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Yalorde means Queen and this is a popular title for Ochun. Just as the Virgen of the Caridad del Cobre represents the Queen of Heaven, so does she also represent in the minds of Cubans, the Queen of Love and Money. All of our Orishas are considered to be Kings and Queens. This is in part due to the fact that many of them did walk on the earth like Chango and were indeed kings. Ochun, being the Orisha of love, enchanted the other male Orishas, and had relationships with many of them. No one can resist the charms of Ochun, whether Orisha or man.

Is Ochun the Yoruba version of Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and music? There are many similarities between the two goddesses. Could it be that slaves returning from Egypt brought with them the knowledge of the Egyptian Mysteries? Many see Yemaya as a representation of Isis. Could Ochun be the evolution of Hathor in the rainforests of western Africa? Hathor's association with music and dance, as well as being the goddess of love certainly point in that direction. What do you readers think? We welcome your comments.