Buck, Herd and Haywood/triplets)

Bee House Cemetery, Bee House, Coryell Co Tx

Thomas Jefferson Parks Reavis 1830-1903

Misc Reavis

Andrew 1880-1968 Sab Angelo

Cecil 1896-1971 Wheeler Co

Dewey 1898-1980 Jefferson/Beaumont

Dimmie 1895-1986 Shermon/Grayson

Emma 1884-1971 Florence/Williamson

Fred 1895-1973 Fort Worth

Gussie 1895-1981

Jessie `884-1967 Doisetta/Liberty

John 1878-1967 Heath/Rockwell

John 1885-1971 Houston

John 1888-1963

John 1894-1978 Vance/Edwards

Leland 1886-1966 Coolage/Pima

Martha 1853-1936 Ellis co Tx (m#1 Geaslin #2 Moxley)

Mary 1895-1975 Latex/Panola

Minnie 1878-1982 Cherokee/San Sa a

Minnie 1892-1984 Memphis/Shelby

Ruby 1894-1989 Richland Springs

William 1898-1979 Dallas

Wilton 1887-1982(Col) (Wilson?)

Zora 1897-1982 Hockley/Harris

Polk County: James P. Reavis

1840: D.W. Reavis Houston County

Joseph Revis Galveston County

1850 Cass Co Tx

Reavis, William 26 b NC

Harriet 20 (Ellis)

Lucy Ann 1

1850 ? Smith Co Tx

Reaves, Stephen 33 lawyer

Georgia 24, Texana 2

1860 Liberty Co Tx

Reavis, James Blunt pg 312 b NC wife Fannie Fowler b La ?

Lewis W. 1850, John M. 1851, Francis Elizabeth 1853, Benjamin f. 1854,

James Pinkney 1856, Marie Zelphia 1859, Hannah 1860(>Jefferson D. 1861)

Jefferson Davis 1861-1914 Tx m/1884 Mary Spillers

chn: Lerah Nora 1887-1966 m/1905 Edw L. Minter

John Reavis 1885-1971 m/1923 Hannah Seibold, Donal Dale (f) 1889-1959

m/1921 James B. Jordan, Carson Arthur 1891961 m/1913 Gussie LaNorman

Iris Beatrice 1891 m/1916 Henry Glaze.

1870 Coryell Co Tx

Reaves, Denver 31 b Tx

Reavis, Genett 2 mos Tx

Irena 15 Ga

John P. 13 Ga

Leander J. 21 Ga

Nancy M. 35 Ga

Thomas J.P. 17 Ga

Thos 50 Ga

1880 Bell Co Tx

Reavis, Wm. H. 59 b Tn (Wm Harold s/o Wm Whitfield-3, s/o Samuel-2)

Harriet 48 b Tn (Ellis)

Sallie Jane 15 b Tx

Fannie 14 b Tx

Luilla V. 11 (Lilllan Virginia)

Monroe 11 (Albert Monroe)

Hall 8 (Haywood)

Hurd 8 (Herdwood)

Haywood 8 (Harolwood)

1884 Coryell Co Tx Tax list

Reavis, T.J.P. 160 acres

Reavis, T.J.P. 40 acres

Reavis, J.H. 50 acres

Reavis L.J. 50 acres

1880 census index

Thomas H. Williamson Co

William Leon Co

William Hill co

Edward Hill Co

Alexander Collin Co

Louis Chambers Co

William and Sallie Bell Co

1880 Coryell Co Tx

Reavis, Thomas P. 51 b Ga

Nancy M. 35 b Ga

Lee Andrew 21 b Ga

Thomas J.P. 17 b Ga

Louena Nancy 15 b Ga

John P. 13 b Ga

Jenetta 12 b Ga

1900 Bell County Tx

Revis, Haywood H. b Oct 1873 Tx

Martha C. 1877

Cora F. Sep 1894 (Cora E.?)

Orion H. Jul 1896

Sarah G. Dec 1897

Earl S Dec 1899

Reavis, Heard Oct 1827 (Herdwood)

Tiff Feb 1874

Alvis Aug 1894

1900 San Saba Census

Reavis, William, hd b1858 m 1 yr Farm frm Al both parents Al (s/o JJ)

Mary (Crowder) b 1862 no chn this marr

Reavis, Elizabeth dau b 1878 Tn

Reavis, Andrew J. b 1880 Tn

Reavis, Saml A. bJun 1875 26 Al (1910 was in Uvalde Co prob s/o JJ)

1910 San Saba Census

Reavis, William P. 54

Reavis, George W. 49 b al

Mary 43 b Tn

Mattie 19 bArk

Oliver H. 18 b Ark

Marshall E. 14 b Ark

Lillie M.D. 9 b Tx

1920 San Saba Census

Reavis, Andrew J. 41 b Tn (s/oWm.P., s/o JJ)

(Agga) Vallie 27 b Tx

Mable 17 b Tx

Clide W. 14 b Tx

Revis, George W. 59 b Al

Mary 52 b Tn

Reavis, William P. 64 b Al

Uvalde Co 1910 Samuel x/o JJ ?

