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We the skeeks are smelly, ugly, terrible people. we ride 50cc junk. we have no self respect, and hobo's laugh at us.

Do you have the ignorance, self denial, penis envy, and drive that it takes to be a Skeek? Or maybe you at least have a $1.50 to cover the projected cost design budget? Then please contact Q-Bert

UPDATE: Skeeks Declare they are weak!   Official Declaration of Wimpyness

The Skeeks Are:

Your Zeros

We want to be Suave and Sophisticated

trying to be more than we are!

Giving the Indian something to laugh about

Skeeks respect and are attracted to older ladies, full figured women, mostly

dolphins won't have us, and cripples laugh at us!

Strong proponents of Family Incest

Working for your best food stamps processes

ENFORCING a Postive Sense of autoeroticism

Always Making New Friends

Preferred by 3 out of 4 Foundlings

Encouraging stupid labor