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Baron Orlav's Crypt!


"The Legend Of Baron Orlav".

My name is Baron Yorgi Orlav. In life, I was born on February 17, 1530 in my country of Romania. The village that I grew up in lied at the base of the Eastern side of the Carpathian Mountains. It was called Provnaya. Ravaged by invaders from Transylvania, I was taken a prisoner at the age of 22. Everyone I knew including my parents were slaughtered by a vicious madman named Count Vladimir Dracula. He was known to all in Romania as Vlad, the Conquerer and Vlad, The Impaler.

I swore my allegiance to Count Dracula in exchange for my life and fought by his side for some twenty years. In that time, I murdered thousands. In most cases, I tortured the poor victims for Dracula's pleasure and many were impaled on large wooden spikes that lined the front courtyards in front of Castle Dracula. Dracula took sadistic pleasure in watching these victims writhe on the stakes as they bled to death. Many times, he would drink their blood, claiming it would bring their strength and wisdom to him. For my service, he made me a Baron in his court. All the time, I waited for a time when I might get revenge on this evil monster of a man for all of his crimes against humanity.

In 1574, a strange traveler, who had heard of Dracula's merciless exploits came to the castle. He came at night and his business was with Dracula alone. After a brief discussion in the master's den, a huge fight ensued between this pale nocturnal visitor and Count Dracula. Dracula beheaded the man and drank victoriously from his black heart.

From that moment on, Count Vladimir Dracula became a creature of hideous power and strength, for the visitor was a vampire. Shortly thereafter, all of the castle staff became victims to their new vampire master. His advisors, his housekeepers, his masters in arms, all of us became his prey. When my time came, I again pleaded for my life, swearing my allegiance to him and swearing to protect him by day. He allowed me to live.

Dracula had taken three wives, all of whom he enslaved in his dungeon. They held orgies, drinking of each others blood, and feeding off of small animals and children together. I was enchanted by Dracula's third wife, Katrina. I did not realize that she too was a vampire, and was bitten by her. Miraculously, I was able to escape her, but shortly after, I realized that I would die if I did not drink from my masters blood. While he slept in the day, I dragged myself to his coffin and drank from his corpse. I staggered away and when I awoke at the other end of the castle, Dracula was standing over me. He knew what I had done, and knew of my thoughts to kill him. Katrina had been ripped limb from limb for her treachery, but for some unknown reason, Dracula allowed me to exist. He told me to leave the castle never to return. I learned the ways of the Vampyr through trial and error as well as communications with others of my kind. I reside in America now. I have lived there for over 200 years.

Like most vampires, I now exist on the blood and riches of others. Dracula's blood has made me incredibly strong. He has long been vanquished by those who hunt us down. I work at a haunted attraction where no one suspects that I am truly undead. If a customer comes through by themselves, I will read their thoughts. If they are all alone in the World, they instantly become my prey.

The haunted house attraction, called "Skull Kingdom", is conveniently located in a big tourist town and is wonderful cover for what I am and what I do. It is here, that I enjoy the company of other occult enthusiasts and researchers of mythology. Their are some there who play act like they are monsters, which is most amusing to me. But their are some, like myself, who are cursed or damned to lives of monstrous misery. Together we have found a common group to socialize with.

Here are a few of their stories.

"The Tale Of The Brothers Dragon".

Angus Dragon was an upstanding member of British Society in 1874. At 38 years old, he was a healthy wealthy bachelor with a love of art that was unparalleled. He became the curator of the Queen Victoria's gallery in the tower of London.

Meanwhile, His brother Sidney, (33 and also quite dashing) had run off to live in The French Quarter in America. It was there that young Sidney became attracted to the occult. He held court with Marie Laveau, the queen of the Damned in that hemisphere. After pleading for the secrets to the ultimate Forces of Darkness, Laveau saw the danger in the power hungry man and placed a curse on him to humble him forever. Doomed by the Cajun Witches curse, Sidney became one of the living dead... a bayou dwelling ghoul. Forced to survive by eating the raw flesh of freshly dead animals and humans.

Angus Dragon went to Louisianna in search of his lost brother, and with the aid of a rare amulette of the Pharoahs, he attempted to reverse the witches spell only to upset the Cajun Witch Laveau and suffer the same fate himself.

The two roamed the swamps of the Louisianna Bayou for over a century, never aging so long as they ate the raw flesh of freshly dead humans and animals to sustain themselves. In 1990, they were found by a traveling side show circus owner, and were offered a home with the Great Manfredini Traveling Circus.

In 1997, they were brought to "Skull Kingdom" in Orlando Florida, where the dungeons were deliciously dank and the owners promised to provide them with the rare foods that kept them alive.

Sidney Dragon normally greets people at the front door. Angus Dragon normally presides over the Castle's Portrait Gallery.

