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St. Michael is one of the Catholic representations of Echu. This is because you see St. Michael overcoming the devil. Remember that is certain branches of African traditions, Echu or Exu is syncrenized as the Devil. One often works with St. Michael to return witchcraft that has been done to you. We will give you a spiritual working that can be done when enemies are trying to harm you, working with St. Michael and Echu to return the evil sent to you. First you need a statue of St. Michael or at least a picture of him. You place the image or the picture behind your door. This work is to be done on Monday night at precisely midnight. Then you take a glass of water and place a little sulfur in it. You take a white ceramic plate and then you place the plate on top of the glass of water with the sulfur in it and then turn the plate and glass of water over. If you do it correctly, the water will remain in the glass. You then place the glass of water and plate in front of St. Michael and take a small white candle. You cut off the tip of the candle where you usually light it and turn the candle upside down and then remove some of the wax of the candle so that the wick is exposed. You place the candle on top of the glass of water and light it and then recite the "Revocation de San Miguel Archangel". If you do not have access to this prayer, you may simply ask St. Michael to return to your enemy all the evil that this person is trying to do to you and that all the evil he or she wishes for you be returned to him or her. You let the candle burn out on its own and the next day, you take the glass of water and throw it out the front door of where you live, asking that all the witchcraft and evil that your enemy has done to you be returned to them.

"Papa Legba, ouvrez barriere pou moin passe." "Father Legba, open the way for me to go through." Thus begins the prayers to Legba in the Haitian tradition. Eleggua is known here as Legba. Above you see the veve of Legba Atibon. Just as in the Regla Lucumi, in the Haitian tradition, Legba is the first Loa or Orisha to be propitiated in any ceremony. If Eleggua or Legba is not happy, being the trickster god, he can cause problems in the ceremony and it will not go well. Legba is often seen in the Haitian tradition as an old man, carrying a sack on his back, often smoking a pipe. He also has other "caminos" or roads in the Haitian tradition such as Met Kalfou, or the Lord of the Crossroads (Maitre Carrefour). Legba or Eleggua is everywhere, seeing and hearing everything. He knows what is going on with everyone. This is one of the reasons that it is recommended in the Lucumi tradition that everyone receive Eleggua and the Warriors, because without them, you cannot progress in the religion.