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Reavis/Revis Wills

Will of ISHAM REAVIS 16 August 1824
as written This indenture made August the sixteenth and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four, Isham Reavis. Calling to mind the mortality of man so I make this my last will and testament and do renounce all other wills.

And first recommend my soul unto the hand of Almighty God, who gave it to me, to be decently buried at the descression of my children. And what worldly goods it hath pleased God to give me, I wish to dispose of in the following manner.

My just debts and all my funeral expenses paid and then I lend to my beloved wife all those things I had with her, if to be found, also one bed, furniture, one horse, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs, one ax, one hoe, and all the rest of my children, girls and boys to be made equal as near as possible.

Edward Reavis $500. Charles Reavis is not my son (*see note), he has one horse I gave him and now I give him one cow and calf more and no more.
William Reavis I hire to his brother Edward for two years, for somewhere about $129.
Solomon Reavis $350
Rebeckah Potter my daughter $50
Martha Stirckling $50

My will is that William Reavis, Solomon Reavis and two girls have as much as the first four boys, viz and then equally divided alal the rest boys and girls, Charles Reavis, is not my son (*see note)

I constitute and appoint Solomon Reavis as my sole Executor. Free Ginger and Patient

Isham Reavis <
signed and seald and delivered in the presents of us Atts. George H. Arnold, Harmon Bingham, Edward Reavis, Warren P. Reavis, Margaret (X) Reavis

*Note: In a letter to Logan Uriah Reavis frm Wm Reavis of Evansville, Ind dated 11 Mar 1883, Mr. Reavis states "The expression in the will of Isham Reavis that Charles Reavis is not my son" is not to be taken literally, but as indicating that relationship between the father and son were not then cordial. Ginger and Patience were Negro slave brought to Missouri by Isham Reavis

Will of DAVID REAVIS WB A pg 35 Cooper co Mo

Know all men by these presents that I, David Reavis make this my last will and testament. That is, I bequeath to my children now living (to wit) Rhoda Russell; Hannah Doyle; William Reavis; Edward Reavis; Joseph Reavis; James Reavis; Samuel d. Reavis; Andrew A. Reavis; Elizabeth and Sarah Reavis; the following amount to wit: Rhoda Russell, a negro girl named ___ at four hundred and fifty dollars. Hannah Doyle a negro girl named Cintha at Four hundred and fifty dollars, each with their increase. William Reavis four hundred and fifty dollars, also Edward, Joseph, James, Samuel, Andrew, Elizabeth and Sarah Reavis, four hundred and fifty dollars each in cash or property at cash rate. Now as James, Elizabeth, Sarah and Andrew has not received their four hundred and fifty dollars it is my will that it shall be made up to them out of my estate. To James fifty-nine dollars. To Andrew two hundred and ninety five dollars, and to elizabeth and Sarah Reavis their full amount four hundred and fifty dollars, and after the deviding or sale of my property is made, it is my will that the heirs of Jonathon Reavis, my son, dec'd., shall receive five hundred dollars to be equally devided among them.

Also, Minta Justice, my grandaughter, that she shall receive three hundred dollars and it to be in property at case rate, both for the heirs of Jonathan and Justice. It is my will that my wife Jamima shall receive an equal share with my childred and at her death what she has left to be equally devided among the children. It is also my will that the sum that I have given to my son William at his death shall fall to my heirs provided he leaves no heir, and in order to prevent law suites if any of my children holds any notes, accounts, or demands against me, the favors and money that I have given them shall be full bar against them, and if anyone or more of my heirs should bring suit in any shape colour or form they shall loose or forfiet the amount left them. Now it is my will that my four sons, Joseph, James, Samuel and Andrew Reavis shall be my lawful agents in seeing that this, my last will is faithfully executed and to making an equal division of the rightful property of them. Is any left among the ten children named in this above.
This the seventeeth day of September 1826
Abraham Jones David Reavis(seal)
william Johnson
(his mark)

Will of W.C. REVIS 1879 Buncombe Co NC

I, W.C. Revis, of Buncombe County, State of North Carolina, occupation of farmer, make this my last will. I give and bequeath my ___ as follows: one tobacco crop raised on William Revis place, by Marion Revis and William Revis, Jr ---for the education of my son Lenis (Lewis?) H. Revis---I appoint William O. McDaris of Madison Co., NC by, occupation a farmer, executor of this my last will and testament. I have signed and sealed this will at William Revis's this 16th day of September 1879. I further bequest --- to my mother, Fannie L. Revis.
Witnesses: W. B. Smith, T.S. Woodson, William Barrett, W.O. McDaris (prob 18 day November 1879)


Randolphy Whitley & Nancy Revis against Melsina Anderson & Finas Anderson, her husband, Elizabeth Anderson, James Anderson, Riley Anderson, SarahA. Gillmore, & James Gillmore, her husband, Nancy Laxton, John Laxton, Martha Revis, Elvira Revis, Ellen Revis, Druzilla Revis, Benron Revis & Edward Revis.

