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NC Tax lists and Misc records

Dobbs Co.

Reaves, William 1769 Tax List & 1779

Reaves, Timothy "

Reaves, Joseph Bk 6

Reaves, James or Jane Bk 6

Reaves, Drury/Drewry Bk 7

Reaves, James and Charles Miller *Grantor Index 1750's Bk 6 p.6

Reaves, Joseph and Wm Williams

Ashe Co 1815 Tax List (not our line..frmAugusta Co Va)

Reaves, Jesse

Reaves, Widow

Reaves, William

Wilkes co

Reaves, Isaac(??? s/o William-2)

Rieves, John family of Va Reeves??

Rieves, James

Granville co. 1755

Rieves, James and son Malichi

Rieves, John and son Thomas

Rieves, Marichi, William and negro Jackson

Reavis, James 1762 Oxford Dist

Granville Co 1780

Revis, Samuel (sam-2)?

Reaves, Samuel, Hardy, William and Frederick

(also Gilliam, Wm., Jordan, Arthur, Jr., Daniel and Ragland families)

1781 Bladen Co Tax List

Revis, Zachariah

Reavis, Nathaniel prob sons of Wm-2

1782 Rutherford Co

Revis, George-3 (s/o James-2)

Granville Co Militia

Col Wm EatonMilitia Regiment

Reeves, Malachi

Reeves, James

Reeves, John

(*note James Pace and Robert Ashley)

Chowan Co 1787

Reeves, Richard

Orange Co 1779

Reaves, Ameriah

Reaves, George

Reaves, John

Reves, William 1755 tax list

Duplin Co 1786-4

Reaves, Hardy

Reaves, Adam

Onslow Co 1744

Reavis, Francis *found on will record..male

Rutherford Co 1782(created 1779 frm Burke and Tyron counties)

Reviss, George ( prob s/o james-2) *Buncombe created 1791 frm Rutherford

Reavis, John ( prob his gson John E b1795)

Surry Co 1815 Tax list

Revis, Dudley 183 acres Deep Cr val $283

Revis, Mary 150 acres Deep Crk val $300

Revis, Mary 140 acrs Dutchmans Creek val $70

Revis, William 49 acres Deep Creek val $98

Revis, Soloman

Reavis, John 195 acres Dutchmans Creek val $500

Surry County 1835

Revvis, Jesse Sen. Adjoing Jno Revvis Dutchman 114 Acres $100

Revvis, Jesse Sen Adjoing J. Jenkins FC 25 acres

Revvis, Jo T. Beamon Dutchman 200 acres $200

Revis, Mary J. Steelman D. Creek 127 acres $184

Revvis, Samuel T. Beamon Dutchman 411 acres $263

Revvis, David

Revvis, David Sen. J. Revvis Dutchman 50 acres $25

Revvis, William N. Rutledge D. Creek 150 acres $400

Revvis, William

(for A. Revvis)

Revvis, William N. Rutledge D. Creek 160 acres $500

(for Charles Steelman)

Pitts Co., Va

Rives, Frederick and negro Phillis 1755

Davie County Deeds

Oct 1847 Reavis, David of Bedford Co., Tn to Isaac N. Reavis (his son) power of

attorney to collect legacy frm John Hendricks deceased. Wit: Edmund Cooper and

Morgan Reavis (his son)

Rutherford Co Deed Index

Revis, Ed and Doyle J. 1802 *Again doyle, Allen, and Pearson, Charles

Reavis, Harris and John Bradley 1800

Reavis, James and Bird Lawter 1808

Reavis, James and Bird Lawter 1805

Reavis, William and Woody Burge 1819

Reavis, Edward and John McCann 1817

Reavis, James and Lunsford Bagwell 1826

Reavis, Morgan and Lunsford Bagwell 1826

Surry Co Deed Abstr

1789 Jan Reavis, Harris of Rutherford Co NC to Reavis, Jesse

540 acres Hammons Creek

1796 Apr Reavis, Jesse to Reavie, Edward 400 acres Harmons Creek

1800 Nov 3: John Moore of Orangeburg Dist SC to WilliamSteelmanof Rown Co NC 20#

100 acres on waters of Dutchmans Creek adj Edward Reavis and George Moore

1802 Mar 13: Edward Reavis wit deed for Harris Reavis

1802 Jan 03: Jesse Reavis lv on the n. fork of Dutchmans Creek nxt to Rowan Co Line

1804 Jan 13: Land deeded to Jacob Bettes on Ivey Br waters of Dutchmans Creek beginning at

Black Oak on the Chinkepine (?) Rd on Edward Reavis' line.

Rowan Co Deed abst

1767 Feb 9 John Harris to James Reavis of Granville Co NC for L 120 proc., 320 acres

on S side Haw adj William Williams

Northampton Co Deed Abstracts (Frm Brunswick Co Va rec)

1765 Reavis, Jesse and wife Fortune to Samuel Reavis 123 a

1762 4 tracts tot 1290 acres frm Sarah Reavis to Robert Jones/John Edmunds

DB 5 -160 1765 Reavis, Samuel to Isham Reavis 385 a

DB 5-161 1771 Reavis, Samuel to Wm Kendall 40 acres

DB 3-415 1769 1460 a Edmonds and wife Rebecca purch frm Reavis executors

DB 5-159 1771 Reavis, Isham to Samuel Reavis..had belonged to Arthur Jordan, Jr

and then Edward Reavis, Jr on Roanoke River

DB 3-68 1759 Reavis Jesse to Reavis, Sam..40 acres

DB 4-91 1767 Reavis, Sarah to Reavis, Wm 144 a (part of 525 a deeded Jesse Gilliam 1757)

DB 5-332 1773 Reavis, Wm to Reavis, Samuel 200 acres

NH CO Samuel Reavis bought frm or wit deed Nov 1757 Jesse Gilliam

NH Co Thos Person bought land n side fountains crk Oct 1745

NH Co Pearson lv there 1754

Civil War

Illustrated Hx of Yadkin Co by Rutledge

Reavis, Nathan, died

Revis, James

Rev War Pensioners/rec

Reaves, John Pvt NC Militia Rowan Co 74 yr old 5-20-1833 bc 1759 pens #S7380 NC

serv 6 mos 1778-9

Reves, John Pvt Nc Militia Surry Co 75 yr old 3-15-1833 bc1758

Reaves, Asher

Reaves, George

Reavis, Samuel LCT NC Cont'l line 81 yrs old in 1835 (bs1744)

Reavis, Hiram

Reavis, Harris

Reeves, Allen

Reaves, Zachariah Pvt Cont'l line…77yr old 1820 Cumberland Co NC

Reeves, Richard Pvt NC Militia was 75 yr old 1834 Franklin Co

Reavis, Jesse enlisted 7-20-1778 Pct promoted to Corp. serv 9 mos Army NC Line

Reavis, Joseph serv mil of w NC vol gorila warfre..Rec St Arch Raleigh.

"Joseph Reavis was pd for serv in the Am Rev.."

DAR RECORDS *Isham Reavis Pct NC Line serv Battle of Kings Mtn under Marion and

#81353 Mrs. Daisy L. Thomson Barron Sumter

w/o Walter Claude Barron

d/o Clifton Thomson and Nancy Blanche Warren b1848

Chelton Warren and Elizabeth Reavis 1823-1895

James Reavis 1800-1874 and Elizabeth Berry 1804-1878

Mark Reavis 1773-1843 & Lucy Bradley 1784-1855 m/1802

Isham Reavis and Matilda Jones m/1766

Isham Pvt NC line b NC d Saline co Mo

#102980 Mrs. Maude Ray Hanley

w/o Wm. Sylvester Hanley

d/o Thomas E. Ray m/1865 and Mary Louisa Reavis b1843

Overton Reavis 1803-1850 m/1841 Nancy S. Berry 1814-1864 Mark(Marcus) Reavis 1773-1843 m/1802 Lucy Bradley

Isham Reavis m/1761 Matilda Jones

#119453 Mrs. Brownie Berry Hancock

w/o Albert B. Hancock, Jr.

d/o John Berry m/1887 Florence M. Ray

Thomas E. Ray m/1866 Louisa Reavis

Overton Reavis m/1841 Nancy Berry

Marcus (Mark) Reavis & Lucy Bradley

Isham Reavis & Matilda Jones

#44120 Mrs. Mary Gatlin Cooke Robertson

s/o Huling Parker Robertson

d/o Charles Cooke and S usanGatlin Reavis

Turner Reavis & Sarah Catarine Gatlin

Overton Reavis & Nancy Berry

Mark/Marcus Reavis & Lucy Bradley

Isham Reavis & Matilda Jones

#49368 Ms. Susan Revis Cooke

d/o Charles Cooke and Susan Gatlin Reavis **same as above

#75367 Mrs. Annie Gist

w/o T. J. Gist

d/o Isham Reavis, Jr. m/1864 Anna Dorrington

Isham Reavis m/1818 Mahala Beck

Charles Reavis & Polly Ingram

Isham Reavis m/1766 Matilda Jones

#75801 Mrs. Julia Carr Tompkins

w/o Stephen L. Tompkins

d/o James Carr m/1837 Mary Naomi Reavis 1821-1897

Isham Reavis m/1818 Mahala Beck

Charles Reavis and Polly Ingram

Isham Reavis and Matilda Jones

#77895 Mrs. GenevieveRoy Conner

w/o G. W. Conner

d/o George Roy m/1857 Thyrza Reavis

Isham Reavis & Mahala Beck

Charles Reavis & Polly Ingram

Isham Reavis & Matilda Jones

#77899 Mrs. Thryza Reavis Roy w/o Geo Roy

d/o Isham Reavis and Mahala Beck

descendant of Isham Reavis

#77900 Ms. Josephine L. Roy

d/o Geo Roy and Thryza Reavis

descend of Isham Reavis

#88383 Grace Reavis

d/o David Reavis m/1891 Grace Yutzy

Isham Reavis, Jr and Anna Dorrington

Isham Reavis and Mahala Beck

Charles Reavis and Polly Ingram

Isham Reavis and Matilda Jones

#102980 Mrs. Maude Ray Hanley

w/o wm. Sylvester Hanley

Thomas Ervin Ray m/1865 Mary Louisa Reavis

Overton Reavis m/1841 Nancy Berry

Mark/Marcus Reavis and Lucy Bradley

Isham Rreavis and Matilda Jones

#103015 Martha Hampton Reavis Tisdale

w.o Forest Tisdale

d/o Wade Hampton Reavis m/1871 Lucy Anne Smith

Overton Reavis and Nancy Berry

Marcus/Marcus Reavis and Lucy bradley

Isham Reavis and Matilda Jones

#119453 Mrs. Brownie Berry Hancock

w/o Albert B. Hancock, Jr.

