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Hey there, and welcome to "Captain's Orders" - a fansite for Captain Amelia of Disney's Treasure Planet. Amelia was my favorite character from the start because of her intelligence and "no-nonsense" attitude. This site will also include some general Treasure Planet information, as well as fanfiction and fan art. So have a look around, and enjoy the site. Those are the Captain's orders...

As of 8/16/2008, I will no longer be updating this site, due to the fact that I (unfortunately) no longer have time to do it. However, I will leave it up for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for your support and for visiting! =)

Treasure Planet came out on video and DVD on April 29, 2003!

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DISCLAIMER: Captain Amelia and anything related to Treasure Planet belongs to Disney, and not me. This site is for entertainment only. I would appreciate it if you did not take the background images of this site, because I did make them. And yes - it took a long time. Thank you! ^_^