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Recent Prophetic Articles:
Sat 9/21/2019
Ellul 21(sacred mo. 6, civil mo. 12)
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Past Meets Future 09/21/2019
You are all walking around, believing interpretations of bible prophecy that you were taught by men who were not prophets. They had their motivations. The question is: do you want to know the truth or not? Most people go through life and never make a choice about whom they will serve. Choose you this day whom you will serve! Read The Rest Here

Promontory Point-Where The Prophecies Meet 09/17/2019
Let us start looking at prophecy as if it were a railroad, travelling down the train tracks toward Promontory Point, from the symbolic West: the past. Consider the simple tracking of the development of these beasts, leading up the Paris, the French Revolution and the fall of Rome. Then, let us change our vantage point, and start looking at it, travelling down the train tracks toward Promontory Point, from the symbolic East: the future. The Lord began revealing future things to me in 1991, where He carried me into space and showed me an open vision, ending with a look in at Paris, France, where I saw the start of a future world-wide financial collapse. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool 09/01/2017 (Updated 09/14/2019)
Work on my Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool is substantially complete for the entire Book of Revelation. I will be updating it as we go forward as there are still many things to include, but I think the work in process will be very valuable for you. Here, you can SEE the dates of when these events took place, as well as reference sources in the Historicist writings. I am not Preterist. I would call myself a prophetic historicist, but I hold the view that several vials are still pouring...something that most Historicist writers did not foresee 110 to 160 years ago. Read The Rest Here

Extra, Extra, Special News Bulletin 08/18/2019
Jesus is coming, but many are mistaken about it, just as the Jews were not expecting the Messiah who came to them and missed the hour of their visitation. People are expecting an imminent rapture, but Jesus will come as a refiner's fire. He will suddenly come to His temple, purge out all money chasers and remove all impediments. Many will be shocked by what occurs. Who will abide in the day of His coming? Remember Ananias and Saphira. Read The Rest Here

What Does He Have In You? 08/14/2019
What are you walking around with that belongs to him? What could this possibly be referring to? Perhaps, you have been trespassing on his turf, spending time in bars and even more seedy venues. He will come to extract a toll. Perhaps he can find some sin in you? All sin belongs to him: it is his tool to separate you from God. He uses it like a prosecuting attorney to make his case of accusation regarding you before the Father. It is his evidence. Read The Rest Here

Prophetic Historicism versus Futurism 08/08/2019
Futurism is devastated right here in the prophecies of Daniel. Chapter 9 is an entirely separate event from Chapters 11 and 12. All of Futurism falls apart without the ability to link these two separate events and combine them into one. Futurists have been so desperate to accomplish this that they have actually added these three words out of thin air, "OF THE TEMPLE" to Daniel 9:27 in the NIV version. That is correct! The book of Daniel says that Daniel had an excellent spirit, yet the Hebrew word for "TEMPLE" occurs nowhere in verses 24 through 27. The NIV translators just plugged them in here, insinuating that Daniel had been vague and imprecise and had omitted them in an oversight. Daniel was excellent! He was not vague or imprecise. No other major bible translation includes the word "TEMPLE". Read The Rest Here

The Papacy Is The Antichrist! 08/03/2019
Knowing that these facts have been established for more than five hundred years and that they have been sealed by the blood of more than FIFTY MILLION saints of God, we boldly state that we not are to look for any other man to be THE ANTICHRIST. Should a temple be built in Jerusalem and should animal sacrifice be reinstated, it will not be a TEMPLE OF GOD, as 2 Thessalonians 2 requires. Should a sexy, charismatic politician or movie actor arise, it will not matter for in order to be THE ANTICHRIST, you must have begun as one of us: you must be an apostate from the true faith! Truly, the Papacy is apostate to the core. It will matter not who might stand in it proclaiming his Godhood or not: he will not be THE ANTICHRIST! None other than a succession of Popes can be THE ANTICHRIST, the son of perdition, the man of sin and the beast that rises up from the sea as we find them in scripture. Read The Rest Here

