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Welcome to my Planet LV426 Hadley's Hope Colony Diorama

ALIENS, HADLEY'S HOPE, and all associated names and nomenclature are trademarks of TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX, PD. ALIENS is a Brandywine Production.

Yeah Section Head, yeah this is Carter Burke. I want you to send a couple of WildCatters out to a grid I am transmitting to you now. Keep it light and quiet. This is just between you and me okay, and hey, if this turns out how I hope, I'll take care of you. Burke, Out.

But it wasn't light, or quiet...

Something survived...and needed more like it.

They started to multiply. Bringing food and hosts for their queen.

Time for the Colonial Marines

Time for the Colonial Marines

"They killed him taking it off."

"Yo Hicks!, We got Movement!"

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