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Welcome to Whesley's Mixology 101

Hey, Bartender!

To some, those words would be merely a request for a drink, but for others, It's a higher calling...

This is my page dedicated to the select few who endure long hours of serving others from the business side of the counters of clubs and lounges. Those who triumph over sore feet and endless crowds between the time they set up to the time they clean up after the last customer, These people are part counselor, part showman, part psychologist, and entirely entertaining. These people are known as Bartenders, and I am one of them.

But mostly, this is a source for those who aspire to join our ranks, for I am one such person who has discovered fun and fortune behind the bar. Granted, I have a few years to go before I can legally consume the wonderful drinks I prepare, but I will not let that stop me from sharing what I have learned of this esteemed art with those who want to be a Bartender, like me.

So pull up a seat, order up, and enjoy my page. Because this one's on the house!

What's on This Page

Clever Person that I am, I have arranged this page into several sections, each with regards to a different aspect of Mixology. The first section is a crash course on this topic, and covers nearly everything, from equipment to glassware. I have also included plenty of recipies, as well as tips for the home bartender, and even an inspiring tale of why I wanted to become a bartender. (Which includes my astounding mixology credentials!) All this, served up with a good shot of occasional humor and a dash of wit.

Introduction to Mixology- The Basics

Before you pour your first drink, there's a few things that you should know, such as the types and usage of bar equipment, how to shake a drink, cut garnishes, and how to pour are all covered in this primer. A must for those with little to no counter expereince.

The Recipes, 126 of them!

As anyone knows, mixing drinks is a major part of the Bartender's Job Description, and the knowledge of the contents and amounts of various ingredients is imperetive to their success. This is a listing of the more common drinks that a bartender will be asked to make at some time in their carrer. Granted, you will only make about 20 of these drinks while working bar, but it helps to have plenty of recipes available if a customer asks for a suggestion. Memorizing drinks is not the important part. There are at least 5,000 drink recipes published somewhere or another, but not here. Enjoy the sample "common" drinks, and have a look at my creations as well. If you want, send me your creation, and I will post it for the World to see. Happy Pouring!

Tips For the House Party Bartender

There comes a time in the life of the Amature Bartender where they gotta stop reading and start pouring. One of the best places to hone your skills is at a local house party, preferably with people that you know. This section takes some of the chaos out of planning and running a party through various steps and guidelines, the products of my expereinces. Intended for College parties, these tips can be adapted for any setting. Topics covered are Purchasing Ingredients, Setting Up, and Tips to Keep the Party Running Smoothly.

Links to Mixology-Related Sites on the Net

Let's Face it. A Global Entity such as the internet is bound to have nearly unlimited info on any subject. Mixology is no exception, and the number of sites out there is fairly amazing. I have come up with a nice selection of links to direct you to product links, as well as other pages devoted to the Bartender. Hope you enjoy them, and come back soon!

About Whes, Bartender Extraordinaire

Learn about the Cyber-Guru of the page you have so lovingly abused. His inspiring story is here for all to read. Enjoy.

Coming Soon- Flair Bartending 101!

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