The Apocalyptic Key 07/31/2019
Seventeen biblical prophecy writers had speculated that the beginning of the fall of the Papacy was at hand before it occurred. Dr. Fleming was one of the seventeen. They had all done so, in print, prior to the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1794. Their names can be found at Predictions of the French Revolution by Lee Roy Froom Dr. Fleming's single solitary prophetic work, printed in 1701, was the only one to take an educated guess at the starting date of the French Revolution: 1794. He hit the bullseye. He took another educated guess at the date of the fall of the monarchy in France and the further blow this would deal to the Papacy: 1848 The only problem was the almost nobody knew about it in 1701. Today, almost nobody knows his name and nobody knows his story. More importantly, nobody knows the Apocalyptic Key he discovered: the key to unlocking the correct understanding of the Book of Revelation. Incredibly, everything he learned has been forgotten by almost everyone. Those prophetic things that people are looking for now will never occur. Those prophetic things that they believe they will never be here to see are those things that will come upon them. Very soon now, there will be nothing but the sudden evaporation of false hopes in the churches and meeting houses, wherever you find them, on God's green earth. Dr. Fleming would surely sigh and wonder how such a thing could have possibly come to pass. After all, he wrote his book and the predictions came to pass. Surely, everyone would know about it and no one would be caught like a thief in the night by it. You can still download both of Fleming's prophetic books: the original and the 1809 reprint. They are a bit difficult to read for the twenty first century twitter user who probably could slog through a page or two before putting it down...too boring...too difficult as the current day reader probably thinks that a Goth is a punk rocker. But alas, all is not can still get your apocalyptic key to unlock the secrets of the Book of Revelation. Read The Rest Here

What Is About To Happen (Updated) 07/12/2019
The newest development we are watching is and has been of concern since I saw an open vision in 1993 that showed a Persian Gulf attack on one of our aircraft carriers. I was told that this event would be like a first falling domino and would trigger many other serious events. Right now, the USS Abraham Lincoln, a carrier that has been named in a prophetic vision by another, has been deployed and is stationed just outside the Persian Gulf, along with support vessels. A few guided missile destroyers have been deployed inside the Persian Gulf. Of additional concern to me is that the USS Arlington (24) has been tasked for involvement in any proceedings. The rhetoric has been heated. This event could flare with no additional warning.

Know this: you do not have to participate in these terrible judgements. These judgements are coming upon a world and an apostate church as a thief in the night, but you can walk in the light, not in the darkness. Those who walk in the light will walk into ever more incredible presence and increasing glory of God as these judgements increase and spread. Jesus is coming FOR His church, but before He does, He is coming IN His church to once again fulfill Malachi 3, where it is written that He will "come suddenly to His temple". Just before He comes to form this Messiah filled church where He will rule with an iron rod, according to Revelation 12:5, He has told me that His prophets, of which I am one, will wield the iron rod. This iron rod speaks of the power and authority in Christ that was carried away for such a long period of time according to Revelation 12. This power and authority is returning and I am waiting expectantly to see it. Jesus came out of a despised place: Nazareth, where it was said "can anything good come out of Nazareth". To such despised "Nazareth" places, He will return IN His church, for Jesus will certainly return His iron rod authority to similar places and churches on the Earth where His people are desperately seeking Him in the midst of their poverty and destitution. In that day, greater works will He do IN His church than He did when He walked the Earth almost 2000 years ago. Look up, for your redeemer is drawing nigh. Read The Rest Here

The Rain Has Stopped-Spiritual Drought Is Coming 04/21/2019
"The rain has stopped! The lamps are being put out! There is a scrambling around in the dark, looking for oil to light the lamps. The ungodly and the members of the harlot will be in spiritual drought. The righteous' season of fruitfulness will continue to bring forth fruit worthy of God's approval." Read The Rest Here

Traversing The Ribbons Of Time-Statue Of Liberty Revelation 03/31/2019
Consider the sixteenth verse of Jeremiah chapter 25: Jer 25:16 "And they shall drink, and be moved, and be mad, because of the sword that I will send among them." The Hebrew word for "moved", also means "extremely agitated or convulsed". Madness is also indicated. And so I ask you: Do you see any signs of madness that have begun to infect the population of America? I further ask you: Do you see any events happening in the vicinity of Venezuela, as seen by A.A. Allen, that might cause an attack to come from a country located to the North of Canada? Read The Rest Here