John Berry m/1887 Florence Ray

Thomas Ray m/1866 Louisa Reavis

Overton Reavis and Nancy Berry

Mark Reavis and Lucy Bradley

Isham Reavis and Matilda Jones


Rutherford Co Deedbook

"State of North Carolina, Rutherford County. Know all men by these presents that,

I David Reavis of the County and state aforesaid covenant and agree to ____ with

James Reavis in and of the County and State aforesaid to maintain him and support

in a good decent ____ and in consideration of sd. service, I the said James Reavis, Sr.

Certify by those present that I give and deliver in the presence of witnesses a negro

fellow named ??? Truman with the rest of my property that I now claim to ____

act herewith as he sees ____ and in consideration of said property I David Reavis

do bind myself, my heirs and assigns in the sum of two hundred pounds lawful money

of the state of North Carolina in case of failure will and truly to be paid to the samid

James Reavis where as have have both set our hand this seventh day of December AD

1804 signed in presents of

John Doyle James Reavis

Joseph King David Reavis

(transcribed frm copy of original..error excepted)

Oath of Allegiance Bute Co NC 1774-1804

Reavis, Burgis

Reavis, William

Reavis, Frederick

Reeves, Asher….Halifax Co NC

Surry Co NC Wills 1771-1787 (Book)

Bk 2 p.110a Reavis, John mentioned in inventory (buyer or debtor) of

estate of Thomas Howell Aug 1786

Bk 3 p. 39a Reavis, John, witness to will of George Hoppes, Sr. Feb 1790

Bk 1A p. 50 Reavis, John executor Will of friend Joseph Joines Au 1820

Bk 2 p.204 Reavis, Eddy listed as heir/chn of John Thomas 15 Oct 1838 prv Jul 1840

(prob dau Eddy of John Thomas)

NC Land Grants

Reavis, Edmond B. 640 acres Deep and Reavis Crreks Apr 1780 Book B p 140

Reavis, James B. (prob James -2) 640 acres n fork Deep Crk..Sep 1779 Book B

Revis, Harris 640 acres Harmons Crrrk nr Draft Dutchmans Crk Nov 1787 Bk C

Misc deed records

Harris Reavis - Bradley 1800

Edward Reavis and Doyle 1802

Gore, John 1831 Columbus Co Deed Bk E

negroes Jane 9 yr, Charlotte 5 y, Nan 30 y and dau to

Mary Reaves..his dau

Gore Cem. 1st wife of John Gores, Sr. Rhoda Reaves 1781-1823


Reaves, Isham m/Coggins, Chaney Davidson Co NC

Revis, William K. b1829 Buncombe co NC m/Ellen Thompson

Revis, John E. 1795-1879 m/Rebecca Heatherly

Revis, Jerry B and Sallie Shelton m/Jun 1898 Madison Co NC

(chn Bill, Betty Ruth, Clarence, Elmer, Ester, Blaine))

Revis, Sarah m/White, Buckner Madison co NC b c1797

Reavis, Elizabath Hardin m/Holt, Wm 1-12-1822

Reavis, Alice m/ Allen Carrington 1899

Reavis, Pearl m/Evans, Henry T. Alamance Co

Reavis, Carrie m/Thomas J. Reavis

Revis, William Posey(Posie) m/Mary Ann Pless Nov 19 1875 Haywood co NC "

*d/oAsbury Pless and Eliz Burnett m#2 Ross chn)

Revis, William K. ( b1829 Polk Co death cert) m/Ellen Thompson (? Feb 24 1920 )Haywood co N

*she m/x3 and lv to be 99 yrs old *doubt marr data..prob his d of d ??

Reavis, James A. m/Polly Bagwell Nov 25, 1812

Reavis, William (s/o Wm) m/Fanny Parham Jan 1816 Wake co NC

Reevis, William m/Amey Tate Nov 12 1789 Wake Co NC

Reavis, Elizabeth (d/o James-2) m/ Dickerson Sep 1804 Rutherford Co

Reavis, Sarah m/May, Nathan Samuel Chaffin Feb 14, 1878 NC

Reeves, William m/Parks 1811 Mecklenburg Co

Reeves, William m/Smith 1820 Mecklenburg Co

Reaves, Thomas, Jr. bc1841 m/King, Ann Wayne Co NC

Rieves/Reaves, Calvin s/o Wm and Sally b 1828 Wash Co NC m/Sarah Carney (Widow Brown)

Reaves, Lucretia (bc1770 Halifax co NC) m/George Allen b 1774

Reaves, F. E. m/Stokes M.E. 1864 Davidson Co NC

Reeves, Azariah m/ Carroll,Elizabeth Jul 1826

Reeves, James m/Madden, Elizabeth Oct 1805 (s/o David-3/Jesse/Edw ???)

Reeves, James m/Collins Mary Feb 1825

Reeves, James and Poe, Mary Feb 1859

Reeves, James and Higsbey, Emeline Nov 1824

Reeves, John and Linch, Mary Jan 1782

Reeves, John and Williams, Memery Sep 1849

Reeves, Joseph and Works, Sally Sep1843

Reeves, Spencer and Duncan, Ann Jul 1839

Reavis, Sarah m/Wooten, Owen Yadkin Co NC\

Revis, Geo Washington 1859-1933 m/Sarah Cordelia Na?? Lv Jackson Co NC

Revis, Robert b1838 m/ Frances Wilson Jan 1862 LvBuncombe Co NC

Reavis, George Larkin 1812-1899 m/Candacia George (lv Buncombe Co)?Calendonia

Reavis, Solomon and Sara Madden 1812

Reavis, David and Holeman, Patience 1809 Apr 20 Rowan Co

Reavis, Temperance bc1827 m/Allen lv Davie Co(had son Andrew b1846)

Reavis, Elizabeth & Frederick Danner ca 1840 Surry Co NC ?

Reavis, Jesse m/Jordan, Fortune ca1755 (might find acr border in Va)

Reavis, Jesse m/Webb, Prudence ca1790-1810 prob Surry Co

Reavis, William m/Elizabeth Nash 1846 Davie Co

Reavis, Rebecca married Clanton, George

Reavis, Mary and Jordan, Archibald 1843 Granville Co

Revis, William W. and Parham, Fanny 1818 Wake Co

Revis, Levi m/Hedgepeth, Mary a. 20 Feb 1851 Wake Co

Revis, John m/ Thomas, Ellender Oct 1834 Wake Co

Revis, Polley & Stanley, Herrod May 1829 Wake Co

Revis, John E. 1795-1879 m/Rebecca Heatherly 1807-1880

Revis, Louis Wilson 1894-1923 Haywood Co NC m/Maria Balsey Williams 1896-1974

Revis, Lafayette and Ida Tomlinson m/Apr 1882 Iredell co (he 1854-1917 Rowan Co)

Revis, Carl Floyd and Mary Readling m/Jul 1910 (poss York co SC he bNC)

Revis, Edward Alvoid b1914 m/Willie Mae Pharr Bunc/Madi/Hay?

Reavis, Jesse Granville m/1871 Sally Padjett Jarvis(n) ?

Reeves, Zachariah m/3-15-1800 Luenburg co NC Perkinson, Phebe

Reavis, Nancy b1854 m/Daniel Brown b 1850 NC

(prominent in newspaper and printing circles of White Co)

Revis, Thomas b 1833 s/o Robert Franklin 1870-1955 m/Julia Calloway

Revis, Sarah m/c1850 Pace, Daniel

Revis, Amanda d/o W. C. Revis m/May 1874 Deaver, Marian

Revis, Lafayette b Jul 1854 Iredell Co NC d Jun 1917 Rowan Co NC

m/Apr 1882 Iredell Co NC Ida Tomlinson

Reavis, Charles Sanford b1822 d 1900 m/Rebecca Steelman

Reavis, Rachel m/Hammonds, Brayant 1854 NC

Revis, John H s/o Wm MCDaniel and Mary Revis and Cope, Jane Jun 1875 ?

