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-- You can't change the world with one little show that only ten people are watching.
-- No, I can't. I can change ten worlds.

Still want more?!
Well, there's plenty of excitement still to be had!

What began as a simple web-site has become
Suitable for parties, vacations, barmitzvah's,
or a quick substitute for having a life.

Check out these great Jonathan M. Vick
entertainments and diversions
only from the creative mind
of the aforementioned genius!!

Visit this parody of the REAL Holyland Theme Park in Orlando, FL.
Don't forget to stop by Sodom & Gamorrah's Gift Shop!

Two sites dedicated to the joy of the Circus Side-Shows.

True-life stories of humilation and embarrassment as lived by Jonathan M. Vick

The Mark Roller presents Jonathan M. Vick's
Halloween Parties are some of the biggest events
in Halloween history!
It's worth visiting just to see the amazing costumes!!

A page dedicated to the lost Dave Clark musical: "Time".

A listing of theatre superstitions and their origins.

New pages and entertainments are sure to be arriving
when you least expect them!!