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Geocaching is a treasure hunt; Locate Latitude & Longitude Coordinates from the internet for your city and go search with a GPS. Sign the log book, take a memento, leave something behind; It's a real kick.

Participants included Rita Hess and Ishmail, Lee and Donna Lenhardt, John Shepard, Brenda and Rich Colombo

Our first find

Group at the RV Ghost Town

The RV Ghost Town site

What a hoot!

We found one small cache under a rock and in a rock; What a hoot!

Out in plane sight but invisible

Let's go rving... found a spider, left a spider

What a stash, geocaching pins, etc.

Sometimes the cache is a 'micro' cache the size of a film cannister and sometimes it's the size of a small cooler;

Very well hidden

Show & tell the findings for the day; a good time is had by all!

Ishmail, Brenda, Rita, Donna, John and Lee

Travel Bug

We have to return a travel bug to another site in Dade County.

Travel Bug
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