Rowan Co Marriages

Reavis, Blanch and Turner, John 2-25-1917

Reavis, William and Cornelion, Grace 5-13-1906

Reaves, Robert and Elliott, Ada 11-26-1905

Reavis, James and Candy, Lillie 3-22-1907

Revis, Joel P. and Susan Earnhardt Feb 1859

Reavis, Catharine and Lewis Cranfill Aug 1832

Reavis, Prudence and Thomas Lundy Feb 1816

Reavis, David and Nancy Cain Nov 1815

Reavis, Enoh (Enoch) and Tempy Reviss (Temperance Reavis) Aug 1829

Reavis, Jesse and Alesey Cain Jan 1815

Reavis, John and Edy(Edith) Beck Aug 1824

Reavis, Jesse Marshall 1910 Eva Regina Boggs

Reavis, Luther and Louisa Baker 1914

Reavis, Raymond 1924 Rosa Hopkins

Reavis, Robert and Ada Elliott 1905

Reavis, Ethel and James Setzer 1924

Reavis, Blanch and John Turner 1917

Reavis, Myrtle and Mose Waller (?) 1914

Reavis, Jesse d. and John Schroll 1889

Reavis, Jessie B. and George Bottorff 1909

Reavis, Homer and Mable Foreman 1909

Reavis, Henry and Edna Vignar 1891

Reavis, George and Franie Coble 1891

Reavis, Everett and Effie Strange 1892

Reavis, Eli and Luella Pegg 1895

Reavis, Connor and Mary Davison 1881

Reavis, Eli and Luella Pegg 1913

Reavis, Elizabeth m/May 1810 Garner, Henry

Orange co marriages

Reavis, Thomas and Laws, Alsey 1824

Reavis, Michael and Morgan, Betsey 1816

Reves. Charles and Tucker, Beedy 1792

Reves, John and Baldwin, Nancy 1793

Reves. John and Holloway, Elizabeth 1799***

Reaves, Fany and Day, Benjamin 1823

Reaves, Archibald and Caldwell 1809

Reeves, Mary A. and Anderson, Joseph 1848

Rieves, George and McCollum Margaret 1836

Reeves, John and Mary Linch 1782

Reves, John and Nancy Baldwin 1793

Reves, John and Elizabeth Holloway 1799

Reeves, James and Mary Collins 1825

Reeves, James and Emeline Higsby 1824

Reeves, Spencer S. and Ann Duncan 1839

Reeves, Joseph and Sally Works 1843

Reeves, John W. and Menery William 1849

Reeves, James and Mary Poe 1859

Reeves, Azariah and Elizabeth Carroll 1826

Reeves, James and Mary Collins 1825

Reeves, James and Ms. Higsby 1824

Reves, John and Nancy Baldwin 1793

Warren County

Reavis, Nancy and Mabry Jones 1800

Reavis, Judith Chapell and Wm W. Johnson 1802

Reavis, Francis Marion and Lucinda Morgan (?1833-1876/)

Surry County

Reavis, Nanceay and John Powell Apr 1798

Reavis, Abel and Polly (Mary) Garner Oct 1808

Reavis, Anderson and Elizabeth Fort (Foote) Jan 1850

Reavis, Asa and Polly Reavis Feb 1839

Reavis, Edward and Sarah Reavis Feb 1793

Reavis, James and Mary Gibbins Dec 1845

Reavis, Jesse and Mary Gibbins Oct 1806

Reavis, Jesse, Jr (Marshall) and Mary Garman Apr 1830

Reavis, Joseph and Nancy Powel May 1848

Reavis, Samuel and Nancy Wilkins Dec 1817

Reavis, William and Jane Steelmon Feb 1813

Reavis, Elizabeth and George Roberts Apr 1831

Reavis, Mary and James Steelmon Jul 1817****

Reavis, James and Pernicia Perkins Nov 1852…Al??

Reavis, Abigal and Charles Combs Dec 1819

Reavis, Elizabeth and Elisha Patrick Jul 1811 (d/o Edw-3, Jesse-2, Edw-1)

Reavis, Edward and Mary Haddocks Oct 1795

(mar rec Haddocks, Mary d/o William Haddock Will Rowan Co 1811 mother/Elizabeth Ward

chn: William (1820 Surry Co), Mary, Nancym/Beaty, Enock, John, David, Morgan, Lydia, Justin)

Revis, Eliza G. and William Lovill Aug 1837

Revis, John and Catherine Macy Mary 1827

Wake County

Reavis, Elizabeth and Joshua Pollard Jul 1822

Reavis, J. H. and Edney Almond Mar 1852

Reavis, J. William and Mary Barker Jan 1846

Reavis, Samuel and Nancy Goodwin Nov 1805

Reavis, William and Eliza Ross Nov 1852

Revis, John and Ellender Thomas Oct 1834

Revis, Levi and Mary Hedgepeth Feb 1851

Revis, Polley and Herrod Stanly May 1829

Reavis, Susan and John Allen Dec 1820

Reavis, Eleanor and John Branton Sep 1838

Reavis, Salley and William Phillips Mar 1800

Reavis, John and Deby Roycroft Nov 1820

Reavis, Cary and John Rhyley Apt 1790

Revis, Mary and Jesse Brasfield Feb 1804

Revis, Arthur and Charlotte Thomas Jul 1815

Revis, William and Fanny Parham Jan 1816

Revis, Willis and Thisbee High Jan 1822

Reviss, Lucy and Simeon Daniel Dec 28, 1831

Reaves, Lucretia bc1770 halifax co nc m/geo allen b1774

Reevis, William and Amey Tate Nov 13 1789

Duplin County

Reavis, Nancy and John Walston Oct 1810

Warren County

Reavis, Charity H. and Kearney Crawford Feb 1863

Reavis, George W. and Martha Harris Apr 1846***

Reavis, Samuel and Patsey Harris July 1801

Reavis, Thomas C. and Eliz W. Best Nov1860

Revis, Hannah and Benjamin King Jan 1795

Wilkes county

Reavis, A. H. and Elizabeth Lowe Oct 1868

Reavis, Joseph M and Delila C. Ray Feb 1867

Revis, Saml and Merieh McGlenny Apr 1861

Revis, Samuel s. and Lousinda Dowell Sep 1868

Yadkin county

Reavis, Martha and William Garner Dec 1858

Reavis, Asa and Sarah Brandon Oct 1853

Reavis. D. C. and Elizabeth Renegar Feb 1867

Reavis, David and Mary Gabard Nob 1854

Reavis, J. F. and Emeline Hutchens Jun 1866 (Jesse Franklin)

Reavis, J.P.H. and Mary Hutchens Mar 1865

Reavis, James and Emily Armstrong Aug 1851

Reavis, James and Elizabeth Hair Nov 1862

Reavis, James and Nancy Ellen Reavis Feb 1864

Reavis, James and Sarah Comer Jan 1865

Reavis, John s. and Berilla Sprinkle Sep 1855

Reavis Samuel and Mary Chamberlin Apr 1857

Reavis, William and Elisabeth Baity Oct 1853

Reavis, Jane and William Steelman Feb 1857\

Reavis, William and Mary Wooten Sep 1864

Reavis, Jane and Wm Steelman Febv 1857

Reavis, Nancy A.M. and William S. Whitaker Dec 1865

Revis, Calvin and Amanda Whitehead Jan 1868

Chatham County

Revis, Candis and Samuel Goldstone Aug 1865

Davie County

Revis, Rachel and Bryan Hammonds Mar 1854

Revis, Ellen and Baker Johnson Dec 1861

Revis, Mary and Joel Owens Mar 1848

Revis, John and Mary Parker Nov 1855

Revis, John Jane Whitaker Dec 1859

Reavis, Elviney and Samuel Cuningham Oct 1859

Edgecombe County

Revis, Elizabeth and Willim Capps Mar 1853

Franklin county

Revis, Polley and Lenuel Stirckland Nov 1811

Madison County

Revis, Catherine and Barnett Fortner Aug 1859

Revis, Mira and Thomas Hunter Sep 1860

Revis, Henry and Marcilla Foster Aug 1852

Revis, Henry W. and Martha Roberts Aug 1854

Reavis, Sarah and William Fortner Dec 1858

Rutherford County

Revis, Polley and Nicholas Nanney Sep 1816

Reavis, Elizabeth and Garland Dickerson Sep 1804

Reavis, Mary and Allen Doyle Jan 1800

Reavis, Martha and John Goodwin July 179?

