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Florida Nature's Coast Model RailRoad Club

The Family Club   in  Brooksville, Florida

The Florida Natures Coast Model Railroad Club is an organization whose purpose is to promote the hobby of model railroading between families in the Brooksville.
Meetings are Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM  We welcome families who share an interest in model railroading. 

Model railroading is a "leisure time pursuit" in the form of three-dimensional art. Men, women, and children of all ages thrill to the sight of miniature trains traveling through scaled down landscapes featuring cities, mountains, and rivers. Model railroading is a creative family hobby which gives you a chance to create your own time machine and to set the clock at a point you consider the most romantic period of railroading history. It also affords you the opportunity to be an engineer (mechanical, electrical, civil, and railroad), as well as architect, carpenter, financier, and janitor. There are as many different kinds of model railroaders as there are artists, from scratchbuilders to kit builders to out-of-the-box runners to collectors to investors. The range also covers empire builders to armchair dreamers. The history of railroading and its impact on culture and industry is yet another facet of our hobby. The common thread among model railroaders is the love of the hobby and joy it brings. .

FNC Model Railroad Club was charted in 1996 and has grown to have several families who are presently building a HO layout as shown in this site. Our club has four meetings each month.   Each meeting is open to members and guests alike. The first Thursday of every other month, starting at 6:30 PM is the business meeting. 
Snail Mail address is FNC Model Railroad Club P.O. Box # 10436 Brooksville, FL 34603  Our E-mail is  mailbox.gif (2669 bytes)

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The Club has four elected officers.
  Paul Griffin, President    •
   Klaus Kindler, Vice-President   •   Catherine Fehlberg, Secretary   Michele Noel, Treasurer

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