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Mikiros Akitas Pet Contract

This page has our pet contract on it, feel free to read it over. Mikiros Akitas does not offer cash refunds. On deposits, however, should you decide not to get the puppy you originally planned to, not to worry. Your deposit is STILL good against a future litter.... even if you decide to wait years! Your deposit is ALWAYS good here at Mikiros Akitas! We are not out to cheat folks!

Mikiros Akitas

108 O'Hara Lane, Pineville, Louisiana 71360






REGISTRATION NUMBER______________________________

The following agreement is between Michael Broman, hereafter referred to as “Seller” and _______________________________________________________, hereafter referred to as “Purchaser”. In consideration of a purchase price of _________________dollars ($), the Seller transfers to Purchaser, in fee simple rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the above described dog as specified in the following, as of the date specified below. This dog is being sold as a pet quality companion with Limited AKC Registration. As such, it is guaranteed in the following ways.

1. The dog is guaranteed to be healthy for a period of seven days following taking of possession of the dog.

2. The dog is guaranteed to be free of crippling dysplasia or any hereditary or congenital defects, which would prevent it from being a quality companion.

3. A dog with an unacceptable temperament to breeder will be replaced.

4. The guarantee is good until the dog is 26 months of age.

5. Dogs over 2 years old are sold “as is”.

6. If the dog is unsuitable as a quality companion in accordance with the above terms, it will be replaced with one of equal quality provided it is returned to the seller at the buyer’s expense. Purchaser will receive credit for FULL purchase price towards a puppy from a future litter. Any difference between original purchase price and selling price is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any other arrangements must be approved by the seller. NO CASH REFUNDS will be issued.

7. In the event that the dog’s condition necessitates euthanasia, permission for this must be obtained from the seller.

8. The seller may require substantiating proof from a qualified individual (such as a licensed veterinarian)as to the condition, quality or temperament of the dog if it is to be replaced by the terms of this guarantee.

9. Breeder will NOT guarantee hips, elbows, or patellas on any dog that lives on ceramic tile or "Pergo" type floors due to the detrimental nature these slippery surfaces can have on any canine's joints.

The buyer of the previously described dog agrees to abide by the following terms:

1. Have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession, otherwise the buyer assumes all responsibility for any illness.

2. Feed the dog in accordance with the directions provided by the seller or seller cannot be held liable for subsequent health of said dog. Failure to feed as directed can result in any warrantees being voided either expressed or implied.

3. Take the dog to a licensed veterinarian for yearly health checks, a parasite prevention program and yearly vaccinations.

4. Provide a clean, safe environment with plenty of shade and water where the dog will not be subject to teasing or abuse.

5. The dog will not be allowed to run at large at any time.

6. The seller will not liable for any damage or injury caused by this dog.

7. The dog or any of it’s offspring will not be sold, leased, consigned or given to any pet shop, chain store, dog dealer, commercial breeding kennel or “puppy mill” for resale, breeding or any other purposes. Failure to comply with this stipulation will result in VIGOROUS LEGAL ACTION to the fullest extent of the law!

8. The registered name of the dog shall begin with the word MIKIROS.

9. In the event the buyer is unable to keep this dog for any reason, it will be returned to the seller at the cost of the buyer. The seller may assist buyer in placing said dog in a suitable new home. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is said dog to be taken to ANY dog pound, shelter, or Humane Society.

10. In the event that the terms of this agreement are not complied with, This guarantee is null and void plus the seller is entitled to $2500 in damages and the return of the dog plus any legal fees and costs associated with the enforcement of this agreement.

11. Buyer agrees to take said dog to "puppy kindergarten" or at a minimum, a basic obedience class. This will help to strengthen the bond between owner and dog as well make the dog a better companion.

12. Buyer agrees to have said Akita spayed/nuetered. In the event said Akita produces a litter in violation of this contract said Akita and any resulting puppies automatically become property of Mikiros Akitas, seller is also entitled to $2500 in damages.

I agree to the Terms described herein (Purchaser Signature)