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[Diga Dive Club in Miami.] 

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Time is just flying by; We sure have done some interesting activities in the past couple of years!

January Camping at Oscar Scherer, shark teeth collecting

February Camping at Peace River, kayak the river, search for fossils and shark teeth

February Bike ride to Black Point for lunch

March Camping at Highlands Hammock State Park, biking, hiking; Did someone see a King Snake while geocaching?

April Bike ride at night to Shark Valley

April Club picnic on Key Biscayne; Bocce Ball anyone?

April Dive Looe Key, overnight at Looe Key Resort

May 18 Club Meeting

June Diving either Key West or Marathon

June Exotic Trip to Providenciales ( Dive Provo )

June 1 Club Meeting

June 15 Club Meeting

July 4 Club Meeting at Carol & Stewart's; also BBQ for fireworks

More To Be Determined



Feb. 10 Club Meeting

Feb. 24 Club Meeting

Feb. 25-27 Weekend camping at Mayakka State Park, canoe/kayak/hiking/biking

March 10 Club Meeting - Need to finalize Xmas Party Location

March 18-20 Camping, Oscar Scherer State Park, collect fossilized shark teeth

March 24 Club Meeting

April 2 Club Picnic, Key Biscayne

April 14 Club Meeting

April 16 Baynanza

April 28 Club Meeting

April 30 or May 1, 1 day dive - club boats

May 1 Exotic Trip Final Payment Due - Contact Kelly Brooks

May 12 Club Meeting

May 14 or 15 1 day dive - club boats

May 26 Club Meeting

May 28-30 Memorial Day Weekend - 1 day dives, club or charter boat, possible short dive trip (need volunteer)

June 9 Club Meeting

June 10-12 Bimini Trip on Dupuy's Boat

June 17-19 Bimini Trip backup date

June 23 Club Meeting

June 25-Jul 2 Exotic Trip to Dominica - Contact kelly Brooks

July 4 Cookout & Fireworks at the Cox's

July 14 Club Meeting

July 16 or 17, 1 day dive - club boats

July 27-28 Lobster mini season

July 28 Club Meeting

July 30 or 31 1 day dive - club boats

Aug 6 Lobster season starts

Aug 11 Club Meeting

Aug 13 or 14 1 day dive - club boats

Aug 25 Club Meeting

Aug 26-28 Overnight trip - Lime Tree Bay Resort,Long Key

Sep 3,4,5 Labor Day Weekend - 1 day dives , club or charter boat, or short dive trip ( need volunteer )

Sep 8 Club Meeting

Sep 10 or 11 1 day dive - club boats

Sep 22 Club Meeting

Sep 24 or 25 1 day dive - club boats

Oct 13 Club Meeting

Oct 15 or 16 1 day dive - club boats

Oct 27 Club Meeting, nomination of Officers for 2006

Oct 29 or 30 1 day dive - club boats

Nov 10 Club Meeting, election of Officers for 2006

Nov 24-27 Thanksgiving camping trip TBA

Dec 3 End of Year / Holiday party

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All activities subject to change based on weather, etc. New additions to schedule based on interest and availability will soon be made. Keep posted. Watch this space.

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