Reavis, Mary and John Johnson Feb 1800

Reavis, Sally and William Paro (Pharr?) Oct 1829

Reavis, Rebeckah and Royal Potter Mar 1793

Reavis, Edward and Edlizabeth Doyle 1802

Reavis, John and Elizabeth Fowler Dec 1803

Reavis, Lucinday and Claton Brown Oct 1817

Reavis, Nancy and Daniel Brown Aug 1818

Reavis, William and Betsy Burge Sep 1816

Reavis, Roda and George Russell Feb 1791

Reavis, Nancy and William Russell May 1816

Granville County

Reavis, Patient and Augustine Anderson Dec 1796

Reavis, Nancy and Samuel Brame Sep 1821

Reavis, Rebecca and James Bryant Nov 1838

Reavis, Mary w. and Alexander Butler Oct 1832

Reavis, Emily J. and James N. Crosby Nov 1838

Reavis, Rebecca and Arthur Harris Jun 1800

Reavis, Betsy and Rowland Harris Nov 1794

Reavis, Mary H. and Archibald Jordan Dec 1843

Reavis, Elizabeth J. and Lewis Kittle Oct 1842

Reavis, Sally and Turner Moss Nov 1797

Reavis, Dilly and Asa Parham Mar 1824

Reavis, Elizabeth and John Parham Mar 1793

Reavis, George J. and Damsel McCraw Sep 1850

Reavis, John B.M. and Clary Brinkley Mar 1819

Reavis, Lewis and Mary R. Coghill Aug 1833

Reavis, Robert and Rebecca Vaughn Feb 1824

Reavis, Thomas and Elizabeth Marshall Apr 1796

Reavis, William Whitfield and Elizabeth Wiggins Oct 1807

Reavis, Mary and William Thomasson Nov 1782

Reavis, Elizabeth and Vince Vaughan Noc 1834

Reavis, Nancy and Samuel Williams Mar 1838

Reavis, Sally T. and William Wyche Jun 1833

Reavis, An Eliza and David Cheatham Dec 1866

Reavis, Martha and Grandison Fain Feb 1867

Reavis, Lucy A. R. and Anderson Harris Jul 1827

Reavis, Annadella(Annabella) and George Harris Nov 1863

Reavis, Lucy and George Hawkins Dec 1867

Reavis, Harriet and Elijah Howard Jan 1868

Reavis, Latta and Grandison Latta Dec 1845

Reavis, Ella (Iredella) and John J. Pegram Jul 1865

Reavis, George B. and Sarah Taylor Aug 1852

Reavis, James and Elizabeth Hood Sep 1825

Reavis, Jonathan and Nancy Hooker Oct 1796

Reavis, Rufus and Sarah Young Dec 1868

Reavis, Stephen and Emily Durham Dec 1867

Reavis, Thomas and Elizabeth Marshall Apr 1796

Reavis, Thomas and Lucy Amis Oct 1837

Reavis, William and Elizabeth Howell Dec 1847

Reavis, Woodson and Alice Taylor Dec 1865

Reavis, Addie S. and Jesse Suitt Oct 1866

Reavis, Sallie and Walter Thomasson 1856

Reavis, Mary, and William Thomasson Nov 1782

Reavis, Martha and John Vaughn May 1854

Reavis, Mary and John Vaughn Jul 1867

Reavis, Dilley and Winmond Vaughn Mar 1866

Reavis, Sally and Thomason Waller 1856

Reavis, Nancy Hundley and Samuel Williams Mar 1838

Reavis, Lucy w. and Alexander Wortham Jan 1857

Ravis, Sallie s. and William Wyche Jan 1833

Haywood County

Revis, Louis m/Maria Balsey Williams

Edward Alvoid Revis m/Willie Mae Pharr

Cemeteries & Deaths

Rowan County

Gold Hill, Nc Reavis, Robert Lee, Sr Apr 1937-Dec 1998

Parents Dessie Weatherman and Robert Duard Reavis (line of Edw, James, Jospeh,

Wm, Sr, Wm. Jr.; wm. Dudley, ) of Mocksville, NC

He was a retired Master Plumber, US Navy Vet..Vietnam..Bap ch..

Surv: wife Shirley Ann Roland Reavis m/1992..sons: Robert, Jr, Patrick Duard Reavis of

Statesville, NC and Richard Eugene Reavis of Tempa, Fl. Three bros: Lowell, and Carl

both of Statesville, NC, and Lonnie Reavis of Moganton NC, and one sister Sandra Ward

of Savannah, Ga. Buriel: Salisbury National Cem with military graveside rites.

Lebanon Lutheran Church Cemetery

Reavis, Lafayette 1854-1917

Reavis, Ida L. (Tomlinson) d 1933

Reavis, Mary Ann 1852-1935

Reavis, Edgar David 1900-1948

Cleveland County

Reavis, Sarah H. 1867-1937

Reavis, Ricahrd Z. 1869-1944

Reavis, H. S. 1816-1864

Reavis, Mary Jane 1840-1924

Reavis, L. Angeline 1866-1919 w/o Andrew Ellis

Haywood County

Revis, Louis Wilson b Oct 6, 1894 d Jan 18, 1923, unmarked grave/Gwyn Cem Hwy 176

Died during flu epidemic of 1923 at age 28. People in the communitywould lv food at

the door to elimiate any chance of contracting the disease. Sons Alvois and Cecil remem-

ber going to the grave for burial in a wagon and the snow so deep they were not allowed

to get out of the wagon. Balsia did not go, she was home with the flu and pregnant

frm obit..Linda Revis

Revis, William Posey buried Gwyn marker

Grace Chapel Caldwell County

Reavis, O. Wike 1919-1944

Henderson county

Revis, John E. buried Ward Cemetery nr State line/Green River Twp

Revis, Luther B. c1881 c 1984 Mt Page Bap Cem

Revis, Lillie c1884 c1961 M/Bell

Bell, Leila Revis 1894-1943

Bell, Reuben 1890-1965

Columbus county

Bethesda United Methodist Ch Cem

Reaves, Geo. W. 1872-1948

Reaves, Pinkney P,. 1870-1944

Reaves, Susan 1873-1955

Reaves Joseph P.S. 1869-1926

Reaves, W.S. 1879-1908

Reaves, Cecil A. 1919-1925

Reaves, Jessie I. 1892-1950

Reave, Martha I. 1893-

Swain mem pk cem…Swain County

Revis, David Scott 1968-1984

Revis, Millard Brownlow 1919-1996

Mtn Page Bap Cem Henderson county

Revis, Lillie 1884-1961

Revis, Luther 1881-1944

Revis, Virginia 1905-1936

Revis, Donald M. 1911-1952

Revis, Ara Lee Rhodes (w/o donald)

Revis, Eunice & J. G. Holland

Revis, Helen & Chas Ward

Revis, Leila & Reuben Bell

McDowell county

Ebenezer U. Meth Cem

Revis, Barnette O. 1924-

Revis, Georgia M. 1930-1992

Revis, Charles Jay 1949-1969 VN

Revis, Virgina 1905-1936

Revis, Donald M. 1911-1952

Revis, Ara Rhodes 1920 w/o Donald M.

Providence United Methodist Cem

Revis, Jacob A. 1900-1942

Revis, James H. 1898-1950

Revis, Allie c. 1900-1987

Revis, I.M. 1879-1950

Revis, J. D. 1870-1946

Revis, Pearl M. 1904-1987

Revis, Luther m. 1897-1970

Davey county

Bear Creek Cemetery

Frances Camilla Reavis 1864-1935 (M/William Anderson)

Laura Reavis 1862-1934 (M/G. Anderson)

*both dau of Jesse Reavis and Beamon x/o John-2 s/o Edw-1

Yadkin county

South Oakridge Baptist Church

Reavis, Charles Edward 1884-1980

Reavis, Martin, Phoebe Emeline ?? 1865-1935

Reavis, B. Jennings 1927-1932

Reavis, Wiley H. 1875-1962

Reavis/Steelman, Martha 1857-1925

Reavis, Rachel 1857-1948

Reavis, Dewey 1975-1975

Reavis, Annie Esther 1898-1974

Reavis, James Thomas 1874-1941

Reavis, Sally C. "Tina" 1872-1945

Reavis, Barnard1809-1903

Reavis, David 1825-1914

Reavis/Gabard, Mary Ann "Nancy" 1832-1913

Reavis, Ida Belle 1876-1942

Reavis, Giles A. 1865-1930

Reavis, R. Dewey 1906-1920

Reavis. A. H.

Reavis, P. E.

Reavis, Zenas Herman 1892-1963

(Reavis, Ruby R.

Reavis, Arthur C. 1928-1929

Reavis, Norman E. 1930-1952

Rutherford county

Concord Baptist Church

Reavis, William d 12 Feb 1861 ae 86 yr …bca1775 (s/o David-3, James-2)

Elizabeth d 29 Oct 1863 81 yr of age (Betsey Burge/Burgdl)

West Memorial Cemetery

Revis, Dicie no dates

Revis, Rev. E. Clarence 1912-1991

HighShoal Baptist Cemetery

Reavis,Lillian 1898-1927

Mecklinburg county Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Reavis, Robert S. 1881-1952

Reavis, Mary Renfrow ? 1882-1950

Reavis, Mary Lorraine 1912-1991

Reavis, Linwood Robert 1908-1979

Phillips Chapel/Almanace county

Revis, Claude Preston 1921-1988 s/o Claude Preston Revis and Lucille Boswell

Sandy Pln Bap Ch Cem Cleveland county 1878-1931

Mountain Page Bap Cem Henderson county

Revis, Donald M. 1911-1952

Revis, Ara Lee Rhodes 1920-

Courtney Baptist Cemetery

Reavis, Crystal Angela 1965-1985

Reavis, Henry Waldon 1907-1995

Baity, Inez 1912-

Reavis, Laurence A. 1916-1992

Theda A. 1917-

Wilkins, George Dr. 1856-1863

Reavis, Neltie (Janeltie) 1863-1948

Reavis, Charlie Bragg 1854-1939

Cranfil, Sally J. 1861-1943

Reavis/Speer, Parmelia 1857-1881 (w/o Issac Sanford Reavis)

Reavis, Lela 1882-1894

Reavis/Hash, Virginia 1907-1937 w/oThadeous Joel Reavis

Reavis, William, Jr. 1823-1924

Reavis/Baity, Elizabeth P. 1827-1924

Reavis, Pernie Gonkin 1860-1937

Reavis, David Isom 1852-1918

Reavis Family Cemetery/Davie Co

Reavis, Thaddius Joel 1906-1993

Reavis/Hoots, Phosa 1916-

Reavis, Isaac Sanford 1857-1956

Reavis/Leagans, Amanda Jane 1864-1940

Reavis, Eugene C. 1895-1963

Reavis/Yonts, Sadie Ethel 1904-1988

Bear Creek Cemetery

Harpe, Joseph Hubert 1916-1991

Harpe/Reavis, Pauline 1916-

Anderson/Reavis, Frances C(amilla) 1864-1935

Anderson, William f. 1848-1925

Anderson/Reavis, Laura 1862-1934

Anderson, George L. 1849-1930

Reavis, William 1847-1924 (s/o John Reavis and Edy Beck)

Reavis, Glenn Roberts 1924-1991

Reavis/Booe, Pearlene 1829-

Danner/Reavis, Nancy E. 1858-1929

Danner, Richard 1858-1887

Reavis, Fannie 1825-1896

Revis, Elvin 1810-1907

Reavis, Martha Ann 1854-1870 w/o W. C. Reavis

Reavis, Sarah E. 1857-1879 w/o W. C. Reavis

Phillips Chapel Methodist Cem Almanace county

Reavis, Preston & Lucille Boswell

son Claude jr 1921-1988

Rutherford Memorial Cem Rutherford County

Callahan, Elizabeth REAVIS 1898-1989

Callahan, John Wesley 1895-1957

Mt Harmony Bap Ch Rutherford co

Wilkerson, Ella REAVIS Dec 1893-Nov 1958

Wilkerson, Thos. Jethro Jan 1875 Aug 1948

W. Mem Bap Ch Cem Rutherford Co

Reavis, Dicie

Rev E. Clarence Reavis 1912-1991 Reaves??