Spiritual Defilement And A Powerless Church 02/10/2019
" The church as presently constituted under its' Senior Pastor cannot begin to touch schizophrenia, bipolar mind or manic depression. Dealing with these mind possessing demons has been yielded over by these churches to the psychiatric community with their pantheon of mind altering medications. The church has uniformly raised the flag of surrender in front of these devils. The church has no answer for women who suffer under demonic oppression as a result of abortions they legally obtained. These must now be medicated. The miraculous presence of God has departed from the churches like a morning fog that has been fleeing from the heat of the morning Sun. I know the reason why! I know the cause! I know how to fix it! Vigilant reader, read on. Slumberer, go ahead and sleep some more, for I can give you no help. Read The Rest Here

True It Is! 1/06/2019
"Heaven comes down to touch Earth in these moments and you know not where My power goes, but I send power upon the Earth when I come down upon you with My presence and My glory. My power is released upon the Earth in such moments and I send it wither-soever I will, for I am not confined or limited to release it locally in the place of your meeting. I send it wheresoever I will in the Earth and I move in power to deliver, to heal, to save and to work many miracles throughout the whole Earth as you praise and worship Me and lift up My name in your place, for you worship Me in Spirit and while you worship, you speak the truth regarding My power, My might and My glory, for I alone am the true source of all power for the working of good in the Earth. Those who worship Me in Spirit and in Truth are the only ones through whom I release my power from Heaven into the Earth in this way, says the Lord." Read The Rest Here

The Predictions Are All Coming True! In Your Own Lifetime! 12/08/2018
Now, tell them what I, the Sovereign Lord, have to say. I will utterly put an end that proverb. The predictions are coming true! Yes, the time is here for the predictions to come true, in your own lifetime! Some of the predictions have already come true, have they not? Ten years ago, many of you were in a panic, yet how soon you all forgot. Did I not reveal to you that it is I who control the clocks? I touch one clock and it pauses and I touch another and it starts anew. I have purposed in My heart to catch you in the snare and in the trap, for you do not walk in the light! You have not been found worthy to escape! The bottom line is this: you are rebellious. You love your idols and you love this world more than you love Me! You will forget that old proverb that you have taken up. Yes, the time is here for the predictions to come true, in your own lifetime. Read The Rest Here

Watch And Pray 12/05/2018
I recalled today, during prayer, that I had discussed the potential of prophetic events intruding into the Christmas season with a WPA prophet before. So, I went searching for it and found it in a reply I wrote near the end of a WPA post in 2006: "Randy McKee and I were discussing it yesterday, and Randy remembered a prophecy, where great calamity hits the United States when Christmas presents are under the tree. "Back in those days, the Watchmen Prophets Assembly sometimes received 800 posts a month. Bob Neuman, one of the WPA prophets, repetitively taught us to "watch the threads", so in that spirit, I will now venture forth to do just that and to present that which has been transpiring that involves all of the old prophetic threads. I discovered this morning that Tebeth 17 (4th month, 17th day), falls on Christmas day this year. The 4..17 Revelation Yesterday, I read, on Zero Hedge, that the Aircraft Carrier group John C. Stennis was dispatched to the Persian Gulf. Stennis Carrier group heads to Persian Gulf Read The Rest Here

Come Out Of Her, My People 10/20/2018
What if Babylon the great has already fallen, but the people of Jesus Christ are so spiritually dull that they are unaware that they are inside of something that has already become a habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit? I believe this is the case right now. This is the picture of the present condition of the church of Jesus Christ: it is INSIDE of Babylon the great, and she has fallen. Babylon the great, as ROME+: a title I give to the Mother harlot and all of her daughter harlots, and that title of Rome+ describes the world, the love of this world and the love of everything that is in the world. Babylon the great is ONE with this world and not ONE with Christ, therefore, she is a harlot. She has a form of godliness, but has no fruit that tends to life. She is a FAUX church, with a remnant true church within her that is dull, lifeless, in a spiritual coma and is unaware of these events, yet the Spirit of prophecy cries out to her, saying again and again, come out of her, my people, the double judgements are about to reach where you are, right now. Read The Rest Here

