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$100 to $500 A Month---Part Time!

It's true! By becoming an Independent Distributor of FULLER BRUSH PRODUCTS, you can earn cash even part time! 3 Plans:
[1]Buy wholesale and sell retail
[2] Build your own mail order customer base.
[3] Introduce others to the business and build a huge multi-level marketing (MLM) sales organization!
Eight out of every 10 people, know the Fuller Brush Name! Fuller Brush is no fly-by-night company, they have been in business for over 93 years!
Commissions range from 20% to 55%! There are no QUOTAS or required monthly purchases, toll-free ordering lines for you and your customers and very low entry cost. How low? Less than $15.00 and on special occasions, even less than that!
Look into this great opportunity offer NOW!

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