Misc data

1870's family of J.J. Reavis and Elizabeth Williams removed to Locker, Tx frm Al (prob via

Tn and Ark first) JJ & Eliz div in Tn..may have remarried M.E. Devais ? 1874 Wayne Co Tn

San Saba WW Vets..San Saba Star Newspaper

Reavis, Marshall Eli age 22 occu Barber enl in duc June 25, 1918

The Call of the San Saba

Uncle Billy Reavis, a farmer..among early Locker Settlers..rev sev orp chn

Mrs. Doyle Reavis added to Extension Service Work in San Saba Co 1937

San Saba County History 1856-1983

Marshall Reavis and family..m/Ruby Orr 1911 dau Jewel b 1914…son Doyle b 1916

parents: George W. Reavis and Mary Elizabeth Marshall

sisters: Cora, Mattie and Lillie

bro Oliver

San Saba News and Star Newspaper..Oct 28 1943, "Word was received here last Friday

by Mrs. Doyle Reavis, that her husband, Tech-Sergeant Doyle Reavis, 27, flight engineer

on a Flying Fortress in the European area, has been missing in action since October 8.

Reavis is the son of Mr and Mrs Marshall Reavis and a brother of Mrs. Elmer Deres of

San Antonio." Line Edw-1, James-2, Edward-3, James Jackson-4, George W.-5, Marshall-6

Reaves, Finton Monroe b1860 Tx

m/Mary Cleghorn

Reavis, Marshall W. m/1901 LizzieBarnes/ Baines son Carroll G. (sev wives one was Ms. Pressy)

this is ln of Jesse Marshall

Leon Co Tx William A. and Julia(Hinkle) to Tx frm Al ca1860 (he Dr & Dentist)

s/o Edward and Doyle, Eliz and his bro also Wm ?

Stephens Co Tx, Crystal Falls

Post Office granted to Joseph C. Reavis 1877

Land Rec

Liberty Co J.P. Reavis

Sommervell Co James B. Reavis

Polk Co James P Reavis

Johnson Co J. G Reavis

Coryell Co J. H. Reavis & J.A., James A.

Leon County Wilson O Reavis

W. A. Reavis

Bosque Co Steve Revis

Bandera Co L.H. Reavis 86-1754 Ben's fam

Bandera Co J. Reavis #1894 x 2 "

Terrell Co W.H.Reavis

Real Co T and S Reavis (TJP & Sally)

Stephen Co J.C. Reavis

Cabell Cem Alvardo, Johnson Co Tx

Revis Wm. B. Aug 1903 Sep 1965

Revis, Mary T. Jul 1905 May 1985

Tx tombstone: William B. Revis 1903-1965 and Mary T. Revis 1905-1985

Cahill Cem, Alvarado, Johnson co Tx

Sturdivant Cem ?? Reaves, John 1829-1906 wife Anna Jane

Confed pension app….W.J. Reavis #12530 Leon Co Tx

Reavis, Sam bca1896 Terrell, Tx

Reavis, John Henry/Henerey b Apr 1894 Vance Tx

Confederate Pension Application: W. J. Reavis #12530 Leon Co Tx

Reavis, James Blount/Blunt m/Fannie Fowler he died 1867 Liberty co Tx

1860 Liberty Co Tx census

Lewis Washington m/Gertrude Barrow 1877 Lib Co Tx

John M. bc1851

Frances Elizabeth bc1853

James Pinckney bc1856

Marie Zelphi bc1859

Hannah bc1860

Jefferson Davis bc1861

m/1885 Mary Alice Moor

chn: Earl O'Neal 1884-1966 (or b 1894)

m/1914 Baytown, Tx Mary Spillers 1895-1950

7 daus ?? one was Dorothy 1892=1972 m/John Louis Ladd 1916

Lerah Nora 1887-1966 m/1905 Edw Lee Minter

John 1885-1971 m/1923 Hannah Seibold

Doral Dale (f) 1889-1959 m/1912 J.B. Jordan

Carson Arthur 1891-1961 m/1913 Gussie LaNorman

Iris Beatrice b 1891 m/1916 Henry L. Glaze

Reavis, Lillie Viola b 1897 Utopia Tx m/1930 Utopia Tx John Beard

d/o A.J. and Melvina R. Weed Reavis


Henrico Parish, St Johns Church..has Rivis Records!! No Reves/Revis no Reavis

Deed Books of Brunswick Co Va

DB3-318 May 1747 Between Samuel Clark of Brunswick County and John Peeble

of same…….formerly Thomas Rivis' land…..

DB/245 1746 Rives, Thomas and son George of St Andrews Parish

DB3/307 Rives, Joseph; indenture proved by his oath

DB3/320 Reavis, Edward, witness and oath for John Moore of Northampton Co NC

and William Walker of Va Witnesses: Thomas Clanton, Allen, Richard Moore

Re est Thomas Reeves of Spotsylvania co Va Re Slaves

DB3/245 Nov 1746 Reavis, Thomas and sonGeorge and George's wife Sarah of Bruns-

wick Co., Va.

