I am so ashamed 5/14

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I have been banned by Metallica themselves.  How about that, and just when I thought things were getting boring.  So now what do I do?  Uninstall, reinstall and choose another screen name I guess.  The funny thing is that I have every single Metallica CD AND cassette, except for way, way back when they had Cliff as a bassist.  I also have paid big money to go to several  Metallica concerts.  I even have a guitar pick from Kirk Hammett himself.  Actually I think this whole thing is funny as hell.  So I'm giggling like crazy as I revamp my Napster.  I hope Metallica is not too mad at me anymore.  

Two new links that I hope to get on the links page before very much longer:

He Speaks To The Dead - I can't remember very well, but I think that Mark and I had a falling out when he first started his page, but we're cool now.  Mark says the F-word a lot and has some funny stories.

Queen Supreme -  I've finally found Maria's URL!  See below for her page's details.  

P.S.  Thanks Jimbo......again.  I wubv ya.


My life is boring 5/13

I wish that I could sit down and spin tales of my exciting life for everybody to read.  I've realized that my life has become incredibly boring, after years of party mishaps, friends, misunderstandings, and heated arguments with lovers - wait, some of that stuff was bad.  Okay, but you understand what I'm saying.  My life is boring beyond belief.  I get excited when the DVD that I want to order from Amazon.com becomes available, so what exactly am I supposed to write about?  I don't think that anybody wants to read my Xena fanfic.  I could write about my pets.  ZoŽ learned how to say "kissie-kissie."  Or how about when I sit at my computer with my legs crossed in the chair, if I swivel at all, my big toe hits the CD-ROM button and the disk drive comes out?  Oh, I know!  Guess what?  I have scorpions in my mailbox.  Yup, little white scorpions.  I brush them out and they just keep coming back, I guess I'll have to spray.  What kind of bug spray kills scorpions?  They don't say on the can.  OR, I can keep them there and trick people that I don't like into sticking their hand in the mailbox.  Nah.  We have those teeny weenie rattlesnakes here, too.  I caught one once and put it in a 10 gallon fish tank, then I couldn't figure out what to do with it, so I let it go way, way away from the house.  I don't write about music videos because I don't watch music videos anymore.  I just today saw N'Sync for the first time on TV, and I was glad I could finally tell who Justin is, because my friend Lisa has a teensy crush on him (or at least she did.  Woman's prerogative, you know).  You have no idea how annoying it is to log on to Napster to download a song, and not know what the hell you like or who it is that sings that song that you like, but  forget all about  as soon as Napster logs  on.  Hell, I end up just putting strangers on my hotlist so I can peek at what they have.  And how does one like me end up with 189 MP3s anyways?  It's the same way when I go to the music store to browse around to find a new CD.    I go blank.  I leave with nothing.  I sure hate to ramble in this one paragraph like this but when I try to start a new paragraph, it double spaces.  I can't figure out how to single space and the crap that I'm writing really doesn't deserve a double spaced paragraph.


Quickie Update 5/4


Whoa, hey.  Almost my entire family is here now.  My aunt (you know the one that was a millionaire and was not, but now has money again?  The bitch?) is here with her husband (number 4), my dad and step mom  are arriving in the afternoon tomorrow, and what am I doing at 3:48am?  I'm doing a quickie update.  Shoot, I need to get my ass in the bed right now to deal with all of these people.  Oh, and my mom will be here the week after Mother's day.  Yeow.  Well, it's not all bad, I've been looking forward to seeing everybody for a long time.  They buy me stuff, too.

I have GOT to get to bed.  Later.


Botched plans 4/27


It's been how long since I updated?  I've had a serious case of writer's block compounded by frustration of designing my new graphics.  You know, the ones on the front page, I made them myself.  Yay Kelly.  

I think I remember telling everybody that I was quitting smoking a month or so back.  Well, that was a colossal failure on my part.  No, I'm not smoking any cigarettes.  Nowadays, I'm smoking freaking cigars.  Yup, that's right, sweet looking little Kelly is smoking stogies.  I actually picked up a cigarette the other day and tried to smoke it, and I couldn't get anything out of it and it was a Marlboro red!  I was used to smoking ultra lights.  Oy vey.

God, I try not to bring this up much but, dammit, I'm in mourning that I couldn't go to the Jacksonville FL, Xena convention on the sixteenth.  Kevin Smith was there and he's adorable.  And I'm going to stow away to New Zealand and rape him one day.

Oh, today The Sixth Sense comes on pay-per-view.  I've been waiting for that movie for a long, long, time.  Nobody spoil it for me.

I have got to do some work on my links page.  Until I can get around to it, I'm officially linking some people that I promised:

Kevin- His name is Kevin and he lives in New Zealand!!!  My good buddy Kev has a rugby website for NZ teams (actually, just one team), and it's cool because you can learn about rugby which is so much more violent than pussy assed football.

Maria- This girl is so sweet and ohmygod is she pretty.  And I can't find her URL!!    Maria Swinney, send me an email!

Lisa- My homie has her old page back up, but no creative writing.  She's got a cool thing going called "Click Stuff."

Bruce- This guy was nice enough to link me and send me a coherent email explaining why.  Thank god for people with half a brain that have email.

Jen- She's part of the WritingZ.com crew and I love her to death.

Tracie- She's cute, she's funny, she's smart and she hates the word 'rant.'

Josh- The token male of WritingZ.com.  Ha ha, just kidding Josh, he's a babe.


I forgot whose website I stole this image from.  This is Kevin Smith.