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Mountain Man 2000

Bill Futch (with C.K. Baker holding the pole in the background) is stripping the bark off of cypress poles.

Andrew Liu is stripping the bark off of cypress poles.

Keith Lambert is holding a cypress pole as his father, Phillip, puts on the finishing touch.

As we started blacksmithing, Andrew Liu, Lance Richard and Keith Lambert fire up the forge.

Blacksmith Phillip Lambert helps C.K. Baker make a loop from red hot iron for his squirrel cooker.

Sean Browning hammers out spring steel to make a flint striker and Mr. Lambert works the forge.

Mountain Man blacksmith John Struthers invited the boys to take a break and share some cobbler at his work area. John was the instructor for blacksmithing.

Andrew Liu, Lance Richard, Vincent Medani and Sean Browning at the forge.

Our camp among the live oaks.

Most of the blacksmith crew, pictured from the left: Mr. Phillip Lambert (blacksmith and Assistant Scoutmaster), C.K. Baker, Jeff Browning, Bill Baker, Sean Browning, Scoutmaster Stew Gaylord, Keith Lambert and Lance Richard.

C.K. Baker fixing dinner over the campfire.

The "mountain men" at this outing (from the left): Front Row-C.K. Baker, Sean Browning, Lance Richard, Andrew Liu, and Mr. Tom Dunlap. Back Row-Mr. Phillip Lambert, Mr. Harold Browning, Bill Futch, Stew Gaylord (Scoutmaster), Jeff Browning and Keith Lambert. Missing is Vincent Medani.

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