DB3/26 1746 Rives, Timothy and Benjamin Rives

DB3/325 Rives, Thomas

DB3/245 Rives, Thomas

DB3/261 Reeves, Benjamin of Prince George Co Va and George Rieves and wife

Sarah of Brunswick; land of WilliamRieves deceased of Prince George co., Va.

DB3/267 Mar 1746 Rives, Benjamin of Prince George Co., Va and Timothy Rives of

Brunswick witnesses: Benjamin and George Rives

DB/302 Reavis, Joseph

DB3/320 Mar 1747 Revis, Edward…oath/receipt/witness

DB3/476 Jul 1747 Aug 1748 Thomas Clanton of St Andrews Parish, Brunswick Co Va

and Wm Brownof Surry Co NC 855 acres Pea Hill Crk…grant Thomas clanton son and heir/Revis deed?

DB3/389 Oct 1747 Rives, Timothy and George Wyche

DB3/411 May 1748 Rives, George and wife Mary (note first wife was Sarah) of North-

ampton Co NC 50 acres and James parham of Brunswick co., Va

DB3/510 Rives, Foster(there is that name again!), George, Thomas

DB3/511 Reeves, George, Rives, Timoth, Reeves,Thomas

**note the diff sp of Reavis, sometimes in same document!!

DB6/6 Rieves, John of Brunswick Co. Va

DB6/151 May 1757 Reaves, Thomas and son Herman

DB6/6 June 1755 Rieves, John

Mar 1746 Rieves, Benjamin, George and his wife Sarah

DB6/430 Rieves, Frederick

DB6/6 July 1755 Rieves, John 175 acres to Russell

DB6/239 May 1756 Rieves, Timothy and George

DB? Pg 411 May 1748 Rives, George 50 acres St Andrews Parish, Brunswick co Va

of Northampton co NC and wife Mary land south side of Nottoway

DB6/151 Mar 1757 Reaves, Thomas and George

DB5/269 Reavis, William witness Sep 1752

Rieves, John Jan 1755 Brunswick Co Va

Oct 1759 Surry Co Va 72 Acres southside of Fountain Rives, George , Rives, Foster

ditto 60 acres southside of Maherrin River Rives, Foster

' 200 acres Great Swamp Rives, Timothy

DB3/247 John Person, Dec'd of Surry co Va grant 520 acres to John Person of Isle of

Wight Co Va heir at law **Capt. John Person was named executor of est by

Edward Reavis 1750 NC

DB6/325 Feb 1759 land of southside of Nottoway River..and lying across Sussex Co adj

Mill..adj land of REAVES…wit/John Daniel


Prince George County Va

Apr 1788 Rives, William and Elizabeth Baugh

Dec 1789 Rives, Briggs, and Ann Cureton

Sussex County

Jan 1762 Rives, George and Sarah Eldridge

Feb 1763 Rives, Judith and Thomas Blunt

Jun 1775 Rives, William and Elizabeth Vaughan

Feb 1780 Rives, William and Jemima Heath

Jan 1790 Rives, Sarah and Thomas Eldridge

1759 Rives, Christoper and Elizabeth Mason

1762 Rives, George and Sarah d/o Thomas Dldridge

1763 Rives, Timothy and Ms. Binns d/o Martin Binns

1780 Rives, Selah and Thomas Heath

Rives, Timothy and Catherine widow of Barker

Rives, Timothy and Rebecca Mason

Rives, William and Gemima Heath d/o Wm Heath

x 1763cFeb Rieves, Timothy and Mrs. Catherine Barker

Surry Co Va

Rives, Judith m/John Johnes

Elizabeth bc1733 m/WilliamCampt..she is d/o Judith and lv in

Rutherford Co NC

Brunswick County

Reavis, Isaac and Hannah Wallace Oct 1784

x Rieves, Betty and Rosser, David Nov 1778

x Rieves, Thomas and Gee, Susanna Sep 1783

x Rieves, Benjamin and Mrs. Bertha Rosser May 1791

Luenburg County

1792 Reaves, Peter and Ann Tucker

Franklin county

x Rieves, Phoebe and Still, Murphy Jul 1795

Greensville County

x Rieves, Winney and Hinton James Dec 1786

x Rieves, John and Perry, Mourning Nov 1799

Patrick County

x Rieves, Anny and Turner, James Dec 1796


Reeves, George, 1689 Va Will Principal Probate Registry

wife Anne, mentions Charles and George /Merchant

Rives: William 1788 Willbook C 1772-1781 Sussex Co Va

William 1787 Accts Rec 11 Prince George co Va

Reeves: Henry 1729 Essex Co Va

\ Henry 1745 " (wife Jochebed with child, sons Henry, Grewer, John, dau/Mary)

Henry 1687 "

John 1737 "

Joseph 1717 "

Joseph 1783 "

