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Novemeber 14, 1999
I've been working with the site a little more and I actually added one video. I still don't have the multimedia section up and running so I'll just post it here for a while. The clip is from "Anne" and it's the beach scene. You can download it here. Enjoy! Oh by the way you need real player in order to see it.

October 25, 1999
Welcome to Opposites do Attract! This site is dedicated to the fictional characters Buffy Summers and Angelus, more commonly known as Buffy and Angel. Here you will also find information on the real people who potray these wonderful characters, Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Borenaz. This site was created on this date and as of now, it doesn't contain much. The Image Galleries contain episode pictures from most of season three. There is also one story in the FanFiction Archive. Within the next few days I plan to have the Multimedia, Star Bios, and Links and Webrings up and running. Thanks for stopping by!