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These are the CHAMPIONS from WINDOM'S ALL THAT JAZZ ROM's first litter bred to Toklat. These are the pups that cemented our place in the Akita breed history! These first CHAMPIONS gave her the title ROM or Register of Merit. It takes 5 Champions out of a bitch to get her ROM most bitches do this after several litters....Jazz did it in 1! Then she did it AGAIN and almost AGAIN! With a total of 14 Champions to her credit Jazz is STILL the #5 ROM Akita bitch of all time and it has been 13 years after her death! What an accomplishment! Here are some pics of Jazz's kids. This is a shot of Jazz with Adrienne on the right!

Ch. Windom's No Yamadashi Go on the right(taking RWD at Westminister!)

This is Ch Windom's No Yamabuki Go ROM, she is also a ROM bitch.

The dog on the left is Ty...Ed's favorite, he is Ch. Windom's The Jazzman

This is Ch Windom Toklat's Kuma Tojo with Ed on the right