James 1707 "

James 1762 "

Samuel 1730 "

Sarah 1739 "

Thomas 1760 Spotsylvania Co

William 1760 "

Joseph, Jr will May 12, 1745 rec Jul 18, 1745

(bro James, dau Susanna wife, Frances)

Patience Gatewood 1745 bro Geo Reves..dau Sarah, Elizabeth and Patience

Rieves, Rives:

Frances 1770 Sussex Co

Benjamin 1791 Greensville Co

Christopher 1771 Brunswick Co Sussex Co


George 1775 Brunswick Co

Reeves, Rives

Betsy/Elizabeth 1711 Essex Co

George 1754 Caroline Co and Spotsylvania co Records

Reaves, Elizabeth…..named in her father's will, William Street

"The Annals and History of Henrico Parish Diocese of Virginia" by Moore

18 July 1776

To children of my son Richard Street, dec'd 1 shilling

To daughter Elizabeth Reaves, one little book "Advice to Communicants"

To daughter Rachel Hubbard, 1 shilling

To son William, 1 small book "Addisons's Evidence"

To son Anthony, two books "Divine Conduct" and "Spiritual Warefare"



Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Va

Rives, Eliza Jane Relict of the late Francis e. Rives b Suxxes d Petersburg

Rives, Mary Louisa Dec 1845 Jan 1915

Rives, Nannie Peyton Aug 1844 Mar 1925

Rives, Timothy s/o Dr. Geo Rives 1855-192?

Nuckolls Cem in GraysonCo Va

Reaves, Alexander and wife Padgett ( prob not our Reavis family0

Reaves, John (bro of Alexander)

VA Bible Records

Byrom Bible 1778-1907 of Essex Co Va other names, Arnold, Fariss, Revis

Madison Bible 1768-1912 names: Burnett, Fulks, Martin, Reaves, Shelly, Williams

Reaves Bible 1764-1888 names: Barbrey, Cox, Craddock, Darden, Duncan, McPhail

Parkes and Sneed

Reaves Bible 1837-1920 Halifax Co names: Cheney, Shelton, Sparrow, Vaughan

VA Misc Records

1683 Rieves, Nicholas lawsuit pg 5 pub records

1704-5 Rives, Alexander…named in will of Wm. Freshwater

1671 Rives, Charles Port Books/Port of London

1677 Rives, Charles..Merchand

1764-5 Rives, Ricahrd, Master of Ship Griffin Port Books Port of London

1788 Augusta Co Order Bk 18 Reeves, Samauel..counterfeiting..disch'g

1779 Augusta Co Order Bk 17 Reeves, Thomas 1780 no inhabitant

1704 Va Rent Rolls

Reeves, James Essex Co

Thomas Isle of Wight co

Revis, William James city Co

Rivis, Thomas was unable to write; his son George (who later lv Northampton Co NC

was fatherinlaw to Gen James Robertson

1766 Sussex Co Geo Rieves wit will John Tatan

1750 Luenburg Co Benjamin Reaves

1746 Prince George Co Rieves, Benjamin

1746 Brunswick co timothy Rieves

1783 Mecklenburg Co Elizaabeth Reaves claims John Archer father of her child

1767 Pittsylvania Co Frederick Rives and negro Phillis

Early Reavis/Reaves/Reeves/Rives/Rivis/Revis//to America Dateline

1635 Reeves, Edward Merchant; Port of London Books, Va

Charles " ditto

1652 Ryves, William chg'd name to Rives by proclamation…or something..officially

wife Elizabeth sons: George, Robert, John, Timothy, poss William

(Timothy had a son William..some confusion)

1654-63 Reeves, Edward Passenger Departures frm Bristol, Eng and other sources

1663 Rives, William immigrant Surry Co Va..may be same as William 1652

1671 Rives, Edward transported by Capt Josia Pickes

1671 Rives, Edward…Ship Passenger..convict pleading transportation

1675 Rivis, Edward and William Ashley of Paddington (outside of London) prisoner

of Newgate transported/Barbados/Va

1683 Rieves, Nathaniel; James City County Va VA St Archives SR10883 pg5

1683-1745 Rives, William married Elizabeth d/o Benjamin Foster (thus the Foster given name?)

1686 Reeves, Henry, Sr. Will Rappahannock

wife Elizabeth, chn: Henry, Jr, James, Joseph, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Martha, Mary and Ann

1691 Revis, Eliza Va Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstr of land patents and grants in Va

1695 Rives, William; Surry Co Tax List as free man (Indentured to Scarborough)

1704 Va Rent Rolls

Reeves, James and Joseph Essex Co

Reeves, Thomas Isle of Wight Co

Revis, William James City Co1705-1774 Rives, Banjamin

1710-1772 Rives, Timothy married Hester

1715-1745 ca Reavis, Edward married Hannah Alley

birth of chn: Edward, Jr., Agnes, James, Samuel, Joseph, Thomas, Wm

1723 Reavis, Edward and Thomas Alley, Royal Grant of 400 acres Henrico Co..for 30 shillings

and transportation of 2 persons, Sarah Mullinax and James Grigg

1729 Henrico Co Deed Book pg 242-4

Edward Revis of County and Parish of Henrico to Thomas Alley of same. Whereas

said Edward and Thomas are both seized of 400 acres as by Patent 5 Sept 1723, they

agree to division.

