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My Virtual Reality Page

*Last Updated October 7, 2000 Sorry guys, i've been slacking on my page... But hopefully i'll get to it soon....

Name:Bao~Tran (Jen) Nguyen
Age:March 12, 1981~~>18*
Nickname:Cheerleader, DitZ
Height:5'4 and still growing...I'm eating my flinstones*
Hobbies:I just picked up Kickboxing and i'm taking aerobics, I like to EAT* go shopping and just bug out and have FUN! Any Questions? hee~hee
Favorite Color:Baby~Blue...
Quote:~~//>*..Try not to frown when your sad..cause you dont know who could be fallin in love with your smile.. *a smart guy can open my mind.. a fine guy can open my eyes.. but only a sweet guy can open my heart..which can you U do..?*
My Quote: "I think some people are out to get you purposely, for reasons I do not understand why... But maybe because they feel insecure about themselves and they want to try to bring us down, some people are just plain old jealous"

Check out the "COOL" pictures

*Da BoyZ*
*CutiE StiCker PicZ*
*Camp @ D.C*
*Play~GrounD (~_~)
GirLz RULE & Boyz DrOoL!
Full~Blown '99'
Funny Pics 2 See
Dedicated for Chass... AwWw..
For Vicks~VapOr!
And JeN~Nay BOoty~RUmp--Shaker!!
(NEW)!!! Halloween Party*
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