"Randal (TEX) James : Monster Hunter"

Randal James, a Texas native became interested in monsters when he joined a hunting party that was out to catch a mad killer in McAllen Texas near the Mexican Border. What the party stumbled upon was a Chupacabre. A nasty hombre. Only Tex and two other hunters survived that skurmish, and Tex was in a hospital for several months. Upon his release, he studied the occult, mythology, and witch craft and hired himself out as a mercenary for bizzarre hunting trips. Tex has come face to face with Aliens, Banshees, Bog Creatures, Ghouls, Golems, Harpies, Man-made Monsters, Mummies, Trolls, Vampires, Werewolves, Yetis and Zombies. He is experienced at killing and excising any and all things malicious and supernatural. In 1998 he was hired to reign in some new creatures at Orlando's "Skull Kingdom". It was here that while fighting a pair of particularly nasty vampires, an explosion occured which claimed Tex's right eye and horribly scarred his once handsome face. Because of this tragedy, Tex decided to remain in the haunted castle as a wrangler for the rest of his lifetime.

"The Story Of Dr. Demetrius Dedthe".

Dr. Demetrius Dedthe was a Russian Scientist of great repute who migrated to America during World War II, to escape working in the German Prison Camps. American immigration accidentally changed his name to Demetrius Death, which the scientist did not contest, for reasons unknown.

Dr. Death experimented with cryogenics in hopes of unlocking the secrets to immortality. His works on the human circulatory system where unprecedented but his methods were quite mad. After three years in the United States, Dr. Demetrius was found to be experimenting on live human subjects. Whilst trying to perfect his serum that prepares the human body for cryogenic freeze, his lab was raided by Vermont State Police. Realizing his experiments were about to be confiscated, he injected himself with the serum called #48. His skin immediately reacted turning blue. His body temperature dropped to zero degrees fahrenheit.

He lay in a sanitarium hospital in a cold coma for three days. His entire nervous system and circulatory system in toxic shock. But gradually his body adjusted. His circulatory system began to adapt and remanufacture it's own version of serum #48 naturally, and Demetrius Death walked again. With his body temperature now raised to thirty two degrees fahrenheit (just below freezing), touching him can be painful. To grab him and hold on would cause severe freeze burn to unprotected hands. As a result of his experiment, his body functions are now ten times slower than that of a normal person. His aging process is one tenth of a regular humans. For every ten years a person ages, Dr. Death ages only one.

He escaped the Vermont Institute for the criminally insane and relocated in Sanford, Florida. It was here that he was found by a member of an infamous haunted attraction in Orlando Florida called "Skull Kingdom". Dr. Death now has a full laboratory there. In return for his newly found asylum, he runs experiments on the various creatures that have been gathered there, and assists in keeping them animated and healthy.

"Damiano Pantelli and The Lesson Of A Lifetime"

Damiano Pantelli was always a violent child growing up. He used to love to torment small animals and other children. He grew up in the Bronx of New York where his mother worked hard so that he could go to Julliard and get a degree in music. Damiano hated classical music much preferring hard Rock and Roll and Punk Rock. Never having any direction in life, Damiano physically and mentally abused his family and strangers alike. One night at a Sex Pistols Concert, Damiano met a female vampire named Rosemond. Disgusted by his crude sexual advances and his obvious hatred of humankind, Rosemond lured Damiano to an alley and snatched him into the air. She fed upon his blood and flew him to her home state of Louisiana. She then forced him to eat her blood, thus changing him into a vampire and then dumped him into the unfamiliar swamp. He was 29 years old.

Damiano was later fished out by a pair of Bog Ghouls, the Brothers Dragon who took pity upon him and nursed him back to health. Damiano soon realized what had been done to him. A cruel joke, forceing him to think about his lifes mistakes for an eternity. Compounding matters was the fact that Damiano was a big man. Where a normal vampire can live without feeding for several nights, Damiano's hunger is constant. He sometimes feeds three times in an evening. In 1990 the bog trio was discovered by the traveling Circus owner, Karlo Manfredini. Damiano became a knife thrower and an alligator wrestler. A few years later, the trio moved into "Skull Kingdom", a haunted family attraction in Central Florida.

"How Cletus Hopper Became A Flesh Eating Zombie".

Cletus Hopper was a farmer in Lake City, Florida for most of his life. He had always heard stories from his drunken friends about how they had seen flying saucers, had lost cows and livestock to alien beings, or had been abducted from little men from outer space.

On June 7th 1999 a large meteor landed in the Columbia County area near Cletus Hoppers home. The exact site is a mystery as it was cleaned by the government. Cletus, along with two friends Lemar White, and Orville Plick, investigated the crashed meteor. They were met by local deputy sheriff Ray Delgado. Hopper, White, and Plick inspected the red glowing meteor closely, but Delgado kept his distance. After only a few minutes, Plick and Bailey complained of bodyaches and nausea and went home. Cletus Hopper collapsed five minutes later and was taken to the emergency room by Delgado. Within two hours of arriving, he was dead.

Suspecting radiation poisoning, Delgado informed his superiors and the Government was contacted. Delgado checked on White and Plick. Both were dead in their beds. Like Hopper, their skin was flecked with a strange green blistery fungi and there eyes had turned white-green.