Wit: George Paynes,Pierre Louis Soblet

s/Edward Revis, thomas A. Alley

Recorded 1st Monday Aug

Hannah wife of Edward and Frances wif of Thomas relinquish their Dower Rights.

1730 Rives, John married <1763 Elizabeth d/o William Fox

1730 ca Reavis, Edward married Sarah Gilliam

son Jesse born 1735, poss 2 dau born in Va

1760 Rives, Wm, Esq m/Lucy d/o Peter Wyche and Alice Scott (d1783 Camden Dist SC)

1675 Revis, Thomas Dec 25 passenger Elizabeth and Mary..bound frm London to NY

1718 Rivis, Robert to Md

Original Lists -Persons of Quality

Register of the names of all ye passinger wch passed frm ye port of longdon fro

an whole year ending at xpmas 1635

Jo. Reeves

List of the Livinge and dead in Va Febr. 16th 1623

John Reeves

Ashley, John

1669 Lancaster Co

1726 spotsylvania Co

1735 Orange co

Ashley, christopher 1640-1656 Nansemond Co Va

Reaves, John - transpor 1650 by Lawrence Peter..Nansemond co Va

Note: Ships arrived at Henrico


George Rives

Col. Willliam b1683 Va d 1746 PGC Va

m/Elizabeth Foster

chn: William, Benjamin, Mary, Timothy, William, George and Robert

1830 Campbell Co Va Revis, Wm pg335

1830 Halifax Co Va Revis, Daniel p.432

1830 Halifax Co Va Revis, Jessee p.432

Michael p.431

Peter p.431

1830 Nelson Co Va Revis, Phebe p.252

1850 Nothumberland Co Va Reavis, John p.357

1860 Grayson Co Va Revis, John p.060

Sandy p.071

1870 Grayson Co Va Reavis, Caswell p.201

Frances p.201

Jane L p.201

James p.211

John p.201

Rosamond p.211

1870 Franklin Co Va Aimistead p.422

Grayson Co Va

1860 Lundy Reavis age 32

1870 John Reavis 48 Miller b NC

1870 Alexander 42 Mechanic b NC

1870 James 41 farmer b NC

1870 Grayson Co Va Census

#222 Reavis, Alexander 42 b NC s/o Sam & Wilkins

Mary M. 42

Nancy 11

Alexander 5

charles -1-

The Reavis family moved to Grayson Co Va frm Yadkinville NC abt 1800 built a

gristmill later a flour mill and machine shop nr Hampton's Cross Roads (Baywood) the lo-

cation was know as Reavistown and no passed over by Hwy 58. The Reavis family men were

outstanding machinists, ironworkers and riflesmiths. They made bomb detonators/fuses for the

confederate Army , Geo and Sandy Reavis went to Wytheville and made guns for the Southern cause.

After the war they rendered outstanding serv for the people of eastern Grayson co.

#369 Reavis, James 41 b NC s/o ?? Jesse Marshall

Rosamond 21 b NC (could be dau)

Welsey 15

Stephen 14

Joshua 9

James 7

William 4

Alexander 2 mos b Apr 1870

(there was a John Porter age 22, Rosanna 20, Thos 2 same census..Jesse Marshall also

named a son John PorterReavis ???)

Reavis, John 48 b NC Miller s/o Samuel and Wilkins

Frances (Harbin) 48

Caswell 21 Miller

Jane L. 24

Perry A. 15

William H. 12

Cena 9 (Senia Lola)

Mary M. 3

Ballard Cemetery nr Pigah Church Grayson Co Va

Reavis, William Jackson May 1878- Mar 1961

s/o Perry Anderson Reavis and Asenath Cynthia David

Reavis, Lillie Queen Victoria (Caldwell) Apr 1886-Nov 1951

d/o Sallie A (Leonard) Caldwell



VA Volunteers Muster Rolls 1917-1920

Blue Ridge Guards-Galax, Grayson CoVa

2d Lt. Chas. A. Reavis

C.A. Reavis

A. Reavis

Misc States


Montana, North Dakota, Maryland, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa,Kentucky Fl


Porterville Ca deaths

Reavis, Clara 89 yrs d 1989

Reavis, Howard d 1984??

