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PROPHECY: Three Asteroids/Comets-What do We Know?
April 10, 2003 (Updated March 25, 2004)

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In all of my more than ten years since the Lord spoke to me and sent me as a prophet to the nations, after the order of Jeremiah, I have not seen such a situation develop as has taken shape during the last two weeks, concerning the prophesied “Three Asteroid/Comet” event.

I feel the need to pull all of the information together, because it seems that each prophetic witness received some pieces of the puzzle that are unique, and some are confirming of what others received. Some are different in ways that puzzle me.

This is what the prophets are saying:

1) This event will be the first event: “This will be the beginning of the pain that I will allow upon the earth."-Virginia Boldea

2) When God begins to allow trouble to the United States, it will sweep the nation from East to West.-Mark Meyers

3) This 3 Asteroid/Comet event will occur before the earthquake that is to occur in the Midwest that will create a great lake that will divide the USA, as has been previously prophesied by Timothy Snodgrass and Stephen L. Bening-Ann Peterson

4) This 3 asteroid/comet event will be heralded by a final warning that will commence with simultaneous, identical dreams of warning that will be received by many, beginning at 2 A.M.(7 A.M. GMT)-Bob Neumann, Stephen L. Bening

5) North Carolina will be inundated as far West as Morganton, at a distance of 200 miles inland, and at an elevation of 1160 feet.-Bob Neumann. The ocean will intrude as far as Gwinnett County, Georgia (Just Southeast of Atlanta) at an elevation of 1080 feet, and at a distance of 225 miles inland.-Ruby Golden

6) Florida homes will be covered by waves that will be higher than the rooftops.-Billie London

7) Key West, FL will be destroyed by Tsunami.-Dan Bohler

8) There will be three asteroid/comet impacts-Bob Neumann, John Lallier, Ann Peterson, Virginia Boldea (she says they hit the ground), Gloria Lopez, J. Bening. (Stephen Bening comment on Boldea-she said, "when they hit the ground, there was total devastation". She never said she saw them hit the ground, as in hard Earth. She may have been using the word "ground" in a general sense, to refer to the horizon.)

9) Augusta, GA will suffer terrible flooding-Dan Bohler

10) New Orleans, LA will suffer terrible flooding-Dan Bohler

11) Florida will be entirely covered with water as far North as approximately Orlando-John Lallier, Ann Peterson. Nita Johnson saw a map in a vision where Florida and the East Coast of the USA had disappeared several hundred miles inland, and the Coastal area of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi had disappeared inland by about 50 miles. Jim McCants saw, in a vision, that all of Florida had disappeared.

12) The general populace will be warned on Television at 6 P.M. The first warning will be by CNN. The next warning will come from the Pentagon. The area of evacuation will be said to be from Key West, FL to Plymouth Rock, MA-Bob Neumann

13) The impact of the three asteroids will occur at 10 P.M.-Bob Neumann

14) Two asteroid/comets will hit in the Atlantic, one will hit in the Gulf Of Mexico. Of the two Atlantic impacts, one will hit further out, off North Carolina, the other will hit off the East Coast of Florida.-Bob Neumann, Ann Peterson, Gloria Lopez

15) Christians will escape this event, having heeded warnings. The Lord will take care of His servants.-Bob Neumann, John Lallier, Ann Peterson, Stephen L. Bening

16) The last revival to sweep the United States will come out of Florida-Marlin Simon (1991)

17) This asteroid impact and flood will fling revival out of South Florida, and we will preach as a team throughout the Midwest states of the United States, until we are warned to flee from the great New Madrid earthquake that is to come. Florida is the gate of the United States, and events that control her destiny will commence here. We have been warned so that we can preach, and be a witness to those who will suffer next in the Midwest. After that, we will proceed to the West Coast and warn those in California that they are next, and that they must repent and turn to God.-*(2009 edit-parts of the above where I indicated a prophesied order of occurrence were speculation on my part, and not prophecy from the Lord. We do not know the order of occurrence by geographic area as a confirmed certainty.)Stephen L. Bening

18) I-95 will be a deathtrap. Do not flee using that route.-Ann Peterson

19) This event will trigger martial law, with military crackdowns in the USA-John Lallier

20) The electric power grid will fail in the entire lower 48 states of the USA for an indeterminate time-Bob Neumann

21) This event appears to be connected with the arrival of a large brown asteroid into the solar system.-John Lallier

22) Several prophets are saying this event is set, and is certain to occur and will not be cancelled for mercy sake alone-Billie London, John Lallier

23) There will only be two warnings: the prophetic warnings and the simultaneous, identical dreams that are given by the Lord 20 hours prior to impact.-Bob Neumann, Ann Peterson

24) Those who wait to see the asteroids with their physical eyes will perish if they live in the zones of destruction. The prophecies and the dreams must be heeded in order to escape.-Bob Neumann, John Lallier, Ann Peterson, Stephen L. Bening

25) Jim McCants, after a fast of forty days on water, saw a reduced size map of the USA. Then, he saw, hovering in the air, the number "17". He did not understand this until he read an article by me, Stephen L. Bening, in which I explained that the flood of Noah occurred on Marheshvan 17 (Hebrew Calendar). I believe the Lord has connected this future asteroid impact with Marheshvan 17, and has called that future date ZERO HOUR.

There is a final, chilling postscript to this. Bob Neumann received the notion in his dream that no one on the internet confirmed the warnings that he was sending out. He had received the dream warnings, and was blowing the trumpet on the internet, but no one believed him. They thought he was crazy. As I consider this, in light of all the warnings I have now given over the internet concerning the dreams, the visions and the prophecies concerning this coming event, I can only say this: The internet won’t save you. No telephone call of warning will save you. Knowing Stephen L. Bening or Bob Neumann won’t save you.

Only an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ will save you from this event that is to come, so that you may live another day to be a witness and declare the greatness of our God to a lost and dying world. You must know Jesus. You must hear His voice. Jesus is the only one who died for you, and who can save you from this and every other danger and peril you may face. Stop whatever you are doing, and start living for Him today.

Stephen L. Bening

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