Mortality Schedules Reavis/Revis

Edney Aug 1849 Granville co 23 yrs old

Frederic Jan 1850 : 21 ye

Jesse Jan 1850 Davie Co Blacksmith 56 yrs


Allegheny County

Reves, Jesse F. 1865

Reves, Jesse A. 1865

Reeves, Enoch 1871

Reeves, John c. 1881

Reeves, George c. 1881

Reeves, Nancy 1887

Buncombe County.

Reaves, Malachi 1834

Revis, W. C. 1879 * quest date

Reeves, John 1895

Colombus County

Reaves, Solomon 1836

Reaves, Nathaniel Est 1793

Reaves, Wm 1857

Surry County

Gough, Catherine..named dau Josie..Jane Gaugh m/Allen Reavis ??

Reavis, Jane named in will of charles Steelman and wife Elizabeth

WILL Reavis, Joseph

Wife: Mary, chn: Sarah, William, Joseph, Asa and David

In the name of God Amen August 17th, 1804 Joseph Reavis of the County of Surry

and state of North Carolina being in a low state of health at present but of perfect

mind and memory thanks be to God for the same do make and ordain this to be

my last will and testament and principally and first of all I refommend my soul unto

the hand of God that gave it. I lend my wife Mary Reavis the land and plantation I

now live on also one negro girl named Jean also all my household furniture also one

horse named Jack and all my plantation tools also two cows an calves and one three

year old stear five head of sheep and all my stock of hogs during her life or widowhood

for the use of raising my children and after her decease or wisodhood to be equally divided

divided between my children, William, Sarah, Joseph, Asa and David. I give my wife Mary

Reavis one cow also I give my still and stands to my wife for the use of my family. Also I

give my wife one bed and furniture. Also I lend my wife two negroes Pat and Hannah until

my children come of age and as the come of age to be equally divided between them. Also I

give to my son William, my daughter Sarah, my son Joseph, my son Asa, and my son David,

one hundred and forty acres of land lying on the head of Harmons Creek and all the rest

of my property that I have not mentioned in my will to be sold. Also a bond I have on

Henderson Parker for the sum of two hundred and forty-eight dollars, and when the money is

collected to be let out upon interest. I give unto my son William one colt, for his present use.

Any my will and desire is that my wife shall furnish each of my children with a good bed and

furniture as they come of age out of my household furniture. And I do hereby ordain and

make and confirm this to be my last will and testament. Signed, sealed, and delivered and

pronounced and declared the day and year first above written in the presence of. And I

also will and appoint my well beloved wife Mary Revis, Thomas Wright, and William Foote,

to be my Executrix and Executors of this my last will and testament.

(signed) Joseph Reavis (seal)


John Wiles

James Rutledge

State of North Carolina, Surry county, November Session AD 1804.

John Wiles and James Rutledge (the subscribing wittnesses to the foregoing last

will and testament of Joseph Reavis) made oath that they saw the said Reavis sign publish

and declare the same to be his last will and testament that he was of sound and disposing

mind and memory; which was ordered to be recorded, done accordingly by (signed)

J. Williams CC (Clerk of the Court)

Bladen County

Edward Charles Jan 1811 Legatee Mary Reeves and dau Sarah

Reeves, Evan Jun 1823

wife: Eliza..other legatees James Reeves, Sr. ExtrJames Reeves

Wit J.P. Reeves will of John Thomas Dec 1811

Iredell Co

Reaves, Samuel Exctr Will of Benjamin Coates Apr 1803 Will Bk 1 p 82

Reavis, John exctr of Joseph Joines (Jones) 1820 Will Bk 1-A

mentions tract of little Dutchmans Creek

Reevis, Eddy legatee of John thomas Oct 1838

Northampton Co

30 Oct 1784 William Reavis

Wife Mary

All of my land…if she marries have land only frm the old road to the old

spring Branch which if divi line between my sons William and Samuel Reaves, son

Isaac Reaves 200 acres on News???? River and a tract bought of L. Barker

son William Reaves all land over Old Spring Branch joing Wild Catt Branch

and 1 horse when he is 20 years old.

Daughters Franky Reaves and Mary Pritchard Reaves money when comes of age

or marry

lend rest of estate to wife to raise and school my younger chn and at her decease

or marriage residue of estate to go to all my daughers ____/, Betty Parham and

sd Franky and Mary.

Feb 1750 Feb 1752 Reavis, Edward

son: Jesse

dau: Jude and Mary Reavis

wife and executric: Sarah

Executor: Capt. John Person

Wit: Arthur Harris, John Gilliam, Arthur Jordan

1775 Feb 18 1777 June Court

Pritchard, John

witnesses: William Reavis, Richard Hyde, Henry Hyde, John King

(since William had a dau Mary Pritchard Reavis… sure seems like her mother must have

been Pritchard..rather than Jordan ??)

Rutherford Co

1801 Reavis, James Jr.(will follows)

wife: Martha

son: Oldedst son Wilson (to remain in hands of my wife til he reaches 21 yrs)

chn: Polly, Morgan, Washington, Betsey, Lucinda

wit: James Doyle, James Bradley, William Bradley

In the name of God amen. I James Reavis in of the County of Rutherford and State of

North Carolina being in a low ….. of health but of sound and …..mind and memory

bless be god for the same but considering the mortality of my body and that it is appointed for

all men ….to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament first I recommend my

soul into the hand of Almight God who gave it and my body after my decease to be decently

buried and as ……my wordley estate.spose of that in the following manner. First that all my

Just Debts by paid by sail of my waggon and horses as can be left spared and my … & …and as

touching the land I purchased of James and Bird Laughter, my will and desire is that it should

be given up to them again if they will consent to it and ..bargained be as though it never had

been and after my debts is paid my will is that my property of every kind and description remain in

the hands of my wife Martha until my oldest son Wilson arrives to the age of twenty one years

at which time the Estate to be valued and Wilson to have his equal part with my wife Martha,

Polly, Morgan, Washing, betsey & Lucinda and the children all as they come of age to receive

there part and the part allotted to my wife Martha at her decease and to be equally divided between

all my children as before ….and I do hereby constitute and appoint my trusting friend John

…. And John bradley and my beloved wife Martha sole executrors of this my last will and

Testament in trust for the intent and purposes in this my will contained.

Signed sealed and published and declared to be my last will and Testament In Testimony

whereof I the said James Reavis have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this eleventh day of

March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one.

James Doyle James Reavis seal

James Bradley

William Bradley

1803 WB B p.157

Reaves, James, Sr

Surry Co

Aug 1804 Joseph Reavis Nov 1804

wife: Mary

chn: William, Sarah, Joseph, Asa, David

wit: John Wiles, James Rutledge

Gough, Catherine one dau named was Josie Reavis

note Allen Reavis married a Gaugh/Gough

Rowan County

Haddock, William 1811 (name not Hattick) Will

wife: Elizabeth Ward

chn: Mary m/Edward Reavis, William, Nancy m/Beaty

Enoch, John, David, Morgan, Lydia, Justin`

Onslow Co

Wit: Francis will of Epheram Swift of White Oak Nov 1744

Davie Co

1842 Will prov John Reavis pretty sure John-2

heirs: Jesse, David, John, Samuel, Martha, Prudence, Elizabeth, Polly, Nancy,

Temperance (w/o Enoch), Joseph and Ruth (seems to be chn of John this

his will or will of son John???)

1837 Will of Cain, Thomas prob 1838

named dau Mary Reavis..prob married Jesse-3, s/o John-2

Johnson Co WB I p.799 Apr 1847 pr Aug 1848

Reaves, Kiziah

sons: William, Asher, Ransom

Dau. Sally m/Mosingill,Civil m/Adams, Lydia m/Johnson, Susanna m/Johnson,

Emily and Louisa

Wayne Co 1834

Reaves, John

sons:David, Robert, Jonas, John, William, Edmond, Dau Civil Fraddock

Wayne Co Apr 1831 prov May 1831

Reaves, Adam

Wife: Mary

Dau: Elizabeth Herring, Ann Herring, Catey Bennett, Polley Carraway, Glacey Newell.

Edna Rea, Smith, Susanna

Guilford Co. 1781

Reves, James

wife: Milissent

sons: Malachi, Jeremiah, William

dau: Elizabeth Holmes, Judith Moon, Delilah Russell

Bute Co 1778

Rieves, William

wife: Elender

chn: Henry Frederick

Craven Co Willbook A p. 229 Jul 1790 prob Sep 1790

Dau: Elizabeth Ches??, Jean Reeves, Mary Wilson

Son: Francis

Wife: Coatney/Cortney

wit/Bynum and Givin

Brunswick Co Willbook D p.16 13 Nov 1858

wife: Sarah

sons: Joel, Solomon, Samuel F.

dau: Prudence, Patience, Annie and Mary

Wifes chn by former marriage:

: Sarah m/Moore, Charlotte m/Robbins, William Han--


Haywood County

Revis, Louis Wilson b Oct 6 1894 d Jan 1923, unmarked grave, bur Haywood co

Gwyn Cemetery located on Hwy 176. Died during the flu epidemic of 1923 at age 28.

