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May all your dreams come true
Soft Poetry By Sand***
(Please don't copy without written permission)

Little mermaid in a pond, waiting just for you
Dreaming dreams of happiness, hoping they'll come true
A castle in the distance that rises to the sky
Surrounded by a rainbow of colors to make you sigh

A road that leads to paradise, oft traveled in the rain
Sometimes the cold raindrops make puddles in the lane
But dreams are made of fantasies and sometimes they come true
It depends upon how much work you're willing to do

Work while the sun shines and save your memories
One day maybe they'll come true and happier you will be
Don't sit back in the puddle and give up all your dreams
Work to make them happen and one day it will be

Little mermaid in the pond smiling happily
All her dreams are still to come and one day she will see
Life is full of sunshine but sometimes there's some clouds
But rain makes ponds and oceans so mermaids will abound


Hope that you will enjoy your visit.

Jewel of the Sea Print by Jessica Galbreth
Swimming in the jeweled waters
beneath an undersea arch
is a beautiful mermaid.

She flashes a pensive gaze
as she propels herself
towards the light.

Mystic Mermaid Print....
Moving gently through the deep turqouise waters,
the Mystic Mermaid propells herself upwards
with her delicate fins as the undersea plants dance
and sway to the ancient rhythm of the ocean.

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Some mermaid artwork by Jessica Galbreth

Artwork By ©Jim Warren
Used with express written permission
Music is called "Secret"

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