Their bodies were immediately quarantined and shipped to the county morgue for further autopsy and investigation. A local reporter, Sandford Bailey, stumbled across the story of the contaminated corpses and reported it to a friend who helped to run a haunted attraction known as "Skull Kingdom" in nearby Orange county. The castle manager, Doug Wolf, agreed to come to Lake City to view the bodies "off the record".

By the time he arrived in Lake City, all three bodies began to re-animate. The men all began to walk again, and attacked morgue officials trying to eat their flesh. One coroner along with Sandford Bailey were killed by the zombies before Delgado and the Police could bring down Plick and White by shooting them in the head.

Cletus was rounded up by Doug Wolf and his team of monster wranglers. The attraction manager and his crew spirited Cletus away just before the government could arrive in Lake City and clean up (ie: cover up) the whole mess. All records of the men, their victims, and the meteor have disappeared.

Cletus now resides in the crypt of the haunted attraction where it is rumored that Dr. Demetrius Death has spawned other zombies by experimenting with Hopper's blood and skin tissue.


Some strange people have applied for jobs at Skull Kingdom in Florida, and Earl is one of them. No one knows his last name. When asked for it, he refuses to give it. When filling out his application for a job at Skull Kingdom, he was asked for his social security number. Earl flatly stated, "It has not been created yet". When asked how he expected to get paid, Earl refused pay in exchange for food and lodging. When asked why, he said "I have my reasons. Let's just say, I am killing time". Earl shows signs of a military backround. He is tough and a natural for Monster and Mutant wrangling. Earl works in Creature Control and has made many daring captures as well as a few heroic rescues. In April of 2000 Earl rescued a group of patrons during an accidental toxic waste leak in the upstairs laboratory. Although everyone was saved, Earl suffered severe skin damage and irrepairable blood contamination. although doctors claim that he should have died months ago, Earl is still alive and seems to be in good health. Some have speculated that he is an escaped prison convict, others believe that he may be from another time, possibly in the future. Whatever the case may be, Earl is at Skull Kingdom to stay.

Update 6-1-01!

We regret to inform the reader that Earl Goehborenski has disappeared. His clothes were found at Skull Kingdom, but he is gone and feared to be dead.

"The Trouble With FRITZ"

A new member at the Skull Kingdom Castle in Orlando. Fritz is a shape shifter man beast of some kind. Little is known about his past. He sometimes appears as a ghoul, a werewolf, a tall leprechaun, or a vampire. He has also taken the form of Robert Louis Stevenson's evil character Edward Hyde. This seems to be one of his favorite forms as it allows him to be rude and obnoxious to strangers without having to explain himself. One thing is certain... he loves to scare Brazilian tourists.

Some have theorized and/or speculated that Fritz is a Poltergeist... a young playful ghost who can take on any form or shape to create mischief. Only time will prove or disprove this theory.

"Mad Jack And The Tale Of The Crystal Skull"

(Mad) Jack Everly was a prospector in the San Francisco goldrush one hundred and fifty years ago. He was an early settler and had staked a claim in the form of a mine shaft. This is the infamous and often referred to (in archeological circles) "Mad Jack's Mine".

In 1851, Jack disappeared. Some thought that he had gone crazy, and died. Others believed that he had been captured and killed by Native American Indians. On January 1st 2001 year at exactly twelve-o-one AM Mad Jack reappeared in this dimension. He walked to the nearest town (San Jose) and began to tell his tale.

Apparently, while mining, Jack had uncovered an Ancient buriel site. At the center of this site was a Crystal Skull. When Jack touched the Skull, it glowed with an eerie red light. A portal to another dimension opened up, and Jack was sucked into it. After what seemed like a long sleep, Jack woke up to find that he was in what was left of his mine, but in the year 2001. The mine had caved in long ago. He was lying at the inside of the weed covered entrance.

Not knowing where to go, or what to do in this fast paced strange World, and not remembering what had happened to himself in the 150 years that he had been gone, Jack made a plea for someone to help him find some place to live where he would feel comfortable.

A writer of horror and Science Fiction Tales took him to Orlando Florida and suggested to Jack that he may feel more at home in the castle known as Skull Kingdom. Jack lives there today... and the Crystal Skull is rumored to be there to.

"The Ballad Of Boney The Clown"

Once upon a time,

in the year of 99,

A wicked man was caught

committing a nasty vicious crime.

He suffers from a sickness,

He dresses like a clown,

and he stalks and feeds on children,

in his worried little town.

Hee-Hee-Hee! Ha-Ha-Ha! Ho-Ho-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!

The evil clown is coming!

Boney will get you!!!

The police, they almost got him,

In a castle he does hide.

Many kids go in there often,

Even though they should stay outside.

The naughty man is happy,

He's found others of his kind.

They also stalk the children,

to apease their tortured mind.

If you want to know the stories end,

It has not ended yet.

If you're young and in their castle.

Your life and soul they'll surely get.

Hee-Hee-Hee! Ha-Ha-Ha! Ho-Ho-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!

The evil clowns are in there,

And Boney will get you!

All stories are created by Rory T. Penland. Sidney Dragon portrayed by Sidney Dragon. All other characters are portrayed by Rory T. Penland.

All make-ups and masks were created by "Diablaro FX".

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