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It was during WW11 my life as an adult really began.What I knew about airplanes, was, which end was the front and which was the back. I was told, I was Flight Engineer on B-24 Bombers.

Good thing I learn fast

I was in the 373rd Squadron, 308th Bomb Group, based in Yangkai, China.

Our crew was on the fourth mission when we had to bail out over Japanese held territory in French-Indo China. We later discovered that we had landed about 36 miles apart from each other.

I landed in heavy jungle in the mountains and to make matters worse, I was hanging in a tree I cut my shrowd lines to fall to the ground, then pulled what I could of my chute down and tore off two panels to stuff inside my jacket, as it was quite cold. I stayed hidden in the underbrush until daylight, at which time I slid down the hill to a trail or footpath I had noticed.

For complete details of the story I will put a link at the bottom of this page, which will be called "walkout"

This photo taken the morning after reaching our home base in Yangkai, China.

I am the one in the front row with a bandage on my finger

The picture is the flag from the back of my flight jacket, and the back of the flag which is translated below

This is to certify that on 14 dec 1943 an Allied Air Force Pilot was forced to parachute at Nia Po Fong village in Kuei Chow City, (in the same state as Chung King) due to aircraft accident. The County The County Commisioner, Mr. Chen Hop Sung , the Special Political Commisioner, Mr.Cheung Kwok Kwong, and the Hospital Principal, Mr. Lau, on behalf of the military,and the villsge people,came to welcome him. The whole community expressed their thankfulness and kindness to the Allied Air Force.
Cheung Kwok Kwong
Special Political Commissioner
At Nai Po Fong villiage

24 December 1943

When we were traveling thru China, we stopped in a small village on top of a mountain where a man with an old box camara on a tripod wanted our picture. The natives there had never seen a white man or an American so they all ran out to get their picture taken with these strange looking creatures.

I am front row right of center with a piece of white parachute showing as a scarf

Back of picture

This next picture was taken in Bangalor when I was among the crews that went there for R&R and to pick up planes to replace those that we had lost.

T-Sgt. Douglas Rodenbaugh

After a total of 59 missions, I was sent back to the USA and landed in Miami Fl. From there I was sent to the convalescent rehabilitation center in at Bowman Field , in Louisville, Ky. then to St. Petersburg, Fl. convalescent hospital which is now "DON CESEARS". I was discharged from there July 31, 1945. I liked it in Florida, so stayed and and eventually became Chief of Police in the beach cities.

I was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, for which I had recieved all the paperwork, but they were out of medals.
Fifty years later I was presented with the medal

Jim Roof, Douglas Rodenbaugh, Mary Rodenbaugh

Today I am a member of the Flying Tigers 14th Air Force Assn., and we still meet in a different city in the U.S. annualy.



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