Now at this day come again herunto court Said plaintiffs by their attorney and it being shown to the court tat all of said Defendants have been noified and Served with children of Mildred Revis, otherwise called Mildred Laxton otherwise Wilson thrice in number are entitled to one undivided fifth part of said Isham's Estate and that the children of Lyght Revis being seven in number are entitled to one undivided fifth part of said Isham's Estate in said real estate and the court doth further find that the said Warren P. Revis and Edward Revis two brothers of the said Isham deceased sold and conveyed their undivided interest in the Estate of Isham Revis deceased to Randolph Whitley (*he married Susannah Anderson, widow of Lyght/Lightfoot) of the plaintiffs in cause and also that William Anderson son of the said Samauel Anderson hath conveyed his undivided interest in thevEstate of Edward Revis deceased and Isham Revis deceased to the said Randolph Whitley one of said plaintiffs and So this court doth find the issure for the plaintiffs. The Court therefore in consideration of the premises doth order adjudge and decree that division and partition of Said Real Estate bve made among and between the parties to this Suit according to the rights and interests of the Said parties as herein before ascertained and Settled according to _____ of the Court here and the Court here begin satisfied by this evidence and proof that partition and division of said real estate cannot be made in kind without great prejudice to Said Owner being the parties to the Suit the Court here doth Order and adjudge that Said Real Estate be Sold by the sheriff of Said county to the highest bidder on a credit of twelve months and after paying the costs charged and expenses of this Suit and of Said Sale that the residue be divided & paid to the parties to this Suit in propotion to their rights as herein before ascertained and that the plaintiffs first pay the costs of this Suit and that an attorneys fee to the amount of thirty dollars be paid as costs in this suite to Thomas W. Freeman and that all other matters be ____ for the further order of this Court and the opinion of the Court in accordance herewith is filed herein.


Wife: Lucy Chn: Louis b., Anderson, Edwin, James (Mark)Overton, Daniel, Doctor(Goodwin), Martha Berry, Mary Ward and John N.

Will of JOSEPH REAVIS Aug 1804 Surry co NC
NC Wills Vol 1-3 1771-1827

In the name of God Amen August 17th, 1804 Joseph Reavis of the County of Surry and State of NC being in low state of health at present but of perfect mind and memory thanks be toGod for the same do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament and principally and first of all I recommend my soul into the hand of God that gave it. I lend my wife Mary Reavis the land and plantation I now live on also one negro girl named Jean also all my household furniture also one horse named Jack and all my planation tools also two cows and calves and one three year old stear five head of sheep and all my stock of hogs during her life or widowhood for the use of raising my children and after her decease or widowhood to be equally divided between my children, William, Sarah, Joseph, Asa, and David. I give my wife Mary Reavis on cow also I give my still and stands to my wife for the use of my family. Also I give my wife one bed and furniture. Also I lend my wife two negroes Pat and Hannah until my children come of age and as they come of age to be equally divided between them. Also I give to my son William, my daughter Sarah, my son Joseph, my son Asa, and my son David, one hundred forty acres of land lying on the head of Harmons Creek and all the rest of my property that I have not mentioned in my will to be sold. Also a bond I hae on Henderson Parker for the sum of two hundred and forty-eight dollars, and when the money is collected to be let out upon interest. I given unto my son William one colt, for his present use. And my will and desire is that my wife shall furnish each of my children with a good bed and furniture as they come of age out of my household furniture

As I do hereby ordain and make and confirm this to be my last will and testament. Signed, sealed and delivered and pronounced and declared the dayu and year first above written in the presence of. And I also will and appoint my well beloeved wife Mary Reavis, Thomas Wright and William Foote, to my executrix and Executors of this my last will and testament.
signed/Joseph Reavis (Seal) Witnesses:
John Wiles
James Rutledge
Proved Novemeber Session AD 1804 Surry Co NC