People in the community would lv food at the door to eliminate any chance of contract-

ing the disease. Sons Alvois and Cecil remember going to the grave for burial in a wagon

and the snow so deep they were not allowed to get out of the wagon. Balsia did not go,

she was home with the flu and pregnant. Louis married Maria Balsia Williams on 11-9-1913

in Haywood co. She married 2d George Rogers

Cemetery..Cleveland County

Reavis, Richard Z. 1869-1944

Reavis, Sarah H. 1867-1938

Cemeteries: Madison county

Oakhill Cem

Revis, Sarah s. 1883-1967

Walnut Cemetery

Revis, Ehtel 1903-1987

Transylvania countyNC Hogback Twp Sapphire//Reed-Oakland Cem

Revis, Frank 1896-1080

Rosha 1908-1992

Transylvania/Montvale whitaker Cem

Revis, Vera 1879-1910 (&* hus Robert Nix)

Transylvania/Jocassee area…

Revis, Jerry 1833-1908

Johaner 1908-1909

NC DeathRecords

Reavis, William 81 yrs old bc1887 dJan 1968 Alexander, NC

Reavis, Alfred Wm. 51 dJan 1975 Yadkin Co NC

Reavis, Andrew 66 yrs old bc1902 dMay 1968 Forsyth Co Nc

Reavis, Andrew David 89 yr d Jan 1975 Greensboro/guilford Co NC

Reavis, Archie Wm., Sr 1890 1976 Vance Co NC

Reavis, Burley Nov 1892 1979 Forsyth, NC

Reavis, Burley 76 yrs old bc1892 dSep 1968 Granville Co NC

Reavis, Eugenia 92 yrs dApr 1975 Madison Co NC

Shoemaker, Emma Reavis 79 dJan 1975 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, William 78 yrs old bc 1890 dJan1968 Mecklenburg Co NC

Reavis, William 81 yrs old bc1887 dFeb 1968 Yadkin Co NC

Reavis, Wade 91 yrs old bc1877 d Nov 1968 Wake Co (res Yadkin Co) NC

Reavis, John 79 yrs old bc1889 dFeb 1968 lv Yadkin d/Durham, NC

Reavis, Melver 82 yrs old bc1869 dSep 1969 Rown Co lv Yadkin co NC

Reavis Notley 64 yrs old bc1905 dMar 1969 Rowan Co Nc

Reavis, Benj. 78 yrs old bc1891 dFeb 1969 Yadkin Co NC

Reavis, James 66 yrs old bc1903 dOct 1969 Yadkin Co NC

Reavis, Mary Danner 70 yr bc1905 dJan 1975 Winston Salem

Reavis, Mary 1898 1979 Iredell Co NC never married

Reavis, Isaac 1904 1970 Forsyth Co NC

Reavis, Marvin 73 yr old 1971 Cataeba Co NC

Reavis, Rhoda Copley 83 Jul 1975 Winston-Salem NC

Reavis, Robert 75 yrs old 1972 Forsyth Co NC

Reavis, John 75 yr 10 mos 1973 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, Cynthia 93 yrs old nev married 1973

Reavis, Ralph 71 yrs old 1973 Guilford Co NC

Reavis, Burton 74 yrs old 1973 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, Minnie 85 yrs old nev marr 1973 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, George 84 yrs old 1973 Rutherford Co NC

Reavis, Susan 89 yrs old nev marr 1973 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, Annie 75 yrs old nev marr 1974 lv Yadkin d Surry Co NC

Reavis, Carl 84 yrs old 1974 Forsyth Co NC

Reavis, Cyoprus Bruce 1897-1977 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, Phisa 95 yrs old 1974 Forsyth Co NC

Reavis, John 81 yr old 1974 Davie Co NC

Reavis, Andrew Joseph 89 yrs old 1975 Guilford Co NC

Reavis, Emma (m/Shoemaker) 79 yrs old 1975 Iredell Co NC

Reavis, Rhoda (m/Copley) 83 yrs old 1975 Forsyth Co NC

Reavis, Pritchard Norris 77 yrs old 1975 Rowan Co NC

Reavis, Samuel Richard 1900-1977 Polk Co

Reavis, Sanford Floyd 49 d May 1975 Greensboro/Guilford NC

Reavis, Thomas Cordle 1899-1976 Forsyth Co…Lv Davie Co

Reavis, Thomas Gay 1907-1976 Moore Co NC

Reavis, John Bunyon d Apr 1949 s/ McBee Reavis Buncombe co NC

Reavis, Franklin d1962 s/o Wm Reavis "

Reavis, Frellon John d1971 s/oJames Reavis "

Reavis, Lewis Roy d1974 s/o John Reavis "

Reavis, Lawrence Johny d 1983 s/o Horace "

Reavis, Eldridge Ralph d 1886 s/o Lawrence "

REVIS, Herbert Ernest 80 yrs old 1975 Buncombe Co NC

REVIS, Vane James (nm) 81 yrs old 1975 Henderson Co NC

Luther 72 yrs old 1970 McDowell Co NC

Edward 71 yrs old 1970 Buncombe Co NC

Elberta(f) nev marr 85 yrs old 1970 Buncombe Co NC

George 77 yrs old 1971 Henderson Co NC

Conley 71 yrs old 1972 Haywood Co NC

Archie 69 yrs old 1972 Buncombe Co NC

Rebecca nm 87 yrs old 1968 Henderson Co NC

Jesse 72 yrs old 1969 Buncombe Co NC

Waverly 73 yrs old 1969 Henderson Co NC

James 70 yrs old 1969 McDowell Co NC

SS death Index

Jul 1962 Perrie Franklin s/o W.N. Reavis

May 1971 Frellon John s/o James Reavis

Jul 1974 Lewis Ray s/o Jim Reavis

Jan 1983 Lawrence Johnny s/o Horace Reavsi

Feb 1986 Eldridge Ralph s/o Lawrence Reavs

Apr 1949 John Bunyon s/o McBee Reavis

Misc Deaths

F. Roy Reavis of Harmony NC..died Jan 17, 1999 b Oct 1910

s/o George Gurney Reavis m/Apr 1941 Zelma West

survived by:

bro-Fred W. Reavis

sis:Fannie Reavis m/Sutphin, Mae m/Smith, Margie m/David

sons: John Frank, Richmond G.

Dau: Brenda m/Bill Reeves, Wincie L. Reavis

Colonial America 1607-1789 (book)

Revis, George Rutherford Co NC 1782

Revis, Nathaniel BladenCo NC 1781

Revis, Samuel NorthamptonCo NC 1786

Revis, Zah Bladen Co NC 1781 (Zachariah??)

Rieves, Brewer WarrenCoNC 1786

Rieves, Jackson Granville CoNC 1755 Negro
Rieves, James Granville co NC 1755

Rieves, John Granville Co NC 1755

Rieves, John Northampton Co NC 1786

Rieves, Malachi Granville Co 1755

Rieves, Thomas Granville Co NC 1755 s/o John

Rieves, William Granville Co NC 1755

Rieves, William Randolph Co NC 1779

Misc Notes

Hiram Reavis 1796-1885 m/Lucinda Ward

d/o John/Jack Ward ca1769-ca1811 ?Logan co Ky..father Jeremiah Ward

Mary Madole bca1768

Siblings: Jeremiah m/Deringtno and Freeman

John, Jr bca1790 m/Jane Madole

James bca1792 m/Elizabeth Freeman

Sarah b 1794 m/1814 Wm Gambill

Margaret bca1796 m/ Elisha Freeman

Mary E. bca1798 m/Norris and Freeman

William b1802 m/Wheeler and Abbott

Thomas bca1804 m/Widick

Nancy b1806 m/Bearden

Lewis b1809 ;m/Walker and Parker

Thos. W. Reavis m/Mary Reed d/o James C. Reed and Elzira Green

chn: Mattie E. , Jessie, John

Samuel Reavis bc1760 s/o William Reavis and Mary Jordan all of Wake county

m/Nancy Goodwin Nov 1805

chn: Elizabeth 1806

William 1808

(maybe) Lucy 1809 m/Simeon Daniel -chn: Louisa, Obediance, Rufus, Rebecca, Malissa

Elizabeth, Beedy

John 1811 m/1834 Ellender Thomas aje ,#2 John Branton

William Harold(Harrell/Hayward?) Reavis and Elizabeth Howell mDec 1847 Henderson NC

17 chn: 1 set triplets, 3 sets of twins and 8 single births

He moved to Tx and became a schoolteacher

Johnson Co NC Deed Book 5 1756-57

Reaves, Wm, Thomas, James/Jane, Joseph, Drury/Drewry, Timothy

Rutherford County

Reavis, William and Burge Estate Woody Burge 1819

Misc notes:

Reavis Jesse

lv Surry Co ca1831-1837..Cabarrus County ca1839-1845, Davie Co 1850


Reavis, James and Bagwell, Lunsford 1826

Ravis, William and Kuykendall 1784

*Pace, Jonathon 1808

Ravis, Edmond and Little 1796

Ravis, William 1790

Ravis, Isham and Morris 1795

Book: Illustrated Hx of Yadkin Co by Rutledge

Civil War Vets

Reavis, Nathan, died

Revis, Jesse

Surry County minutes of the Court of P & QS 16 Feb 1790

"Ordered Joseph Reavis, being charged of begitting a bastard mail child on the body of Mary Gallion by

her own oath before William Head, Esq., stand chargeable with the maintenance of the same, James