From The Pit, To The Prison, To the Palace, Pt. 2 by Mary Bening 10/02/2018
Joseph's impossibilities became God's possibilities. Is 61:7 says God will restore what was lost. So for every humiliation and disgrace Joseph suffered, God was getting him re-positioned from the prison to the palace. Joseph was being provoked into his destiny. He was to become the man of the hour. Some of you may be in the prison with literal walls right now but there is still hope. So for every humiliation and disgrace you have gone through God is getting you re-positioned for restoration to the palace. Read The Rest Here

From The Pit, To The Prison, To the Palace, Pt. 1 by Mary Bening 09/26/2018
Between the Pit preparation and the destiny experience and the seemingly mishaps and misfortunes in both Job and Joseph's lives, they maintained their integrity and identity. Will you maintain your integrity and identity if all hell comes at you? When the enemy spits in your face and it seems like God has gone silent to your cries, where you are blocked on every side, and nothing makes sense, what will you do? You walk around like the walking lose your lease on life....everything is caving in on you....where do you run to? You feel anger, confusion fills your already battered mind, your emotions are in disarray, your strength is gone, you're devastated. Let me introduce you to who Hope is. Run to the Rock of your Salvation. Read The Rest Here

Abomination Of Desolation 07/04/2018
The abomination that causes desolation has always fallen upon God's apostate children, not upon the whole it shall be again...modern false teachers bring forth a left behind fantasy where an anti-christ attacks the whole world, and the church laps it up. We have committed abomination with forced tithing...have glorified ministers who taught that gain is godliness...have abandoned plural elder leadership replaced by the Senior Pastor...We certainly have abominations enough...the desolation must now follow. America is to suffer 7 ways...Abominations in the apostate church are the cause. Read The Rest Here

Basics Of Belief-Part 1-The Apostles Creed 06/18/2018
I am convinced that God wants His prophets to continue to preach the gospel and teach the basic elements of our faith. I am further convinced that the commercialization of the gospel and the chasing of money by our modern apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists has rotted us through like a canker, so that it is ever more urgent for those prophets and other ministers who are called of God, who are free of the love of money and mammon, to continue to preach the gospel and to teach the elementary and fundamental aspects of our faith in Christ Jesus. Read The Rest Here

Discerning God's Spirit By Lifting Up The Hands 06/01/2018
Discerning God's presence by lifting up holy hands is something the Lord has taught me how to do by His Spirit. There is no written manual to follow. I testify to you that it works. It is a useful tool to use in a variety of ways. Your own relationship needs to be deep and constant with the Lord to make use of this tool. Eternal life is not a game! Read The Rest Here

Learning To Pray In The Wilderness 05/29/2018
Many years ago, when I was still a young man, the Lord said to me: "if you are not praying, you are playing". I have always tried to be an apostle of prayer, as I believe it is something that we are all called to excel at. There is no way to learn how to pray well without praying much. You can read books on the subject, such as E.M. Bounds "Complete Works On Prayer", in order to catch some anointing and ramp up your own prayer life, but there is no substitute to simply taking the time each day to do it. I suppose it is quite obvious to God that the one who does not pray much is saying to God that he or she does not need Him very much. The kingdom of God is taken by violent, forceful action. Little prayer fails to reach or touch the kingdom. Read The Rest Here

The Wilderness 05/27/2018
Nearly nine years ago, the LORD told me that He was sending His people of this generation into the wilderness of the Great Tribulation in Final Words-Wilderness-Iron Rod . I have been trying to wrap my mind around just what this means for that almost nine year period. Recently, I decided to embark upon an in-depth study of Israel in the wilderness, as that might offer some clues about what we are to expect during our time of chastisement which, the duration of which, is still as yet unspecified by the Lord. Hopefully, I as well as you can gain an understanding regarding this present time we find ourselves in. Nearly a month later, I wrote these words: "The era of predictive prophecy, uttered in advance of serious events is now at a close. Now, we will enter into the fulfillment of those serious events, and God will speak to a new group of believers as those events transpire." God has now, in this month of May, 2018, given me access to this new group of believers. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 7 (Conclusion For Revelation Chapters 6-18) 05/15/2018
A quick review of the timeline provided above reveals that everything from Trumpet 7, onward through all seven of the vials, has been ongoing since 1793. Furthermore, anything prior to that is also subject to those possible echo or double fulfillment events that have occurred before regarding biblical events of prophecy. Therefore, this work regarding Revelation Chapters Six through Eighteen is not merely some historical treatise but should also provide assistance in recognizing these future events as the Lord chooses to unveil them. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 6 (The False Prophet-The Pyramid-The Clergy) 05/08/2018
Construction of this Roman Catholic pyramid began sometime, late in the first century. The pyramid building efforts of our day simply skipped the plural bishopric form and went directly to the formation of independent churches, each with their own independent Senior Pastor, beginning in the 1950's to this very day. Sometime later, let us say at around 1970, many of these independent Senior Pastor headed churches began to form under the larger ones whose Senior Pastors became their Bishops. This formation of the latter day, charismatic, full gospel pyramid began in just the same way as that of the Roman Catholic pyramid: from the bottom up. The 21st century saw the emergency of the Apostolic Round-tables and the Super Apostles who have been gathering the Bishops under their so called covering. Read The Rest Here