Reavis, Leo c. 65 1987

Reavis, Walter L. 89 1988

Reavis, Cerel Earl 33 1951 b OK wife Letha Hillcrest Cem Tulare Co

Reavis, Charles 30 1889

Reavis, James Ogden 69 1970 Home of Peace Cem

Reavis, Jay C. 58 1952 b 1869 Mo?? Hillcrest Cem Tulare Co Ca

Reavis, Mrs. Thos. B. 82 1941

Revis, Mrs. Marie 89 1978 w/o James Ogden 1889-1978 Home of Peace Cem

Hillcrest Cemetery, Tulare County

Reaves, James M. b1885 Calhoun Co Ms d 1978

Peace Cemtery Tulare Co Ca

Reavis, James Ogden b1901 d 1979 wife Marie

Reavis, Marie Stewart Lumley 1889-1978

Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery

Reavis, Elva M. 1900-1967

Reavis, H. Clay, Sr. 1895-1978

Visalia Cemetery

Reavis, Thomas LeRoy

Reavis, Charles (frm Mo)

1878 Colusa Co. Ca

Reavis, John

Porterville, deaths

Reaves, Robert 85 d 1991

Reaves, Edward 66 d 1983 b 1916

Reavies, Lorene 62 1985

Berry James 78 1956 (b1878 Mo)

1870 Butte Co p.031 Revis, David

1860 Los Angeles co p.277 Revis, e. M.

1850 Tuolumne co p.165 Revis, Francek

Biog Hx of N. Calif

Reavis, D. M. pg 497


1880 Yavapai Co p.457 Reavis, Wm. H.

1880 Maricopa Co Phoenix 085 Reavis, Wm H.

1900 Scott Co Reavis, Jasper

1920 ditto Reavis, Walter H.


1870 Lemhi Co p.122 Revis, N. Salmon River Mining

Lincoln County WW 1 Registration

Reavis, Leavitt W. b Jan 1877 Washington

Reavis, William Pearce January b1884

Midvale, Idaho..Eastside Cemetery


Albert M. d Mar 1908 parents Jonathan and Elizabeth Ellen Carlyle

Alexander B. bc 1866 d Dec 1897 s/o ditto

Robert S. bc 1856 d Oct 1930 s/o ditto

Mary Ellen d Sep 1951 (92 ) w/o Robert S. Reavis

Elizabeth E(llen) d Dec 1906 (65) w/o Jonathon Hampton Reavis

Jonathon H. d Feb 1914 81 yr old s/o Morgan-4, James-3, James-2******

John H. (J?) c1863-Feb1934 prob s/o Jonathon

Isobel E. d Mar 1917 52 w/o Charles T s/o Jonathon

William P. c1894-Sep 1955 prob s/o Robert S

Floyd E. c1896-1918 prob s/o Charles T.

Frances J. on 1910 census 42 yr old d 1930 (wid of John J?)

1910 Washington Co

284 William P. 26

Robert S. 54

Mary M. 51

Joseph 14

John 45

Gilbert 11

Daniel 8

Frank 5

289 Marion 13

Mable 25

Louis 9

Norris 11

Roy R. 19

Thelma 3

?? Mattie 28

Frances J.`` 42

Washington County 1910

289 Floyd E. 15

Charles T. 51

Benjamin C. 6

Belle E. 45

284 Donald W. 8

Chester S. 4

Annie L. 18

Amy E. 16

Canyon County 1910

Jonathan H. 78

*Chancely, Gilliam m/Josephine Reavis


Reavis, John J. m/Harris, Frances Dec 1886 Wash Co Id

Reavis, Ernest Leroy m/Teeter, Clara Aug 1917 Id


Ebenezeer Cem. Castor-Bienville Parish

Reavis, E. T. 1876-1922 Eulo Thomas, s/o James Asberry, 6, Simeon Sol 5 Sol-4

Reid, Hattie Reavis 1911 1935


1860 Reavis, E. Arapahoe Co Ks p.715

1870 Revis, Wm L. Shawnee co Ks pg160

Vet Span/Amer Was Reavis, Alonzo Dixon Miami Co

Cowley County Heritage Book

Reavis, Myrtle (Hammer) pg 185

Anthony, Harper co Ks..?1885

Reaves, N. H., painter

Nora, Wilson, Sarah, and Ralph


Reavis, Chester Feb 1893 Dec 1969

Reavis, Ernest Oct 1899 Nov 1971

Reavis, Harvy May 1894 Sep 1966

Reavis, James Nov 1891 Nov 1966

Pottawatomie Cemetery ..Havensville City Cem

James W. Reavis 1891-1966

Cora I. Reavis 1942-1943

Westmoreland Cem

Reavis, Harvey A. 1894-1966

Reavis, Viola 1922-18=985


Lawrence Co

Wilson W. Reavis m/1820 Nancy Davidson

Tippah Co.

Revis. W. S. and Mary Ellison Jan 1859

Reaves, Cynda m/ Nov 1894 P. H. Smith

Reaves, Eda m/Jan 1868 Wall, Andrew

Reaves, J. A. m/Nov 1888 J. E. Hall

Reaves, J. C. m/Jul 1859 Minter, Joseph

Reaves, J. D. m/Dec 1892 Thomas, E. C.

Reaves, J. E. m/Jan 1877 Nance, W. T.

Reaves, J.M. m/Jan 1898 Stanford, Dora

Reaves, Janie m/Jan 1896 Stewart, T. U.

