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Brains Over Brawn: Mister Fantastic

Celebrated around the world as much for his keen scientific mind as his superhuman abilities as leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards commands not only the repect of his peers, but the love of his devoted wife Susan and their son, Franklin. Despite all this and the countless heroic feats he has been able to perform as a result of the great malleability and elasticity of his molecular structure, he still must bear the burden of guilt over the fate that befell his best friend, Ben Grimm, as a result of his own misguided -- if well-intentioned -- actions.

"Amazing... In many ways, this man is sort of the father of the modern age of heroes... The Fantastic Four are what the X-Men -- What the Avengers, for that matter -- Aspire to be... To think that in the midst of all this personal tradgedy, he manages to hold it all together."

-Jean Grey, Phoenix, "A Voice As Deep As Thunder". (The Uncanny X-Men #336)