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Welcome to my humble page. This page will contain YAOI (M/M relationships) in the Gundam Wing universe. If you know not what I say or feel disturbed by it, please leave.

If you feel brave enough to stay, click on the pic of the boys below. I implore you to visit my disclaimers at the bottom of this page. I dislike flames because you have been warned. Any and all flames will be passed around the GWML and gw-fan so all 1200+ members can read it and laugh at you. Now that that has been said, READ MY DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE and then I can go back to chasing my chibi muses. Excuse me. Oh! and please, enjoy your stay.

Gundam Wing

Disclaimers: Just to let you know, I do not own Gundam Wing, they belong to whatever companies own them, not me. I am not making a profit off this and it is for recreational purposes only. You know...to have fun, to do so for enjoyment, to be happy with it, etc. It is not worth the time or money to sue me, because I have nothing, except some pocket lint, which I don't think you'll want.

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