To My Fellow Exiles-Chapter Two 04/16/2018
God is alive. He needs to be presented to people as a LIVING GOD. There will be evidence of His life. A dead corpse of a church has no ability to carry out this assignment. Praise be to God: He will bring back the living assemblies in His time, but for now, we remain scattered, dwelling solitarily in the woods, as the prophet Micah foresaw in chapter seven. We must continue to eat the vegetables of the Spirit, avoiding the defilement of this present age and this present world. He will not fail to empower His elect. Read The Rest Here

To My Fellow Exiles 04/15/2018
The Lord impressed upon me that as it was before with Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, my wife and I "have purposed in our hearts that we would not defile ourselves with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank." We have, as it were, been spiritually subsisting on vegetables, rather than defiling ourselves with the fellowship of those in the Babylonian church system who do not consider it a thing of value to seek close fellowship with the Lord, but rather fall into every compromise with that evil system rather than endeavoring to walk alone as an exile before the Lord. Read The Rest Here

Understanding What Has Been Coming Against Us 11/10/2017
It can help tremendously when we know what is coming against us and just why it is happening to us at this present time. Knowing the true origin and nature of attacks against us helps us to be strong in the faith, in that we have known what was coming against us ahead of time. We can also know a thing and forget it. Sometimes though, we know the truth and remember it but we don't have the complete understanding and we can still be overcome with bewilderment. This very thing has been happening to me this year. Read The Rest Here

Jesus Christ: Creator Of All Things (Proven From The Jewish Scriptures) 11/04/2017
Many people I have witnessed to over the years have trouble believing that Jesus Christ is God and still more have trouble believing that He is the creator of all things. They struggle yet the scripture is abundantly clear regarding these things. I would wager you have never seen this fact proven from the Old Testament scriptures, as the Apostle Paul must have frequently done during debates he engaged in during his lifetime. If you want a good bible study, you have found one here! I hope you enjoy and are edified. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 5 (The Double Judgements and The Healing Of The Fatal Head Wound Of The Beast) 10/02/2017 (With Oct 9 Postscript)
I discuss the word of the Lord to me this morning that the double judgements will be double in a variety of ways, even unto three ways, and that one way in which they will be double is that they will fulfill some prophetic scripture for a second time. Hence, once understanding has been gained regarding these first instances of prophetic fulfillment, you will then not fail to perceive the near onset of their second fulfillment. The postscript discusses the OT connection between Edom, The Harlot and the Double Judgements. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 4 (The Great Earthquake) 09/25/2017
Part 4 of a series where I support the argument that the Book of Revelation should be understood to flow in a chronologically consecutive manner. Arguments are herein made for the Great Earthquake-Seal 6 as having been fulfilled by the accession of Constantine to the throne of Pagan Rome. Also, it includes a debate about how we ought to properly interpret the meaning of God's word: can we use contextual helps to interpret obscure passages, or must every scripture stand alone? Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 3 (Rule Of The Papacy-2 Witnesses-Everlasting Gospel-4 Angels Bound) 09/15/2017
Part 3 of a series where I support the argument that the Book of Revelation should be understood to flow in a chronologically consecutive manner. Most of the prefigured events have already occurred and are in our history books. We will zoom in here for a look at the the two witnesses and the going forth of the angel with the everlasting gospel, with additional support for other arguments as well. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 2 (Papacy As Mystery Babylon-Mohammedan Rise-Turkish Woe) 09/10/2017
Part 2 of a series where I support the argument that the Book of Revelation should be understood to flow in a chronologically consecutive manner. Most of the prefigured events have already occurred and are in our history books. We will zoom in here for a look at the fifth and sixth trumpets. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool 09/01/2017
This marks the first day of publication of my Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool. Much of the work is done on it for Chapter 6 through Chapter 17. I will be updating it as we go forward as there are still many things to include, but I think the work in process will be very valuable for you. Here, you can SEE the dates of when these events took place, as well as reference sources in the Historicist writings. I am not Preterist. I would call myself Historicist, but I hold the view that several vials are still pouring...something the Historicist writers could not have foreseen 110 to 160 years ago. Read The Rest Here

