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Mr. Macphisto The Divine

Ahhh... Mr. Macphisto. How do you kick arse? Let us count the ways... nah, too many. This cloven-hoofed wonder was crafted and portrayed by Bono during the Zooropa tour. The somewhat logical outgrowth of previous Bono "characters" The Mirrorball Man and The Fly, Macphisto was, essentially, the Devil as the world's last rock star/cabaret singer. Entering during the encore in the middle of "Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car", MacP would slump onto the stage, waving decadently and offering to the crowds enormous cannonfulls of Zoo Dollars. After performing "Daddy's Gonna Pay", Bono/Macphisto would place a prank call. These calls ranged from calling for thousands of pizzas for the entire stadium and calling a cab to go home to bothering the White House ("But I got him (Clinton) elected!", he would whine pathetically) or the Pope. He appears in the videos for "Lemon" (though sans his trademark horns) and "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me", an animated festival of eye-candy which features Macphisto and The Fly duking it out for the dominance of a suspiciously Gothic city (The track was found on the BATMAN FOREVER soundtrack) while U2 is caught in the crossfire (Webmaster's note: This is by far my favorite U2 video). Unfortunately, Macphisto has never been seen since "Hold Me, Thrill Me", though legions of Macphistites everywhere ache for him to grace the world with his presence once more.

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