The Xanax links page


Jimbo's World This man is one of my personal friends, really. He rules Xanax.
WritingZ.comTracie, Jen and Josh, the three most popular homepage homies took on a partnership. This is a must-see!
that cracker's crazy Tina J~ . Duh, she fucking rocks.
no page for you! Alison's page is the best. She claims that she will no longer update, but there is plenty of great content there.
paperweightThis is Alison's new page. She will post funny articles there every Tuesday.
You are HereLisa deleted her homepage, but it was really great, so now I share my guestbook with her
you gonna eat that? Another Lisa that is great. This one is brazen and hilarious.
QuiddityMegg. She writes a damn' fine homepage.
Blue Oblivionnew! Heather. I've always enjoyed reading her stories
Imperfection The Fallen Weeble. Smart fucking dude.
Mindless Blather Peter's page. Entertaining Beyond.
Neurotica I never knew a homepage could make me cry. Steph is very talented and a great poet.
MEMORY AND DESIRE Laurie is so cool. Go there.
Eric and Laura are high school kids that can write a million times better than I (me?) help me out guys.
For Pete's Sake Ah, Meg. If I thought I could get away with it, I would copy her entire site.
Instant KarmaAnother Lisa! This one loves Metallica and hails from Australia.
deep water Gleeby. She shares my fascination with Duran Duran.


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