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Finally, here is the start of the LM Convention 2000 Online Photo Album. I know it took me a while, but I promise a lot of pics and my journal as well. The following links will take you to each event, go and take a look at the last glimpses of the Plumfield set shortly before it was taken completely down. :( We had the great pleasure of having Jennifer Wigmore(Meg) and Adrian Hough(Edward Trenton) to give us a tour of the set and the house. The Chambers twins were also present shortly before the picnic to say hello to everyone, they were very cute!

Pics from Black Creek Pioneer Village---Friday, August 4th 2000.

Click Here for Pictures of:

Pickering Village Town Museum---Saturday, August 5th 2000.

Picnic---Saturday, August 5th 2000.

The Set---Saturday, August 5th 2000.

Sat nite

Casa Loma---Sunday, August 6th 2000.