Reavis and John Williams, sec. "

**Note: Could William bc1788 be this "Bastard child", and could he have married Mary Gallion?

1850 Wake county

Revis, Nancy 67

Revis, William 39

Daniel, Simeon 44 b Va

Lucy 33 b NC (Marr rec 28 Dec 1831 Reviss, Lucy and Daniel, Simeon)

she is d/o Nancy 67 above)

Chn: Elizabeth 15, Louisa 8, Beedy 7, Rufus 4

1860 Wake county

Revis, Nancy 79

Daniel, Simeon 52

Lucy 45

Louisa 21

Obediance 16

Rufus 13

Rebecca 8

Malissa 4


Bills Creek Baptist Church Rutherford county (records)

1829 Morgan Reavis (b1795 s/o James, Jr m/Morgan) member m/Bagwell

1817 Reavis, Lucinday m/Clayton Brown

1816 Ravis, Elizabeth m/Thorton Brown

1816 Revis, William m/Betsy Burge

1782 Oct. Revis, George appeared on a charge of treason against the Senate. Trial

was held over til next court

1803 Will Probated James Reavis, Jr. Jimmy Bradley was witness

Eaton's Baptist Churck aka Dutchmans Crk Bap Ch ( til 1790)…Roan/Surry Co

Eaton Baptist Meeting House Records

October the fifth ye 1772

At the Constitution of the reagular Baptist Church in North Carolina Roan County in

the Forke of the Yadkin there was ten members. Their names are as followeth

William Cook, the minister

James Tompkins

Ebenezer Fairchild

Abraham and Triphena Adams

Thomas Easteb

Susanna Easteb

David Reavis-Jemima Reavis

Jesse Reavis

There has been added sence Mary Easteb by letter November the 22 year 1772

Elesabath Tompkins added by letter

Beara Bra added 1772 by letter

Benjamin Cutbeard added by baptism on the seaventh day of March 1773

fifteen members in the whole. (1773) June the fifth at out quartely meeting there was added

by Baptism John Eaton and Elesabeth his wife there was also aded James Reavis and his wife

by letter September the 17 (?) 1773 at a meeting held a Boons Ford on the Yadkins there

was added into the church fore members by baptism there names was

Nicholas White

Hannah Lews

Bathelem Canday

Lear Garrawood

nineteen in the

From the Eaton Baptist Meeting House Records, November 24, 1772 to April 25, 1812

Church Roll for 1787 lists 189 names incld thos of Abraham Adams, Jonathan Hunt, Ebenezer

Fairchild, David Reavis, John Eaton, George Eaton, James Dial, Geo. Hedspeth, George Boone,

Acquilla Green, Edward Moore, Abraham Hawkins, John Hunt, Andrew Hunt, Thomas Eastep,

Benjamin Cutbeard, Daniel Lewis, Edward Moore, Joseph Bradley, Elias Barnes, Silvester Baker,

Joeph Whitley, Richard Cook.

The chuch is situated in the NW quadrant of present-day Davie County off Hwy 601 on rural road #1415

Dobbs County Grantor Index ca 1750's

. Reaves, James and Charles Miller

Reaves, Joseph and william William

Yadkin County Cemetery Records frm Donald comer

last name first name middle born died buried spouse

Reavis John H. 1879 1965 Flat Rock B.

Reavis Nora T. 1896 1944 ditto

Reavis Charles Sanford 1822 1900 ditto Rebecca Steelman

Steelman Rebecca 1820 1898 ditto Charles s. Reavis

Reavis J. L. 1850 1920 ditto Jane Gough

Gough Sarah J. 1855 1930 ditto James Lee Reavis

Reavis Charles S./Jr 1856 1935 ditto Esther Seagraves

Seagraves Esther L. 1859 1938 ditto Charles S. Reavis, Jr

Reavis Flora 1881 1960 ditto

Reavis Wade Sr. 1876 1968 ditto ?Dora Brandon

Reavis ? Dora Brandon 1891 1971 ditto ? Wade Reavis

Reavis Wade Jr. 1928 1942 ditto

Reavis John Sanford 1892 1961 ditto Maggie Steelman

Steelman Maggie 1894 John s. Steelman

m/Dec 1913

Reavis Alfred Clev. 1884 1932 ditto

Reavis ? Annie Burges 1887 1971 ditto

Reavis Joseph James 1858 1926 ditto Mary Martin

Martin Mary Alice 1859 1944 ditto J.J.C.J. Reavis

Reavis J. G. 1851 1933 Boonevil. B. Atela and Caroline

Reavis Atela 1862 1935 ditto

Reavis Caroline 1862 1935 ditto

Reavis Gracy Ann 1867 1904 ditto w/M.L.

Reavis Malinda C. 1854 1917 ditto w/JMR

Reavis J. L. 1888 1915 ditto

Reavis Joseph 1822 1900 ditto

Reavis, Nancy 1827 1903 ditto

Reavis Pamela J. 1956 1973 Mt Zion Bap.

Reavis Lonnie 1899 1960 ditto

Reavis John L. 1889 1968 Shady Grove

Reavis Stella M 1905

Comer Neva Mae 1899 1989 Liberty

Reavis Coram N. 1905 1932 ditto Faye McCorkle

McCorkle Faye 1907 1992 ditto Coram Reavis

Reavis William Dud. 1874 1985 ditto Lula Harkey

Harkey Lula Mae 1879 1956 ditto William D. Reavis

Reavis Andrew W. 1901 1968 ditto Allie Wilkins

Wilkins Allie L. 1898 1989 ditto Andrew Reavis

Reavis, Maggie Lena 1893 1959 ditto Joyner

Reavis Samuel Lee 1938 1984 ditto Mary Ratledge

Ratledge Mary 1941 Samuel Lee Reavis

Reavis Silas Ervin 1903 1953 ditto Elisha Watson

Watson Elisha 1914 1996 ditto Silas Ervin Reavis

Reavis Thad T. 1898 1935 S.OakRidge Bessie L Wilkin

Wilkins Bessie L. 1901 Thad T. Reavis

Reavis Edgar J. 1907 1985 ditto Edna R.

Reavis James Bynum 1903 1969 ditto Ila May Jester

Jester Ila May 1908 ditto James Bynum Reavis

Reavis Hubert Johnson 1928 1969 ditto

Reavis Jack Donald 1923 1976 ditto Lucille Dudley

Dudley Lucille 1927 Jack Donald Reavis

Reavis Frank G. 1902 1985 ditto Lizzie Brandon

Brandon Lizzie 1909 1989 ditto Frank Reavis

Reavis Isaac Curtis 1907 1950 ditto

Reavis Howell E. 1912 1995 ditto Susie Dull

Dull Susie 1912 1984 ditto Howell E. Reavis

Reavis Ellis 1905 1958 ditto

Reavis Mattie 1869 1960 ditto

Reavis Albert Lee 1885 1961 ditto Ethel Reneger

Reneger Ethel 1896 1987 ditto Albert Reavis

Reavis Clinton M. 1894 1956 ditto Mary E. Reavis

(Reavis) Mary E. 1898 1977 ditto Clinton M. Reavis

Reavis George P. 1923- 1925 ditto

Reavis Turner W. 1894 1947 ditto Elva L. Reavis

Reavis Elva L. 1899 1982 ditto Turner W. Reavis

Reavis W. Arvil 1908 1969 ditto Sue M. Reavis

(Reavis) Sue M 1912 W. Arvil Reavis

Wilkins S. Bloom 1865 1932 ditto Lillie E. Reavis

Reavis Lillie E. 1871 1956 ditto S. Bloom Wilkins

Joyner Maude 1887 1983 ditto Roma F. Reavis (?)

Reavis Roma F. 1887 1969 ditto Maude Joyner

Reavis William G. 1905 1993 ditto Carolyn W. Sherman

Sherman Carolyn W. 1909 1985 ditto William G. Reavis

Reavis J. C. 1924 1978 ditto Cecile J. Reavis

(Reavis) Cecile 1925 ditto Reavis, J. C.

Reavis Benjamin F. 1891 (?) 1969 ditto Nora D. Hampton

Hampton Nora D. 1897 1982 ditto Benmain F. Reavis

Reavis Mary Joyce 1906 1968 ditto

Reavis Blanche 1901 1926 ditto d/o Geo & Melia

Reavis George W. 1866 1943 ditto Melia J. (Reavis)

(Reavis) Melia J. 1871 1952 ditto George W. Reavis

Reavis inf dau 1910 1910 ditto d/o Wiley & Martha

Reavis Charlie W. 1893 1947 ditto

Reavis Emily Jane 1855 1928 ditto

Reavis S W 1853 1929 ditto Ellen

(Reavis) Ellen M. 1845 1920 ditto S.W.Reavis

Reavis Henry A. 1860 1935 ditto Bettie Bell

(Reavis) Bettie Bell 1896 1966 ditto Henry A. Reavis

Reavis Ernest D. 1919 1944 ditto s/oHenry & Bettie

Comer John Thomas 1892 1969 ditto Delilah Reavis

Reavis Ida Delilah 1884 1982 ditto J. T. Comer

Reavis James Willis 1904 1968 ditto Lacie Reavis

Reavis Pernie C. 1895 1972 ditto

Reavis Giles H. 1889 1980

Martin Ulysses A. 1871 1954 ditto Phoebe e. Reavis

Reavis Phoebe E. 1865 1935 ditto Ulysses Martin

Reavis Marshall F. Rev. 1892 1957 ditto

Reavis Edward Leon 1909 (?) 1980 ditto Rhuama Linville

Linville Rhuama 1916 1988 ditto Edward Leon Reavis

Reavis F. Delma 1910 1952 ditto Marie V.