Reavis, Jesse m/Dec 1897 Walker, Baman

Reaves, L. S. m1863 Rupe, R. C.

Reavis, Louis m/Dec 1866 Peterson, Louisa

Reaves, Louisa m/Jan 1868 Morehead, W. H.

Reaves, M. A. m/1861 Hall, J. C.

Reaves, M.E. m/Aug 1873 David, J. D.

Reaves, Martha m/Dec 1872 Freeman, Beverly

Reaves, Payton m/Dec 1867 McDonald, Minerva

Reaves, R. m/Dec 1859 Brownlee, Wm.

Reaves, R. C. m/Jan 1867 Spencer, Malinda

Reves, Elizabeth m/Aug 1867 Hunter, Monroe


Tumwater, Masonic Memorial Park

Reavis, James B. d 1912 ae 65 b1847

1880 p 345 Klickitat Co/Goldendale Village

Reavis, J. B.

Walla Walla County 1890 Vet Sched Dist 7 p.003

Reaves, Bettie N Widow

Reaves, Mark L. Deceased

(1833-c1898 s/o Marcus Overton)

1900 Fed Walla Walla Census

Reavis, David Barton (Judge)


FALLS CITY/Pioneer Story DAR Thyrza Reavis and George Roy

migration frm Avon Il to Falls City, Ne


Reavis, Samuel Herbert b Feb 1900 Chappell

Reavis, Virgil Doyle b Aug 1897 Iowa


Book History of Merrick County, Ne Reavis pg 181


V-9 Marriage Rec 1861 Reavis, Sarah and Griffith, Osman Falls City

V-10 ditto 1864 Reavis, Isham and Annie Dorrington Falls City

V-10 Index of Names///Reavis p 9 & 50

Compendium of Hist, Reminiscence & Biography of Nebraska 1912

pg. (59 &* 65) I. Reavis (Isham)

Legislature met Jan 1869, members of the senate were: Isham Reavis 4th Dist

(Pawnee, Gage, Saline, Lancaster)

Members of Legislature 1866-1910 Isham Reavis Nemaha County Session 5

Garden County, Ne Draft Registration

Reavis, Sam Herbert b Feb 1900

Reavis, Virgil Doyle Aug 1897

both lv chappell, Neb

1860 Falls City, Richardson Co Ne

Reavis, C.D. 30

Sarah 25

` Isham 7

John W. 4

Nancy 1

Isham 24 Attorney

Armstrong, Saul 21

The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogic Record (no longer published..order frm

Neb St Hx Soc P O Box 82554, Lincoln, Ne 68501


IX pg 9 & 50

XII pg 9

XVI pg 22

1917 Draft Richardson Co: Reavis, Frank, Jr and Reavis, David D. Jr

WWI Roll of Honor: Joseph c. Reavis

History of the American Congress 1774-1949 p.1723

REAVIS, CHARLES FRANK, a Representative from Nebraska, born in Falls City,

Richardson County, Nebr., Sept 5, 1870, attended the public schools and Northwestern

University, Evanston, Ill.; studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1892 and commenced

practice in Falls City, prosecuting attorney of Richardson County 1894-1896, elected as a

Republican to the Sixty-fourth and to the three succeeding Congresses and served from

March 4, 1915 to Jun 3, 1922, when he resigned, appointed in June 1922 special

assistance to the Attorney General in the prosecution of so-called war fraud cases and

served until June 1, 1924, moved to Lincoln, Nebr., in 1924 and continued the prac-

tice of law, died in Lincoln, Nebr., Mary 26, 1932, interment in Steele Cemetery,

Falls City, Nebr.


Umatilla County- Milton Freewater 100 F Cemetery

Reavis, L.W. 17 Nov 1909 age 65 bc1844

Bethany Cemetery, Marion County

Reavis, A.T. 1837-1919

Union County-Dr. L. D. Reavis of LaGrande d May 1906 Wed

frm the Elgin Recorder 5-11-1906

WWI vet Wallowa, Ore-Herbert Reavis Navy

Deaths SS

Reavis, David Nov 1894 Feb 1969

Revis, Jess 1893-1982

Revis, Paul 1895-1972

Wallowa Co Or..

Reavis, Herber and Rita Warnock

Reavis, James and Jennie Wade

Reavis, James L.

Reavis, Laurence and Lucy Owenby

Reavis, Lewis D. and emma Porter

Reavis, Marvelle and McCrae

Reavis, Maurice and Evelyn\Minnia A

Reavis, Raymon

Reavis, Thomas albert and Ida Durks

Reavis, Wm Perry and Mary Smith

Reavis, Anna (Smith)

Reavis, Charlotte

Reavis, Claude

Reavis, Dave

Reavis, David

Reavis, Judge David Barton

m/Sarah Elizabeth Lee

chn: Alice m/Wheeler

Gilbert Shore



Lewis d.