Revelation Puzzle-Part 1 (Introduction) 08/31/2017
The Lord brought before me the assignment of writing a series of five page articles, as measured on a computer screen. These will probably fill about ten smartphone screens. Hopefully, each one in the series will entice the reader to click on the next link and to proceed to the next article. How are we to fill in this Revelation Crossword Puzzle? I am not a D.D. Theologian and I will not try to rewrite the works of Guinness and Elliott, but I did pass the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam and I have been considered, for more than twenty years, a power spreadsheet user; first of Lotus and now of Excel. These Theologians simply did not have my tools, so I have used my advantages and have prepared spreadsheets on the Apocalypse and on their works. I have provided a link to this tool in the article that follows. Read The Rest Here

What Shall We Do About Church? 08/12/2017
God's people are worshiping Him in dirty places, with dirty lives. The words they have been hearing have been unreliable: hitting and missing like a slant six engine running on three cylinders. The unreliability of their hearing has them stuck, right where they are, afraid to move. Intuitively, they may sense that something is very wrong with their churches. They have eyes in their heads. They know the sick are not being healed and demons are not being cast out, yet they do not know for sure just what they might do that would be better, or even how to start in a direction that might lead to a better day. Today, I will address this subject and make some recommendations for things you should do even before you decide to leave the church system. Read The Rest Here

God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 3 08/11/2017
God's people have imagined a God who will protect them no matter what wickedness they indulge in. God's people must be faithful to Him to enjoy His promises. They say that He will never leave them or forsake them. This has never been true of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Why are God's people caught up in such empty overconfidence? Read The Rest Here

Invasion Of The Glory Fire Anointing by Mary Bening 08/02/2017
It is really true that the fire of revival will not come when you expect or anticipate. It will be an untimely visit: God's visitation of His Holy Fire. When it touches you it will be like the sudden headlights of a car on a dark road at night. It will catch you off guard. Read The Rest Here

You Could Miss This-On Disciples And Revival 07/06/2017
"You Could Miss This"...this is the warning that the Lord has been giving to me over the last few weeks as it has become increasingly clear that we are in the midst of revival here. Revival is always something that can be truncated by disobedience. Sometimes, disobedience can result from something that seems so trivial as a lack of proper focus. We are an easily distracted people and the enemy of our souls knows it! Read The Rest Here

Suddenly Arising Revival 06/24/2017
Revival suddenly arrived last Sunday morning on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau. Yes, I believe the glory fire anointing has begun to fall. How long will it take before we reach the fullness thereof? God only knows, but it has begun to fall, along with a following attack of tremendous demonic opposition. Read The Rest Here

Enforced Deadness And The Covenant Of Salt 06/16/2017
Have you ever heard of the covenant of salt? The Lord spoke to me in 1993 and had me enter into this covenant with Him at that time. I realize now it is a covenant that every single disciple of Jesus Christ needs to make with Jesus. Most of them do so without knowing where it is found in the Old Testament. I am no special case. In short, I was asked by Jesus to give Him permission to bring fire into my life; to salt me with fire, whenever He thought that I needed it. Modern "Christians" have often been so obsessed with material prosperity that they have ignored the biblical mandate that they are to pray that they will prosper as their souls prosper. Their souls must be crucified with Christ in order to prosper. It therefore logically follows that all prosperity without enforced deadness is like iron pyrite: it is fools gold. Read The Rest Here

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