(Reavis) Marie V. 1926 1998 ditto F.Delma Reavis

Reavis Charles Edward 1884 1980 ditto Percie May

May Percie Jane 1887 1957 ditto Charles E. Reavis

Reavis Phillip W. 1914 1995 ditto Maisie Hayes

Hayes Maisie Eliz. 1927 Phillip Reavis

Reavis Mary K 1945

Reavis Marian E. 1893 1981 ditto Nora Lee

Reavis Nora Lee 1898 1987 ditto Marian Reavis

Reavis Marian Ellis 1863 1928 ditto Lily Chamberlain

Chamberlain Lily 1866 1949 ditto M.E. Reavis

Reavis Aulcie 1921 1923 ditto

Reavis Belva 1900 1911 ditto

Reavis Husten 1890 1911 ditto

Reavis Eula E.(Jane?) 1900-1996 ditto never married

Reavis Rebecca Ann 1877 1964 ditto

Reavis Will 1847 1936 ditto Doraine Martin

Martin Doraine 1851 1933 ditto Will Reavis

Gabard Mary Ann 1832 1913 ditto David Reavis

Reavis Lydia A 1857 1928 ditto C.M.Steelman

**note unless otherwise noted all of these entries are frm line of Joseph/James/Edward

Reavis* Nancy E. 1844 1929 S.Oak Ridge James Reavis

*line of John/Samuel

Reavis James 1821 1901 ditto James Reavis/Joseph

Reavis James T. 1873/4 1941 ditto S.C. Reeves

Reeves Sally C. 1872 1945 ditto James T. Reavis

Reavis Bernard 1909 1909 ditto s/o J.T. & S.C. Reavis

(Reavis) Henrietta 1895 1965 ditto W.L. Reavis

Reavis W L 1886 1968 ditto Henriette

Reavis George 1870 1917 ditto Roxie V.Brandon

Brandon Roxie V. 1870 1951 ditto George Reavis

Reavis Arzy M. 1896/7 1965 ? ditto Viola Graves

Graves Viola 1903 1992 ditto A. Marler Reavis

Reavis William S. 1950 1972 ditto

Joyner Hazel 1926 ditto William Reavis

Reavis William A 1923 1975 ditto Hazel Joyner

Brandon Sarah A. 1831? 1909 ditto

Reavis Asa 1827 1906? Ditto hus and wife??

Reavis Troy Nelson 1907 1952 ditto not married

May Glen A. 1897 1968 ditto Lena Reavis

Reavis/May Lena Alma 1899 1993 ditto Glen May

Reavis Joseph G. 1869 1957 ditto Mary M. Gentry

Gentry Mary M 1875 1949 ditto Joseph G. Reavis

Davie Co

Reavis Thomas Cordele 1899 1976 U.Chapel Me Mamie Driver

Mamie 1911 1995 ditto

Reavis/Melton Lucille 1929 alive ditto Melton Rad Rad 1926 1997 dito

Iredell Co

Reavis/Todd Mary J. 1873 1951 ? Deep Creek Todd, Cornelius

Cornelius 1872 1974 ditto

Reavis Dallas E. 1893 1967 Sandy Spgs. Sadie ?

Sadie 1896 1975 ditto

Reavis Mary 1849 1932 ditto

Reavis Kimber Dwight 1915 1973 ditto Elva Hemric

Elva 1922

Reavis Kenneth B 1904 1993 ditto Esma S. ?

Esma S. 1910

Reavis Bryce D. 1919 1994 ditto Reva B. ?

Reba 1915 1993 ditto

Reavis Melver W. 1886 1969 ditto Estella Cook

Estella 1894 1955 ditto

Reavis Etta 1863 1935 ditto

Reavis Phosa 1892 1913 ditto

Reavis Maggie (Chamberlain) 1893 1917 ditto w/oAlbert Lee Reavis

Reavis Elizabeth C. 1841 1922 ditto

Reavis Lillie Hayes 1864 1943 ditto

Reavis Gurney G. 1878 1954 ditto Wincie Mathis

Wincie 1886 1982 ditto

Reavis Daniel C. 1845 1898 ditto

(Reavis) Catherine 1871 ditto

Reavis George 1881 ditto

Reavis Elizabeth 1838 1927 ditto

Reavis/Bennett Della 1887 1953 ditto Robert Bennett

Robert 1867 1936 ditto\

Reavis J. M. 1862 1894 ditto Lillie (Reavis)

Lillie 1866 1940 ditto

Reavis/Wooten Mary L.E. 1869 1914 ditto John Wooten

John Vance 1871 1955 ditto

Reavis J. Walter 1876 1942 ditto Mary E. (Reavis

Mary E. 1876 1963 ditto

Reavis/Comer Lillie Belle 1887 1941 Rock Spring J.R. Comer

Reavis John W. 1830 1917 ditto

(Reavis) Louisa 1840 1928 ditto John Reavis

Reavis Forrest L. 1908 1990 ditto Martha H. ?

Martha H 1918 1985 ditto

Reavis Girlie L. 1995 1970 ditto

Reavis Devid R. 1857 1936 ditto

(Reavis) N. Elizabeth 1858 1929 ditto R.D. Reavis

(Reavis) Mary P 1837 1915 ditto Samuel Reavis

Reavis Elisha W. 1889 1964 ditto Cora Riddle

Cora 1896 1965 ditto

Reavis Jerry ? Wayne 1953 ditto Linda Sharyl ?

Linda 1954 ditto

Reavis/Wiles Martha 1928 1980 Bethel Bap Ralph Wiles

Ralph 1922 1979

Reavis/Wiles Mary 1930 ditto Cecil Wiles

Cecil 1925 1976 ditto

Reavis/Shore Clydedean 1915 ditto Samuel Shore

Samuel 1907 1992 ditto

Reavis N. J. 1857 1928 Macedonia J.H. Reavis

Reavis/Nance Lucy 1914 Center UMC John Nance

John 1907 1981 ditto

Reavis Joseph 1886 1985 ditto Mary Helton

Mary 1897 1973 ditto

Reavis Edith 1916 1957 ditto

Reavis Charles G 1892 1984 ditto Hattie Key

Hattie 1902 1988 ditto

Reavis Leo Jones 1912 1993 ditto

Reavis Julian W. 1875 1961 ditto Mary Bryant

Mary B. 1876 1966 ditto

Reavis Marvin 1905 1923 ditto

Reavis Minnie 1891 1912 ditto

Reavis Carrie 1882? 1918 ditto

Reavis George W. 1853 1931 ditto Lydia Vanhoy

Lydia Ellen 1850 1942 ditto

Reavis W. Sherrill 1936 1988 ditto Betty D. ?

Betty D. 1936 ditto

Reavis/Wooten Rachel 1862- ditto Joseph Wooten

Joseph 1865 1929 ditto

Reavis Clyde G. 1920 1993 ditto Frances H. ?

Frances 1919 ditto

Reavis Jane Saylor 1960 1992 ditto

Reavis H. Gray (Sr) 1926 1993 ditto Marie Long

Marie 1925 ditto

Reavis C. Thad 1915 ditto Macey M. ?

Macey M. 1910 1973 ditto

Reavis Ray T. 1906 1956 HM Grove Fr. Flossie Joyner

Flossie 1908 ditto

Reavis Ellen W. 1913 197? ditto

Reavis Wade W. 1907 1958 ditto

Reavis William Edgar 1935 1995 ditto

Reavis/Branon Ida Ethel 1880 1961 ditto Mahlon Branon

Mahlon 1874 1940 ditto

Reavis William Samuel 1902 1964 ditto

Reavis/Bray Adelia Jane 1870 ditto C.G. Bray

C. C. 1866 1919 ditto


Yadkin county Civ War Vets

Reavis, J.W. Pvt

Reavis, Nathan MIA

Reavis, J.S. NCO

Reavis, J. M. Pvt

Reavais, J. F. Pvt

Buncmbe County Death Index

Revis, Benjamin 1900-1984

Revis, Ernest 1899-1975

Revis, Ernest 1917-1995

Revis, James 1911-1987

Revis, James 1919-1989

Revis, Jeter 1893-1971

Revis, Napoleon 1897-1977

Revis, Porter 1900-1980

Revis, Reyonlds 1921-1983

Revis, Robert 1925-1986 prob x/o James Charles m/Sadie Marlar

Robert 1920-1987

Revis, Roy 1898-1

Births McDowell county

Jun 1931 Revis, Leo Goodson s/o Luther McKinley Revis

Oct 1934 Revis, Wm Harold ditto

Nov 1929 Revis, Millard s/o Alvin Revis

Feb 1947 Revis, Leon Jr s/o Leo G. Revis

Jan 1952 Revis, David Wiley s/o Namon Anderson Revis

Mar 1927 Revis, Eleanor Oberia d/o Benjamin H. Revis

May 1921 Frances Ammons Revis d/o James Dillard Revis

Polk county: Samuel b 1851 Joseph b 1836

Revis Births

Aug 1926 Leo Goodson s/o Luther McKinley Revis

Jun 1931 D.S. s/o Harrison Revis

Nov 1929 Millard s/o Alvin Revis

Oct 1934 Wm Harold s/o Luther M. Revis

Feb 1947 Leon, Jr s/o Leo G. Revis

Jan 1952 David Wiley s/o Namon Anderson Revis

Feb 1949 Charles Jay s/o Barnette O. Revis

Mar 1927 Eleanor Oberia d/o Benjamin H. Revis

May 1921 Frances Ammons d/o James Dillard Revis