Mary L. m/Wade

Thomas Albert

William Perry

Reavis, David B. II m/India Ault and Peggy Mann

Reavis, Frank m/Anna Smith son Herbert

Reavis, Gilbert Shore

m/Mattie Johnson

chn: David B., Lizzie Lee, Bertha m/Johnson, Alice m/Howell, Claude m/Howard,


1900 Wallowa Census

Reavis, David May 1859 Mo

Ida Jan 1874 Tx

Susy Oct 1898 Or

Reavis, Frank Oct 1857 Mo

Anna (Smith?) Jun 1872 Or

Emerson Nov 1898 Or

Herbert Apr 1900 Ore

Marion Co Oregon, Bethany Cemetery Reavis A. 1837-1919



Evergreen Cemetery-Colorado Spgs

Reaves, Lucy Frances 1868-1945

Reavis, David H. 1956- (or d 1956)


1850 Reavis, David C.

1885 ditto

Montrose Co Col

David Carter Reavis b Sep 1850 Bowling Green, Warren Co Ky

m/Arabella/Belle Roatcap


James harry Reavis b Jul 1886 Montrose co

John Mann Reavis b Dec 1883 ditto

Lavon May b Oct 1880 Jefferson co

Maggie Fern b Sep 1891 Montrose Co

Nora Ann b Jan 1879 Jefferson Col

Walter David b Jul 1889 Montrose Co

David L. Reavis b Feb 1899 San Miguel Co

Archuleta Co Col…Hilltop Cemeetery

Reavis, J. Edward 1902-1904

Reavis, Pearl 1879-1920

Reavis, Thomas S. 1871-1932

St Cem ? Delta Co Col

Reavis, David C. 1885

married: Archuleta co Co..Thos S. Reavis ad Pearl Pargin Nov 1900



WW I Draft Cards

Reavis, Jesse Virgil(ie) bAug 1895 Lv Pomeroy, Wa


In The Land Of The Chinook….Reavis, Old Man

Bur of Land Mang

Reavis, Fred w. 1915

Reavis, John H. 1923

Reavis, Thomas H. 1919

North Dakota

Grand Forks Heritage Index

Ravis, Carol p.60, James p.59, John p.60

Grand Forks Cemeter, ND Reavis

Cavalier Co ND Cemeter Revis


Baltimore 1850 Ward #1

Reaves, George W. 34 laborer

Sarah 32

Margarett 13

Phebe 11

David 9

George W.


1862 Revis, Reavis, Carpenter Carpenter

New Mexico

Reavis, Henry 1894-1972


Deaths SS

Reavis, Galen 1904-1985

Reavis, Floyd 1909-1985

Reavis, Cornelious 1908-1996

Reavis, Clarence 19912-1977

Reavis, Byron 1909-1982

Reavis, Alpha 1905-198


1784 Reves, John Pr Wm Co

1799 Revis, Isam Warren co

Revis, Mark "

Reves, Charles "

Reaves, Edward "

1800 Reavis, Mark no land Warren Co

Reavis, Isham Land on Bay's Fork "

Reavis, Charles ditto "

1801 Revis, Edward Land on Barren River"

1802 Warren Co Tax Lists

Reves, Mark Land on Barren R

Reves, Isham, Sr Bays Fork

Reves, Isham Sr (Jr?) Barren R.

1810 Reves, Daniel Bracken Co

Reves, George Fleming co

Reves, Jabez Fleming Co

Reves, Joseph "

Reves, Samuel Muhlenburg Co

Reves, Asa Jr Fleming Co

Reves, Asa Sr "

Reavis, Harris Warren Co

Reavis, Isham "

1820 Reves, William Madison co

1830 Reves, Eleanor Franklin co

Reves, Parker Warren Co (Parker, Reves ??)

Revis, Edwin Warren co

Revis, Harriet "

Revis, Pollie "

Revis, Parker "

1850 Reves, Ephram Clay co

Reavis, Edwin Warren co

1860 Reavis, John McCracken Co

Revis, Pollie Warren Co

Revis, Harriett "

Revis, Edwin Warren co

1870 Reavis, Edwin Warren Co *Edwin thru wm same household

Reavis, Harriet A. ditto

Reavis, Joseph s. "

Reavis, Julia "

Reavis, S. "

Reavis, Sarah F "

Reavis, Wm. H. " *

Reves, G.W. Whitley Co

Reves, Thomas Lewis Co

Revis, John Clay Co

Revis, Emma Logan co

Will Reavis, Miles Aug 1821

KY census 1810

Reavis, William Warren Co

Reavis, Isham "

Reavis, Harris "

Revis, Asa, Sr. Fleming Co

Revis, Asa Jr ditto


1885 Jackson co Fl

Thomas L. 46, Louise 45, A.N. 19, L.J. 17, Joe H. 16, Thomas R. 13,

Willima 10, Lottie 8, G.L. 6, Catherine 3

Fla SS death index

George 1883 Dec Nov 1969 issued Tx..died Orlando

Civ Draft Reg 1917-1918

Dewey Revis b May 14, 1897 Nelson, Saline Co Mo

lv Citrus Co Fl