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2nd Trans-Mississippi Battalion

Mission Statement

The mission of the 2nd Tran-Mississippi Battalion is to build an authentic, high-quality battalion to interpret the era of the War Between the States. Authenticity is exemplified through the representation of eight autonomous regiments, forming the Confederate battalions, representing troops indigenious to the area west of the Mississippi River, an area little understood. Period-correct uniforms and drill based upon research and original military manuals are complemented by participation in local, regional, and national reenactments. To correctly portray the history of the period, these reenactments include not only battle scenarious with infantry, artillery, and cavalry, but also include realistic first person interpretations of the soldiers' fate. Camp life is represented at events through activities like pickets, mailcall, payroll, music, and games of the period. The Batallion's mission is to present a realistic interpretation of Confederate military life for the perpetuation and rememberance of those who have gone before, lest the children of today forget the horror of this war between fallen brothers--over half a million in number.

Member of

North South Alliance
1st Confederate Division
Trans-Mississippi Brigade
Schedule of Events

June 16-18 Wilson Creek, MO(National Event)
Nov. 5-6 Middle Boggy Atoka, OK
Dec. 2-3 Prairie Grove Ark
Upcoming events coming soon

Other events


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Battalion Staff

Colonel Willie HuckabeeE-mail
Lt. Colonel Robbie SandersE-mail
Major Bill GriggsE-mail
Adjutant 1st Lt. Steve BaileyE-mail
Sgt. Major David ChristyE-mail

Member Units

4th ArkansasE-mail
10th ArkansasE-mail
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Northwest 15th ArkansasE-mail
Go to Northwest 15th Arkansas Web Page
22nd ArkansasE-mail
Trans-Mississippi RiflesE-mail
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Pelican RiflesE-mail
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61st TennesseeE-mail
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5th TexasE-mail
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Brief Historical Information of Member Units

4th Arkansas
10th Arkansas
Northwest 15th Arkansas
22nd Arkansas
Pelican Rifles
3rd Louisiana Trans-Mississippi Rifles
61st Tennessee

Photo Gallery

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Uniforms and Flag Links

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Materials for Uniforms
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Confederate Flags
Museum of Confederacy Flags

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